1964-11-04 - Welcome to America!
Summary: Delphyne runs into an Amazon that stands out more than herself OR Hellboy…
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It's a slow night for a private investigator, so Delphyne is just moving towards the nearby pizza shop with purpose. That purpose being, 'to get pizza,' because sometimes it's the simple things that are best. Besides, it isn't as though there's a good pizza joint on Paradise Island, though if Delphyne has HER way, that will soon change…

Cyrene was…a new arrival. Sent to assist the envoy, protect the princess (as if she truely needed it) and having left the island for her own reasons. Of course, now it was pretty evidently clear she hadn't done her homework before coming to man's world. While her stature was certainly less than some of her sisters, the redhead was still drawing odd looks here and there as she walked the street in her Amazon armor, bow and quiver both slung over her back. She'd no currency on her and these 'merchants' looked far different than back home…but the food did smell good.

Delphyne was one of the royal bodyguard, and her figure is… pretty distinct, even though she'd not be wearing the Amazonian armor. Snakes for hair aren't very common here, after all. Though she does notice Cyrene, and blinks a bit in surprise, the gorgon looking almost nonplussed at Cyrene's appearance.

Technically, after her encounter with the demon ranting about Pancakes, she was ment to be following him at invitation…but it seems the redhead had strayed a little. Blame it on the scent of pizza! Drawn in a little closer by the promise of cheeses and meats in a dish she'd never seen before, the armored woman steps up to the window, placing her hand against the glass and leaning in to peer. It's likely rather concerning for the patrons within, but her eyes blink a little as they fix on the sight of a Gorgon. Not what she expected to see!

It's a good thing that Cyrene is so distracting. Because she distracts from the seven foot tall demon that was walking with the redhead. "Anyway. Ya might want to put the pigstickers some— aww hell. I knew I should have worn my good coat today." Hellboy sniffs at his pits. Naw, the Old Spice is strong enough for a demon, before he catches sight of the girl and makes his way over. "Now, I know I ain't that great a conversationalist, but still.." he starts to complain slightly. That is before he notices the gorgon within. "Oh hey, I remember her. She can put down a pita like it's noone's business." Tapping on the glass much like a child would do on the aqauarium, when the startled faces look up, Hellboy waves his hand in agitation. "Naw! Not you! Or you! Green gal. The one with the snake hair! Yeah, her! Yo!"

Delphyne was, actually, queued up to get a pizza, but blinks a bit in surprise as she sees the helpful demon from before, as well as one of her sisters, in a manner of speaking. She waves to the man behind the counter, probably explaining that she'll be right back, before she slips out the door and looks at the pair, "Hello again, Hellboy… I see you found one of my compatriots… who didn't get the note about how to dress to blend in." She gives Cyrene a wry look at that, as Del's 'snakes' are currently pulled back and bound by a scrunchie.

"The clothing here is…strange." Yeah, Cyrene was a little on the blunt side. "And I lack their paper currency to purchase any anyway." One miiight just suspect that all Cyrene had packed when she left the island was weapons, armor and more weapons. "It is good to see you sister," she offers, genuine warm in her words to Delphyne. Really, New York was a little overwhelming, so a piece of home spotted was a comfort. Back to the Demon, she looks over her shoulder at Hellboy. She hadn't actually asked his name, or given hers for that matter. "There was nothing wrong with your conversation. I have never seen this…pizza before."

There's a lift of his head to the gorgon. "Sup." Hellboy offers, trying to be all casual like around the two women. "Take it the redhead's one of yours, then? She heard me cursing out a Chinese place cause they banned me from their all ya can eat. Was gonna go lookin fer some pancakes, but pizza works in a pinch." he says with a shrug. Then he turns his attention to Cyrene. "Pizza's like a pancake with sauce, cheese and toppings on it ya don't have to flip over."

Delphyne arches a brow, "Yes, we'll need to fix that. Get you some clothes that let you blend in." She grins a bit wryly, "And some of their weaponry, as that's a bit more concealable. But as far as money goes, I have some of their currency, and I can help you with that." She then looks over at Hellboy, and hrms. "That is a fair description, I suppose. But yes, she looks a bit like I did when I first arrived."

The bow and arrows slung over Cyrene's shoulders…might need a little more than an overcoat to conceal, but she does nod a little none the less as she's enlightened about foodstuffs. "So is everything in this place cooked in a pan?" she frowns. "Do they not have ovens or pots? Or is it simply their prefered meals?" Puzzling, but even so she shakes the thought off. "People do not carry weapons in this city. Why?"

"Well. For one. We ain't at war. Second. Ain't really polite. Lastly? Don't exactly say 'I'm a friendly' to the local authorities." So says the seven foot tall demon with a hand cannon on his pants. Hellboy gives a shrug. "Most folks just don't need 'em. Pretty friendly place, once ya get used to it. Anyway. Oven. Pizza. We going in? I'm starving."

Delphyne nods, "Besides, sister, with your training, you should be able to fend off most attackers without weapons." She smiles faintly, "But yes, they do have local police that are quite… testy, about carrying around swords and the like." A bit of a shrug, "Not everything is cooked in a pan, the pizza is cooked in an oven."

"Cyrene," she finally offers her name before sighing and nodding. "Then I will have to…limit my options later." She didn't like parting with her bow, the weapon was made for her specifically and was a treasured possession, but it probably drew some concern. Still, she's happy to step in with the promise of food. "So they -do- have ovens, but pancakes are still cooked in a pan? I will have to see them for myself."

"Get you a holster and a pistol, you can put that away pretty easy." Hellboy opens his jacket to prove that point as he snorts. "Pancakes were a gift to humanity, I tell ya. But we're doing pizza. Ya want to do pancakes sometime, I can take ya out for those." he suggests to Cyrene, sneaking that in before he opens the door for the two women.

Delphyne grins, "Delphyne, sister. And you can keep your bow… if nothing else, I have a place, and you can keep your things there until such time as you get your own." She smiles wryly, "When I first arrived I was in a similar situation, after all."

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