1964-11-10 - Tattoo Buddies!
Summary: Bucky wakes up to a couple surprises.
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Kai has been quiet after what happened in the other realms. It only took a few hours, maybe a day, but it changed so much. Today is a day for jeans and a white t-shirt, the TV tuned in to mindless drivel while Kai sketches in his sketch book on the couch. Kevin is under his chair with the stuffed frog Loki took exception to. The things Kevin has done to that frog are unthinkable. He's also chewed on one of its ears. Kai glances up at the TV, spaces out for a moment, then goes back to drawing.

Bucky's been sleeping, healing. HE tends to do that - conk out for epic stretches when he does sleep in the apartment. And at the moment, he's wandered into his own little bathroom, dozy with sleep, presumably to take a shower. There is, however, a panicked shout from it, "KAI!" What, is there a snake in the sink?

Kai looks up. He sets his sketchbook aside and comes trotting in. "What is it?" he says. For once, he might just be innocent of shenanigans; he looks genuinely puzzled, and he's already got fingertips on his pendant in case they need knives. Those reflexes develop quick.

There's Bucky, with his shirt off, looking distressed. A Bucky with a pair of new tattoos - right in the center of his chest, just by his heart, is a three-pointed triangular knot. And on the shoulder that isn't metal is a rayed design, almost like a stylized sun. They're both done in a strange, deep blue that looks almost metallic. "What…..what are these?"

Kai's eyes widen. "They look like tattoos," he says. He comes closer, gingerly touching Bucky's chest around the ink, not quite touching it. "Did you wake up with these?" he says. "What happened? Did you dream about something? Anything?" He's been through enough not to assume Bucky got tats and is having fun with him.

"Just about thunder and lightning, and….there was an old man, I think he was the All-Father," he says, still looking down at them, and then turning to view the one on his deltoid in the mirror. "I woke up with them."

Kai murmurs, "Woah, did you get marked by the All-Father, man? You were Thor, you know? Maybe he's acknowledging you as worthy of wielding the hammer. I… I don't know." He swipes his finger over the ink on Bucky's shoulder to see if it comes off. "They used to paint warriors in the old days with blue."

The texture is merely warm skin, but it very definitely seems permanent. "I guess so," he says, looking somewhat reassured - smiling weakly into Kai's face, and putting a hand on his shoulder. "Do you know what they mean?"

Kai shakes his head and says, "It was before my time. I ignored most of my gran's lessons on symbolism." No apology there. She was trying to teach him things, she had to be defied. "This triple knot, it has as many meanings as it has cultures where you'll find it. Modern interpretation is the Holy Trinity, but it goes back way before that. The sun might mean rebirth? A champion of light?" He shakes his head. "I don't know."

He grabs a washcloth, piece of soap, tries futilely to wash them away. No smears of blue reward his efforts. "I'll ask Loki, maybe the Doc," he says, as he puts the soap back down on the dish, slings the damp cloth over the shower curtain rail. Still shivering, perhaps with shock. His own bathroom's got no proper tub, just the shower stall, a little sink, toilet - kept as neat as he does the rest of the house. He braces himself on the sink edges for a second, with his hands, letting his head hang. "Well, another way to tell me apart from all the rest…."

Kai nods quickly and says, "They'll know. It might not be a bad thing, though." He rubs Bucky's non-metal shoulder in an idle gesture meant to comfort. "Remember, you've been marked for Asgard, and for Valhalla if you die in battle. You do stand apart from the rest. You're bigger now, you dig me? You're more somehow." He smiles, another attempt to comfort. "You get used to them," he says quietly. "Even if you don't want them, they become part of you, in time." His own silvery netting can be glimpsed around the collar of his shirt.

Buck looks up to meet Kai's eyes in the mirror. "Yeah," he says. "I guess this is okay." How's he gonna explain that? Even SHIELD doesn't know the half of it.

Kai purses his lips, then says, "I suppose if you're being straight with them, just say you woke up with them. What are they going to do? It's the truth." He adds, "I do generally advise against telling the truth to the pigs, though. You could say you got drunk and woke up with them."

He turns to face Kai again, pushes a hand through his hair to get it out of his face. "Kai," he notes, wryly, "I am one of the pigs, now. I'm a SHIELD agent, if not much of one. I'll tell them the truth, I guess."

Kai wrinkles his nose. "I had such high hopes for you," he says. He claps Bucky's metal arm. "It's okay, you might be salvaged yet. Anyway, just tell them you got drunk. They don't need to know all your shit. They'll just use it against you somehow."

At that, Buck snorts. "You're doing your best, Kai," he says, teasingly. "No. I trust my boss. Someone I've known from way, way back."

Kai pulls another face. "Okay, if you feel you need to." The truth? On purpose? To pigs? Kai shakes his head. Bucky is lost to him. "Are you going to be okay for breakfast? I was going to make pancakes."

"I think it's best. I've done enough keeping track of lies," he says, and his voice is very gentle. "YEah, I'll be all right. Lemme shower and dress, I'll be out to help, if you want."

"Lies are easy to keep track of," Kai says. "You're always innocent, you never saw nothin, and you've got a terrible memory." He nods to himself. Every cop he's encountered in this city knows these things about him. Sure. "And you don't have to say word one without a lawyer." With that covered, he heads toward the door. "Nah, you shower, I'll have breakfast waiting."

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