1964-11-05 - A Walk In the Park
Summary: A chance meeting of Inhumans in the park.
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Fall in New York brings a chill to the air, a break from summer's oppressive heat that sends the population out in jackets and coats to protect against the cold wings that sweep through the chasms of city streets. For Crystal in particular, it's a welcome release from the smog and pollution that linger in the city during the summer, which is perhaps why she's settled for a bit of meditation in the park, rather than traveling out to Westchester for a breath of fresh air.

Sitting at the edge of the lake, cross-legged in a long, full skirt and a blouse that would be more appropriate in a department store than a park, her eyes are half closed as she filters through the air, the water, and the earth, immersing herself in the elements.

Bobby would be walking through the park today, enjoying the cool breeze that now arrives….ironically, he prefers the winter as to the summer. Regardless, after dealing with some minor things with his company and securing a new trade agreement between his company and a much smaller ones he's trying to absorb, Good ole 'berto needs time to rest his brain…thus does he end up walking through the park.

He wears a jean jacket with a brown beanie to keep his messy hair in check, a dark blue T-shirt, black jeans, and tenneshoes. Though he does see something he doesnt see often, and that's crystal meditating in the park. curious as to what she's doing, he walks on over, though he doesnt dare interrupt.

The person known only as Reader has decided to head out and explore his new home. Maximus did set him up with an apartment, and some normal clothes. But well the apartment is no place to stay and to keep his companion. Him and Forey have decided to go out on a walk, and of course ended up at the park. The park reminds him of some of the places he did visit before ending up in New York, so it is a very welcome change.

He is wearing short sleeve button down shirt, and well Khaki pants, plus well some loafers. Hey the guy was from Greenland, the winter doesn't bother him that much. He also went out and attached something to the plate covering his eyes. So at first glance it would appear to be some kind of funky sunglasses. Attached to his belt, is a clip, with several metal cards attached to that. He walks with Forey, who is of course not on a leash or anything. As he walks he talks, possibly to the dog, "Well Forey, it does seem like they were able to make something nice in this place after all."

It's the footsteps along the ground that catch Crystal's attention as they draw closer, eyes opening and a faint smile curving with a look over her shoulder at Roberto. "If you're here to tell me to remember to bring back extra milk, you've come an awful long way when the grocery store is closer," she drawls, a note of amusement in her voice. All the same, she pats the ground next to herself, the earth moving almost imperceptibly to smooth into a more comfortable seat.

Roberto just chuckles a little bit at Crystal as she speaks, and at her gesture, he moves over to sit next to her in a similar cross-legged fashion. "Well….milk would be nice, but you know." a small laugh then. "How are you today? Enjoying the weather?" he looks around a bit at that, taking note of the more peaceful moments of the park.

Reader walks more with his dog. Who of course gets a lot more attention than him. It's another of the reasons that Reader loves the dog so much. It distracts people from looking to closely at him. The Metal plate and the scare on his face are usual things people do notice. Of course he does play the blind guy well and finds a nearby bench and sits down, "Well boy so what do we think?" Okay he also needed a place away from the apartment to think about some stuff. "Not sure if we can trust that guy yet. But he was welcoming to us, unlike" he pauses for a moment after that, "others." He reaches down and scritches his dog. Sure he doesn't answer, but well his presence is helpful. He listens to others around the park though, trying to get a feel for the place.

"Mmmm," Crystal hums to Roberto, nodding once. "Now that it's not so hot, the city doesn't hold on to the pollution the same way it does during the summer." She raises one hand slightly, pulling a cool eddy of a breeze through the air, floating colorful leaves from the branches of a tree over Reader's head and then around the pair. "Which is a relief, really. There are times…As much as I enjoy being out in the world, there are times when the pollution makes me wonder if we were better off with more separation."

Roberto gives Crystal a small smile then "Yeah…you have a point. I mean, I wouldn't notice it as much as you, but I get it. aaand well, I just prefer the cold really…ironically enough." a small laugh there, but it's sincere. He looks to where Crystal is using her powers around Reader, and a small smile is given as he watches on.

The blind guy doesn't notice the leaves of course. The breeze though that he does notice though, and well he can hear the leaves. That is until Forey decides he wants to try and bite them for some reason. Who knows why dogs do what they do, they just do. So Forey barks and leaps up snapping at the leaves. "What is it boy?" Reader does ask, cause hey danger could be coming from anywhere, it's been his mentality for so long. He gets a sense of what the dog is doing, "Oh I get it, just enjoying yourself for a change." He stands up and starts walking with Forey following him, "Come we should get you some water, lead the way." And with that the two start heading over towards the lake.

Crystal looks over at Reader and Forey's approach, a small smile flickering across her features. "Good evening," she calls over to the pair before she looks back to Roberto. "Anyhow. How are things for you here in the city? I've heard from some of the others back at the Institute that you've got quite a few responsibilities of your own now."

Roberto would smile to Reader as he starts to approach, a small wave, but then again he doesnt know he's blind…..hm….estupido roberto! Regardless, he looks then to Crystal with a small smile. "It goes well. I'm back at the Institute to visit and see if I can pick up any more classes in computers and all that." he shrugs a bit then. "Yeah…I run my fathers company now…Da Costa International. Which is a chore in itself…." he whews a bit. "Though I imagine your responsibilities are greater than mine, no?"

Forey heads over to the lake and starts lapping up the water. See he was definitely thirsty, "Just drink the water boy, no swimming today okay." Hey no one needs to deal with the smell of wet dog now do they? "Oh hello." He answers to Crystal, since you know he can't see Roberto's wave. Of course being the curious person he stands and tries to listen as best as he can. Forey of course has decided not to listen to Reader and just goes running into the water after drinking some of it.

"My responsibilities," Crystal laughs, rueful, "Are…unique. More so every day sometimes, it seems. Things have been complicated lately. It seems our history may be coming back to haunt us. Whoops," she exclaims as Forey runs into the water. "It seems your dog has some opinions of his own, sir."

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There is a sigh from the blind guy, "Yes I have sadly noticed that. I did not want the smell of wet dog today." Man and he doesn't even have a towel with him either. Of course at that moment Forey has decided that he has enough of the water and goes back on land, and shaking himself off between the two people. "Forey, what have I told you? If you do that, do it away from people!" Well this isn't fun at all. "Sorry about that, he is usually well behaved. But well has been enjoying the freedom of the park it seems."

"Thankfully, I think I can help with that," Crystal laughs, holding up a hand to stop the water droplets in their tracks. A few more moments of concentration is enough to wick all of the water from the dog's fur and skin, depositing it neatly back into the lake with none the wiser. It even takes dirt and grime with it, leaving a very clean dog behind. Poor Forey. "The park is a very good place for a dog," she chuckles, setting her hands back on her knees. "And for people, too."

"Thank you. What did you do?" Hey he's gotta ask because it's strange for someone to be able to dry a dog like that. Forey himself barks a little at being dry and just goes over to Crystal and sits down beside her. "Well it seems Forey has decided that you are a friend. He is usually a good judge of a persons character." Reader walks over and sits down next to his dog, "I am finding I like this place. In a way the park reminds me of Greenland."

"Just a little trick," Crystal answers Reader with a faint smile, waving one hand before she reaches over to ruffle between the dog's ears. She even smells like…Well, Lockjaw doesn't entirely smell like dog, but there's at least something familiar to it. "I find it's convenient, especially when it's already chilly outside. No one enjoys being cold and wet. Greenland, you say?" she asks, looking over with a quirk of her brow. "Do you know, I don't believe I've been there. Though I've heard that while Iceland sounds cold, it's actually rather green, and while Greenland sounds lovely, it's actually rather cold and barren. Is it true?"

"I wonder if I can learn that trick, it seems very nifty." Note to self, see if he can make a heat, or a drying card, it will be useful for the next time Forey does this. "That is actually very accurate. Supposedly when Greenland was settled, they named it that way, in order to entice people to go there. Though where I was, was in a valley, and it was usually nice there. But of course it wasn't that green, mostly very rocky." The funny thing is he doesn't seem to have any accent, or at least not one that most would assume is from Greenland, but it is slightly western European. "Are you from New York? I have found that there a few people from different places here. Forey leans into the ruffling, and sniffs a little at hands, and lets out a few barks. Not warning barks, just happy barks.

"It's admittedly a bit more of a talent," Crystal chuckles, circling a hand to send another gentle breeze swirling around the pair, watching him as she does. She's not afraid to show her talents, but she's been here long enough to know that not everyone cares for them. "I'm not particularly from anywhere," she admits, smile slipping crooked. "We travelled a great deal when I was a child, mostly through Europe. I've been here for…nearly two years now, I think."

"Seems like a very useful talent to have. I've known a few people with some special talents, never known one like this though." Hey the powered population of Orollan was a lot smaller than that of Attilan of course. "Oh? Where in Europe? I spent a lot of time traveling there as well. I only recently came into the city." He actually didn't react to the powers though, since of course he couldn't actually see them being used. "What brought you here?"

Triton was glad for fall. The cold didn't bother the spy in teh slightest, but it was a good opportunity to have reason for concealing clothing to cover the salinating rig he wore and could cover the rest with a scarf. Ridiculous, but his job was to blend in and he spent more time sea level than he did in Attilan. It was waht it was. Though his face was covered there was a smile that reached his eyes falling on Crystal. "Crystal." Reader got an amicable nod.

"All about," Crystal laughs. "We started at the east, and worked our way across the rest in time. But here, well. I was looking for a lost family member at the time, and I'd heard rumor she might have been in the neighborhood. I was lucky enough to find her, but I'd found some friends here as well, so I've stayed to lend a hand, you might say." She looks up again as Triton approaches, offering a warm smile from where she sits cross-legged by the lake. "Triton," she greets. "My apologies, sir, I don't believe I got your name," she says belatedly to Reader. "I'm Crystal, and this is my cousin Triton."

There is a chuckle from the guy, "It sounds a little like my own trip there. Just spent a lot of time wandering around." He doesn't comment on the lost family member, since well he wishes he had a lost family member. He turns towards the new voice and does his own nod, even though you know he can't see Triton's nod. "Triton, interesting name there." Hey at least Crystal is a regular name, "I'mwell I was called Reader. And this is Forey." He says as he pets the dog. He also needs to figure out a real name. Reader just does not work to give to strangers.

"And you ALL know ME." Maximus gives himself a proper introduction with his arms spread as he approaches the trio. Cuz…he's probably having one of them tailed enough to know where everyone is! Who knooooows. He does have a talent for knowing just when to inconvenience everyone with his presence. "Savior of Attilan…you know when they try to kill you, you are doing something right." He smiles overbroadly. "I see you've met Reader…an amazing Inhuman he is."

Triton leaned over and gave Crystala slight hug. "Best cousin, Crystal." An eyebrow ridge arched noting reader focusing with audible input rather than tracking visual. Maximus' voice drew Triton's attention. Oh by Uncle Agon what now. He answered Reader, "It was a name my mother gave me when I went through my change at one and became…aquatic. I had a name before then but it was never known to me. I chose to keep it though." It was a simple enough answer.

Crystal doesn't seem perturbed by Reader's name. "A pleasure to meet you, Reader," she responds politely, only to wince when Maximus announces his arrival. "Maximus," she sighs, though she manages to summon up a smile by the time she's turning toward him, glancing between him and Reader. "I would recommend taking anything he's said with a grain of salt," she murmurs to the blind man.

|ROLL| Maximus +rolls 1d20 for: 2

"Funny the same thing happened to me." He answers to Triton. It was the name given to him when his powers were discovered. He whispers back to Crystal, "I take everything with a grain of salt." Hey having the people in charge of your city blind you because of your powers leaves you a little jaded. "Hello Maximus. I have told you while I may be an Inhuman, I am not really amazing, not anymore." Yes he is still trying to sell Maximus on the fact that his powers were taken away from him.

Maximus frowns suddenly. His hands drop to his sides and he regards Crystal and Reader. The mood of him changed so rapidly, "So. That is how this will be played, hmm? I thought I could count on both of you to be on my side, like /Triton/. But, instead you wish to compare me to a grain of salt?" You know..Max could probably stand to learn a few more human idioms. "I will be /delighted/ to show you how painful this one grain of salt can be!" His eyes shift from their usual steel blue to the glow that tells the tale that he's not /just/ going to use his power, but that its not going to be a pretty use.

Triton arched an eyebrow and pressed his fingers to either side of the bridge of his mask. In a heartbeat the fish was on his feet (no dolphin jokes ehre. Really, guys.) and stood between Max and the others. "Max… Maximus." Aw hell teh eyes were blue. A webbed hand that may later regret this choice slapped his cousin's cheek lightly to get his attention. Man for a man with most his face covered that look was intense, though having no scalras probably helps. "Maximus, Not the time. Not the fight. People re banking on you diving us instead of uniting- your wrods I believe were for a stronger Attilan. Hmm? You said I stand with you then I'm asking you to trust me on this." This could go poorly. It could weirdly go well, but it could go really poorly.

One of the benefits of time spent at Xavier's Institute is training in resisting mind control, and it's something Crystal has been studying with dedication. Two years ago, she would likely have flown into near panic at the sight of Maximus' powers about to be in use. Now, though, she starts to stand, a chill wind rises around Maximus, bands of air starting to tighten around him in warning. "Do not, Maximus," she says quietly.

Well crap, he was not counting on this one. He's not sure what Maximus could do, or if Reader himself could stop it. But his hands go to the cards attached to his belt right away, and Forey lets out a loud warning growl towards the man. "I would not do whatever you are thinking of doing." The question here is what would be faster, Maxi's mind control, or Readers ability to activate his powers. Money is on Maximus of course.

"TRA-LA—" Maximus starts to shout at the others when Triton slapped his cheek. It seems to take him by surprise, and he pauses, in silence, trying to decide if he should be offended or not. Its the air coming around him that suddenly draws his attention from those thoughts. His face twitches and he suddenly tries to shrug Triton off. He spouts off a phrase in Kree…based on the tone, not a nice one, but then he flashes a look at Crystal before speaking back in English, "I sort of want to /press/ the issue, just to see what he can do." His eyes focus then, sharp, in a BUSTED sort of menace, at Reader.

Triton took a deep breath. GOod. Point made. Tnesion broken. The day might evenn be salvagable. Webbed hands found his cousin's shoulders and even patted one. "Sit. Join us" In that tone of if you start shit I will end it because that's the week I've been having… but I love my family. "You know you could just ask him. It actually is a possibility." He gave Crystal an apologetic look though why Triton felt at all responsible for- no that was comisseration. "Reader, nice to meet you. You seem to get the naming thing at least. Max loves to push buttons to see what they do or find out if they are mislabeled. Quality control for my blood pressure." The wet fish had a dry humor it seemed.

"I would quite appreciate it if you didn't press the issue, Maximus," Crystal agrees with Triton, loosening the bands of air around him enough not to be felt…but the threat is still there, in the very pressure of the air, as if a storm were suddenly threatening. Even the surface of the lake ripples as she watches him. "Why don't you tell me how you and Reader met?"

Fine, he guesses he can finally tell him what he can do. May not be the best option, but Maximus should be aware of what he is dealing with. "Have you ever considered what sort of abilities would force those in Orollan to blind a person? Something that they viewed as too dangerous for a person to have. Considering the limited Terrigen that they have, and the few that are selected to undergo the process there. Well for them to take drastic action like that, it is a very dangerous ability. Now ask the question again, do you really want to see that?" Hey it doesn't hurt to have people a little afraid of him after all. His hand goes back to Forey, "Easy boy. But if he tries anything else, go right for the sensitive area."

The former king moves to sit down the others when Reader levels his threats at him. His lips fall flat and he sucks in a breath through their parted halves. He absolutely looks properly cowed by the trio and drops his hands down into his lap. Eyes returned to normal. Everything seemed fine. He reached into his coat pocket, though, and pulled out a small, metal tube with a cap. "You are all so mean." Though it doesn't have the bite of a hatefilled accusation.

Triton nodded in agreement with Maximus, "PRetty much. Iiiiii am the worst. Ask Gorgon" The fishman nodded sagely. It's true, Gorgon would never sell him glad. They were thick as thieves but it didn't stop him from taking the satire in stride. It was Reader that caught his interest. "They, from all I have hear but am by no means any expert, not a wasteful group. It's not been unheard of in… extreme cases for people to be imprisoned after their change. I can't say I'm at all a fan of people being punshed for their potential overlooking how they choose to conduct themselves. With all respects to you, Reader, it aggrieves me to hear this happened."

"Maximus…" For a moment, Crystal looks as though she may vent her own temper before she presses her lips together, letting out a huff of breath through flared nostrils and turning her attention back to the others. "That is…disappointing, Reader. After meeting many mutants here, I've felt as though one of our greatest strengths is our ability to be prepared for abilities so that new Inhumans needn't suffer the way emerging mutants often do."

"It was their decision to make. It is also why I left them. Of course I did eventually find a way around what they did to me." Yes Maximus just got his confirmation, but of course he doesn't know the exact abilities just yet. "But with this I must take my leave. I am sure we will see each other again." He stands up and starts walking away, Forey of course tags along with him.

Maximus uncaps the nefarious device and applies a sulking layer of pink to his lips before putting it away. Maybe he'll feel better if he feels prettier. "That man is being deceptive on purpose. He may have valid trust issues, but…He needs to eat more mushroom soup." A pause. "No…wait…that's not right. He needs to…I swear its soemthing with soup. Chicken? Turtle?" Another pause. "Just be careful."

Triton weighed these thoughts in measure. "The Mutants seem to have their genetics propel them in random direction. Dangerous for them, the people around them, and others. That level of uncontrolled chaos could be absolutely harrowing. Crystal you know of them. I would love to talk with one sometime." Maximus, from back field, had a point. He needs reason to trust. Maybe soup. Miso soup does wonders but I think if we learned anything from teh last month? If we are to lead, we need to give them a reason to. Namor won't listen to me for a damn, but I still think it's sound."

"I know many of them," Crystal nods to Triton. "I'll see if any are interested in speaking with you. There's certainly interest from them in Inhumans. But you've seen how people treat mutants here. Many are afraid of what may come for them, so they're cautious." She lets out a breath, checking her watch for the time. "Speaking of which, I should probably start back toward the school. I'm afraid I've been less than fully responsible with my duties there lately."

"You are needed in Attilan, sooner than later. There is a rebellion in full form. It would be good for these…traitors to see that not everyone who was once outcast has the same spiteful hate about them. After all, I wronged my family the most of anyone. If they can forgive me…the /rabble/ should be able to." Maximus tapped his fingers on the table. Tap tap. tap tap. tap tap tap.

Triton considered and offered to her, "Of it would be of any aid to them, I wouldn't mind sharing. It is… difficult to have pronounced differences in this world in contrast to ours. I've been attacked more than a few times. They heve good reason to be cautious. But I would be happy to satisfy some of their questions for mine." He looked to Max and tilted his head. Thaaaaat wasn't entirely accurate. Not entirely inaccurate but Max really did have his own filters for the world, didn't he? "It is… important for us to stand with a unified nation. the Kree did a lot of damage to trust. VIsibility would be good. Fine. I will move back for the time being. I tod Chloe I'd help her repairing the garden by getting her access to some of the things she needs anyways."

"Perhaps you might begin by not referring to them as rabble," Crystal drawls to Maximus, smile faint as she stands. "I'll contact you, Triton," she nods to her other cousin. "And I'll return soon, don't worry. Just a few things to take care of."

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