1964-11-18 - Of Singing and Song Making
Summary: Dazzler meets up with Venus after finishing a set at the Lux, they discuss their shared craft.
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Ever since her return from her European Tour, Dazzler has been mostly winding down by performing almost exclusively at the Lux, having come to an arrangement with Lucian before she left on her tour. In her she experiments from time to time, but just as when she's on bigger stages, she doesn't spare the audience what has become her trademark. The lightshow that accompanies her performance. Tonight her performance was on the somber side, with a touch of psychedellia, interwining piano numbers with guitar numbers. Letting the swirling colors take the main focus, while putting her focus more on her singing rather than strutting the stage as she might otherwise do.

She's dressed in a sparkly halter dress, wild makeup, with prominent blue eye shadow in the shape of butterfly wings across her eyes. All in all the performance was a more thought provoking than an energetic one, the music mixed with the living light display giving the sensation of a lucid dream.

Eventually her number is done, and she takes a bow, before going off the stage and heading to the bar.

In Alison's absence, of course, the Lux has hired on some replacements, until her return. They've cleverly covered this up by making it a contest, so they don't actualy have to pay them until they choose the final singer. Venus…was not that singer. But she was darn close. Mostly, she ended up not getting the job because she refused to sing a love ballad, for reasons that aren't clear. Politely refused, but firmly refused. It was something of a suprise for the staff here, as she was a favorite..apparently she has quite a voice.

Still, even though she didn't get the job (which is kinda pointless since Allison is back now anyway!), she's hung around, and occasionally will take a set if someone has to unexpectedly change their schedule. Unlike Dazzler, she's a pure vocalist, she doesn't really play instruments. She's currently perched on a stool at the bar chatting cheerfully with the bartender, though she looks over as Dazzler approaches, throwing back a dazzling smile of her own. "Good set!" she says cheerfully. "Very mellow. Sent out some good vibes throught he place."

"Thank you," Dazzler says to the compliments, she hasn't really been following the ongoings at the Lux, but she knows enough to recognize Venus. "I felt it fit the mood," Dazzler offers, before looking over at Venus, "I was just about to get myself a drink, I get them for free, so if you like something, I can get you one."

"You're the one that goes by Venus? Heard you did well in a competition here…"

Venus answers cheerfully. "Well, it's my name. I sort of have to go by it." She has a very pretty voice..a perfect blend on the edge of soprano and alto. "And I won't say no to a drink. Perhaps a Sex on the Beach?" She sighs. "Yes, I did…well, other than I can't do the breath of songs they prefer here." she admits.

"Oh? I thought it was a clever stage name, Venus, very flashy…" Dazzler points out, she likely has some experience with stage names, judging by her own choosen one. "Were your parents into Mythology?" Nodding at Venus' order, she turns to the bartender, "a sex on the beach for her, and a Manhattan for me." While waiting for their drinks, she turns to lean on the bar and asks, "are you looking to make it as a singer?"

That draws a smile from Venus. "Something like that." she says. She supposes being a goddess qualifies. "It's a gas, and I have a blast putting on a show. Doesn't hurt to make some scratch either, you dig?" She tilts her head. "It's more a way of spreading a little love and peace though, y'know. Putting out the right vibrations in a room makes everything copacetic." She smiles. "Doubt I'll ever be globe trotting like you do though. I kinda like to hang loose."

"I can't imagine it hurts," Dazzler agrees, handing Venus her sex on the beach, while reaching with her other hand to take her drink. "A toast then? For getting what you want out of life?"

Venus takes the highball glass complete with little umbrella and straw and sips from it. "Mmm, the Sex on the Beaches here are the MOST." she says with a sigh. "I love the melon liquor over the usual mix." She holds up her drink. "To making the world a better place?" she offers, clinking her glass to Alison's gently.

"The trick is with Maz, she's amazing, everything they serve at the bar is nothing short of perfection," and as if to prove her point, Dazzler herself takes a moment to savor the sip she takes from her Manhattan, "yes, perfection." Rising her own glass, Dazzler laughs, "making it a better place, ambitious, but I do like it."

The redhead shrugs her shoulders. "It's a gnarly problem, I dig it." she says with a faint smile. "But every little bit, it's solid." She sets down her glass, picking up the umbrella to roll it between her fingers lazily. "How about you? What's the plan, stan? You got a goal in mind, or just fame and fortune?"

"Well, my father wanted me to go to school, so I can be some court house or lawyer's secretary or whatever, but I said fuck that I want to sing," Dazzler puts it pretty short and to the point, "I'm living the dream, performing, travelling, meeting exciting people…I'd say so far the Ed Sullivan appearance is probably my highlight for life," she laughs, wondering how it can all just go down hill from there on out. But that's pessimistic, the European Tour was pretty good, even if she didn't garner a Beatlemania-like following.

"Bitchin'!" Venus says cheerfully. "Heard you got on the boob tube, didn't have one to watch when it was on though." She shrugs. "'Sides, long as it's a gas, why give it up?" She smiles. "You're a groovy chick, you've got a lot of talent…you sing, you play, you're a fox…do you write all your own stuff?" she asks curiously. "I mean, I heard you did, but the guy who told me, he's kinda a bozo."

Dazzler nods and puts on a glamourous smile, "that I did, was a weird experience…but I think I prefer the energy of a live concert." Dazzler does bear a wide proud smile on her lips as she answers that last question, "yes, I do, actually…I insist on it, though I do occasionally do covers, like the one I did with Lesley Gore? She's amazing, I never wrote something as powerful as You Don't Own, she got balls." She takes a pause for a moment to reflect, sipping more of a drink, and quipping, "this time your bozo was spot on."

Venus laughs softly. "Far out! Hmm, never had the gift for it. Give me anything and I can sing it, but always feel a bit weird doing my own stuff, you dig? I like to save it for the really special occasions." She shrugs, sipping from her drink again. "I think it's stellar you do though. Hey, maybe we can totally do a duet sometime? That'd be far out!"

"Why's that…? Don't you ever reflect on how you might feel about anything? That's basically how a song is born," Dazzler offers it in simplistic terms. She inclines her head at Venus and has another sip, "I'm all for it, if I like how we sound on a particular song, I'll have you up on stage with me."

Venus grins. "Groovy! I'm stoked to hear it." She wrinkles her nose. "Well, sure. I can write music, but lyrics, they're not always the best for me. Pure tone, that I can do." She purses her lips. "It's, like, a matter of what I feel, but what I want the people hearing me to feel too, you dig? I feel like I gotta be careful, don't wanna screw up."

"I get it, it's not easy, but it gets easier with practice," Dazzler reassures Venus, "you can start by exercising singing the word itself," and with that Dazzler just sings the word 'happy' and the light around her seem to brighten as she does so. Then she sings the word 'sad' and the light turns a blueish hue.

Venus blinks, looking thoughful. "Well. I don't really want to make people sad though. But happy." She inhales, then sings it…a perfect tone, and somehow….it just lifts your spirits just to hear it. "Like that?" she asks, a faint smile on her lips now.

"I think there's room for all emotions in music and song," Dazzler offers, "like a soundtrack to our very lives, if you've ever seen a movie. It helps." When Venus actually tries, Dazzler does seem impressed going as far as to applaud her, "yes, I do think you've got it Venus. You ever had voice coaching?"

Venus grins and shakes her head. "Just lots of practice." she responds. "But thanks. I mean, it's more…I wanna make people feel good, you dig? Not down or sad or angry." She wrinkles her nose. "Or like, super horny. Singing those sorts of songs, I don't want anyone wiggin' out." She shrugs her shoulders. "Kinda why I don't do love songs much."

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