1964-11-04 - There's Always a Bigger Fish
Summary: The Ghost Rider has come to clain Hellblazer's soul. What he finds is a bigger problem than a damned necromancer
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It was a good night to get something done, that's for sure. Particularly around a rather nice Chinese restaurant who actually serves pretty good food. Though at this time of night, a certain supernatural entity was out and about, for it was about time a debt paid due. The Sinhunter hunted tonight.

Robbie was on a mission. It seems whatever odd commodity rested in or around that shop, it already gained the Rider's attention, and consequently, Robbie's as well. He was back on his motorcycle, no helmet, wearing his trademark Leather jacket and he wore coal-black jeans and combat boots, biker gloves worn on his hands. Perhaps all of bloody Harlem could hear that motorcycle roar as he drove down the street, perhaps a familiar sound for some…and usually that was a bad thing for those he was after. But he stops at the side of the street, putting that bad boy in park…then it was like he was waiting, taking a small breath as he took the time to speak with his inner demon.

Constantine wasn't on speaking terms with his inner demon, but he was on eating terms. This week's transgressions included everything from making lewd comments to a nun, a supreme act of hecromancy that defied good taste and reason, and also rescuing a kitten. John Constantine was a mixed bag. That bag came in teh form of a very wrinkled, tired suit that smelled of two days worth of cigarette smoke, and regrets. There was also a fantastic waft of Kung Pow chicken that was doing something wonderful in his bowl.

Amelie was…in a decent mood. A recently completed contract had left a little more coin in her pocket than the night prior. It was enough to keep her distracted for a while before inaction weighed on the immortal. Dressed in a black designer dress and with her hair up in an elegant bun, the french woman probably looked a little out of place in the restaurant, but she was certainly happy to indulge in the promise of chicken, noodles and dumplings. Some of the best indulgences weren't strictly luxury after-all.

Robbie would take a deep sigh after talking to the Spirit of Vengeance, dismounting his motorcycle and approaching the restaurant, opening the door and entering in casually, though his eyes scanned every corner of that room….and his eyes fell upon both Amelie…and the man he came for, John Constantine. With a slow step, he moved for his target first, approaching his table.

Once there, Reyes would pull up a chair. "Mind if I have a seat." he says flatly, looking right at Constantine. This was probably more his way of greeting in the sense that 'you know why I'm here' kind of way.

Constantine would greet Reyes. He would. He wasn't because there was a rather fancy bird that strut into the room and that was as good distraction as any. His head swiveled to Robbie Reyes, moreso that thing inside him. "Depends. You going to upset the flavour of my lo mein noodles, mate?" A heavy look weighed back to the Ghost Rider as he ate his noodles. "You didn't come here to be social. No one really does. So what is it then? I got unfinished business still."

Said fancy 'bird' is quick to place an order and grab a table. It's as she's walking back to said table that her eyes narrow for a moment behind those glasses concealing her amber eyes. Constantine is probably used to being on the end of that sort of look, but it was Reyes that had her frowning. Last time she'd seen him, he'd been throwing people around and nearly disrupted her work. Then she'd been chased by some hellspawn across rooftops, so…that was a thing.

At Constantine's apparent dodge of the question at the words like 'depends' and all that, Reyes simply reaches over to an empty table and drags that chair over, sitting in it backwards with his chest leaning against where the back should go. He had long already noticed Amelie sitting in that table a small distance from he and Cosntantine, but he decided to keep his full attention on the latter instead of the former.

"Recall my likely dumbass decision to give you a head start, John?" He lets that thought sink in. "You know why I'm here." he let those words also sink in "your right, I'm not here to be social. I rarely go -anywhere- to be social. So, unless you have a -really- good reason to convince me to -not- drag you back to the pit (that being hell), I'd say it now."

Constantine really wasn't reasponsible for that particular pack of hellspawn…this time. Honest Thomas. Honestly were RObbie here to collect his soul that'd be unsurprising. He offered in rebuttal, "Clearly you haven't tried the lo mein yet. You're missin out, mate." Really it wasn't his first time facing down his literal demons. He noted Amelie's look and that it went over his shoulder and said to Robbie, "You greeted her wth that line too didn't you? Never gonna catch a dove like that if you come on all King Kong, mate."

The thing about Amelie's abilities? She tended to observe -everything- around her. It used to be quite overwhelming in its own right, but it also allowed her to do what she did so damn well. That and the whole 'not dying' thing. While to the world it might appear that she was now sipping her tea as she waited for her meal to arrive, the woman was actually eavesdropping on the conversation. Fortunately, the cheap plastic teacup did at least hide her frown as Constantine's comment points her out.

At Constantine's mention of Amelie being present, the Hellhunter would turn his head to officially look at her, instead giving her a shake of his head as if to say he wasn't after her. Though he did recognize her….and yes, he definately did want to know about the assassin. But! until then, his attention returns to Constantine. "Not here to eat, not here for cheap romance." though romance was something that tugged him from time to time…but, Ghost Rider's work always comes a calling…..

"That all you have to say John?" he asks simply, clearly just taking it in stride and not too amused by Constantines words. Though by the way he's fixing his gloves…John's running out of time to talk.

Constantine glanced up and gave Robbie that look. "Don't think that's much fair to assume of her, mate. Also better question. You think you're the first block get sent after me?" He ate his noodles. Noodles were tellrible cold, let him tell you all about that. "Who in hell you think sent me back anyways?" Point made. He pulled out a polaroid and slapped it down, as it had a picture of a silver martigras mask on it. "Lad got taken four nights ago. You want to run up on me, mate? That's fine. We cna go round, but I'm a fair bit certain his family would appreciate knowing it's not going to happen again first. But if you want to be responsible for that? Fine."

Amelie was well and truely aware of the existance of the supernatural. She was literally walking proof, but talk of literally pulling people to hell is…a new one. Perhaps she needed to extend her armory now that this was on her radar, but what sort of bullets protected one from demons and the like? Sipping her tea lightly, she exhales a sigh and steps over towards the table. Hardly the most threatening of figures, the woman none-the-less interjects with her accented tones. "Gentlemen, if you're going to fight? Please wait until after my meal has arrived or take it outside. The dumplings here are wonderful and it has been a long week."

Reyes simply stands when Constantine gives him that look. "Trust me…I know who sent you back. At some point, I'll be after him too." Vengeance is not limited, after all, but that was a more personal vendetta. When Constantine slams down his Polaroid, Robbie leaned down lightly to pick it up and glance at it. Constantine could see the fire dance in Robbie's eyes….and Robbie looked like he was about to choke a fool before Amelie arrived.

Turning his head sloowly towards her and he locks eyes with her. He certainly does not greet her with a smile, but simply a -look- "We'll talk later. and noted." apparently he recalls her pretty well, hard to forget a soul once you've read it, but then he turns his attention back to Constantine. hand moving to grip him by the collar to force him back to his feet if Constantine didn't dodge the hell out of the way. "Taken. By. Who."

Constantine was not one to get riled. The Ghost Rider was terrifying, sure, but when Lucifer sets you back on Earth 'because'? Well… it wasn't the first time he's had a gun pointed at him and he'd just have it left at that. "See," he gestured with a tilt of his head to the American at his table, "You're upsetting her." He looked over his shoulder to Amelie with a straight face, "Really, I'm willing to upgrade company if you feel I owe you apology, luv." He looked back to Robbie and set his jaw. Serious business first, sadly. "Lad's maybe 10. Took from the Lower East Side. Taken by a sleeper cult who follow something called the Lord of Chains or nominally the Lord of Masks. Had to rescue the unwilling and got kicked in the ghoulies already by one of them when wwe kept the kid from being swallowed by a transdimensional monster. But if you want to do thi here and now, I suppose good luck to Little Timmy. So I ask you, mate, am I really your biggest concern right now or you going to let me do my job? Cause I'll level with you, there's parts of this you don't want other people needing to figure out how to resolve."

Well, the reactions? They weren't too far from what she'd expected as she takes the last sip of her tea and sets it down, glancing over her shoulder as her meal finally arrives at her table. But the rest of the conversation? Well…it has her curiousity if nothing else. She knows very little about magic, other than it made her what she is, and she knows even less about demons and cults outside of the 'Thule' types she'd put bullets in decades ago. Curiousity killed the cat, not the immortal French assassin after all.

Robbie looks Constantine right in the eyes, clearly weighing his options before just dropping him back in his chair. "Fine." he says simply, before looking now to Amelie for a brief moment, before looking to Constantine and crosses his arms. "Tell me about the cult. Trying to use him as a sacrifice?" he says quietly for only the trio to hear, but his frankness bears astounding measure of balls of steel or just possible brazenness of asking so bluntly.

Though he looks to the assassin then. "You want to join the conversation or were you only coming to tell me not to throw this guy out of the window." he asks curiously, though flatly. Clearly on business tonight.

Constantine wasn't on business, he was on food, and possible a phone number later, but nuuuuu. His luck never turned out that way. It might even be imagined that he kept at trying to save humanity solely for the ability to move onto other projects rather than some altruistic bent. John sat back though and slid instead a carf to Robbie shaking his head. "More than just one night's worth of answers. You want your evidence, you can meet me tomorrow there. I'm not going to drag some kid's laundry out in teh middle of dinner. You think you can behave, fine, but you send me into a revolving door, and I don't give a damn who you are, I'll take ya down with me mate. There are things bigger than us out there, and that ain't a good thing." Bigger than a guy in a trench coat with odd tattoos covering his arms? Sure. Maybe.

Robbie looks at Constantine "I've known that for far too long." he says about his comment about many things bigger than them out there. "More than I would care to know." he takes the card and looks it over, before resuming his seat. "I don't fear that realm. If I have to drag you to the gates themselves, then that's what I'll do. But first, we find the boy." he inserts himself. The Rider has faced off against some -shit-, but regardless, both of these guys have their beef. Pot, meet kettle.

There was a long pause, and the swish of his glass followed. Brown eyes that have seen too much for too long on the undying necromancer. "My contract was extended for a reason. I don't feel the need to discuss it here. The kid's already back with his family. They're still out there though. If you're interested you can drop by and give me a hand with it other than calling her cheal and ruining my noodles." He didn't let that one go.

Robbie just smirks at Constantine "Well done." is all he says there, and he gives a simple nod to Constantine. "Fine. I'll pay you a visit. Not off the hook though." he says simply, crossing his arms. Though with a wave of his hand he catches the attention of a waiter there. "Lo Mein please." and his order is placed!

Constantine shook his head giving Robbie a flat look, "At least you believe me about the Lo Mein. Your hook'll have to take a number, mate. All the ame, we might be able to use someone of your talents. You missed a right bloody hole that opened up to the abyss teh other day. No safety railings, no how do you do, Just a mess."

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