1964-11-03 - You Gotta Woo The Best Friend pt 1
Summary: Jay is convinced to go out to drinks with Kaleb and Maximus.
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The Mad King…former King…honestly liked Mutant Town. Most mutants he found to be idiotic babies in regards to the value and honor of having a power at all, but it was nice to be among the odd, weird, and the OBVIOUS freaks, so that he could just relax and enjoy the evening knowing no one really knows who he is, his past, anything about that time he tripped over the flag in the parade…and so on. Yes…well…and then there was Kaleb. NO ONE TALK ABOUT how he's seeing a mutant with a similar power-set as his own brother. Its not weird! Max keeps telling himself! At least Kaleb looks nothing like him. Totally younger and hotter. Cuz that's how King's roll. And this one is rolling up in the 8-ball lounge like a pimp, with not one, but two handsome menfolk for company.

Kaleb needed time out. They moved. He had finished his homework and for those that really paid attention Kaleb might be hitting the mundane a bit hard. He unpacked, reliably went to school, had his homework done ahead of timand even kept distracting himself with independant project. Okay he might be a little high strung on that regard. Still all efforts to actually get a few games of pool in. Best on Friday night it was where he could sort of just be social. Did he like people? eh not always, but if he learned anything it's that he should stay in touch with his own. "Jay, someday, some day mind you, we're taking you to Belgium. Their beer situation is on an entirely different level."

Jay is still being stubborn in his passive way, regardless of the odd riot situation in Mutant town a while ago, he's still not shy about his wings. Having thrown on a sweater that hides his built up frame in puffy cable knit; the back cut clean out in a big square and the stitches melted with a lighter earlier, which did /not/ smell good out on the balcony yesterday, Kaleb. Sorry. His ugly multicolored autumn scarf wrapped artistically around his neck and falling in loose loops over his chest, ends dangle as a choking hazard with a black feather from somewhere stuck in the stitches. Jay immediately seems distracted as they enter the bar, looking around the span of the room in a quick circuit before he turns back toward his closest friend and, uh, Max. He's at ease entirely in M.T., and the bar, whatever ulterior motivations or thoughts happening are lost on him. "We have to go all the way to Belgium for beer? Sounds like a long ride fer it. What's so different? Is it purple or somethin'?"

"You know…where I come from, all that is known of Belgium is that it is mostly harmless." Maximus answers with a faint grin. "Perhaps instead of going there, you could just make a call at 4 in the morning and have some flown in for tomorrow night." He teases the rich boy. Of course, he looks at the feathers. Who wouldn't? Angel in a sweater…so cute right? "Its been some time since we saw each other, Jay." He squints steel eyes. "Its a foggy memory. Possibly a strange day for me." he admits.

Kaleb might have preened just a bit. As Hajime said manifesting cash and results was his secondary super power. A smooth look slid to Max with a wry grin, "I might be able to make a call. but then Jay doesn't get to go on an airplane. But, yeah somethng like that. It doesn't taste like watered doqen squirrel piss. Hell might even have chunks of tree in it still. But it's good. The hwole point of going is to go and see things."

"You sure they'd let me onto a plane anyway?" Jay points out with a flicker of a smile slid in his friend's direction. He doesn't seem ultimately very concerned about the comment, however. He's got to have ways to 'pass' after all, right? Just not super comfortable ones. "Hey, hey, hey, that's watered down /raccoon/ piss, thank you very much. And Ah happen to like it." His eyes shine with easy humor, reaching out to lightly nudge Kaleb's ribs regardless on the guy's lack of fondness for physical contact. "Ah got some wanderlust left in me. You remember how envious Ah was when Billy took ya to England." He winged young man shrugs and inhales a deep breath while he surveys the extent of their 'realm' inside the worn down bar. "Ah don't know. It's not that Ah don't want to see stuff—that's why Ah had my band back home. Ah wanted to tour more. See more of the world just to see it. But it's not so easy, you know? Sometimes it's just smarter to be happy with what you got, otherwise envy can turn into some ugly stuff." Jay smiles gently in Kaleb's direction. But there's a twinkle in his eye none the less. "Iceland was okay." Teach you to fucking vanish forever, Kaleb. Because he should fuckin' know what's in Iceland.

Jay's warm attention swims toward Max, cooling marginally back to an even neutrality. The southern man nods his agreement that it's been a little bit. "A little while, Ah suppose. Before we moved." Tugging slightly at the loops of his scarf hanging around his neck until they hang loose across his chest, giving him some breathing room. The black feather stick in the stitches sticks up under his hair and sticking out from underneath; black contrasting with red. He upnods to Kaleb. "Gonna grab a bottle, want one?"

Maximus doesn't know what's in Iceland! He arches his brows expectantly at Kaleb. "I do." He answers to Jay, even if he wasn't directly asked. "If you can endure great temperature changes, perhaps you could ride as luggage." Of course, in the 1960s…there was actual human-sized room on a plane, so…probably Jay could fit just fine! Maximus reaches out to brush his hand from the base of Kaleb's neck, down to the small of his back, fairly swiftly, and ambiguously enough to not get them stoned.

Kaleb went to go answer Jay and- hulloooooo. His thought went temporarily sideways before offering, "Or charter our own aircraft, ride comfortably, and never. ever. go back to Iceland unless the world is about to end." Though he shifted his weight into his heel, perhaps to lean against those fingers there however brief they were, or to retreat from teh swathe of thoughts around Jay's admission about England when Kaleb reminded, "We never made it to England, remember? When we were going to go Pendergast called me in for that 'meeting'." His jaw set, but he wasn't angry with Jay for that. hell half the reason he was even out was standing on either side of him. "And I didn't mean to offend the raccoons." He actually grinned a bit at that.

"Ah'll think about not goin' back to Iceland if y'all think about not gropin' eachother in public," Jay points out evenly as he shifts on his feet a little bit back and forth, hedging toward the bar somewhat for said raccoon piss. "Ah always forget that you didn't make it that way because you had that record ahead of time. Where was it y'all went fer breakfast?" Jay squints, trying to recall. His attention swims back in Max's direction, searching his face for a long second, trying to figure out if he's being serious or not. Either way, he's not sure exactly what to say to that; wings flicking mildly behind him with a whisper of friction. "Yeah. Maybe…Ah'm gonna…get those beers." Jay thumbs toward the bar and turns off to meander his way in that direction with that loose and easy saunter, only less audible without his flipflops.

Maximus draws in a deep breath, "I find it so hard to connect with him. I know he is your dearest friend." He reaches up to scratch at his goatee. "What if I bought him a car? No..no…you know what, I will make him something. Those are always the best gifts." Yeeeeeup. Maximus moves with Kaleb to claim a seat for the three of them. He sits down and possesses the chair with a lean. "I am trying though." He lifts a finger into the air.

Kaleb seemed really confused by this and sighed as all there really was was slight shove but Kale resigned it was going to be in Jay's mind entirely symbolic of other things, and perhaps soundly so. Either way he relented, Here. I buy, you fly." Perhaps literally but he offered a fiver to Jay to rally provisions up with. Kale found a cue he didn't hate but considered Max's words with some thought and then nodded. "You are, and I think that'd be good. Look I sort of scared the shit out of him twice in one summer. That ain't precicely okay. He's tryin too." He squint down the length of the cue stick for imperfections and decided it would be servicable enough.

Jay waves away the offer from Kale to buy. It happens sometimes, as non-sensical as it might seem at first shake, he just doesn't always accept Kaleb as the 'wallet' on their outings. "Ah got this one." Red wings bob smoothly over the average soul's head to point a giant arrow down on 'Here's Jay!' while he's away. A familiar exchange with the bartender, the rather normal looking fellow has a normal conversation with Jay while the bottles slide down the bartop to his hand one at a time with a thought; telekinetic. He laughs at something Jay says, and Jay likely does as well though it's less audible as he grabs his wallet and pays, then tips. Grabbing the three bottles by the neck, he strides on back, placing Max's bottle on the table in front of him and handing Kaleb another. Just some domestic brew, nothing fancy. "Marcus over there was tellin' me they're getting geared up for the open mic night 'round here. Hard to keep folks' spirits down when they're lookin' forward to somethin'."

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