1964-11-12 - Late Night Tea
Summary: Kai visits Strange and receives exciting news.
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The scone elf doesn't always have the best timing for his unannounced visit, but he has come with tea picked up from Mrs. O'Riley's as an offering. He's not dressed in his usual finery this evening. Gone are the beatnik blacks in favor of jeans and a t-shirt he tie-dyed himself. The times they are a changin' and Kai changes with them. He has to. It's what keeps him fitting in. God knows when the last time he got his hair trimmed was. Sadly, for him, instead of the hippy fro, it falls into curls. Stupid elvishness.

He sips from his teacup, held properly in contrast to his lackadaisical appearance. "Sorry I was so cross in alternate-Alfheim," he says. "Seeing Loki like that was hard. Knowing that he could become like that again… it's my worst nightmare, really. Seeing it come to life was a bit more than I could handle under that kind of stress."

"I can't blame you. If you're not used to sudden shows of magic, as I am, it can be shocking," Strange replies quietly. He's leaning heavily back in the plush red-upholstered chair before the fire, long legs stretched out as to warm his feet. Black dress socks, in case anyone's curious, to go in theme with the usual habit of button-down and black slacks.

The circles under his eyes are a bit darker than usual. Nightmares? Long spates of interdimensional diplomacy? Who knows. Either way, it shows on him, accenting his humanity within the muddled concept of immortality.

"Still, all's well that ends well. I admit, it was a surprise to me to see her use the guise in such a manner. I never expected it as such when I granted her the illusory charm."

"The magic I can handle," Kai says. "It's seeing him like that. Mad, violent, evil. I remember seeing his predecessor on TV, back when he revealed Asgard to the world. That's not who he is now, though. I hold out hope he won't become like that. That maybe it doesn't have to be his fate." But, well. That hope gets tested, apparently.

He smiles, though, and he says, "But you're right. All's well that ends well. She knew the Loki before, and I know the one now, and I guess they're just not the same people. She used what she knew to do the task that needed done. It was the mission, and it made us succeed." So his wrath has passed. Is it even possible for the elf to hold a grudge?

Peering more closely at Strange, he says, "You haven't been sleeping. Is there something I need to know? Someone for me to go beat up for you?"

Kai gets a small smile from the Sorcerer as he looks over from observing the hypnotic dance of flames in the hearth.

"I can guarantee you, your Loki is nothing like the one I knew, before that…mess." You know, that incidence where Asgardians where thrust into the light and bureaucracy became a joke because the world now realized they weren't alone. So much for the Rule of Shadow; Strange is still mildly annoyed about that, even if it panned out precisely as his vision foretold. "I prefer this reincarnation."

He shifts in the chair, seeming to get more comfortable. "Sleeping? I barely know the concept. It's been worse lately….various reasons," and he shrugs lightly, eyelids resting heavily as is. "It comes with the territory of the mantle. There's nothing that will impact you that I'm aware of and no, you don't need to go avenge in my name. News? …in a way. Have you seen Wanda lately?"

Kai smiles as he says, "So do I. Even if he is a bit jealous." He pauses, then admits, "I love the jealousy. It's hard not to feel wanted when you've got a guy willing to beat up people who look at you too long. Not that he ever has. He just threatens to." And Kai? He doesn't seem to find anything wrong with this. It's endearing.

"If it were to impact me, I would bear it with you, friend," he says, painfully earnest. "I would lighten your burdens in any way I could." He shakes his head, then. "I don't think I've ever actually met Wanda," he admits.

Strange hmphs. "I could have sworn that you've crossed paths with her, but perhaps not. You'd know her if you've met her. Penchant for wearing a red leather coat, diadem in her dark hair, gemstones of red — garnets, rubies. Eyes like amber-stone. I haven't yet found anyone else who can wear a corset quite like her."

Hmm, that mental barrier between inner musings and spoken speech. Rather thin, apparently. A small laugh and he rubs at one temple.

"My apologies, that's not my point. More importantly, we are engaged. I would have you keep this knowledge to yourself until further plans are made, but…I may as well count you as brother, ergo my choice to share this news with you." He grins as well, the true nature of the delight twinkling in his eyes. Proud one, this Sorcerer.

"Maybe," Kai says uncertainly. "You might find this hard to believe, but my memory comes and goes." Given how the elf routinely does enough drugs to kill average people, of course it must be a shock. "Sounds like you lucked out, though. Wowza."

Then Kai's eyes widen, and he clamps a hand to his mouth. It muffles the near super-sonic squeal he emits. Eeeeeeeeee. He takes a few deep breaths to calm himself. "Oh my gosh!" He practically squeaks. "I won't tell a soul, but congratulations! That's great! I know how much you adore her."

Somewhere, in the confines of the Sanctum, Aralune awaken from her nap abruptly. Radar-like ears swivel and she stares off in the general direction of the high keening sound. Wide jade-green eyes blink. When she realizes that it's nothing harmful, she settles her chin back down upon her paws and goes back to dozing. She's fat and happy on having consumed a loose ball of bad luck woozied away beneath one of the master bedroom dressers. Why move when one also has a beam of sunlight? Lazy Malk.

"Thank you, Kai. There aren't plans just yet in regards to a wedding, but that will come with time. I expect you'll be in attendance," he adds, flicking his brows up meaningfully even as he needs to stop speaking to sip at his black tea.

Kai bounces where he sits. "Yes, yes, yes, I'll have to think of the perfect gift." It's just as well Alarune naps. There's no bad luck from the elf today for a Malk to sup upon. He's bright-eyed and beaming, put on top of the world by the idea of his adopted brother waiting at the end of the aisle. "Something Elvish and rare. Something befitting someone of your station."

He snaps his fingers and points at Strange. "That's what I'll have to do when I'm in Alfheim! The search for the perfect gift! Something that celebrates the mystic as well as a deep and abiding love. It will be glorious when I find it."

Strange waves a hand, the gesture gone rather floppy from lack of sleep and losing a good amount of its keenly-dismissive nature.

"I wouldn't worry too much of gifts, Kai. It's a present enough knowing that we have folks beyond our immediate family who choose to support us. I doubt it'll be a large gathering anyways. Neither of us are interested in some large fete." He pauses. "Well, Wanda isn't, I'd hazard. I used to be invited to neurosurgical society conventions on a regular basis. I'd be rusty, but comfortable in the end."

Kai shakes his head and says, "Oh, my dearest Stephen. You have no idea what you've unleashed." He calms though, leaning back. "It won't be big or ostentatious. It will be perfect." With all of Alfheim's wonders, surely he will find something. Finding something that isn't big or ostentatious, that might be the challenge.

"I'm thinking of going back sometime after the new year," he says. "I don't want to miss Christmas in New York, and I always want to snog someone in Times Square on New Year's. But what we've recently been through made me realize I do miss it."

Even if the gift were big or ostentatious, there would be room somewhere in the Sanctum in the end. After all, it takes an easy push of willpower on the Sorcerer's part and voila: new niche in the wall or an entirely novel door leading somewhere useful.

"I have faith in your search, Kai," Strange replies, his small smile lingering. "I feel that I will need to defer to Wanda on fine details such as wedding date. If it happens to occur before your return to Alfheim, do not feel pressed to miss the holidays here in the city. If the intention in sincere, a present delayed is a present nonetheless — and you will have ample time, unrestrained, to search as well as revisit your past haunts."

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