1964-11-15 - Rats in the Kitchen II
Summary: Time for the Defenders to take the fight to the Rats in their nest.
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WAREHOUSE INTERIOR: The Rats have a nest, and that nest is located down near the waterfront in a large warehouse that has been turned into something of a maze between the enormous piles of smuggled goods, tiny offices, makeshift sleeping quarters in stacked shipping containers, and other nooks, crannies, and dark places that vermin like to scuttle into. There's also a series of catwalks above which can be traversed by those who work in various areas of the warehouse without having to navigate the maze below. This seems to be the main hideout and headquarters of the Rats and their operations, now recently bolstered by taking on what remained of the scattered Hill Boys. It's cold, not well lit, and not comfortable in here.

Getting into the warehouse wasn't difficult. Using the information gained from their various street sources, after word had gotten out to the Defenders that the Rats were sniffing around the neighborhood again — both Hell's Kitchen and Harlem, it wasn't even a challenge to trace a few rats back to their nest, such as it was.

Outside, there were a couple of guards lazily patrolling, but their biggest rivals, the Hill Boys had been squashed and they had been absorbed into the fold. The Rats had gotten lazy, and the guard changes took a while longer than necessary, leaving slipping in through one of the side doors easy enough.

The goal was relatively simple — take out the leader of the Rats, a man named Gill Fisk, salvage any information that might be gained regarding their smuggling operations and connections to other groups in the Hell's Kitchen/Harlem area, and take that information to be used to continue the cleanup of the neighborhoods. If they happened to lessen the overall Rat population and round them up for the cops — so much the better.

Reno was a bird. Was he scared? Naaa- (yes. Always.) Mostly he loved feeling a little bad ass looking even if Robbie was getting all the credit. Who wouldn't call a sharp lookin Latino motorhead with a crow and a leather jacket less than bad ass looking. The important part was ciic service today, and especially teamwork. The kind of teamwork that keps pawn shop brokers totally not eaten alive by Rats. But also community.

Back to the grind, as it were. Colleen turns up at the place with the people to do the things, wearing her usual clothes, and her sword openly strapped to her back. She's not even bothering to try and hide the fact that she showed up to this part armed.

Robbie arrived with Reno on his shoulder…and he was on his motorcycle. He drove probably far more quietly than normal, but this was a more sneak attack operation. He cracks his neck a little. "Ready primo?" he says softly, even thoug hthey are both practically indestructible. Better to ask to steel the nerves the bird may have. After dismounting his motorcycle, he cracks his neck and gets inside the facility. He's only armed with that silver chain of his…that silver…-bladed- chain.

He gives a little nod to Colleen when he sees her, giving her a thumbs up as he looks around…not that he normally cared. this is more a new thing to help out the more kill-able members of the group.

Danny and Carnelian were supposed to be arriving as well, but neither has arrived on the scene as far as the others know. Once inside, the trio can see the guards patrolling above on the catwalks, moving slowly and scanning the maze below, rifles slung over their shoulders. Most were focused on watching other Rats as they moved between the storage containers and back into the operational areas, making sure no one got out of line or took anything from one area to another that they shouldn't. For the moment, no one seems to notice the three newcomers in the shadows.

Frommer's Fun Fact: Did you know crows were not very quiet? Reno didn't either. "Si si… uuuuuh she has a sword, jefe." At least he wasn't loud. The bird's head was on a swivel though and looked from Robbie to Colleen and then Danny. Wings stretched out a bit and turned like an airplane checking vent flaps. Flappy flappy. That might be an offer to get a look if they needed one.

She does, indeed, have a sword. Colleen moves into the warehouse with the others, staying to the shadows and tracking the movements of those within eyesight. Unlike the crow she's silent, and keeps it that way for a while before she points upwards towards those on the catwalks, then she starts to move quickly towards one of the storage containers, staying low to the ground and trying to position herself to where she can grab one of the Rats that are moving between the storage containers.

Robbie is counting on Reno being loud, even though he doesnt respond to him. When one of the guards happens to look at Robbie, he would get punched in the face…-hard-, hard enough to cause a severe case of whiplash.

Afterwards, he gives Reno a little grin, as if thanking him silently for doing what he does best.

It doesn't take long for a pair of Rats to come out from between the containers, talking about lunch and how bad the coffee that Nate made was when suddenly both had a very bad day. One gets sucker-punched in the face by Robbie and goes down like a sack of potatoes with barely an ''urk'' sound before his body hits the floor. The second is grabbed by Colleen and lets out a strangled noise before she pulls him into the area where the three are huddled.

Reno preened. Yes. He was good at being kind of terrible at these things. But his cousin was proud of him so the bird had no complaints. He pushed off the Rider's shoulder and went to perch on teh head of the dazed guy eating concrete to play a fun game of let's see if we can find out what they know. Turning back to the other two a wing went up in a sort of salute as he paced on Rat #1's body.

Once she's pulled the man into where they are hiding she does a terrible thing, as far as some are concerned. Instead of trying to knock him out, and keep him tied up (somehow), she grasps his chin with one hand and the back of his head with the other before she twists hard and pulls before dropping him. It's all about leverage. "Which way?"

Robbie would seemingly nod approvingly to Colleen at her actions, crossing his arms as he gives an upnod to Reno like he was gonna look for any alternate ways to get moving, a tiny crack of his knuckles then.

When Reno lands on the Rat he gets a sudden flash. He's standing in one of the shipping containers that's been set up like an office. He can't see outside of it, but he can see there's a safe in it and there's at least four thugs inside, seated around a card table. There's a bunch of electronics as well, and files. And then it's gone.

The second Rat drops like a stone to the ground, weapon clattering a bit. One of the guards up on the cat-walk high above scans in their direction, but fortunately manages not to see the boot of the fallen Rat that can just be visible at the edge of their hiding spot.

Reno did a dance like he was on a hotplate. Woah, that was trippy. He never really got used to it. The crow hopped off and taptaptaptaptapped across teh concrete floor wading over. "I don't know which way, buuuut they have some sort of set up in like one of them freight containers." He knew that wasn't terribly helpful. Beak dipped down and looked back up againfluffing his feathers a bit. "Also there's dudes. And one of them cheats, and really relaly likes denim."

"Denim?" Colleen wonders, her brows lifting up before she tugs the fallen Rat further into their hiding place, making sure the bodies aren't going to be invisible. "So I guess that we search all the containers….we might need a better plan, or we're going to get caught."

Robbie hmmmss lightly, though he does shrug "Or, we clean this entire place out and we can search at our leisure." he nods a few times. He was not a strategist.

It's about then that Danny and Carnelian join the party. How they got up onto the catwalks high above the floor below is anyone's guess — but it gives them a unique ability to see the whole of the maze below them, and a way to take care of those pesky guards patrolling above. Danny simply follows Robbie's example and sucker-punches one, dropping him onto the catwalk and taking his weapon, dragging him off to an area mostly out of sight and then nodding to Carnelian to take out one of the other guards not far away. Taking away the eyes above as quickly as possible, Danny waves to those below that they should be able to move down an open area to their right after pointing to the path to their left and shaking his head. Guards that way, clear shot the other, back toward the offices and shpping containers.

Meanwhile, the guards that they have eliminated don't seem to be missed, not yet anyway. But there are people coming and going, a truck pulling up outside at the opposite end of the warehouse, the large bay doors opening to let it in, lighting up the inside at that end a bit more, before the doors close, plunging the area into dimness again.

Reno dipped his head. "Denim. Like… jeans?" He looked between them and sighed looking to Robbie. "Can't you use like radar or something and just say oh look, delinquents inbound that-a-way?"

Carnelian follows Danny into the space, and he gives a nod before flinging a hand out; a square of reddish-orange light appears before him and rishes at the other guard. Fortunately, broadside forward, so it slams into his head and the guard crumples. He otherwise, for the moment, keeps the visual displays on minimum to not draw too much attention.

Spotting the wave from above, Colleen looks up to lift a hand, acknowledging the wave. Then there is the gestures towards the one direction and she nods, starting to move down to the right. Even with the indication of it being clear she keeps herself low, and moves quick.

Robbie looks to Danny and Carnelian when they arrive. "Amigos, good to see ya. What kept you two?" he asks curiously, before he looks around. "Alright…we can either keep stealthing around or we can light this place up…with this much people coming and going, we're gonna get spotted soon."

|ROLL| Danny +rolls 1d20 for: 9

Speaking of getting spotted soon, when Robbie tries to talk to the two up on the catwalk, high above, someone else notices that they're there. A lone Rat with a pistol making his way to the can suddenly hears people talking and peers around the corner to see Colleen, Robbie, and a crow. He levels his pistol at them and shouts, "We got company!"

Well, so much for stealth.

With cover blown, Danny grabs the nearest guard up on the catwalk and after a brief scuffle, tosses him over the edge where he lands with a grunt on top of one of the shipping containers below. "We need to get out of the open," he tells Carnelian. Because while it's a great vantage point, it's also really easy to shoot at. And so he starts heading toward the edges of the catwalk to get down toward the ground level to join the others.

Reno snapped a look to Dannie and Carnelian joining and was about to open his beak when Danny went to town throwing a dude into another dude. Okay impressive. But their cover was blown and that meant it was time to 'nope' the hell out of there. He took to the skies saying, "I'll try to get us a better look." Where he wouldn't be shot, punches, punted, or kicked right?

Carnelian is encased in armor of light, nodding over towards Danny, "I'll draw the fire." He leaps off the catwalk, and slowly flows down, even as a sword of light appears in his hand. He stands out like a sore thumb like this. Fortunately, armor. He's not completely bulletproof in the armor, but he is bullet resistent. It helps that he's falling on the slow side.

"Damnit!" Colleen hisses when that shout goes out and she launches herself from where she was in the shadows to head towards the man that was around the corner. She pulls her sword, but doesn't go right out for stabbing the man, instead she flies at him, swinging the sword to try and disarm him.

Robbie cracks his neck. "Now it's a party." and then his face burns off, layer by layer until it turns to ash that scatters with the wind…only an eternally flaming skull is visible now. "Time to Burn." the Ghost Rider speaks in it's ghastly voice, turning to approach about four guys, brandishing his chain, he whips it at all four of them with the bladed weapon, perhaps attempting to cut them down to size?

Regardless…the Rider was here.

It was bound to break out into chaos eventually. The Defenders aren't really very stealthy, and so once the cry goes up, Rats from all over the warehouse begin to swarm. Carnelian poses quite the epic light show as he descends from the catwalk and does indeed draw the fire of two of the four that Robbie goes after. The shots go wild though as suddenly a man with a flaming skull whips out a bladed chain and cuts clean through one's leather jacket, gashing their arm and leaving a wide open wound, the second nearly losing a hand and definitely losing his gun. The other two barely catch a bit of the chain, but the message seems loud and clear. They pull out guns and try to unload on the skull guy.

Colleen easily disarms the guy who sent out the initial shout, with an easy swing knocking the pistol out of his hand. Reno, flying up above them all can get a good look at a group of six coming in behind the four attacking Robbie and Carnelian, armed with crowbars and nailbats.

Danny makes his way down to the ground, dropping from the ladder to the floor easily and then starting at a run toward the six incoming rather than away. He uses some of the boxes and gear laying around to propel himself upward. He looks like he's aiming to tackle one. Rat bowling, perhaps?

As bullets crack into his armor, there is cracks for a moment that are visible, but the armor solidifies a moment later. But once he lands, he is running at the bad guys, not letting the Rider have all the fun. He leaps up and flies through the air to try to crash into one, vanishing his sword as he does. Its not his intent to kill anyone, at the moment, at least. Bowling for bad guys!

Reno gasped. THey had a board with a nail in it? Diabolical. That was cheaty. "Primo, Miss lady, behind you!" THere it was, the head's up. Later he'd find some nice looking person later to give him a cracker or a falafel. Still darting around the Rats seemed to be ignoring the bird and focused on the people so he did what any sensible bird would do: tangle in someone's hair while looking for their primary target: box o'dudes!

After disarming the man she swings the sword once more, this time going for the face to knock the man out quickly. The bullets just make her tense, more tense than getting spotted already. After smashing her fist and the sword into the face of the one she spins around at the call to behind, and she's moving again, this time towards the six with the crowbars and nailbats.

Ghost Rider hears Reno's voice, and the bullets from the Rats that unload into him do absolutely nothing, the bullets ping off his like a tennis ball to a wall. The Rider growls then, and the chain catches fair, and he whips it in a circle around him, attempting to catch any who enter the circle surrounding he and Colleen with the bladed chain….which would just so happen to hurt…-alot-.

Bowling for Bad Guys will soon become the new Fall Olympic Sport of New York. Carnelian and Danny both go crashing into the half dozen guys with varying effect. The armored Carnelian knocks two clean off their feet, the first plowing into the second and taking them both down to the ground. Danny manages to land on one and knock him over, leaving three still on their feet with weapons pulled.

Colleen has no problem running in, however, and bypassing Carnelian and Danny to confront the remaining three who are momentarily startled by the projectile people to fully engage her just yet.

Reno gets tangled up in the hair of one of the four that Robbie is fighting, causing him to stumble right into the ring of that swinging chain which does, in fact, hurt. There's a lot of blood and screaming.

Reno gets another flash, three containers, red, brown, and blue stacked on top of one another. The blue one in the center up a set of metal stairs welded to the side seems to stand out in his mind, and then it is gone again.

Calling back his sword, Carnelian squares off as he lifts himself up and faces the bad guys, "Look you creeps, everyone put down their weapons before your day ends really badly." And to demonstrate he calls forth a series of three spinning squares of light in front of them, and has them rub up against eachother— sparks of light shower off to indicate hellasharp. "This is not going to go well for you guys."

Reno lost a bit of his equlibrium and tried… to… un-…tangle from teh- CHAIN! There was a chain coming at them! Hemight note being invincible like this only meant he'd live long enough to tell others what that hurt like and how scary it was. Not comforting! He flapped and finally got free cawing at the 4 humanoids there, "Blue crate! Blue crate. Ladder!"

The first one she reaches she strikes quick and fast with her sword, slashing upwards at a diagonal, then she spins to try and strike a second one. Each movement is meant to try and take advantage of the fact they are stunned by what the other two are doing. "Someone get to the crate!"

Ghost Rider threw a crook at the ceiling and let him drop from there. Though when he hears about getting the crate, he simply breathes a ghastly and otherworldly breath in response, a flick of his hand and his chain wraps diagonally around him again…

and the rider is on the move, likely headed for the crate…but those eyes scan for any more thugs to cast vengeance on.

The Crate as Reno has deemed it, is in fact a large shipping container, the sort of shipping container that ships on shipping ships, not to be confused with a shipping ship shipping shipping ships. ( https://i.imgur.com/kW0tzFN.jpg ) But more like this ( http://tinyurl.com/y9ovefnj ) except stacked with more. The problem is that there are quite a few of these stacked at strange angles and atop one another throughout the warehouse. Spotting the exact blue one with steps they're looking for could prove time consuming without a little more detail.

Colleen is easily able to take out one of the guys in front of her and whacks another. Between her attacks and Carnelian's light show of sharp and sparks, the other two take off, fleeing toward the back of the warehouse where the truck had come in earlier.

The crook that Ghost Rider throws at the ceiling catches the catwalk on the way back down and is knocked unconscious. With only one relatively uninjured and two more slashed up by the chains, they too seem to retreat and regroup. None of them seem inclined to get in the group's way at the moment, though there are all kinds of shouts going on throughout the warehouse.

Danny hangs back and says, "I'm going to secure these guys. You guys go on ahead and find the office, get the files, and find Fisk."

Settling, Carnie lets the light vanish, and looks around, "Right, on it." And looking around, promptly goes searching for an office.

Reno went with Colleen. He know what he saw and would try to play the yes, yes, no game as long as they had to. She had the key to rbeaking in though: opposable thumbs. He tried to help by adding, "I got the impression that there were four guys in there, but that could be trace memory though. It's like a blue one on top of another crate."

|ROLL| Carnelian +rolls 1d20 for: 14

|ROLL| Colleen +rolls 1d20 for: 2

|ROLL| Robbie +rolls 1d20 for: 19

|ROLL| Reno +rolls 1d20 for: 3

"You sure?" Colleen questions, giving Danny a quick look to make sure that he's serious about staying behind, then she turns to head off in search of the crate-office as well, hot on Carnelian's heels, "Bird…" Evidently she's listening to bird too close, because she goes left, instead of right. Or maybe it was straight? Either way she loses the way fairly quickly and ends up almost running into one of the containers.

Ghost Rider was not wasting time.

his movements were cold…disturbingly so…like a lion on the hunt, a reaper searching for souls. It finds tge container almost immediately…an ungodly growl coming from the Ghost Rider as he rips open the doors, eyes scanning each murderer inside…

Vengeance is coming as they stare face to face with what most would call the Devil.

Once they find the offices, armor flashes up around him a second later and he steps in after Robbie. His sword of light is called as well, but frankly, since he doesn't know they deserve to get themselves dead, he isn't quick to engage. He instead has the Rider's back and waits for his lead on the matter of these guys.

Reno was looking as hard as he could. He wighed with a rustle of feathers as he flapped. "Everything having dust on it is not helping. Oh… OH heeeeeey remember what I said about them dudes? I think we found dudes!" And because he was a gentleman ( and a complete coward) he offered ladies first. "Pretty sure the one on the left said he doesn't think you know how to use that sword. Just be careful, ya know. Could hurt someone… a lot with that th- you know i'm going to let you handle that. Unfortunately it wouldn't keep him out of the fray. Sharp talons raked the face of the one brute trying to flank Colleen met withthe roaring battlecry from Cuervo of, "AaaAAaAAAAaaahhhhh!!! Nuuuuuuuuu!!!"

"Of course…" Colleen replies with a snort at the idea that she can't use her sword, then she moves towards the one that decided to insult her ability to use that sword. She pulls it out, swinging it once more across the chest, following it with a swift kick to the man's stomach, "Find the others, I've got these two."

Regardless of what Carnelian decides to do, it's clear that the Ghost Rider has already decided. Upon seeing those killers…souls of the victims cried for Vengeance…and the Rider would answer, speaking only one word, a far darker voice from the Rider.


then his hands erupted with Hellfire…it was clear he was going to incinerate everything in the container!

Wasn't there something about getting information out of that container? Information that might in fact be flammable? Well, maybe someone might remember that tidbit before it all goes up, but it doesn't seem that the Rider is going to be the one to do it. Neither is the burd for that matter, who is currently attached to the face and flappy flapping at one of the Rats. Fortunately, Colleen is there to bail him out and take on the two that face her. The bigger of the two guys takes the slashes to the chest and then the kick to the stomach and seems to be in that fight to the end. The second, however, backs away from the sword, fumbling to pull out a gun.

Meanwhile, inside the container, the four thugs at the card table get up from where they'd been playing cards and smoking and drinking. The air is thick with the haze of it when the door is opened. Ghost Rider makes his pronouncement of guilt, which leaves Carnelian to decide what his next move will be before the Rider lights the container ablaze.

"Mi amigo, Stop." Carnelian lifts a hand, and tries to throw up a shield of blazing red-orange light between the Rider and the villains, "There's no burning anyone alive or anything completely nut job crazy, right? We're the good guys, here, we don't go setting everyone on fire. We ain't judge, jury, or executioner. Someone ain't trying to kill you, you don't go killing. They're contained."

Reno helped, "Hence, 'container'." He was, thank you Colleen, freed up and did as she asked. Cuervo's head turned to Carnelian and said "get the information we need, I got him." And with that unfolded from being a bird in the most meat origami way possible nad held up his hands in peace trying to placate the Rider. "Primo, PrimoPrimoPrimo look at me man. It's your cousin. You want to get the bad men? Weeee wnat to get hte bad men but! butbutbut, there is information in there to help gooooood peopleget even more bad men. Please" he pointed behind him, "do not," He drew a circle around it with his finger in emphasis, "but the thing. Es muy muy necesario, Primo."

With the bird out of the picture Colleen doesn't have to worry about catching him with her sword, or manuvering around him, or him getting hurt. The bigger of the two gets a wild flurry of strikes with sword and foot before she lodges the blade in the man's throat. The second reaching for his gun is missed while she concentrates on the one, which risks her, she knows, but it is what it is.

The Rider almost ran into the hard light shield that Carnelian places….and the Spirit of Vengeance turns its head -slowly- to face Carnelian, opening its mouth and steam came out. -not- happy!

but then Reno likely came to his rescue, stealing the Rider's attention. It simply breathed at Reno, a confusion between bulldozing Reno, which was a no, and slaying the murderers behind him, which was a yes.

Regardless, the Rider seems temporarily calmed…

"We. don't. just. kill. people." Carnelian says firmly to the flaming skull, "They get arrested. _We_ are not murderers." Carnie is very firm on that, and keeps the shield up that blocks off the card game of bad guys, his hand held up though truly such gestures are not needed. He keeps his armor on, too, just in case the Rider gets annoyed with him. He glances back at Reno, "When Skullface here pulls back, I'll get the information we need. Right now, I gotta keep anyone from being wantonly slaughtered." But he tries to inch around the Rider and towards the shield. "Let's all tone thing sback and get the information we need, right-o?"

Between Carnelian and Reno, the Rider is calmed long enough for them to get the files and information out of the office to hunt down the rest of the Rats and to find Fisk. With the shield in play, the four inside when faced with the quartet of Defenders put up a little bit of a struggle but in the end are handily subdued. Carnelian gathers the information needed.

Outside, however, there are more Rats that are swarming, and the ones they injured were coming back… with friends. It was time to make a strategic retreat with what they needed to get Fisk and the leaders of the Rats. Best to make a plan, and come back to do cleanup another day.

Just when it seems they might need to fight their way out, however, the sounds of sirens can be heard and the Rats start to scatter. In the midst of all of that, the large doors at the back of the warehouse open and Danny drives back in, motioning for them to all hop in the car, getting Robbie to his vehicle, and the rest where they need to go.

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