1964-11-18 - How Many Points...
Summary: Jess and Dick meet and dance around identities.
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Most of the time, Jessica Drew frequents the gym at SHIELD. It has all the fancy equipment, after all, and it's a chance to impress the rest of the agents. And not weird anyone out. But every now and then, she gets a wild hair and decides to take her show on the road, like today.

The gym isn't well known, but it does have a few pieces of equipment that don't show up at most places. Namely, gymnastics equipment. Acrobatics and gymnastics were regular parts of Jess's HYDRA training, but SHIELD is less interested in such things. So she comes out here, where she can keep her edge without a need for any specially weighted equipment.

At the moment, she's walking on her hands across a balance beam, a ponytail hanging past one shoulder and a tank top tucked into short gym shorts.

There's a reason why Dick Grayson frequents this gym. It's dingy, not quite up to date. But it's in the middle of a crime area, and he can listen in on the latest news from the street while exercising. While the high-flying Nightwing would prefer his own gym underneath the Cloisters, in this case, he wanted to gather intelligence.

Having been trained in acorbatics from the moment he could walk, the rings are second-nature to the man as he steps out in his own tank top and sweat pants - though as he gets to the rings, he takes off his shoes to bare his feet as he jumps to lift himself onto the rings.

That's when he notices the dark-haired woman already working out here. He's seen her here before - but hasn't bothered to approach her. Or more appropriately, hasn't figured out how to approach her. There was a certain beauty and grace to her that made her unapproachable - and also made Dick wonder what secrets she may keep as he stretches the rings and his arms apart and starts to swing, before inverting himself and starts to twist against the rings.

When she reaches the end of the bar, Jess pauses, carefully lifting one hand from the bar to balance on the other…then slowly spins to face the other direction. Frankly, it's not the sort of maneuver even an Olympian would attempt so casually, but she manages just fine before she lets herself start to bend back, feet landing on the bar just behind her hand. Slowly she straightens, then brushes her hands off and half-turns to see if anyone caught that.

When she catches sight of Dick on the rings, she smirks a bit, lifting one shoulder in a shrug with a wink.

Oh, he caught it. One of Dick's brows lift in an amused smirk as he brings himself up to twist a bit. Not much of a show off, he holds the position for far more longer than one could be able to with just average training before he lowers himself, the wink catching him off-guard, but he definetly gave her a once over while her back was to him.

"Come here often?" he asks as if he didn't know. Lame. But it was a way to start a conversation with her.

"About as often as you do." Jess swings down to sit on the edge of the balance beam, legs dangling, with a cheeky smile. "Seen you here once or twice. Or a few times." She nods toward his arms, hopping off the beam. "Something tells me you've got another place you go more often, though. This isn't exactly a hobbyist sort of thing, right?"

"A few times then, hmm?" Dick answers with a small smirk as he returns to the resting spread position. He considers her question for a moment before he responds. "..this is a good place to stop on this side of town. No pressure to join and pay an outrageous fee. No one coming in just to be a casual. Just.. those committed to wanting to get in a workout." At her question, he chews on the inside of his mouth. "Parents were acrobats." he finally decides on. "You? Surprised I haven't seen you in Rome or Tokyo."

"Majority of the people here are retired from active work," Jess points out with another smirk, moving over to a rope hanging from the ceiling to start climbing up, motions smooth and certain. "So they're older. Or they're here with their kids. Or they had some sort of injury, and you can see it in the way they move. You don't." She's observant. Wrapping the end of the rope around one leg, she releases one hand to lean out and slowly start to flip upside down. "It was always more of a hobby for me, honestly. Less for show, more for condition."

"Well, you don't look bad at it.." Dick offers with a chuckle. "So which category did you fall under?" Because what he saw did not qualify for 'hobbyist'. Hopping down from the rings, he follows her over to the rope, taking a seperate one to climb up. "So, you have a name, or should I just leave you as 'mystery girl'?" There's a grin at that.. at least until she turns upside down and the pair find themselves at eye-level. "Dick Grayson, by the way.. I mean, my name."

"Jess." She reaches out with her free hand as if to shake, like hanging upside down from a rope with one leg and one hand is the most ordinary thing in the world, a glimmer of humor in green eyes. "Nice to meet you, Dick. And you can file me under not retired," she chuckles. "But not really in it for the show, either. Grayson." She pauses, quirking a brow. "Now that's a hell of a legacy. Explains a few things."

"The show has long passed me by, Jess." Dick responds, though when she picks up on the name, he takes her hand, and if he was allowed, he'd probably be able to swing her easily from one rope to the other with ease. "I haven't preformed since I was a teen - so this is just muscle memory for me." he comments with a playful smile and glimmer of blue in his eyes. "And if you're showing off for me, I'm already planning on asking you out for a drink when we're done training. What do you do for a living then, since you're not retired."

Jess swings free of the rope easily enough, though he may note that there's more strength to her grip than even her build suggests, and an odd sort of friction between her hand and his as she hangs. Like he couldn't let her fall if he tried. "Obviously I go around to gyms and show off and see who notices," she grins, her grip tightening for a moment before she swings her weight to one side, getting enough momentum to flip in a circle and land lightly on her feet on the mats below.

The grip's oddness is felt in Dick's hand and he raises a brow for a moment, but his hand is true as he swings the woman in a perfect arc, before following her in a twisting flip to land beside her. There's no reason to hide the talent since she knew the last name and the legacy that came with it. "So do I get or lose points for noticing?"

"There's always points for noticing," Jess smirks, setting her hands on her hips and giving him a once over. "Key fact about women, in case no one's ever told you. Noticing is always good for a few points, whether it's hair, shoes, or lipstick." None of which she seems to have done anything with at the moment, aside from the ponytail which is far from the height of fashion. "What about you, Dick Grayson? Do you do anything for a living?"

"I'm the curator over at the Cloisters. Sounds boring, I know. But there's something to be said with interacting with history. And other than that, apparently I come to the gym to try to earn points for noticing the woman I keep running into most times when I come here. Apparently I think I've saved up enough points to try to redeem them to start a conversation with her." Dick says with a grin as he moves over to where the uneven bars are and jumps to grab the higher one, swinging back and forth for a moment before he twists, turning himself into a roll, and hitting the lower bar to curl and flip off of it to grab the higher bar again. "Now, the question is, how many points do I need to find out what she's doing later tonight for dinner?"

Jess leans against the outside of the upright, almost as if she's spotting him. Although a spotter would usually look less indolent and more alert. "Well," she muses, pausing to inspect her nails. "I feel like it's somehow unfair to make you spend points for nothing. Because that's what I'm doing later for dinner at the moment. Nothing. So it wouldn't really be right to give something for nothing, would it?"

"Then I should spend my points on something, shouldn't I." Dick responds, a move from one bar to the next as he goes through a routine with relative ease before hitting the high bar and propelling himself high into the air to twist himself into a flip and lands on the mat flat footed. "…perhaps I'll spend my points buy dinner with you." he suggests gamely.

"Sounds like a solid investment." Jess twists to watch him land, smile crooked. "Not like we haven't been working up an appetite here, after all. Also, definitely good for me, as I can't be trusted within ten feet of an oven or a stove," she admits.

"Now how forward would that be of me to suggest that our first dinner being at your place, Jess? After all, I don't even know your last name, and you could be some kind of femme fatale." Dick knows a few of those, after all as he strolls by her with a wink. "Plus, it lets me know if I should invest more points to see if there's a way to get a second date out of you for the Macy's Ball." he grins over his shoulder as he moves to get a towel to dry off his forehead with.

"Who said anything about you coming to my place?" Jess laughs. "I was just talking about being able to feed myself. Really, left to my own devices, I'll end up eating cereal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Maybe with a hot dog. Nice thing about New York, can't hardly go a block without running into a hot dog cart, you know?" She moves toward another bench, watching him as she takes a drink of water. "Brave man. How do you know you won't blow the first date?"

"I don't. I might. But what is the good thing about trying again?" Dick asks. "Though it seems I already had strike one by assuming you meant your place when you mentioned you couldn't cook. I can boil water passibly. And yeah, there's something to be said for a good hot dog. So is that where you want me to take you out to dinner, is the nearest hot dog stand?" Amusement colors his voice as he moves to take up his own water to drink.

Jess grins, shaking her head. "No strike for that. Outdated, the idea that there's anything wrong with a woman taking someone back to her place, anyhow. You want something? Can't let what someone else might think about it from letting you have a good time or get something you really want." She sits down on the bench, pulling on a pair of sneakers. "Hot dog cart's about all I'm fit for at the moment," she admits, rueful, as she looks at the folded sweats on the bench next to herself. "Unless you want to get cleaned up and meet somewhere else later?"

"Depends." Dick responds, leaning against the row of lockers to consider her for a moment. "Is it worth it to see you cleaned up? I mean, it's hard to improve on what I've already seen." he points out to her, before giving her a reassuring smile. "If I'm spending my points, I should make it worth it. And that would be one expensive hot dog. Even with the works."

"Honey, there aren't enough points in the world to pay for all this all cleaned up," Jess smirks back at him, reaching for the sweatpants to shake them out and pull them on. "I mean, I don't even know if you can handle it. I'd hate to give you a heart attack. Who'd arrange the paintings then?"

There's a laugh at that. "Was your polite way of rejecting me?" Dick asks with a lift of his brow. "Hot dogs it is, I suppose. Though I wouldn't mind trying to risk my health to see what that would be like. As for the paintings.. well, it would make a grand one. The rise and fall of the Grayson who approached too close to perfection and found himself downed by it."

Jess tsks, standing up to pull her sweatshirt on as well. "That was a challenge, Grayson," she says lightly. "Don't give up quite that easy, it takes all the fun out of the game. Let's start with hot dogs. That goes well, maybe we can talk about this ball thing. That sounds like the sort of thing you get all dressed up for."

"Oh, I'm not giving up." Dick responds. "I'm just learning the rules of the game." he points out as he moves to put on his own sweatshirt and smirks slightly as he closes up his gym bag. Slinging it over his shoulder, he glances back towards Jess and gives a grin. "Plus, if I gave up, all those earned points would be for nothing. And we already both agreed that would be a waste."

"Rules?" Jess arches a brow in turn, sticking her hands in her pockets and starting toward the door herself. "Rules were made to be broken, Grayson. Don't go getting used to things." She grins, apparently unburdened by things like purses or gym bags. Either she lives or works nearby, or she really does travel light.

"Well, bending rules is what I do best." Dick responds with a smirk. Moving aside to let Jess out first, he moves to follow her out of the gym and onto the street beyond. He did take notice of the lack of a gym bag, but nothing is said on the matter as he gestures towards a Nathan's stand. "And there's a good place to start, don't you think?"

"Mmmm," Jess hums agreement, strolling over to the hot dog cart. "So. Gymnast to keep in shape. Museum curator by day. How does one get into that sort of thing anyhow?" she asks, head tilting as she walks. "Don't get me wrong, but you seem a little on the young side for that sort of position."

"Young, but active. No, I didn't buy it." Dick responds with a small lift of his shoulders. "I graduated college pretty early, and already had a pretty extensive background in achedology, just wanted to turn my attention to something else, and the Cloisters position came open while I was on an expedition in Italy, and I jumped on it." he gives a glance over to her. "Though I suppose that totally makes me sound like I bought it. And you know, you're getting all this information from me, and I'm getting little from you." he says with a smirk. "After all, you could just be a gym rat vagabond looking for a free hot dog. Though I severely doubt that."

"Yes, but obviously I would be a pretty gym rat vagabond in search of a free hot dog," Jess grins, shrugging as he points out she hasn't said much about herself. "Not much to say, really. My parents were scientists. English," she adds. "During the war. They sent me away to school, and passed in a lab accident before I was a teenager. I've got enough money to get by, but not enough to be rich. It puts me in a charmingly liminal position in society."

"You know my story already, it seems. At least as far as who my parents were." Dick offers a grin. "A very pretty gym rat." he corrects, trying to earn back some points as he arrives at the hot dog stand and goes digging for his wallet. "I'll have two all the way with a lemonade, and whatever the lady desires."

"Lemonade sounds great," Jess chimes in, leaning against the cart with a smirk in Dick's direction. "You got me," she chuckles, raising her hands. "I'm not quite so averse to reading the paper that I don't know who you are. Feels crass to bring it up, though. Like it's some sort of motivation, aside from the fact that you've clearly got some skills."

"Didn't say it was crass. But you're probably the first girl in a while to look at me without.." Dick shrugs. Seeing dollar signs. That's left off, considering the neighborhood. "So two dogs all the way and two lemonades." Once the order is ready and he pays for them, he hands Jess her lemonade and offers one of the dogs. "Speaking personally.. I know you're very skillful already, which will be it's own adventure." There's a teasing lit to his voice as he takes the first bite of the hot dog and continues their walk. "So, where does a gal go on a night like this to get to know someone better? I'd offer you a ride, but again, forward."

"Money's just a means to an end," Jess shrugs, following it up with a bite of the hot dog that definitely doesn't belong in any country club. "Nice to have, useful. But not the be all and end all. And not the only way to get most things either." She takes another bite, mindless of the toppings, then continues with her mouth half-full. "There's always Central Park. Assuming there's nothing invading there today."

"Is it a day that ends in y?" Dick asks as he grins as he starts to meander in that direction. "Money's a nice thing to have - but it's what you do with it that counts. I am a patron of the arts. But I also try to extend that to disadvantage youth. I've started a program at the Cloisters to have children that wouldn't otherwise be able to visit to come to the museum and experience a day in a medevial life. Though.. now that I say that outloud, it does sound pretty lame."

"Right? Seems like in the last couple years, there might as well be a cosmic target over Central Park," Jess shakes her head, washing down the hot dog with some lemonade as she considers the idea. "I mean…a day in medieval life is probably, uh. Back-breaking?" She grins, looking over with an arch of her brow. "One way to get around child labor laws that keep you from putting kids to work in the fields."

"Well, it's more they get to pretend to be knights and ladies and learn some respect for each other and do things like… learn to knit, or how to.. no no, nothing like that!" Dick waves his hands a little. "The gardens are living artifacts. I wouldn't want kids messing around in them."

"Sure, sure. For their 'education,'" Jess snickers, making air quotes around half a hot dog and her lemonade. "Look, I'm not judging, they have such conveniently tiny hands, perfect for picking pests off of the baby plant leaves…" she teases, taking another bite before turning to him with a chipmunk-cheeked grin.

Dick so graciously sticks his tongue out at Jess and rolls his eyes. "What, no whips or chains?" he asks with a smirk as he finishes off his dog and continues to walk. "What type of science were your parents in?"

"Well, you start breaking those out around the kids and even with your money you're going to have an issue," Jess smirks. "Genetics, or the beginnings of it. Zoology. It was the war, everyone was trying to build a super soldier like Captain America. They were on one of those projects or another."

"…and that's how you became a world class gymanist?" Dick asks, a grin at that as he shrugs his shoulders. "Yeah, I'd rather save that for after the fourth or fifth date." he says, barely able to hold a straight face, and yes, there's a bit of color in his cheeks.

"Something like that," Jess chuckles. "Let's just say that after they were gone, it was important to me not to be a disappointment to them and what they would have wanted. I've never been much of a student, but I was pretty good at that, so," she shrugs, finishing off the hot dog. "Languages, too. Didn't have the discipline or attention span for the science parts, though."

Finishing off his own hot dog, Dick raises his brow. "I speak a couple of them. Languages, that is. Sort of need to in my line of work." he admits as he turns the corner towards the park, as he slurps on his lemonade to toss the trash away. "And from what I can tell? Not a disappointment."

"I figured, when you mentioned Italy. I'd imagine it would be useful when it came to negotiating for pieces here," Jess muses. "Not that you can't get translators, but there's something to be said for negotiations when everyone's speaking the same language." She brushes her hands off on her pants, moving on to her lemonade. "So, what's the best acquisition you've made so far? Your favorite thing."

"My favorite thing?" Dick considers this for a moment as he glances aside to her. There was probably a cheesy line about discovering her, but he answers more honestly. "During my last expedition to Europe, I was in Spain and we recovered some of the Antirrhinum subbaeticum plant. It's an endangered flowering plant. Very beautiful and was used in medevial dyes. We recently brought back some to take root in the rock gardens, where they thrive."

Jess pauses, a glimmer of genuine amusement in the crooked twist of her smile and the spark in her eye at the answer. "Not the answer I was expecting," she admits, though it sounds like that was a good answer. "Points for that, Grayson. I want to deduct points for how absolutely nerdy that sounds, but I'm pretty sure that's how my parents talked about their specimens too, so I can't judge."

"I look adorable in a pair of glasses." Dick says with a wink at Jess as he goes back to his walk, strolling along one of the paths. "And I'll gladly take the points, even if they are tainted with the nerdism. Did you go to college?" he asks curiously.

"God, no," Jess shakes her head. "No. No way was I going to volunteer for a few more years of school after I finished high school. Just wasn't me, you know? I traveled, mostly. Saw a lot of Europe, Asia. Then came back here to figure out what the hell I wanted to do with myself. Sort of still working on that last part," she muses. "I don't much care for the options. Housewife or secretary, right?"

"I.. well, I think I'll take the better part of valor on that one. Unless you're some kind of super typist." Dick says with a shake of his head and considers her for a moment. "What would you want to do?" he asks, "Because it sounds like you do enjoy travel. And if you're half as smart as you are witty.." There's a smirk. "Maybe I'll need a companion on my travels some day."

"People ask that, like everyone has some sort of dream," Jess muses, taking another sip of her lemonade. "But you know, I don't have one. I've always just sort of…gotten by, I guess? I can't say I've ever run into anything useful that I really enjoyed doing. If anything, I'm a thrill junky."

"It's more of if you have goals." Dick points out. "But being a wandering thrill junky can work just as well. It's not a complaint, certainetly." he responds as he pauses near the shadow of one of the fountains, considering her a little more thoroughly, a breath taken in before he continues on.

"Goals." Jess is quiet for a moment, taking a few steps with a pensive gaze. "Yeah, you could say I've got goals. Not the best-realized goals, I guess, but…You know, I like the thrill, but when it comes down to it, what I want is to make sure that some people don't get the chance to take advantage of other people. Leave the world a better place. You?"

"Leave it all a little better than I found it. Make it a little safer, you know. A little more sane." Dick shrugs and touches her hand for a moment before passing by to continue the walk. "…there's so much turmoil and confusion. If distracting some kids for a day by letting them pretend to be lords and ladies helps with that in some way, all the better."

"Sure." Jess smiles faintly, distracted. "Yeah, sure. That makes sense. Me…I'd rather go after the people who are making it crazy in the first place, you know? But there's not exactly much of a career in police work for women these days. Sort of like all those outdated ideas about what women can do with men," she smirks.

"I don't really buy into that. After all, consider the fact that there is an Amazonian princess and her delegation here - and the Asgardians of course. Medevial history is littered with the exploits of female warriors. Joan of Arc, Boudicca, Grace O'Malley…" Dick shrugs his shoulders. "Women can and have done plenty. Even in the last war, they were the backbone of the homefront. They're more than beautiful armcandy, wives, mothers, or secretaries. They have every right to do something spectacular as well."

"Good answer, Grayson," Jess chuckles, reaching over to clap a hand to his shoulder. "Very good answer. More points for you. You keep that up, you might have enough points for something interesting." She pauses, smile quirking before she laughs. "That definitely came out wrong. Let's pretend I didn't put my foot quite that far in my mouth." A beat. "That also came out wrong, didn't it?"

The clap of his shoulder causes him to laugh, but when she makes her comments, Dick's brow rises, but.. "…I wouldn't mind to see what interesting entails." he comments wryly to her before letting her off the hook and strolling casually, then as one of the carriages in the park approaches, he raises his hand. "Want to take a ride?" he offers, preparing to flag it down if Jess wants.

Jess quirks a brow, smile tugging at one corner of her lips. "Mmmm, not this time. Save something for the finish, tiger," she chuckles, waving off the carriage. "Besides, I like the walk. I like to be active." Finishing her lemonade, she tosses the cup into a trash can as they pass before slipping her hands into her pockets against the nip in the fall air. "So, you do anything other than gymnastics for fun?"

"…not the type of ride I meant, Jess." Dick says with a roll of his eyes before he raises a brow at the question. "Well, you already know I'm a socialite, and a patron of the arts. You think I have time for more?" he asks in amusement. "And it wasn't a rush to the finish. It's a marathon, and I happen to enjoy the pace." he responds as he raises his hands to blow into them. As they continue their walk, he watches the carriage pass by. "I do a little boxing and stuff, you know, just to stay in shape."

"Me either," Jess laughs, grin flashing with a shake of her head. "Boxing, gymnastics, charitable activities. Acquisitions for museums. I feel like you need to add either polo or yacht races to really nail the cliche," she teases. "Maybe horse racing or breeding."

"Nope. Cars." Dick grins at that. "There, I totally marked myself as a trophy husband." he smirks at that. Oh, and a burning desire for justice that puts me in tights to roam the city at night. But that doesn't get said outloud.

"What does one do with a trophy husband?" Jess wonders. "Do you sit them on a shelf, or mount their head to a wall? I feel like the last one is probably counter-productive. But then again, I've never been the sort of girl who feels like she's incomplete without a man." She pauses, grimacing. "Although lord knows I've been stupid enough over one. Haven't been in all that much of a hurry to try again since then. Wasn't who I thought he was."

"Whoa, pump the brakes a little." Dick says with a grin, using her thoughts against her for a moment. "Not looking for a chapel tonight. But I get the broken heart. Been there myself." he admits with a shrug of his shoulder.

"Over just a man, not a husband," Jess clarifies with a laugh. "Haven't done the husband thing. I don't know if broken heart is the word so much as broken trust, really. Maybe a little bit of embarrassment at being stupid enough to buy it in the first place, you know? Probably more of that, if I'm being honest with myself."

"Mine was probably me. I don't know. She just .. went away." Dick lets out a breath at that, and shakes his head. "Still a little fresh, so yeah, if I'm a little hesitant and not, you know, all that confident, there's why. Working on that - and trying not to let you become like.. a rebound or something stupid like that."

"Hey, there's something to be said for a good, clean, rebound," Jess grins, looking over with a waggle of her brows. "Relax, Grayson. Have a little fun. See where it goes."

"Who says I'm not having fun, Jess?" Dick asks with a grin and a little nudge to her side before he starts to jog a little to keep warm. "I'm working on earning those points for the Ball and the something extra." he teases as he turns around to look at her.

"All right, tell me about this ball," Jess laughs, lengthening her stride to keep up without breaking into a run. "What's this sort of thing entail?"

"It's a fundraiser for the Youth Education for Humanities and the Arts. High scale food, the usual high class social hobnobbing. The type of thing I'd rather not turn up alone to. Not that I mean.. I'm desperate or anything." Dick is quick to correct himself. "…more, you know, I would like to get to know you better and see what you look like all cleaned up, if my poor mind can take it."

"It's the hobnobbing part that worries me," Jess smirks, though she tilts her head and looks up as she walks, perhaps thinking through the logistics. "I've got a mouth on me, if you haven't noticed. Things could get pretty awkward." It's not entirely clear if that's a threat or a tease.

"Oh damn, if I wanted a boring night, Jess, there's plenty of other vacant blondes I could probably find a date with. I.. don't want that. You challenge me. I like that." Dick shrugs his shoulders and turns back around to jog forward. "I mean, we've already verbally sparred what.. four or five times? It's sort of attractive."

"Oh, sort of?" And yet, that earns a real grin from Jess as she takes a few running steps to catch up, strides long. "Now I'm feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. Okay, last important question. If it's a high-class thing, there aren't any weird jello molds, right?"

"Nope. At least at thirty dollars a plate, it better not be." Dick says with a laugh before grinning. "This the Met, not the local frat house." There's an honest smile at that as he considers the woman. "Yeah, sort of." he echoes with a dimpling smile.

"All right," Jess laughs, taking one hand out of her pocket to offer it over. "You've got yourself a deal. One Macy's Ball, complete with proper attire. Heels, even. That's just for the extra points you've earned already tonight." She pauses, looking him up and down. "You're not uncomfortable with me wearing heels, are you?"

"Don't mind a girl with a little height. Just means it makes things interesting later." Dick responds with a playful smile and offers his hand, slipping it into hers for a firm grip. "Though I think this is the first time I ever secured a date with a handshake."

"Hey, I told you I was rusty," Jess winks, grin crooked. "Besides, you scored the date with the rings routine, for the record. Impressive."

"Oh, did I?" Dick asks with a grin and a lift of a brow as he folds his arms over his chest. "So what did I earn with these extra points that you've been giving me tonight?" comes the curious question as he comes to a stop. /

Jessica Drew arches a brow, a slow smile curving. "Well, you'll just have to wait and find out, won't you?" She takes a turn then, spinning to watch him as she walks away backwards. "I'll be in touch, send you the info to pick me up."

"Looking forward to it, Jess." Hate to see her go, love to watch her leave, isn't that the old saying? Dick watches the woman for a few moments. "Good night." he offers, not offering to walk her home, but he srarts to moves in the opposite direction after a moment.

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