1964-11-14 - What Medusa Wants
Summary: Medusa and Karnak have a heart to heart.
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Back in Attilan, Medusa dines alone in her suite. Now enabled with escorts to and from Attilan, she moves as she pleases, and more often now amongst the people. But her evenings are primarily spent in solitude, and with solitude comes reflection. However at times it's a bit much, so she sends a message of inquiry, with an standing invitation for Karnak to come visit whenever she likes.

And well, Karnak would not refuse such an invitation. So the woman dressed up a bit, wearing an elegant outfit in her green and white colors. It maintains a level of practicality, with the green pants, white piping down the sides to match the silken white blouse she has. Her hair is braided elegantly behind her, as she pauses at the doorway, "Medusa?" She says that a bit… tentatively, almost, as if she's embraced the formality of the monastery to the point where breaking out of such mannerisms is difficult, at best.

Medusa looks up as the door opens. "Karnak." She smiles, rising from the table. "Oh, my friend, it is good to see you." Walking to the foyer, Karnak's going to have to suffer through a hug, complete with Medusa's hair briefly coiling around her.

Karnak stiffens a bit at the hug, then lets out a deep breath and actually… almost, relaxes. For Karnak, anyway, as she says, "Medusa. It is… good to see you as well." She pauses, then returns the hug lightly, her arms embracing Medusa in return as she says, "It has been too long since we last talked." Of course, there have been meetings, but that isn't the same thing.

The faintest of smiles ghosts across Medusa's face. She knows Karnak's not a hugger, but it's the first time she's allowed her emotions to get away from her, and it has relieved some of the pressure. "Come in. Have you eaten? I can call for another meal. You've been long at the monastery, and I've been long in the outside world. I hope you can stay a while."

Karnak murmurs, "I can stay for a while, of course… though no, I have not eaten yet." She releases Medusa from the embrace, but doesn't exactly move away, giving the princess a curious look, "I would be… honored, to dine with you."

"Honored? Pssht. You're family." Medusa calls for another meal to be brought, guiding Karnak further into her suite to presumably sit at the table. "Your presence is a comfort. With everything being so uncertain, to know there are friends I can trust is a relief." The words may have an echo of paranoia, but she doesn't seem particularly afraid. "What about yourself? When you're not contemplating the inevitable heat death of the cosmos, are you well?" The corner of her mouth twitches playfully.

Karnak gets a bit of a wry look, "Well enough, I suppose. Most of my time, when not maintaining the tower, is making sure that Kamala gets properly trained. She has great potential, if a distressing abundance of idealism and optimism." A bit of a sigh at the mention of the heat death of the universe, which only prompts the response, "Well, and that. The universe is weak enough on the foundations as it is. But I suspect you do not wish me to pontificate on such matters."

"I have heard it before." Medusa reminds wryly. "I'm glad Kamala has a mentor. I also think she has excellent potential, though her attitude toward Triton worries me." The meal is brought, and Medusa resumes her meal only when Karnak is ready to start hers. "Who knew the rest of the world would hold such promise with regard to adding to our number?"

Karnak starts slowly on her meal, "Well, I believe Kamala feels… trapped, not only by the caste system we have, but by the social structure of her own religion. And I don't believe my brother had the proper tact in approaching the subject with her." She looks a bit rueful, "I suspect that she will grow out of that, eventually. It simply will take time. Things like that can't be forced, after all." She glances over towards Medusa, "And what did you think of the outside world, that you have been exploring?"

"I think we need to be part of it." Medusa admits frankly, playing with her food a bit. "But it also - it changes us. In mostly good ways, but it also means when we change, it effects everyone around us."

Karnak nods, "I agree. Diversifying our views will only help us in the long run. Plus, how many others of us are hidden away from Attilan that we don't know about?" She glances over towards Medusa, "I see the weaknesses in everything. Including our own society." Her eyes flicker to the side, since… well, it's hard not to be a nihilist when all you see are weaknesses.

"Everything, and everyone." Medusa acknowledges, pausing and looking at her food. "I do not know my place anymore, Karnak. I was raised with a certainty of who I was and what my duty would be, but now I have no idea what my purpose is." She looks up. "I think perhaps, of my many flaws, that is the one you most likely see most obviously. At the moment."

Karnak quirks a bit of a smile, "You do yourself little credit, Medusa. Everyone has flaws, but you have the least of them among us. You simply need to rediscover your place, or perhaps find a new one." She tilts her head, regarding Medusa directly, "But regardless of what you decide, you know you would always have my support."

Medusa smiles faintly, with an edge of wistfulness to it. "I know what I want. It is…not quite what others may think. And it might also be quite predictable." She suddenly chuckles. "I'm not sure I deserve what I want. I have to earn it, and not simply assume it's mine by virtue of my name or accident of birth."

Karnak arches a brow, "And what do you want, Medusa?" She looks most curious now, regarding the other woman as sensing weaknesses is one thing. Hopes and desires are a little beyond her normal perceptions.

"I want to serve Attilan." Medusa says. "I had hoped to do so as queen, but now I'm uncertain if that is my destiny anymore. Maximus covets it, and he is insane. Black Bolt seems to wish to serve Attilan, but has been avoided seating himself on the throne. And if he did…my position is still in peril. I do not know what to do, Karnak."

Karnak considers, "Well, I know what you should not do. And that is nothing. Maximus is mad, and should not have the throne. Blackagar would be a worthy king, but he doesn't seem to wish it." She looks at Medusa, "You are my friend, so I will say this. I will support you, regardless of your decision, but if you wish to be Queen… say the word."

Medusa sighs, but it seems more determiend than resigned. "I will not do nothing. What I truly need to do is speak to the Genetic Council, but I'm not sure if I may do so without Maximus' spies hearing of it."

Karnak glances wryly at Medusa. "Medusa… let them hear. Make him worried and nervous, it will keep him off balance, and if you do decide to take the throne, it leaves him vulnerable. And if you decide not to… well, it will make the job of Blackagar or the Genetic Council easier with him rattled." Her lips curve into a bit of an actual smile, probably at Maximus being rattled. "Though, you would always be welcome at the Tower of Wisdom, but I suspect you would not enjoy it that much."

Medusa laughs softly at that. "I am too worldly for the Tower. I like my creature comforts and the world is far too interesting to deny myself…or deny it me." Her tone is sly at that last quip. "I'll arrange to speak to them." There's a pause. "If you are able, I would like you to be there. Both to support, and observe. If you cannot, I still shall…but I believe I will be wiser and safer for your presence."

Karnak bows her head, "Of course, I would be… glad, to keep you company there." She glances over towards Medusa, "And I believe my presence would definitely make Maximus even more wary." She gets a sly look back at Medusa with that comment, eyebrow arching just a bit.

Medusa chuckles at that. "This is either going to be a terrible mistake, or exactly what we need." She lifts her glass in salute to Karnak. "I know that hearing the trevails of others can be terribly cumbersome for you, and you have my thanks for indulging me. Crystal is my beloved sister, and you are my dearest friend."

Karnak actually blushes a bit, "I am not a very worthy friend, but I am gratified that you feel that way." She raises her own glass in return to Medusa, "And I am always available to listen to your concerns, Medusa."

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