1964-11-14 - Strange Reunions
Summary: Medusa comes to see Charles about the Skrull problems…
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Her year in retreat have not altered her warm memories of the mansion. Medusa, having gone through the front, managed to find out that the Professor is out and about on the grounds, and she quite contentedly decided to walk them herself, to see if she can find him. Hands shoved into her pockets and beret perched atop her mass of red, withing hair, the Inhuman strolls along the path around the house, and thinking she's alone, allows herself to indulge in a certain air of pleasure. The air is crisp, the colors bright, the scenery beautiful. Yes, she has a mission, but she permits herself the sense of peace and safety being on the mansion grounds gives her.

The Professor, for his part, is actually nursing a coffee at the gazebo, enjoying the leaves changing for the fall. He pauses a bit at his sipping, head tilting ever so slightly as he senses the familiar presence. Straightening a bit subconsciously, he rises to his feet and turns to smile over at Medusa, "Well, as I live and breathe, Lady Medusalith Amaquelin." He drops a courtly bow towards her, then straightens, "What brings you back to the school, madame?" Sure, he doesn't need to be this polite, but she is royalty, and a woman that he respects.

"Princess," Medusa corrects, mouth quirking in amusement, "But it's a title rather akin to that saying about a tree in the woods. If no one knows your kingdom, are you really a princess? And so, just Medusa, if you please." The question is rhetorical as she moves to join him on the gazebo. "It's lovely to see you, Charles. I'll always be grateful to you and the X-Men for aiding my sister and me." Taking a seat next to him, she folds her hands in he lap, shifting so she can regard him from an even level.

Charles sits down next to Medusa, but at a perfectly polite and proper distance. "Indeed. It was good to have you and Crystal here for a while. I think it definitely helped broaden some horizons." He smiles slightly, "But just Medusa, then. And it was definitely our pleasure to help you. So… what brings you here today?" He could just look, but that's rude.

"I'll be frank with you. The level of threat that the planet has been experiencing may soon experience an uptick." Her expression darkens. "Frankly, they may well already have the stage set. Simply talking to you, to anyone, carries a risk of exposure. But sometimes the only way to prove victorious is to take risks. I'm hoping you might know something, and beyond that, if you agree with the level of threat, you can prepare the X-Men for what's to come."

Charles blinks a bit in surprise, but senses the gravity of the situation and nods, "Of course. And I appreciate the warning, Medusa. What can you divulge about the nature of this threat?" He already starts planning things in his head, talking to Jean and the other teachers, and organizing the students to be ready for the worst…

"An alien race of conquerers called the Skrull." Medusa says. "Their empire is strong, and they are enemies of those who created my people. It seems they will bring their war here, and may have already insinuated themselves." There's a pregnant pause. "They are shapeshifters. You see now, why they are so insidious? Why there is danger in approaching anyone?" There's a slight tilt of her chin as she studies him. "Have you heard of him?"

The Professor blinks in surprise. "Not… directly. I've heard rumors, of course, but nothing certain. I didn't wish to pry too deeply considering where I was at the time." He leaves that a bit deliberately vague, then he arches a brow, "Much as I hate abusing privacy… can they be spotted with telepathy, or can they conceal themselves that way as well?"

Disappointment registers on Medusa's face. "I had some hope that you might know." she confesses. "My people are trying to collect information, and reaching out to all of those resources we have who may have encountered them and know anything of them. Or have technology that can be used against them. You are the strongest telepath I know, Charles. I've not known any even amongst my own kind as powerful as you." It may be flattering, but she's stating it as fact. "Do you know of anyone who might have more information? Any amongst your X-Men who may have encountered them?"

Charles nods, "Well, let me ask some of the X-Men… Jean, in particular, might know something. Or Logan. I'll make a point to talk to them. And, also, ask a few other questions from some others." Because SHIELD does owe him a favor, might as well call it in.

Medusa's expression is warm with relief. "Thank you." she says. "I'll speak to my people and do my best to provide you with any intelligence I discover, as well. Control of information may not be up to me, but I will do my best to make sure your interests are protected. I owe you that, and will do so gladly."

Charles smiles, "Of course, Medusa, I trust you to share what you can, but I also know you have other interests." He tilts his head, "It's never easy, being responsible for others, which I'm sure you're well aware of."

"On some days, more than others." she confesses. "But life outside of Attilan is very different from what I'm accustomed to, and even after a decade beyond its borders, I am still getting used to it." A smile is offered. "I know you are busy, but I do want to know if you are well? You seldom leave Salem Center."

Charles laughs a bit, "Oh, the school keeps me rather busy. Expanding the campus to be a full-fledged college is more of a struggle than I expected. Plus, there's always the X-Men that need guidance. Fortunately, Emma has helped out immensely with the reorganization." He smiles a bit at the thought of her, possibly without even realizing it.

Medusa grins a little bit at that. "I'm glad she could be of help to you. I've only ever met Emma Frost briefly." Looking out at the properly she murmurs, "It's so peaceful here. I suppose I can't blame you if it were the case that you simply didn't want to leave." She inhales, enjoying the scent of the autumn air." Medusa sighs, rising to her feet. "I've taken up residence in Manhattan, between there and Attilan. But I'll leave my information in the mansion if you or any of the others need to get ahold of me for any reason. Would you convey my greetings to Bobby and Kitty in particular? They were especially kind to me when I first arrived."

Charles smiles, "Gladly, Medusa, of course. And some of the students have joked that they keep causing mayhem so I can't escape. I wonder, sometimes…" He gives Medusa a warm expression, rising as well and nodding towards her, "I'll be in touch with you, and will let you know what I can find out."

"Thank you, again." Medusa is quite fervent in her appreciation, but with a reluctant glance back at the acreage, says, "Be well. I look forward to hearing from you." With that, she rises, moving to step down from the gazebo and leave the professor to his thoughts.

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