1964-11-07 - Attilan Family Dinner
Summary: The Royal Court and its members meet for a holiday dinner.
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The funny thing about holidays is they are a respectful nod of the past which meant the Inhumans were fairly reverent of these things. It also meant the Royal Family with friends were generally looked upon to lead from the front. In lieu of recent turmoil it was also decided that it didn't hurt the image of their nation to have a dinner of unity.

What this also meant a large feast where there was there was a rush on cranberry sauce while some were reflecting on things that brought them together. Unlike the lack of cranberry sauce to sustain which was a possible threat to peace in the kingdom.

|ROLL| Maximus +rolls 1d20 for: 7

Gorgon had been among the first to arrive. "Happy Holiday!" he says boisterously chuckling a little as he arrives in lead of the rest of the royal family. Though he does seem curious as he looks around. "Hm…I wonder how many of us will actually arrive…" he was probably thinking of Maximus attempting to ditch, but he shrugs it off. "It'll be nice to see us all together again…"

"Without trying to destroy something, anyway…"

Maximus is feeling the stress of having so MANY family members all in one spot. He really prefers to deal with people that love to hate him on a one on one basis, for all the obvious reasons. However, seeing as it cannot be helped on the Feast of Families, he is simply trying to hold it together as well as he can manage. /Whatever/ his brother might be up to, he is representing 'Boltagon' in all its glory. He is very dressed up in formal, Attilan style. His coat is quilted and only thigh length, in a deep brown fabric. His attire in places is accented with silver, but is mostly a mixture of different textures in a brown so dark it appears nearly black. Due to recent events, he does enter the room under the escort of guards. "Good evening, cousins, family…Inhumans all." He flashes a quick smile with unpainted lips. NOT DITCHING!

Appearance is important. And so Medusa makes hers, wearing her signature lavender, slinky silhouetted and crimson hair pinned back high away from her face before draping down her back. Her expression is a touch stiff, offering a nod to Maximus before suddenly an unexpected smile bursts forth like the sun coming out from behind a cloud. "Gorgon! I'm so pleased to see you."

No one look to Vesper for the cranberry sauce. That particular, very American affectation is lost on the petite Gallic geneticist. She probably received the wrong message about a holiday meal. Oh, the attire is fine if terribly human-oriented. The absence of her Refuge-wise brother has her looking around with too-wide eyes gone to a shade no one but a metahuman possesses. Whatever the public imagine as the natural soul-shade of the Core could be paralleled in the blue electric halos supercharged past cyan. Her scorching gaze is fixed on the ceiling as though her absent pluck and patience lurks up there in a corner to be found. The rest of her expression is sharp and drawn behind a mask. No point to looking back. Nexus is nowhere to be found. Protestations will avail nothing. Being polite matters until she can escape at speeds unrivalled by few compared to an alarmed young woman. Possibly no one shall notice her and so she edges for the outer wall.

"Vesper." Crystal, of course, notices their more recent addition, reaching a hand for the girl's shoulder as she arrives in pale yellow Inhuman garb, her hair falling loose around her shoulders. "I'm so glad you could make it," she smiles warmly before she turns her gaze to the gathered family. "Don't let the…" She pauses, smile quirking. "Well. You know how families can be. We've survived each year so far, though."

Triton noticed. He noticed most things around the edge of the room. "Vesper, glad you could join us. Come, sit." Busted! The fishman was actually dressed up in what passed for more formal attire for him, still with the salinating armour on. "Gorgon!!" Generally reserved, but not without myrth he offered his larger cousin a slap on the back. Crystal and Medusa won the brief hug. This brought him up to Maximus. "Glad to see you in one piece to join us, Maximus." The fish dropped into a seatback to Gorgon's left. A squint of orbed eyes concluded, "The siblings were unable to make it by meal start…unfortunate."

Gorgon would hum a bit, before looking to Medusa, a big smile forming on his face "Medusa!" he walks over and gives her a big hug. Ahhhhh who cares about royal etiquette -just- this once, he's gonna hug her! a big smile to her "It's good to see you. It feels like a lifetime! Though he then looks over to Triton, giving him a big smile too. "Hey there Triton. Good to see ya." he smiles big and warm then. taking a seat at the table. "Come one come all!" he even smiles big to Crystal "Ah! young princess!" a warm smile to Crystal then.

Maximus drops into the seat at one end of the table. There does not appear to be spite in the action, merely habit. He leans to one side, resting his cheek against his fist. "Vesper, good to see you. Gorgon…Crystal…of course Triton. And Medusa. This is legendary…here we /all are/…in one place, in one piece, in one peace. Tra-la-lleeeeee…someone somewhere needs to be proud of us." He smiles overbroadly and then gestures to a servant, "Get the alcohol flooowing."

And that's when Medusa hears the most familiar of voices, turning once Gorgon sets her free so she can take in the sight of her sister. "Crystal…" she sounds hopeful, but then pulls in the enthusiasm for a bit. "Crystal. I hope you will forgive me. We don't need to speak of it now, but I hope you will be willing to do so later." She holds out a hand with some display of uncertainty, apparent that she would not blame Crystal for being angry that she'd taken such a long leave from their people. Maximus' cheerful pronouncement makes her smile however faintly, and she's content to accept Triton's embrace.

The plastered smile on Vesper's face reaches hardly very deep. Crystal's hand might feel like it passes through the top layer of cotton and skin before Vesper resolves. "Thank you." She distinctly sounds different, English by way of Paris. A sidelong look harbours something akin to mild dread. Dread that deepens enough with each passing moment. "Not particularly, non." Next time she will bring Himalayan sea salt as a protective defense and make a run for it. She pertly nods to Triton, closing her hands around one another. Fear is not something to show, chumming the water. Unease, really. One deep breath she doesn't need and no one notice the lights flicker. Their strength is borrowed. Her own voice comes a bit clearer. "Hello."

"You'll be all right," Crystal murmurs to Vesper, smile flickering, before her sister's greeting catches her ear. "Medusa!" she exclaims, hurrying forward to catch her sister in a warm hug. "Whenever you like, sister. I'm just so glad to see you. You look well," she says as she leans back, the corners of her eyes crinkling as she takes in her sister. "Max, Triton. Gorgon, always a pleasure," she chuckles.

Triton put down his many thoughts to just observe for a long, queit moment dipping his head. "Seems everyone's been busy in teh last week and a half with some nature of news." Looking over to Vesper he gestured to teh other chair somewhere near he and Crystal. "Yes, Maximus, I'm sure somewhere that's likely. Still, we have enough conflict outside of these walls, we don't need it in them as well. This is, then, good."

Gorgon would smile between Medusa and Crystal, happy to see the two sisters reunited. Though he glances then to Maximus at his words, this being one of the only times he agrees with him. "It really is great to have -everyone- together again. I enjoy times such as these." he smiles, patting Triton pretty good on the back just because he could. They were cousins but much like brothers. Gorgon does give a little wave to Vesper when he sees here. "Hery there Vesper. It's good to see you." a big smile then.

"Not everyone is here." Maximus has to point out like a sourpuss, and he smiles faintly. He gives one of his curls a twist, then picks up his goblet once it is full, to sip from. "So…What have you been up to, Gorgon?" He tries to engage the hooved man with nebulous intentions.

There's a brief but distinct relaxation of Medusa's posture when she is hugged so enthusiastically. Clearly she'd been bracing for a battle. Crystal's true power: making the stick up Medusa's butt disappear, at least temporarily. More at ease, but dignified posture restored, the elder of the Amalquin sisters turns her attention to Vesper. "Thank you for coming. Forgive me, I do not recall if we have met. I'm Medusa. I hope you can find some small pleasure in our gathering." There's a blink at the mention of everyone, but she makes no protest, save to admit, "I should have liked to see Karnak, I miss her."

Vesper's slow and cautious in her approach. No sudden movements here to attract the attention of predators around. She brightens in a tangible sense to Gorgon, waving at the big man. Figures he might put her at ease, the one most likely to view her as a matchstick at an inopportune turn. "And you as well." The smile goes right back under a bushel addressed directly by Medusa. Etiquette has out, right along with the formal tones come running back in. This is where Nexus probably might — or might not — improve the state of affairs. Signals ricochet away from her as she pinches her fingers against her skirt. "Medusa," she almost flattens the terminal A to an E in her Gallic custom. "Vesper. Sister to Nexus Oculai." Which does not compute for anyone remotely aware of that family's history because Nexus' mother on the Genetic Council does not have a daughter, and said daughter's been quite dead for over a decade.

"Everyone or no, this is more of us than we've had together in some time," Crystal smiles faintly to Maximus as she settles in. And look, she doesn't mention that the last time was when there was another attempted coup! Such manners.

Gorgon scoffs at Maximus, though he does give Crystal a smile when she basically steals the words from hsi mouth. To Vesper, Gorgon pats the seat next to him if she would like to sit by him, having noticed her brightened expression when she saw him, giving her a warm smile in return. Though at Maximus's definately plot-worthy question, Gorgon 'pppfffff's "My job, constantly. Making sure I keep everyone safe and on tabs. What have you been doing lately?"

"Saving Attilan, and NOT cavorting with the Kree, incidentally. And yet the public try to kill me…and not you lot that were flitting about in space making new, blue friends." Maximus leans casually in his chair, looking very comfortable. He wets his lips slowly.

Medusa tilts her head. "Reports of your death have been greatly exaggerated." Medusa moves to take her seat. She pauses a moment, considering the table, and then sees fit to place herself next to Crystal. "If you keep pressing the point, soon the people will ask what you've done for them lately." Medusa points out lightly, her hair relaxing a little from its upsweep. "If you want us all to move forward, best to let things rest." She flashes a smile Maximus' way. "Don't you think?"

The room shakes and begins to crumble.

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