1964-11-13 - The Silent Prerogative
Summary: Blackagar mobilizes his people to start closing the loop.
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Getting the message to the necessary people was not as difficult as one would expect. Blackagar had reached out and simply let it pass through to those who needed to know; he was calling all 'Exiles' together to meet at an older structure in Manhattan. In the decade since his exile, Blackagar has never reached out to the others of the family. Often they've sought him and even in his time of desperation and need he was reluctant to do such. But now, he has called out… reached out.

In the main foyer of the building he has taken up is spread a large table upon which a global map has been laid out along with a series of notations and other indicators such as tacks and small notecards across it. The 'King' himself is standing at the table looking at it, brow furrowed in thought and expression one of concern as he awaits.

Medusa does not know if she was expected, nor does she know if her presence was desired. But given the summons, she could do no less than show up. She arrives quite singularly, in the sleekly silhouetted Dior coat and gloves she's taken to wearing while in New York City. She walks in with chin lifted and masked expression, keeping her thoughts and feelings carefully under wraps.

"Blackagar." she greets solemnly, letting her eyes drop to the map on the table, taking in the notations very curiously. She heads for one of the seats, hair carefully twining back and away so as not to take up too much room. "This is good." she says quietly, lifting her gaze. "You've done quite well for youself. I'm happy for you." And with that, she takes a seat.

After hearing the message from his king, Gorgon would put on his thick overcoat and move out amongs the humans once more. Actually looking pretty human despite wearing quite wide boots. Gotta hide the hooves somehow right? Regardless, he arrives At the old building in Manhattan, walking in to see Black Bolt in deep thought.

"My king!" he says with a smile as he approaches. It'd been a little bit since they were actually able to ya know….talk. "How have you been?" he offers to greet him with a knightly-handshake and a bro hug. He looks then to Medusa "My lady." and he gives her a bow and probably a big hug for her too if she allows.

Manhattan's old buildings either boast the finest heaters, having endured everything the winter can throw at them, or they're insipid, feeble systems barely up to the herculean task demanded of them. All the better reason to come armed with a stylish coat and gloves, perhaps even a pretty scarf or hat rather than confess cold. Condensation on the windowpanes affords a very particular sort of privacy. Distance does the rest to seal off the interior from the world at large, though the large chamber is still a bit chilly. Reason for a redhead to still be wearing leather gloves, then. Scarlett remains at a remove from the map in question, her own cartographic collection under scrutiny on a side-table. She does not stand out greatly other than for a race of pure white ranunculus blossoms chasing down her heavy plaits. Her thumb traces out the uneven contours inked in on the page, fading out to ephemeral crosshatches in a valley that becomes near to unintelligible. Hence the assortment of smaller pages laid about, and her use of pencils in a tin to transpose information from one side to the other. Last minute adjustments perhaps, though certain landforms are shaded in with brisk crosshatches to reveal something of a distinct formation.

She'll speak up only to the end, though the smile she sheds doesn't lack for patience.

Karnak answers the call from Blackagar, as she would from no one else. She wears her typical outfit of green and white, pacing in as she nods towards Blackagar, "Sir." She keeps it rather simple, nodding towards Gorgon, and actually giving what might be almost considered a smile towards Medusa, "It is… agreeable to see you again."

Triton was covered pretty well and actually enjoyed scarf-season for the want of a disguise. Overcoat and hood over his salinator and mask he wore. He actually arrived from under the building, Nick and Chloe with him. The nice thing about New York was that it was built on tunnels and witht hat made their way through. "I'm actually a fan of going to several places after hours. So long as people aren't privy to them." Seeing teh gathered a fist in salute formed for Blackbolt. "Cousin, glad to see you city-side." As opposed to when last they spoke int eh belly of a Kree ship. Two fingers hooked the edges of his hood to peel it back, top fin stretching back upward from being smooshed. Cousins, friends, Sister. Evening."

As the Inhumans begin to arrive, Blackagar greets them in turn, offering small smiles and hugs or shaking of hands as they are given. His communication however is short, small welcomes both with gestures of his hands, impression of his mind and body language, the tools of his trade to communicate with those that know him. With this many of his family present the ability to 'speak' easily is well received and he does so after a bit.

«I am glad that you have come at such notice and calling.» His hands move with gesture to emphasize and his expression remains stoic. «There are many things that must be brought to attention, that must be dealt with. The first, I wish to apologize to you all. Were it not of such importance I would not have allowed us all to be placed in exile as we were. This decade has been a troubling time for each of us in our own ways. But it was necessary for growth as individuals. For each of us, in our own ways, to find connections to the other inhabitants of this world. Some with the mutants, others with the humans, still others with metas and other worldy hosts. Although it pained me, deeply, to see you all suffer on this path… to share with you the purpose of this path before it's destination was reached would be to jeopardize the meaning behind it.»

Nick follows along after Triton, hands in his pockets as he takesn in those gathered. He nods his head to whatever Triton was saying as they enter the room but then he is quiet as his attention turns fully toward Blackagar, studying him from where he stands off to one side.

There is another figure as well, though this one came in without pomp, wearing somber clothes and a hooded coat, standing apart from the others. Maximus is not /hidden/, per se, but he is certainly avoiding drawing any attention to himself at the moment, particularly while his brother speaks of the 10-year-exile. Oops? His hand slipped and grabbed the crown?

Medusa is hugged by Gorgon with a faint smile, and ducks her head to Karnak in acknowledgable. "Your presence is agreeable." she murmurs fondly to the other woman, before turning her attention to Blackagar. His language is one she hasn't used for a while, but she's up to speed as she watches his movements and gestures. Her hands rest in her lap, gaze taking in the features of everyone in the room, and seeing how they react to what he has to say as much as she pays attention to what he expresses.

Chloe lingers near Triton and Nick, but she's easy with her smiles and murmurs of greeting. It's progress from practically hiding behind the feesh. She looks human, her clothing contemporary, blending well, a short dress with stockings, a loose sweater, her hair bound back from her face with loose strands. She relies on translation from Blackagar's language, and to the words, she nods solemnly.

Gorgon smiels to Blackagar, recognizing the language as he gives a few nods, crossing his arms after putting down Medusa from his hug. He moves on the other side of the group so that they form more of a circle. Though he did look to Maximus, simply nodding in greeting.

Triton had no issue quietly assisting in translating for those closest to him looking studiously on his cousin. He slipped around the back of the room and gave Maximus a squeeze to the shoulder. Maybe reminding him that it was noticed that he was there and so far all was cool so long as things remained groovy. Or maybe it was elaborate setup and he was supposed to keep him from running? Hell anything was possible, but the fish kept his attention primarily on the speaker. At the discussion of difficulties his black eyes found the tile thoughtfully. That one was complicated for everyone.

Other than the subtle trace of her pencil, Scarlett maintains her an observant silence. The empty quarter on the map fills in, details picked between the trio of scraps and notes placed on the side. She watches the conversation as it unfolds, so much spared of speech.

Karnak moves to stand near Medusa, regarding Blackagar with a patient expression. After all, she knows the problems that he was having, until very recently anyway. She gives Medusa a slight nod, then glances over towards her brother and the others that arrived after her, "Good evening." And then she focuses on Blackagar, familiar with the language he uses.

Movements of Blackagar's hands over his own, gestures to his shoulders or chest and expression continue. «It has been some time in the making, but I fear that the crucible is now upon us.» A motion is made towards the map of the world, the global one. «In order for the Inhumans to protect this world, the way we must, it became necessary for us to understand this world and its inhabitants. And so for these eleven years we have done so, enduring mistakes of our own, in every possible way to go on this voyage.» His eyes lift then towards Maximus, a small smirk on Blackbolt's face as he does. «Everyone doing their part, carrying out their role as we were meant to do. What often appeared as chance was merely the carefully laid plans of path. Each of us to our own points to witness and see, bringing it full circle to now.»

Reaching out, Blackagar taps his finger on various points of the map each of which familiar as those of reported 'incidents' in not only the past year but even times further back. A decade past, spots labelled with a date and year all over. «This world is under attack by an enemy that we are well suited to handle. With the assistance of Scarlett we have narrowed down several possibilities to just one which fits the pieces. Skrull.»

Nick is grateful for the translation from Triton. His attention is focused on Blackbolt, but he listens to the translation at the same time. There's a glance around the room, taking in those gathered for a moment, and then he nods a little bit, seeming to take each point in. He runs a hand through his hair, pushing it back out of his eyes and rubs a bit at the back of his neck, taking in the news in silence, though he does look over to Triton, as though weighing what he might think about it.

"Are they coming, or are they already here?" Medusa's voice is low as she gazes at the map. "And if they are already here, how deeply have they infiltrated?" She is one to get to the heart of such matters, as she leans forward to study the map with new interest. Her hair, having been curiously absent of movement in the minutes prior, now begins an almost dreamy undulation, like the drifting fins of a koi in the water.

Gorgon uncrosses his arms as he realizes the gravity of the situation. "Skrull? YOu are certain?" he looks around then, looking to Medusa at her questions as if asking the same thing, before looking to Nick, it appears Gorgon knew a fight was coming, instead just giving the guy a nod, before pondering strategies in his head over and over again.

Maximus remains silent, though he does glance at Triton and probably wonders the same thing, if the man is there to assure him, or just to keep him from running away if this meeting suddenly gets weird. Its impossible to tell how he takes the thoughts of Blackagar as to his…fated purpose, but he doesn't, at least, seem to openly disagree. He wets his lips and mulls it with his absolute brilliance, capable of piecing together all the markings in an instant, just sadly trapped in a cocktail of insanity, both real and pretend.

Chloe shifts her stance, standing a little taller, and she clutches her purse a little closer. It's about the right size to hide stabbing knives. Or lipstick, there's no need to assume. She looks to Triton for her cues. Amnesia is a real bear when it comes to identifying just how bad 'bad' is.

Karnak arches a brow slightly at the mention of Skrulls. "Not terribly surprising. And an explanation for heightened Kree activity as well." She walks forward with Medusa, eyeing the map and studying the infiltration points noted. "Of course, these are the active points that we know about. There are likely others that they have concealed." Her eyes focus on the map, looking for patterns that only she would be likely to notice… because that's her job.

Triton was a pretty hard read; his features were mostly covered and less than humanoid to boot. His words, quieter to Nick and Cloe remained true to their delivery to tehrest of them though they slowed thoughtfully getting to teh part about the Skrulls. If Blackagar wasn't certain he wouldn't have gathered them. He took a deep breath that was relayed with a slosh of water through the system. His arms folded, still, and his posture remained ready and thoughtful. "Why now? What do they want?"

Blackagar signs his response as only he can, eyes carrying the weight as well as he answers in turn, first towards Medusa. «The greatest increase within the last year although incidents as far back as a decade. Carefully placed, carefully embedded. They are infiltrators afterall to weaken a society before invasion. The increase in activity is what gives rise to the necessity of action.» His eyes then carry between Gorgon and Karnak, «Certain? No. As close to certain as can be when it comes to Skrull however. But as Karnak states, it is not terribly surprising and does lend credence to drawing out the Kree in an attempt at conflict with us. The Kree appear to be in no hurry to intervene and were it not for something drawing them here, which I suspect is the Skrull, would not have cast a look on Earth.»

It is the last that pulls Blackagar's eyes towards Triton, «What they have always wanted. Victory over the Kree. Carefully placed and the ability to direct the emergence of strength from Earth towards the Kree could give them advantage. To know the full specifics will require capturing one, alive, for questioning.» The questioning part has Blackagar glancing over at Scarlett then with upturned eyebrow to indicate whom he has in mind for the interrogation aspect. «The remaining question is what course to set now. I have my own beliefs on such but will listen to suggestions.»

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Gorgon crosses his arms again as he reads Blackagar's sign language, taking a small breath then. "Fair enough." and he looks over the notes on the table as he strokes his beard. "Problem is -finding- a skrull. For those who don't know, they hide really damn well." he sighs a bit.

"Doubtful they walked away," Scarlett says from over her collection of maps. She lays the pencil down carefully to avoid it rolling away or disrupting the general flow of conversation by coliding with the tin. "The Skrull came to initial public attention in the worst possible way, however. The preliminary incident that revealed them forced their hand and, more than likely, sacrificed a good portion of their assets in the process. They were actively hunted for a time. Functioning among a more alert and admittedly jumpy society will force them to slow down and avoid risks if they aren't to repeat the same mistake thrice." She nods to Gorgon. "The trouble is finding one. On the other hand, they're far from immune to their own pride. Dangle the right incentive in front of them, and sooner or later, someone bites. Mouse and cheese, if you will."

Medusa murmurs, "The Skrull want to conquer. It's what they always want." Looking up, Medusa looks between Blackagar and Scarlett. "I would like to know what you have in mind. It's much easier to expand strategy from a working plan and streamline it. This is certainly a situation in which the Inhumans cannot act alone." Shoulders suddenly square, and there's a subtle lift of her chin.

Maximus draws in a deep breath. He pushes back his coat hood. He looks at Blackagar and tilts his head, his full lips pressed together as he stares. His arms come to fold together and there just seems to be some sor tof…attitude? about his stance.

Telepathic communication between Blackagar and Maximus:

~When Maximus looks at Blackagar, that voice from childhood can be heard, "I know what you want. The cheese. Fine. I can find one, but you'll have to stop everyone else from killing me, brother. You know no one could betray you so well as I , to the Skrulls, to get them to reveal themselves. They all think the worst, so let them. I love our people more than my ego.~

Blackagar's thoughts echo back, ~That was to be the path taken.~

~Are you going to tell them that? What if one of them is sitting right here?~

There is no response for some time before Blackagar's thoughts respond, ~I do not carry the same spirit that can betray and mislead. A flaw which I possess is to see the best no matter who it is. Even if the logic of keeping things close to the chest is best.~

Maximus replies with an anguished, ~Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiine.~


Chloe listens intently, and maybe she's learned to read bits of Triton's body language, or she holds out hope she'll learn to. The words about the Skrull and conquest leave little room for wondering, though. To Blackagar, she says, "I would like to offer whatever assistance I can, Your Highness. I've fought before."

Karnak glances at Chloe, "The Skrulls are like no foe you have faced before, and as Gorgon has said, they hide very well." She flickers her eyes around those gathered, "I do not believe that they are here right now. But, I could be mistaken." She glances over towards Triton, nodding slightly, then she looks over towards Scarlett, "That suits with their motives. We won't be able to find them if we hunt them, so luring them out seems the best strategy."

Triton was perfectly still. Spy vs. spy it was then. The assurance that this was, in his mind, a pointless but fully endorsed past time for them was honestly what he feared; no ability to negotiate. His siter's words drew a more assertive nod from him until finally he surmised, "I do not feel the magnitude is lost on any of us, though willingness is also important. So… we have to get better at finding them first." His head tilted finally to the silent one in teh room and asked the engineer, "We know of any ways to scan for them or create something that can?"

Blackagar looks momentarily to Scarlett before his eyes settle on Medusa and he nods, «We must offer an incentive strong enough to pull the Skrull out and be in a position to ensure that the movement goes well. At the same token, we must be wary in who is trusted due to the nature of the enemy. Even in this gathering there is risk, for any could be a Skrull. Granted, if any of you are and I find out, we will have a conversation about it.» The last little bit actually pulls a small smile from Blackagar; a bit of a joke to lighten the mood.

«My suggestion at this point is for each of us to locate within our circles of influence one person to determine is not a Skrull. We must do this with the groups which will need to aid in a conflict when it arises. Mutant, Law Enforcement, Meta and Other. Each of us have those associations, whom shall take which?» He glances around the table before signing on. «As for bait, who better to offer bait than the one who has betrayed before?» Blackagar's eyes go to Maximus, eyebrow lifting up in question.

There's a slight down-tick to Nick's expression, a furrowing of his brow as he glances to those in the room, taking in the talk of Skrull, determining those who are not, and lostly the offer of bait. "How exactly do we determine if someone we know is Skrull or not?" He then repeats Triton's question, "Is there some test that can be performed? Some scan that will reveal them for what they are?"

Gorgon keeps his arms crossed as he watches Blackagar as he signs, though he sighs a moment "I can take Law enforcement. I have a few contacts." he nods a bit but then Nick asks his question, then he ponders a moment. "That's the hard part. small things, suspicious activity….hell, that's the real challenge."

Medusa's mouth purses, turning her head to regard Maximus as she leans just slightly toward Karnak. "As loathesome as it may be to our pride, there are a few communities within our reach who have technology that might be able to provide what's needed. The Asgardians, perhaps. Wakandans, if they can be reached. There are also considerably powerful telepaths who might be able to assist. Although Maximus' capacity for invention is considerable." She nods her head in acknowledgment to the younger Boltagon.

Maximus unfolds his arms and spreads them a little. "For those of you who may be /unaware/, my dear brother is speaking of me, which means that the rest of you have the /difficult/ task of pretending to hate me, to treat me disrespectfully, and probably someone needs to get in a few punches. try not to get tooooo excited. Karnak. I am specifically speaking of you."

Chloe's lips twitch as she glances to Maximus. "It will be a trial." She lowers her gaze, shy from speaking, and sidles closer to Triton and Nick. "I will follow up on the lead Prince Maximus has given me and determine if he's a Skrull." How she intends to do that, who knows.

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Triton looked to Nick and said with all seriousness, "Well you ask someone if they're a Skrull. If they say no clearly they're hiding something." He blinked from Blackagar to Maximus and jsut shook his head. This again? It's almost like the last 11 years were an immersion for method acting for this moment. That was messed up. He thought about it for a long time and looked to Max offering, "If you need anything to get back you can probably use I or Corvus potentially to get it to you. Won't be much different than we're used to." There was the matter of getting the family, the whole family, out alive again. He looked to Blackbolt and back to Max, "You ready for that?"

Blackagar looks at the others then nods slowly, the barest hint of a smirk on the corners of his lips. «In the coming days, let us meet together and appraise me of how diplomatic discussions with our specified groups are proceeding. Once we have an idea of what sort of support exists we will be better able to plan our next step.»

Maximus balls up his fists and looks like he really is having a personal moment. Conflict. Despair. Anguish. Full-bodied self-sacrifice with a side helping of 'fuck it'. If he succeeds, he pretty well screws over his chances of ever being King again, because public opinion will be LOW. But…he might get his family back.

Gorgon keeps his eyes between Maximus and Blackagar, perhaps making sure nothing comes to blows…because that was a rough time in Attilan history. Inhuman history. same same. Regardless, he nods at Blackagar "Very well." he agrees.

"Certainly." Medusa says, stepping away from the table. "With that in mind, I'll speak to those Earth authorties I have contacts with." She looks between Blackagar and Maximus again, returning her gaze to the elder. "We should speak." she says lightly, "But not tonight." Turning to Maximus, she inquires, "Are you staying in the city tonight, or returning home?" She may be trying to bum a ride if the latter.

Triton's answer draws a slightly raised eyebrow from Nick and then he shrugs his shoulders, looking discouraged, if anything. "I see," he says, and then falls silent, finding a place against the wall to lean and wait until those he came with are ready to go.

Chloe falls quiet, though her gaze upon Maximus is not without compassion, whether or not she fully understands the politics in play. She offers him a small smile, then takes Triton's hand, unthinking. It's just a natural thing now. "I'll try to find that man tonight," she murmurs.

Triton was quiet, thoughtful, but also it was a lot to ask any one person to go be cut off. He knew that better than most having jsut done a two year tour in siolation. Still, it has its purpose. What condition Max would be at by the end of it was another and would he remember he wasn't really a traitor. More helpfully he offered, "I'll speak with Namor. While we might not get direct aid from teh Atlantians we may get access to their operatives and intel. They may take that as trade for helping them stay out of this mess and keep it off their shores." He looked back to Nick and said less bleakly, "We'll come up with something. If we cna find out how they are doing this perhaps we might be able to come up with some sort of effigy or something so we know what we're looking more directly for." His hand closed around Chloe's stress faded back into aproductive thoughtfulness withthe gesture.

Nick goes home.

"The Atlanteans are, /no doubt/, a complete cesspool of Skrull. You should be extremely cautious there, Triton. Were I a Skrull…hiding within the most powerful undersea nation would seem /ideal/." Max glances to Medusa, though, only briefly. "You want to go home, Medusa?" His eyes drift over her up and down. "Have my transport take you home. I need a walk." Annnnnd probably throwing things could be involved. He reddens and just seems increasingly aggitated until he can hardly stand his own skin. He scrunches his muscles, then lets out a brief shout before he first pulls on his own hair, then releases it and heads for the door of that warehouse.

Gorgon kept his arms crossed before he looks around. "Alright…good meeting then." he looks then to Triton, giving him a nod and a nod as well for Chloe, before his attention falls on Maximus as he storms off, then to Medusa "I'll escort you." he offers, approaching her with a smile.

Medusa opens her mouth to reply to Maximus, but then he shouts and is gone. With a sigh, Medusa smiles over to Gorgon, and takes his arm once he's next to her. "Thank you, Gorgon. It's kind of you."

Triton winced watching his cousin go; angry and alone back into the world. BAd mix. Baaaad mix. "This is a bad idea… but the only one we have." Still all efforts to keep teh family together just failed utterly or worked spectacularly and he couldn't tell which yet. Skrulls would be gutted for this. "Blackagar… Medusa, Gorgon, travel safe. Gorgon we should meet tomorrow. Discuss things. Detection utmost. Still, I'm going to get Nick back and… keep an eye on the shape of things."

Chloe tells Triton gently, "You'll be able to find me at the address Maximus gave me. I'm going to seek him out. He might be someone we want as a contact if he's friendly to our kind. We may need all the allies we can get." Because none of this could possibly be a practical joke on behalf of a now-angry mercurial prince.

Gorgon smiles to Medusa and gives a nod of his head. "My pleasure." and he happily walks her to the transport where he will guide her home.

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