1964-11-14 - Up On the Rooftop
Summary: Jay brings an injured Ninette to Vitale to be healed.
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After their rather explosive ending to 'date night', Jay makes a quick phone call and Ninette gets her first real flight with Jay. If only it were under better circumstances! They travel to Brooklyn, just as Jay had mentioned, which is going to be a ways from Ninette's place of work, but hey, when you can travel as the crow flies… … …

Row after row of neat brownstones beneath them, Jay seems to be analyzing them before he comes down, holding Ninette close against his chest, trying to keep her warm in the autumn air—entirely forgetting that the ice-mistress doesn't require such treatment. A short shuffle-landing on the roof, Jay breathes out softly, gingerly putting the small woman down on her feet, but keeping a hand on her. "Now, we just wait. He should be around here somewhere…"

It becomes apparent that their night out was probably ruined, as Jay is wearing clothes that aren't made from knits and denim; a tie he likely borrowed from Kaleb's closet, a nice shirt (with the back still cut out), and slacks that were once nice but are torn up and a little bloody with roadrash. A scarf looped a half dozen times around his neck and still trailing by the ends, it's ugly as sin and probably made by someone in his family, there's a black feather stuck in the stitches. Aside from the holes, and some broken or singed feathers, /he/ seems just fine. It's the petite lady he has with him who needs help.

Ninette did always want to fly with Jay, and damn it, if getting torn up by a bear-man is the way to make it happen, well. She's fulfilled the criteria. She clings to Jay, cold to the touch but not quite painfully so. She teeters on her feet unsteadily, and she keeps a hand on Jay to steady herself. "In retrospect," she says, "maybe I should not have attacked a bear-man-creature." Her nice, stylish dress hangs in shreds down her back, which is scratched up, as is one of her shoulders. There are patches of ice over the wounds, no doubt keeping the blood in. She leans rather heavily on Jay as she adds, "In my defense, he was rude."

Vitale had gotten the phone call and had to make an excuse to get out of dinner early. This was usually an Italian Family Sin and cause for a public lynching because one just does not leave your mother's table before she's done bringing food to it. You're not even allowed to be /full/ unless she thinks you are. Vitale is always too skinny for her liking and he's always forced through second helpings. He tells her that she's a fantastic cook and that she looks far more beautiful than usual, did you do something with your hair, ma? and it's enough flattery to distract her from the fact that he'd barely touched his second plate before excusing himself for the night.

Getting to the roof is easy. No one in the house cares where Vitale goes until he's needed. If there isn't some big Italian brute in the living room bleeding all over his mother's white carpet, then Vitale is left to his own devices. If he wants to go gaze at the stars on the roof like some kind of dame in a movie, that's fine. He'd brought a blanket up with him as well, just in case the bird or the girl he was bringing were cold.

There will be a glass door opening on the roof and a tuft of black hair peeking out from beneath a comforter that he may ripped off of a guest room bed. "I'm here. I'm here." He calls, somewhat out of breath. "What do you need me to do?"

Staying close with an arm wound around Ninette, Jay unwinds the fashion attrocity that is his scarf and makes to carefully loop it loosely around Ninette's neck and across her shoulders; the stitches still warm from his body heat. "Yeah, I don't think any of 'em went to finishin' school. But you handled yer own." Jay murmurs quietly, a tiny smile curving the edges of his mouth.

The fancy glass door granting roof access is privy to a giant crimson drape of feathers several feet away when Vitale comes up from the warmth of his family home. Jay turns at the voice, the fair young man casting an apologetic smile in Vitale's direction. "Vitale," Jay greets smoothly. "Ah'm sorry t'drag you away from yer dinner, but we ran into some psychos stealin' people's powers. Could you please help? Ah'm…sorta useless in this capacity." He gestures to the bloodied up blond beside him. Bitten up or not, Ninette's still a gorgeous creature. "Ninette, Vitale. He helped Kale out once. Sorta." Sorta.

Ninette draws herself up to her full height, all of 5'3" if she's an inch, though her heels give her a little boost, and with an elegance she maintains despite the bleeding and fashion atrocities, she holds out a blood-encrusted hand to Vitale, angled for kissing, not shaking. "Echante," she says, her accent Parisian French. "It is nice to meet you. I think I may faint on your roof." She wobbles a little on those heels.

"I'll bet the other guy looks much worse. Don't worry about it, if anything you stopped me from having to eat myself to death to please my mother." He looks over to the hand being held out to him, clearly not gesturing for a gentleman's shake, but like royalty waiting for him to kiss her rings. "Listen, miss, you're just about the most beautiful thing I've ever seen, but I'm not putting my mouth on that until we get you a little less bloody."

Vitale takes the hand, meant for kissing into his own. When he does, the lady will feel her wounds closing, but as her wounds heal, blood begins to seep through the white shirt Vitale's wearing, on the same shoulder that Ninette had been injured. "Don't panic, ma'am. I'll be alright." He reassures her before she can react, hoping that this too won't make her faint.

Jay flickers a tiny smile when Ninette greets and warns Vitale in the same breath. An honestly amused and apologetic look turned to Vitale when the bloody hand is given out to him. "We've had a long night. It might be worth warnin' you after." Jay murmurs gently to Vitale, holding his place firmly by Ninette. That is, until wounds start opening up on Vitale's body. He didn't seem to properly expect that to happen and he reaches out to try to grip the man's extended arm with his free limb, trying to steady the man just in case.

Ninette's wounds aren't fun, but keeping them on ice has helped at least keep the blood inside and hasn't given infection a chance to set in and make stuff worse. Vitale does get a measuring look. He didn't kiss the hand, but he did/ call her just about the most beautiful thing he's ever seen. That counts for something, and he is taking on the horrible wounds she's now healing from. So she favors him with a warm if weak smile. "Thank you," she says. As an afterthought, she mentions, "The other guy is messed up." There's that odd cuteness that comes when someone with an accent (in this case, French) uses a familiar English idiom.

This part is never fun. Vitale doesn't enjoy pain but his tolerance for it is heightened. He looks down at her hand to disguise any winces of pain from either of them, but especially Jay. You're not supposed to show any form of weakness in front of your man friends, right? Totally illegal in the man world. Though, there is a stuttered breath as he takes away some of the wounds from her back and he flicks his eyes up to Jay somewhat gratefully for the hand at his arm. "You feelin' better, Gorgeous?" Vitale, you're probably not supposed to hit on your friend's bleeding babe while he's right there. Though, when Vitale says it, it sounds almost like a doctor talking to a patient rather than flirtation. He keeps her smaller hand wrapped up in his to make sure he gets every last bit of it. "You tell me when it stops hurting, alright?"

You can been convicted via Man Court, Vitale. Still, the bare bits of skin that were ice-encrusted and bleeding slowly seal up on Ninette's body and Jay seems to breathe a little easier. Squeezing his arm around Ninette, relieved, he doesn't seem the least bit perturbed though when Vitale seems to hit on his lady. There are more important things at hand after all. Like the healer sapping away pain and injury and soaking it up like a sponge. Silently standing by, his concern shifts to Vitale as blood begins to soak through his clothes. "Vitale…"

The ice melts as Ninette's wounds heal, and as it does, the blood locked up in it pours dilute and almost pink into her poor ruined dress. She slips an arm around Jay, the one not attached to the hand Vitale holds, and she tells him, "I need to stop wearing designer labels when we're leaving the house." Because saving that stuff for around the house is somehow better? To Vitale, she says, "But then you'll stop holding my hand." She's got a pretty smile. She does release his hand, though, when she no longer feels any remnants of the scratches. "Are you all right?" she asks. Demands, really. Speak, strange Italian man.

She does have a pretty smile, she's gorgeous all around but then so is Jay, so Vitale isn't surprised that to the two have each other. Gorgeous, like… like handsome, he totally meant handsome, Jay's a good looking guy, guys can be good looking. It don't mean anything. Jay has a nice face, or whatever. He's less ugly than most guys. Yeah. That's what Vitale meant. He can't help but return her smile back, a corner of his mouth pulling shyly up like Vitale's never spoken to a damn girl before in his life.

Jay is bleeding concern with the same speed that Vitale himself is bleeding through his shirt. "Hey, it's alright." He pats Jay's hand on his arm, allows it to stay just a little too long. He's checking Jay for any pain too, leave him alone. Vitale's doing his job. "I think your boyfriend here might get a little angry if I don't give you your hand back." He manuevers her arm around if she allows it so he can kiss her non-blood covered wrist as a peace offering for not doing so earlier.

"Yeah, Sweetheart, I'm fine." Who even knows which one of them he was referring to now. He releases Ninette to unbutton his shirt, he pulls one arm out so that he can show them that the wound is already beginning to heal. "Only hurts for a bit."

For all Vitale's concern and thoroughness, Jay is perfectly healthy. Startlingly healthy, in fact. His singed and his broken feathers don't register as anything more than clipped fingernails or a new haircut would. Though, Vitale calls Jay Ninette's boyfriend and a light color touches his ears and the edges of his face, chuckling very lightly behind closed lips. "Ah'm not much for the jealous sort. Especially after you took all that on yerself." His gaze follows Vitale as he kisses the inside of Ninette's wrist. Jay's brows upticking gently. Huh. Luckily he's distracted by Vitale taking his shirt off and showing them the knitting wound that somehow looked so much more serious on Ninette than it does on Vitale. "Ah didn't realize when you said that you took it on that you meant you /literally/ took the wounds away. Ah'm sorry. Ah wouldn't have asked if Ah knew…"

Ninette darts a quick glance between Vitale and Jay, and she says, "You are both such sweet men, and such good friends together." Look, she's been trying to find a nice man for her boyfriend for months now. Ninette, though, totally would've asked Vitale to take on her injuries if she knew, if she also knew he'd heal faster. Look, dear, just let the nice man give his life meaning.

She watches Vitale take off his shirt, slylike. What, she may be shopping for Jay but that doesn't mean she's not doing a little window shopping, herself. "You've been so kind, Vitale, I don't know how to repay you. I think, though, that I have to sit for a bit. I hope it isn't a big imposition if I just…" She gestures to a further section of the roof. "I'm very stricken by all this," she says, without seeming all that shaken. "So just a few moments. You two keep talking."

Vitale doesn't pull any injuries off of Jay but his hand lingers just a little longer, just a liiiiiittle longer to be sure and then just a second longer, to be absolutely positive that Jay is completely healed and not injured at all. It's good to be thorough. "Forget about it, birdie," Now he's surely talking to Jay. It's okay to be a little gay when you're on a rooftop and no one's there to hear you except a lady who clearly supports such behavior. "I've gotten used to the pain, it's only there for a little, I've taken bullet wounds before. Those are the worst." He brings his hand up to rub over the newly healed skin. "See, good as new? Don't need to worry about me."

Vitale watches her go with a little bit of concern and slips his arm back into his shirt but doesn't bother to button the shirt back up just yet. "You do what you need to do, Beautiful. I'll keep watch over your boyfriend for you." And the Italian has the audacity to wink at Jay.

Jay collects nicknames like Vitale collects injuries, it seems. And though it's not the most original, it's one Jay has yet to have around these parts, so it earns a faint, wry angle of a smile. If he notices the linger of Vitale's hand on his person, there's little to no reaction to it, in favor of keeping an eye on Ninette and generally being worried about Vitale healing from that mauling that the lady took earlier from the bear-man. And not the large gay kind—a literal bear-man.

"Yeah. Bullets aren't fun," Jay murmurs in return, seemingly from experience, relaxing marginally when the injury seals itself up, leaving just the flecks of blood on the surface of Vitale's skin.

Reluctant to let Ninette go, Jay's wings fwip gently, his arm lingering around the petite woman's waist to make sure she doesn't stumble or anything on her way to take a seat. "Okay, just a little while, okay? We'll get you back home t'change and everything with plenty of time to spare." Jay promises to his unfortunate date. Watching after her worriedly, Jay turns back to Vitale just in time to catch that wink. A ripple of motion flutters through his wings, slightly confused by the highly flirtatious man, he stumbles a little bit over his next pairing of words, trying to grasp for conversation. "Ah…appreciate the help. We ran into some creepy folks with masks tryin' to kidnap folks. Some guy turned into a bear and got hold of her." Which would explain the claw and bite marks. He's not to blame for those.

Vitale buttons his shirt back up but only part of the way up as if he just couldn't be assed to do the rest of them. He looks to Jay's wings as they seem to flutter in an almost confused motion. He almost reaches out to touch them, they are singed. "That sounds like a pretty terrible date night, here I thought you just got a little too adventurous in the bedroom." Vitale teases Jay a little. "Was it just mutants they were after? Good thing she had you there to take care of her. You're a good guy, Jay."

The italian healer's eyes flick behind him and Jay has to think about the last couple seconds and if he heard the soft whisper of feather friction that means his wings were telling on him once more. The large appendages twitch lightly and pull down toward his back a little more, behaving themselves.

The teasing hits the mark, Jay lightly humming a muted chuckle once again, though no more color rushes into his face. "No way could Ah do somethin' like that to a lady, bedroom aside. The night was all right until we were interrupted. Ah even got gussied up." Self-consciously, Jay looks down at the silk noose around his neck, hooking a finger in the knot of his tie to tug it down and unbutton the top button around his throat. "They were after powered people, Ah don't know if it's just mutants or all the rest, too. Actually…she kinda saved me, if you'd believe it." Jay shrugs and glances in Ninette's direction, shifting on his feet as he faces back off with Vitale. "They were after me. She attacked 'em head on." It's the truth. The ugly, immasculating truth.

Vitale almost pouts a little when Jay pulls his wings down, not allowing them to tattle on him. "You sure did." Vitale says in response to Jay saying he'd gussied himself up and he may allow his eyes to fall down Jay's form… and then back up, flirting not so subtly with his eyes. Vitale chuckles a little at Jay's denial of being so rough with a woman. With a lady, he says. Vitale raises an eyebrown when Jay says that Ninette saved him. "I can believe it, she seems pretty take charge. She's a strong woman that one and I just barely met her. Handing me her hand for kissing like a tiny princess, I like her." Vitale reaches over for Jay's wrist squeezing it gently before releasing it. "In turn, you saved her. You brought her to me. You're just as much a hero in this scenario."

Vitale's eyes scrape down the front of him and Jay finds himself flicking a very slight smile, shaking his head a bit as he glances down at himself as well, holding out the end of his tie to look at so he doesn't have to look at the Italian flirt in front of him. Willing himself not to allow any color into his cheeks, Jay inhales a deep breath and quickly shifts subjects, not letting himself feel the way Vitale's eyes scrape down him.

"Yeah, she doesn't take a whole lot of sass from anyone. It's kind of nice in some ways, you know? Someone who knows what they want and goes fer it. Don't have to trip sideways over yerself too much if yer lucky enough to be that 'thing'." Jay agrees with a glance back toward Ninette with a smile, distracting him enough that his wrist is taken and squeezed. The contact draws his attention back, smiling mildly to Vitale. His fingers twitch. "Yeah. Ah said earlier it was mutual savin'. Lucky that way. But, uh, Ah should get her back to her place so she can wash up. But. Thank you. Thank you a lot. Fer everythin'. You should let us thank ya some time, when yer free an' not bein' stuffed t'death at the dinner table." Jay offers easily with a warm touch of a smile.

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