1964-11-03 - Always the dark corners....
Summary: Bruce is looking for information and comes upon Julie in the process.
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Julie is sitting at the bar, with some papers and what may be a floppy manual on blueprint stock in front of her, with a slide-rule and a whiskey glass to hold the latter folded over. She sips at a yellow beer, and has fed the jukebox, which is playing, for the moment, some Frankie Valli while some small folk ensemble sets up for the night's entertainment.

Then, through those doors into possibly one of the more shady bars in the city, comes a incognito Bruce Wayne, wearing a hood that belongs to a grey sweater under a brown zip up jacket, black jeans, and tenneshoes. Perhaps he was more or less looking for information this time around in a more….passive way? Regardless, Bruce approaches the bar, smiling softly as he asks, though his hood covers part of his face. "Just a whiskey for me please." he says simply, putting down the appropriate money with a good tip.

Julie hrms, there at the bar, fiddling with the slide-rule and peering at it before jotting something down, and closing things up in a folder. After taking up her little whiskey glass and setting it aside. She glances to the hooded figure, before clicking a button on a too-big-for-her racer's watch worn inside her wrist. Then picks up her glass, and says in a New York Italian accent that one might not expect out in Westchester. "Not a bad night for it, I figure, salud."

Bruce would turn his head to Julie, giving a kind smile to the young woman when she speaks to him, though given only about half of his face is shown, that being his mouth and chin. "You could say that. It's been a long day, as it were. That what brings you here?" he asks curiously, though with not even the slightest hint of a challenge or malice.

Julie hehs, a little, and waggles her glass. "Oh, just calling a bit of a time-out, myself, I guess. Kinda wanted to figure something out, anyway, and it's usually pretty quiet here till the evening crowd rolls in, anyway." She indicates her papers, there. Apparently as what she was wanting to figure out. "You, or should I ask?"

Bruce would give her a small nod at her words, and would soon receive his whiskey in due time, giving it a sniff first before indulging after coming to the conclusion that it was not spiked or otherwise tampered with. "I am simply here to enjoy a relaxing evening." he says simply, though he was hear for much more than that, hearing two men in suits in the corner of the bar…perhaps talking about a particular weapon trade deal…..illegal, of course.

Julie nods, there. "Well, they said the music's going to be pretty good, if you like kinda jazzy stuff. I figure it ain't Sinatra, but maybe will stick around if no one starts getting too fresh." Cause, well, girls alone in bars after hours can be asking for certain kinds of trouble, of course: even someone like Diz that doesn't take the place very seriously could want to clear out once the drink really flows. "Anyway, a relaxing evening, I guess about everyone could use one around now."

Bruce would simply shrug at Julie as she declares that fairly nice music could appear, he does manage a small nod as more intricate details of where the weapon trade would take place and other…more dark matters would be revealed at that table in the corner he was listening in on, no matter how hard they tried to whisper. "Of course everyone does. the world is a weary place these days. tensions are rising…but that's a discussion for another time." he takes a deep chug of his whiskey then.

Julie nods, merely sipping at hers, as there's a bit of a rumble of an engine pulls up in front of the stairs down to the place. "Packard straight eight," she muses, declaratively, then adds, hastily, "Or something. Who's driving that kind of old thing around anymore, maybe VIPs or something."

Bruce gives her a peculiar look when she manages to name the engine, something he reached the same conclusion on, but it brought a small smile to his lips. "Oh? Perhaps we'll have more people around here soon…" though more than likely it was a few more unsavory types entering the bar alongside those two men making that dark deal in the corner of the pub. Regardless, Batman's ears are poised and hands ready to strike…after all, the suit didn't make the Bat.

Julie spins her little glass as it sits on the bar, but opts for the beer instead, as a couple of well-dressed gents come down the stairs ahead of the …hypothetical VIP. Diz rubs imaginary beer foam from her lips and talks behind her hand, saying quietly behind it. "Awright, types like that ain't good news. Just be cool and act like we're related or something." She peers up occasionally, nonetheless. This not being the sort of thing she expected to see upstate.

Bruce would narrow his eyes at the oncoming group of suits, though he moves over to Julie and simply wraps his arm around her, chuckling softly and starts up a conversation like they were close friends. "…and I was like, "lookin' a little hoarse!'" and he chuckles a little bit, looking like he was perfect at that role all together, though he said it quietly enough that it would just sound like background noise to the gents, who go to the table….though it was possible that this was a double cross as they formed a wall…facing towards the two gentlemen. This could get bad real fast.

Julie says, "Well, you should watch those little horses, they could throw you." She wags a finger in the air. "This is why they don't let you drive." She downs the rest of her whiskey, "You drink too much." She says this as a well-dressed fellow in his fourties with another mook-type flanking him stride in behind. One of those at the table says something in challenge, another, something defensive. Dizzy, meanwhile, is saying, quietly, "Could be time to amscray," but she seems to change her mind when she looks back at the band, still absorbed in tuning up, by now."

Bruce would keep up his fake smiles, before he puts a hand on Julie's hip like he was prepared to walk her home, carrying the bottle of whiskey he received with him to make him look like he was drunk…which he also played off "pppsshhhhh-ou dunno what yur talkkiiinn about…I can drive no shweat." he says as he even makes the habit of wobbling as he walks her to the exit, though he had every intention of turning around to knock some heads when he had her mostly out of harms way.

Julie takes up her papers, stuffing them in a shoulder-bag as she's "Who are you kidding, they'd suspend your *fishing* license if you tried it like this." She dutifully half- supports the bigger guy as they make their way out, and up to the top of the stairs, trying to snatch that whiskey bottle away, though it's not easy considering her big 'relative' is also leaning on her.

Bruce would simply give Julie a 'pppffffft' though when they are far enough away, Bruce whispers in her ear in that Batman voice. "Keep walking and do -not- turn around. If you can, alert the police." he says once they are half-way up the stairs, pushing her forward as he straightens up and turns around, his hood still covering much of his face…cracking his knuckles for a beating as he approaches the suited group in a stealthy manner, though it's clear everything is at it's breaking point. when one of them rises and draws a gun, causing the others to do the same.

Time for the Dark Knight to get busy.

Julie looks a bit surprised as Bruce decides to re-enter the fray, stumbles out onto the street. Glances up and around as she does so, as she walks on down the sidewalk, eyeing the old Packard. She's a bit surprised no one's there. Glances up and down the street a bit, then, extends a couple of fingertips, screws loosen, and a license plate clanks to the street. She hrms, eyes an alley, and says, to herself, "Well, it's kind of like homework."

It's time for the …Well, Cheerful Mechanic to jimmy a door and save a jazzy folk band out the back way.

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