1964-11-12 - Meeting the New Mom
Summary: Carol and Bruce are about to have a night-in, when Nightwing shows up
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It was only a little later in the evening, about 6:30 in the afternoon, with the lights around Wayne Manor just becoming lit to display it's magnificence to the nighttime sky. In the distance, New York was….New York. Loud as ever and evergrowingly obnoxious, at least to the Batman. Boy, was he busy today…..

But regardless of what he did earlier in the day, which amounted to punching a clown in the face and stopping a strange spider chick from getting laughing gas to the face, Bruce Wayne would be just -resting- in the formal living room of the Manor, sitting on the couch while listening to the news radio. Alfred was making his rounds as per the normal, making food specifically.

Bruce himself was wearing a two piece black suit with a white undershirt and a dark blue tie, a -fancy- looking watch on his right wrist, and black dress shoes. If one were to see him, he appears to be in critical thought….

as per the usual.

On the bright side, at least Bruce doesn't work for the government. Which is why Carol showed up a few minutes ago, wearing a fashionable black dress with her hair pulled back, "Bruce, I don't know about you, but I honestly wouldn't mind just spending a night in. I think my triplicate reports were in triplicate." Her eyes cross a bit melodramatically, and she grins wryly at Bruce, leaning against the doorframe.

At the front door, Dick doesn't even bother to ring the doorbell. After all, it's still.. sorta.. his house too. Alfred was already towards the front, that uncanny sense of when someone's approaching. "Master Dick. Late evening?"

There's a smirk from young Grayson. "Just dropping off a file to the old man. He in?"

"He is, with feminine company."

"Oh, this will be great." Dick rolls his eyes before he gives Alfred a grin. "Study?" There's a nod of a head as Dick makes his way along and gets to check out Carol's rather.. hourglassed backside. Damn, Bruce, nice. There's a clearing of his throat as he speaks up. "Hey." He's dressed in a t-shirt and blue jeans, with a leather jacket pulled on for warmth. Not exactly the epitome of 'trust-fund' baby.

Bruce turns his head to Carol and gives her a warm smile, rising to his feet and beckoning her over with a grin. "All I have today is doing research on a murderer. I'll agree to rest for only a moment." he says with a bit of a warmer tone than what most would hear from the Dark Knight, but when Dick arrives, Bruce turns his attention to him, going back to his more Bats voice.

"You've returned." is all he offers at first as he puts his hands in his slack pockets. "Welcome home." he says then with a grin after a minute of silence. He looks to Carol "Carol, this is my ward, Richard. Richard, this is Carol." he makes quick introductions. But he knows Nightwing's habits.

"What brings you?"

Carol arches a brow towards Richard, "Oh, well hello." She smiles a bit warmly towards Richard, offering him her hand to shake, "Pleased to meet you. Though if this is business, I wouldn't want to interrupt." She glances over at Bruce curiously, noticing the tone change in his voice from Bruce to Bats pretty easily.

Accepting the hand, Dick gives it a good shake. "Nice to meet you." the young man gives a grin, and gives Carol a once-over. Well, no wonder she attracts the rich and powerful. There's a ghost of a smile before he moves to set down a file. "Oh no no, don't let me interrupt Bruce's evening activities.." he's so playing it up now. He can't help it, it's habit.

Setting a file on the desk. "Was just doing some legwork on a potential new employee. He seems to forget sometimes I have a life outside Wayne Industries." Subtle hint isn't subtle. "Stephanie Brown. I'd look into that last name if I were you and that history before you go bringing her in for a second interview."

Bruce looks to Carol, a hand moving to her lower back as he looks to Dick, he gives no facial expression to him, but his eyes spell out possible amusement. Regardless, he doesnt reprimand the original Boy Wonder.

He turns his head to the file Dick places on the desk "A name I've read over briefly. And how is life outside of the industry?" Might as well ask as he picks up the file to read it over more in depth. Hell, he even ran into her more….superhero counterpart before. given, secret identities. Regardless, he looks it over -once- and only once before he closes the file and sets it back down. "I'll look into it."

Carol chuckles a bit, leaning against Bruce as she grins, looking curiously at the dossier. "Want me to pull a few strings and see what I can dig up? You might be surprised… well, I take that back, you probably wouldn't be." She rests her hand on Bruce's shoulder, "But still, it could help."

"Yeah, you do that, cause she fancies herself after you. Of course.. you have no shortage of admirers." A smirk from Dick at that as he seems friendly enough about it all - since he doesn't often get the chance to needle Bruce's dating habits - especially in light of his own lack of his own as he gives a slight chuckle. "Sure, if you want, but I think I got most of it. Spoke to the girl for a bit. She has potential."

Bruce would give a small glance to Carol, perhaps the faint of a smirk at her words as his arm more wraps around her waist to hold her close. "If you like, but Richard is precise in how he gathers information." he says in perhaps…praise(?) of his protege's skills, before he looks to said protege at his words of if this Stephanie Brown has potential.

"High praise from you, unless you were more persuaded by looks than show of skill." he teases him in the most serious way possible, not uncommon for the Bat to do. "I'll take your word for it and investigate." besides, he….tended to be a good scout….right? regardless, Bruce would nod lightly at Nightwing.

Carol grins, "Alright, if you say so." She hmms a bit, "Well, if you don't want her, I know we could always use young talent. Especially if they like playing with toys." She winks at Bruce with that, and then adds for Richard's benefit, "I was Air Force, but still work for the government. Pays the bills, anyway."

"You can talk to her if you want, Ms. Danvers." Dick offers neutrally for a moment. Perhaps he's trying to feel out her purpose in being here. Because it couldn't be.. oh. No. He know show to read body language. And while Bruce may be the master at hiding his - the placement of Carol's hands and the glance between the two tells Dick all he needs to know.

One doesn't need to be a detective to recognize a booty call.

"Well, I was gonna see if I could stay over.." he so wasn't. "..but it seems you already have plans for the evening other than catching up on work." Amusement touches his features easily. "And I wonder who would have taught me to consider looks before skill?" comes the question to bruce.

Bruce looks to Carol at her wink and just gives her a small smirk, but then he looks at Richard "A rather accomplished one at that." he says in acknowledgement, but he does respond to Nightwing at his question "Hm. if you truly want to, you know there's always room for you." Except that one time where they had an argument and Bruce refused to see him for a few days to cool off. small things, small things.

At Dicks poke about looks over skill, Bruce does not -seem- amused, but probably is. "Hm, had to learn from somewhere. My public face notwithstanding."

Carol grins, "Ah, well… I suppose I shouldn't let him think I'm just some golddigger that dates millionaires." She winks at Bruce, giving him a kiss on the cheek, then she smiles at Richard, "I'm an Avenger, actually. Which is how we met." Though, she doesn't tell him which one. That, he can guess for the moment. Besides, if Bruce trusts Richard, that's good enough for her.

…okay, Dick. Do you admit to Carol "Danger Zone" Danvers that you could recognize Captain Marvel's ass at 50 feet? Nope! "Ah. An Avenger." he says with a small grin. "I'm sure Wayne Industries has plenty to offer on that front." He's not going to guess if Bruce's opening line was 'WANT TO SEE MY SECRET?' but he's going to keep his own for as long as possible. "Unless this is like a charity gala thing?"

Bruce doesnt even blush when Carol kisses his cheek, but he does turn his head towards her like he greatly appreciated it, and the feeling was mutual, before he turns his head back to Nightwing. Thankfully, hey….WANNA KNOW MY SECRET IDENTITY?! was not the words out of his mouth -ever-. He had a feeling he knew just which one she was, but he wasn't going to ruin Carol's fun in guessing.

"We have enough." he says on the Wayne Industry front, plus with Bats on the Avengers, they are….more rich than they already were? Two Billionaires backing them is a pretttyyyy good backing.

Carol chuckles. "Tonight, no gala. Actually, we were thinking of going out since we both had fairly long days, but I was thinking we could just stay in, instead." She leans on Bruce, eyes flashing with amusement as faint motes of light seem to flicker around Carol, almost like fireflies. "In any case… well, the whole you know that I know that you know game gets a little old now and then, and I figured I'd just be direct about it."

Okay, Dick seems to get the code speak, but he's still not saying anything, dammit. There's a small smirk and a roll of his shoulders at the suggestion of you know what I know, and he grins cattily. "…I'd suggest show me yours, I'll show you mine, but Bruce might get the wrong idea." there's a wink at that as he pushes back. "Anyway, I should let you two get back to your canoodling or whatever it is you older folks do in your free time." he grins over his shoulder. "But if you know any young Avenger women that need a date.." he trails off at that, playing the playboy one last time, just because he can.

Bruce gives Carol a playful pinch at her lower back just to tease her, even though his face was completely serious. He was good like that. But when Carol states the reasoning behind her reveal, he simply nods then. "It saves the trouble." he affirms, before his attention returns to Richard.

"If you say so. If we find a young avenger, I'll be sure to warn them of your intentions." he states once more in a super seriously teasing manner, but it's good natured. "It was good to see you, Richard." he says in farewell.

Carol glances wryly at Bruce, "Should I be worried? I think I should be worried." She chuckles a bit, unfazed by the pinch, though she is pretty much invulnerable anyway. Even from pinches! And she gives Richard a grin, "Nice to meet you, Richard. Don't be a stranger."

There's a lift of his hand in a wave behind him as Alfred's waiting with a paperbag. "…didn't tell me he had an Avenger in a house." he hisses to the butler.

"Master Dick, you never asked." Alfred responds straightlaced.

There's a chagrinned smile as he rolls his eyes. "Touche." With that, he's slipping out the door back into the dark. Looks like the bat signal will be shinning in the boudouir tonight~

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