1964-11-06 - Coming Home To Crazy
Summary: Dazzler returns to Xavier's after a European Tour, finds everything only got crazier while she was gone.
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Julie is wandering back from rather far off toward the woods, holding out some kind of weighted cables at arm's length. There's signs of a rather big altercation along the lawn from last-night's events, and she stretches a bit as though a shoulder's a bit stiff, working her way back toward the house. She pauses and waves the other hand around the lawn, every several paces, until she seems to be onto something, diverting to walk along the other way, and picks up a wrench that is usually in her back pocket like some carry combs: ine might tell because it's painted a delicate orange.

It's been a long time since Alison last visited this school, her life for the last 6 month has been a whirl of constant travelling and performing, with little time to actually see Europe, aside for glimpses here and there, and several meeting with the sort of celebrities and socialites she'd never otherwise get to meet. It was exciting, but at the same time, exhausting. In a way it felt good to take down a gear, and come back to Xavier's to relax. She steps out to the Rear Grounds. Coming out she stretches and takes a deep breath, "ahhh…missed the fresh air," she says to herself, then she catches the signs of the alteraction, and looks a bit surprised. She has just gotten back, so she is utterly out of the loop.

Wither was in the back grounds already working on drawing something in a sketchbook. The gloves were on, the sleeves were on and he couldn't be happier the tempreature dropped so it was no longer uncomfortable to do. Kev sat on the stone bench, attention arrested by a vooice of- oh hey! Notable personality and also Dizzy bringing things. Parts! Pieces! That meant potential for something cool. Green eyes shifted from Julie to Allison to stuff and back to Allison. "Hey. welcome back."

Julie gives a wave as she keeps on coming up, waving broadly with the wrench-hand, looking the latter over a bit closely before blowing on it, then returning it to her usual place in her pocket. "Hey, Wither…. Dazz…Err, Alli. How ya doing?" She still holds the other things at arm's length, and explains, "Stuff I was flinging around last night. Kinda don't want to touch these till I soak em in kerosene and burn it off, at least. Could have some kind of demon-err,-plasms or something on em. I dunno about this kind of stuff." There's a Band-aid on her forehead, which is probably related to "Bit of a rumble out here last night, some kind of magic Limbo thing." Dizzy clenches a fist a bit briefly, and says, "You probably heard they took Doug, so, probably we're gonna have to go get him."

"Thanks," Alison offers to Wither, who she doesn't quite recall, but then she's seen so many faces in the last 6 months, it's a wonder she remembers how her agent looks like. By the way, she's totally dressed in a different outfit, and a long white coat wrapped about her, because it is pretty cold. Oh, and not to forget boots, but the shades are certainly still there.

"I'm just tired," she remarks to Julie when asked how she is, "I just want to sleep for a whole month!" She was about to ask what the heck happened, when some sort of explanation is given, leaving her to remark with bewilderment, "Limbo?"

Wither watched Dazzler and thought about that curiously reaching out and making a grabby hand at her. "Bring it here. If you need it de-gunked I might be able to help?" He shied a smile. Getting bio-things off tools? That he could actually be productive with weird as it was. He'd been at the school for 9 months but spent almost all of that on his own and seemed to have no expectation of being 'known' other than avoid that guy. He looked to Allison and said after the fact. "Hi, um… Kevin. Nice to meet you in person. Sort of. Yeah one of the gal's here is in limbo management. Pretty important. Like running a whole non-human resource department I guess. Honestly sounds cool and terrifying doesn't it?"

Julie shrugs. "I don't know much about it, only it can't be on Earth cause the ground ain't turning under you there. I guess it's someplace Illyana can go with her gift, and it's got to do with magic. Looks a lot like where they got their idea of Hell, only no dead souls or whatever." She shrugs, a little frustrated, perhaps. "Oh, hey, sorry, I forgot you two probably haven't met. This is Alison, she's kinda famous, so don't rub it in." She shifts to a bit of levity *that* quickly, at least for a moment. And looks at the things. "Maybe, but like I said, magic, dunno if there's any gunk to speak of left over. Those things kinda disappear when you beat em."

"Hi Kevin, don't think I ran into you last time I was here, but that was very long ago…" Alison admits, before looking suspicious at the limbo mambo jumbo, which sounds a bit off. Then again, she did see some strange things. "Does that have anything at all to do with Mojo?" She asks cautiously. Looking over at Julie, she asks what comes natural, "what is Illyana's gift? I don't think I met her either."

Wither says, "Aside from being insanly pretty and inordinatly terrifying? She's the queen of Limbo." Wisdom straight from Georgia to y'all. At the introductionto Allison this didn't seem to catch him by anymore surprise than it already had. "Yeah Ah' read about that in the paper. Good to see y'all are alright." His attention went back to Julie and offered again, "Really, you want me to take a look at the think ya' tryin to de-gunk Julie Ah' can see if Ah' can help."

Julie doesn't seem to recognize that as a name. "Well, I guess you could call it some kind of mojo, but this is all a new one on me. There's more to it, but she can teleport people places. I think there's more to it, but I didn't really ask. Anyway, last week this other version of Illy turned up, out of some other universe or something: …she's actually real nice. But she's got something to do with, I guess, this *other* version that turned up last night being all kinds of bad-guy. We thought she was after the nice one, but for some reason it was Doug they wanted all along." She nods, and raises a finger to Wither, "I guess we can try and figure that out any time, I don't know much about this stuff at all."

"Limbo again…I don't think hearing Limbo over and over will help me better understand it," peering at Julie she adds, "unless she's spot on and that place is something of Hell? In which case," she turns back to Wither, "are you saying Satan is staying in this school?" Then Julie sheds more light on the matter and Alison just stares, "so there's several of her? Okay then." Alison realizes that Professor Xavier was right, turns out there's so much more to the world than she'd ever even think to imagine.

Speaking of Limbo Mambo Jumbo…it looks like that's what is happening for a split second when there is a strange sucking sound in the air and then a figure appears on the back lawn. He is dressed very snappy in a pair of snug black pants, shiny shoes, black suit jacket, black coat…in fact the only dash of color at all is in a houndstooth, wool scarf around his neck with a pattern of white and dark green. Shoulder-length hair is in groomed waves and he carries a cane for no reason, since he appears perfectly healthy, if a bit pale. Julie's seen this guy before…harassing Diana. BOOOP!

Julie is just saying, "Eh, I don't believe the nuns about that kinda thing. They thought *I* was some kinda witch, what do they know. LIke I said, sure looks like something out of Dante…" And then she notices Loki having just popped into the space. She just lets one of the sets of improvised bolas-to-be-decontaminated in question fall into the other work-gloved hand. Loops it a bit casually over a shoulder and addresses Loki. "Ah, hi, howyadoin?" she says, obviously somewhat guardedly.

Wither was a reasonable godfearin' man and reasonably argued, "Naw. The Professor likely wouldn't allow that. Naw, Limbo's like that placewhere restless souls go when they ain't figured out which way they're goin. I think. Maybe that's Purgatory. Ah' forget. Either way, she's pretty nice. She's scary good at-" His words cut off and Kevin…just…blinked. This guy just stepped out of nowhere. It wasn't scary, it was just way far out. "I'll never get used to that."

"Dante…right," so due to huge gap in education, being a high school drop out and runaway, Alison might not quite get that, but she gets the gist. Then Loki appears out of thin air, and Alison jumps back, startled, "oh my god! Where did he come from!?" She demands, taking a few steps back as she studies Loki carefully.

|ROLL| Julie +rolls 1d100 for: 90

Loki tips his chin down and smiles slyly. "Technically../accurate/?" He pauses and then approaches the trio without any seeming intent of harm. "Just not the way you /think/. Powered people, I assume? Lets see…" He eyes Wither, Julie, Alison…totally blatantly like he's judging how each of them look. He fixes on Wither a moment, "Who am I looking at, here? Introductions? I am Loki, of Asgard." He forms a flourish and a bow.

Julie is looking, well, fairly blue-collar, in an insulated shop jacket that conveniently has an oval tag on it to confirm the first part of "Dizzy. Of Brooklyn." Something faintly whrrrs in her pocket, but she gamely returns a bit of a flourish. "And if you really croaked the President, I'd clock you one right here, but you're lucky I don't buy that story. Anyway, this is a private school. You got something to do with all this?" She indicates the various signs of battle. She glances to the others. "Planet Asgard, they're *real* strong," she adds. Apparently, she has some experience in these regards.

Wither blinked. Planet?! Cooooooool. The quiet guy in the winter gear just watched with some fascination and blinked biting his lip thoughtfully for a moment. "Ummm Wither. Ah' guess? Ah' mean we /are/. Powered persons. Informally anyways." He stammered, "Wow…"

"Loki of Asgard….?" Alison turns from Loki to Julie, "we're not in Kansas anymore, are we?" But as it seems like Julie is playing along with the introduction game, she shurgs and turns to introduce herself on turn, "Dazzler, of Gardendale, New York." Then Julie explains what Asgard is, and Alison arches a brow, "aliens? Nice…so now I think I've officially seen it all."

"Good. You see…I am looking for someone that could do something interesting, something that would really appeal to…" Here, Loki holds out one pale, long-fingered hand, to about his waist, "very short, talented /dwarves/ who happen to be the only ones who can fix my helm." He manipulates his hands again, like a stage magician, except that this trick is opening a pocket dimension from which is grasps his brilliant gold helm. One horn, indeed, is bent to one side all out of shape. "They hold…very long grudges. If I go alone…they will surely not assist me. But surely…one of youuuuuuuuuuuuu…" he offers singsong, like a guy in a van with candy. Who wants to go to space?!

Julie wags her finger there, tutting a bit when she does look at the bent metal. "That ain't answering the question. Cause, we already got a missing man, someone with some kind of mystic wound, and now here you are, in the same spot, so I'm wondering what you got to do with any of this, before anything goes any further." She does somewhat eye the damage to the helm, though. Cause she fixes things, that's where her mind goes.

Wither pointed out, perhaps unhelpfully to Allison, "Yeah I don't think any of us are from Kansas. But really, to him, maybe we're the aliens? Matter of perspective Ah' guess." He blinked nad tilted his head furrowing his brow, "Yeah first is Dougie a'ight?" THis was primary concern number one. "Two, will this take us to the moon or something? Ah' talked to Blink about goin there someday." He offered to Allison a catch up summary, "Gal here, real nice, teleports people. FIgured Moon King might look mighty good on my resueme." Julie, ever pragmatic asked the winning question. "Yeah what're the terms of travel, Mr. Loki?"

"You're looking for what…? Someone with charisma? Because I'm a musician, I'm used to performing and holding a crowd engaged…" Alison tries, though she doubts that's what Loki is actually looking for. Furthermore, she's not sure any should really go with him anywhere. He's an alien after all, what does she know about how trustworthy he might be.

Loki is super not trustworthy! Loki arches his brows and looks around. "Oh…no…no…I had nothing to do with this, or the president." He tilts his head, "Ah…possibly the bit with the president, butI was told it was not I, but some…skrulls. I do not remember. Its a long story. I am /different/ now. As for the lawn, I cannot help you. Oh…actually I can, I suppose." He forms a circle around his helm and it shrinks out of view and then a little flick of his hand and the lawn becomes how /he/ imagined it should look, which is to say…there are a lot more marble statues of Loki that there were before, and a fountain, and strange, Asgardian flowers. Its all just illusion though. Should confuse the heck out of the lawn maitenence folks for an hour. When Alison says she is a performer, he looks to her with more scrutiny. "That could work…we would be going to the realm called Nidavellir…realm of the Dwarves…stout and steadfast creatures that man the imposing forges from which all great weapons of Asgard have come." His voice crafts each syllable as a master storyteller, infusing the words with excitement, adventure, alluuuuuure. "You should see the molten river, and the juvenile fire drakes…and let us not forget that Nidavellir are where the Iron Elementals live…" he forms a soft chuckle, "you would not want to miss /that/."

Julie says, "Awright, that sounds spectacular, …anyway, no one said we were talking about anybody going anywhere yet. Especially cause we got some friends to help right here, and we don't know you qualify yet by a long shot.""

Wither held up a finger and furrowed his brow. "Well… Ah'm a welder and work with metal but Ah'm gonna go an' guess that's way out of my materials range." He looked to Alisona nd to Julie not getting a clear answer on where Doug was. He looked to Loki and said, "If you get help talkin to these Dwarf fellas, do you think you might aid us in gettin our friend Doug back?" Thinking outside the box? Yeah, he was willing to go there.

Alison stares at Loki, sure, he sounds charming, he sounds exciting, but she also listened to the words, and her quick translation comes up to: watch out, we're going somewhere you will most likely die, because dragons and lava and elementals and crazy stuff. But instead of saying anything she just points at Julie, "I'm new here, she's been here awhile, I think her words is well ahead of anything I might say." Alison then looks at Wither, and back at Julie, shrugging, "whatever they decide."

Loki stands very still when he's rejected after his wonderful monologue! He drops a hand to his side and taps his fingers against it. "That /is/…" His face twitches, nose and lips, "/disappointing/. I suppose I will have to just…find someone else. What a pity…especially for you…bard. I thought that might actually work." he smiles slowly and then lifts his hand. "Good luck with…finding your missing friend. I had nothing to do with that either, and since I am not your ally…."

Julie nods, "Well, maybe we could talk later. Wouldn't want to show lousy hospitality, but we don't know which end is up with some of this stuff."

Wither held up his hands and furrowed his brow, "Well hey now Ah' didn't say as much and maybe he cna do… stuff. Y'all want help, Mr. Loki t's only fair to know, can we get assistance in return?"

"I help out those who help me, but…I have no interest in begging. I need someone right away. The bent horn is embarassing." Loki looks at his nails.

Julie ahs. Glances to Wither a moment. "Well, depends what it's made out of, I guess, but maybe we could improvise. We got some equipment here for Earth metals, if that's just gold, well, I don't think anyone's a jeweler, but we could probably get it standing up again if you give us a bit of time."

Wither was, in all things, frustrated. Generally he tried to be a reasonable guy, but Kevin Ford had his limits, "Sir, no one asked ya t'beg. What we asked was a simple wuestion and there's no need to put grief on anyone t'get help. Just ain't nice. If you can help us I don't see where it's unfair helpin you out any and that looks like it'd require some sort of heat process to not distress the metal any further and break off… also why are htey so long? Ah' mean they don't really seem battle efficient. How do you avoid gettin caught on doors?" Sure, ask reasonably structural quesitons to a god of mischief.

Loki lets out a long exhale. "Ah…its all /reasonable/ questions. That just isn't me, though. I am…not known for answering reasonable questions. Bit of a trickster, really." Wth a sweep of his hand, he will just disappear unless stopped.

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