1964-11-17 - A Rose By Any Other Name...
Summary: Nightwing breaks up a human trafficking ring and gets unexpected help…
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Chinatown. Already known as one of the seedier places in New York, there's a little something extra down at the Diamond Dragons Nightclub this evening. Behind the veneer of a club that turns a blind eye to activities going on within it, including a hopping liar's dice game and card games, the back of the club this evening, a delivery van is pulling up to the back. But instead of the usual beers and spirits that are on board, this truck is carrying several young women being ushered into the back of the club where a group of men wait to divy them up to work in the local 'massage parlors'.

Across from the club, crouched on a rooftop, Nightwing is in the shadows, watching the goings-on and frowning to himself. He knows he can't make a move yet, there's too many guns around the women, as he waits for an opening to make his move. Inside the club is the typical karaoke faire and cheap liquor being bandied about, but those with an eye on the criminal element will notice some of those heading towards the backroom as leaders of some of the local gangs that deal speficially in drugs and prostitution.

This isn't /exactly/ the kind of night Rose was planning for the Friday night off, but the night's still young. It's a little tame. Of course, she's just here for the drinking… and often anything can and will happen in this part of the city. So there's the chance of excitement. And if she hasn't found what she's looking for by a certain time? Well, that's the best part about this city. It's open late, so she can always try somewhere else if opportunity doesn't knock.

Next time, show up on cage fight night. That would make it more interesting, right? In the backroom of the club, there's jockeying and one of the women gives out a wail - which is silenced which a sharp backhand. The five women seem to have no hope. Outside the club, one of the sentries is looking around when a shadow descends behind it, and zip, he's pulled up onto the fire escape, where after a flurry of punches, he goes down. Dropping to the ground, Nightwing makes his way towards the backdoor, where he throws in a couple of smoke pellets into the ventalation system.

It doesn't take long for them to start to plume, where the smoke drifts out of the vents, causing the smoke alarms to go off in the main part of the club. Many of the patrons start to head in a mild panic towards the door, but a few men are heading towards the back, a flash of a pistol holster here or there.

Sometimes Rose wonders /why/ she wants more exciting evenings. There's nothing especially glamorous or even exciting about getting in a brawl with a bunch of hired security. It's not like there's any real stories to tell. Who would she tell even if there were stories? But the smoke is at least the first hint that she's not going to be able to just sit here for the rest of the evening. And there's zero chance of her leaving out the front door when there's clearly something happening in the back that involves smoke but the building doesn't seem like it's on fire. Getting to her feet, she takes one last long swig of her drink and starts in the same direction that the "security" seems to be heading.

When the backdoor opens and the first goons come out, a punch is waiting for one of them that sends him against the wall, while a kick forces the second goon back through the door. "Fire inspector. Don't think you're up to code." comes Nightwing's response as he steps over the second goon, just to duck to the side when several shots ring out towards him. He gives a quick duck to the side, going behind a standup freezer to avoid the shots.

Meanwhile, the 'grils' are being ushered back towards the front of the clunb to get away from the vigilante at the back - and straight towards the one eyed girl at the front. "Wrong way, girlie." one of the guards rumbles at Rose, trying to force the platinum haired girl backwards, and if he knew what the eyepatch meant, he'd probably rethink it.

Rose audibly sighs to herself when she sees the girls being ushered in her direction. "This was my day off…", she answers as the man is allowed to shove her, Rose letting her body roll sideways as she moves in to clap a hand up hard against the man's ear. The guy already left enough of an impression that Rose doesn't plan to hold back. Kidnapping is something she doesn't love. The fact that this guy seems like a jerk doesn't help her attitude towards him. In fact, the clap on the ear, is followed up with a knee towards his midsection. Then an elbow towards his back. All planned. All methodical. She almost looks bored as the man goes down. Pointing behind her, she indicates towards the young women that were being led towards the front, "Exit's that way."

The gunshots ring out from the back, but there's one less gun as an escrima stick comes down one of the goon's hands, knocking the weapon away, before it's followed up with a sharp jab into his chin to knock the man down. As the goon under attack by Rose goes down, there's another one that's pulling his gun to fire at her. "Wrong move, girlie." he hisses, preparing to fire at the young woman. The women are quickly trying to run by her to get out of the way and to the exit she indicated.

Nightwing notices the man - and who he's aiming at, and a fling of his wrist sends a wing-ding towards the man's hand to knock the weapon away before he can fire at Rose. "Don't tell me - 'My Guy'?" he asks gamely.

Oh. Great. There's someone else here. And they're a talker. Well, at least now Rose will have someone to tell her father about when he gets back. Someone else, who probably set off the alarms, to do their vigilante thing. "I saw him", Rose comments, neither giving a compliment, nor complaining. She wasn't worried about the shooter and she quickly closes the distance between the two of them in the blink of an eye. These guys aren't exactly especially well trained. She might be getting fancier if they were. They're not even intimidating enough to crank her adenaline and really get her powers working.

They're local goons. Nightwing probably wouldn't be as chatty if they were more dangerous. "Sure you saw him. So did I." he offers quickly as he turns his attention to one of the remaining goons, dropping down to sweep his leg against the man's knees, and a quick escrima stick across the ribs knocks the breath and the fight out of the man.

The next to the last good tries to swing at Rose as she comes charging in, but the swing is wide as she moves so suddenly between the two, and finds his guard broken. However, one last man has grabbed one of the escaping girls and is holding her about the waist, a pistol to her head. "You need to give up, or this honey's heads will be decorating the wall!"

As she's already dealing with the man swinging at her when the other one takes a hostage, Rose takes the arm of the man who swung wide and applies pressure at the elbow. More specifically, she quickly applies pressure and breaks it with a surprising ease, deliberately making it as gruesome as she can as she can to intimidate the man with the gun before turning her eye on him. "You're serious? The incentive you're giving us is that if we give up, you're not going to go through with what you're threatening to do?" She lets that sink in, "Want me to make a counter-offer?"

"…someone should have hired you for the UN." Nightwing grunts at Rose as he moves a little. "She's right, and I'm pretty sure once you shoot her, she's going to kill you.. pretty slow. Probably use every piece of this kitchen in the process." he offers with a small smirk as he sees the sweat on the man's forehead. "If she's nice, she'll cut off your fingers before she sticks them in the saute pan. Cauterize the wounds pretty quick."

The goon looks between the two, faltering. "You're just fucking with me. You're heroes, you don't do that shit." Nightwing smirks. "..must have me confused for someone else. And her? Don't know her from Adam." he flippiantly comments, but it's enough to force the man to decide to focus his weapon on the costumed hero and opens Rose for the attack.

Rose almost laughs as the guy complains that they're heroes. But she sees what's going on. The guy in the costume is trying to draw attention while she can do the dirty work. Rose isn't against that. And frankly, she's in a kitchen full of ways to hurt someone and a good idea is a good idea. She doesn't have time for chopping off fingers, but in one smooth movement, she moves to grab a sharp knife off of the counter and line up a shot to toss in at the man with the gun. Initially she aims for the head with it, but at the last minute, she shifts the target lower, either to make it easier to avoid the potential hostage or possibly even to cause the guy with the gun to shift again, to throw off his aim off of the man in the costume.

|ROLL| Rose +rolls 1d20 for: 12

The knife strikes the man in the thigh and he cries out, the gun shifted away as the girl screams. Nightwing reacts, moving quickly to push the girl towards Rose as he kicks the gun away and lays the man out with a hard punch to his face, sending him sprawling to the ground. The girl flails as she hits against Rose and blinks up at her, before starting to wail in worry.

Rose takes a deep breath. "It's okay. You're okay." She says it without realizing that the girl might not even understand the language. Thinking about it for a moment, she helps the girl stand up a little better before pointing towards the front of the club. "Go. Now." No, she's not the greatest at the consolation thing. Especially with someone she doesn't know and who just saw her throw a knife at someone after breaking someone else's arm.

"«Go, now.»" Nightwing offers in perfect Mandarian, sending the girl on her way before he turns his attention to Rose. "Seems like I owe you a thanks. Or at least a drink later. Got a name, or are you just going to haunt my thoughts later tonight?" he asks as he goes to take out some handcuffs to start to prepare the downed goons for the police.

"Yeah, I'd be okay with that. But… 'Rose'. You can call me Rose", Rose answers politely. "And what should I call you?" Watching the goons get cuffed, she raises an eyebrow. "Do you have some kind of witnesses or something here? Because I'm pretty sure those girls are gone by now." Cuffing these guys doesn't seem like something that's going to be especially effective here. Luckily, they're already taken a pretty bad beating. They'll at least have something to remember in the future.

"Just trussing them up for the local police." he offers quietly and glances up at Rose. "By any other name, would kick just as much ass?" he asks with a smirk as he moves to rise to his feet and dusts himself off. "I'm not one usually to hang around for them. But hey, maybe I'll meet you again another time." he offers quickly as he moves to the door and gives a grin. "Nightwing." he offers for a name before he fires his grapple gun and zips away into the night. So cool. So debonare. Such a nerd.

"Me neither", Rose answers as Nightwing starts to walk off. "Yeah. I'm sure we will." She smirks a little as he zips off on a grapple gun. "Okay", she mutters to herself. "That was pretty slick." She stops smirking as she notices the beaten up goons who have been watching the exchange trussed us in cuffs. "Who asked you?", she asks the one she ran into initially, threatening him with a swift kick to some tender ribs, watching him cringe before she quickly turns and heads out the back entrance of the club. Maybe she can call it a night early tonight.

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