1964-11-18 - The Future is only one possibility
Summary: After teleporting Erik to NYU, Clarice and Erik have a conversation.
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The flash and opening of a portal is something Erik finds absolutely fascinating. He stares at it for a moment, eyebrows lifted, then turns to watch Clarice with a rueful smirk. That last part though? Erik looks to Clarice, perplexed. "What?" he asks, but before he knows it, the entire world changes around him. Times Square is gone, and a quiet part of the NYU campus appears. He blinks rapidly, then turns around in one spot, not wanting to end up moving his body the wrong way and leaving an arm or leg behind on Broadway. "Spectacular," he whispers to himself.

The nice comment about her teleportation causes Clarice to blush, making her pink skin pinker as she brushes some hair behind her ear before tightening down her scarf. "…it is just something that I do." she murmurs before she considers the youngish man before her. "You look like him. Well younger." she admits with a small laugh. "I.. well, this isn't my Earth." she starts off lamely.

"How does it work?" Erik was, for the moment, looking around at the campus. He's been here before, but it's been a very long time. After asking the question, he turns to look back to observe Clarice with lifted eyebrows. "My name is Erik Lensherr," he tells her, now turning to face the young woman fully. Arms rise and cross over his chest in a manner that… probably spans the multiverse. "Don't tell me. Another space-time displacement story." His eyebrows fall again, and in spite of the decidedly 'teacher-like' demeanor, Erik seems to have developed a bemused expression. "Future? I'm guessing, certainly, not the past."

"…not future. Well. Much. I don't know. On my world.. Erik Lensherr was in charge of the last resistance against a mutant intent on destroying humanity." Clarice says quietly, lifting her gaze back to the same man - different world. "Being here has been quite.. confusing."

An expression of surprise easily replaces bemusement. Unfolding his arms, Erik's demeanor suddenly softens, and he considers just what all of that must mean to this strange mutant. Following that silence, he draws a heavy breath and lets it loose in a sigh. "Come," he says, turning. "Walk with me."

Erik begins leading Clarice away from the shrouded gardens in which they'd arrived, and toward one of the many paths winding between tightly packed buildings. The campus is quiet, as classes have now paused for the holidays. "So, tell me your name," he requests. "And tell me…" He glances toward Clarice, curiously. "Did we win?"

The doubtful expression upon his face suggests he may already know the answer.

There's a look of pained bemusement. "…would I be here if we had?" she asks quietly as Clarice glances over at Erik and shakes her head. "It was already terrible. Cities razed to the ground. Cullings of whole population for their genetic materials. All that humanity had left were it's nuclear devices.. and we failed to prevent them from using them." she says finally, a glance to the ground. "You always told me to believe in the dream." Xavier's dream. "…and it died." As far as she knows - she was yanked out of the timeline before she could see the full result.

The pained bemusement is shared, for that's exactly what Erik had been thinking. "I'm so sorry," he tells her, and there is honesty there, yes; but deep inside, perhaps a sense of suspicion. "I guess you get a second chance. How much do you know about… well, where you are now?"

"Very little. It's much like a home I remember when I was little. But not much. I.. ws brought here by a friend and ended up at the Institute." Clarice says with a frown as she considers. "Xavier is like you… he.. described you." This is so confusing to her. "..he offered me sanctuary while I tried to figure myself out. But.. there's so much I don't know."

"Well…" Erik looks around the campus with a bit of a smile, then back toward Clarice. "The year is 1964. November, close to the Thanksgiving holiday. There are tensions in southeast asia, with the potential for war, and things in America… well. They are changing, and many people don't like it."

He nods his head across the way, where a black and white student are walking together. Both men, clearly friends. "Nergoes on college campuses. Widely accepted here, but, head south… not so much. And what if those men were, say, engaging with each other in a romantic relationship? Quite controversial." He looks back to Clarice, smiling. "This is one place where you don't have to hide. There is much support for our people on this campus."

"I know what those things are. They.. weren't much of a concern when you had to worry about when the Prelates and Acoylotes were going to arrive to start their cullings." Clarice says with a smile. "I was in Miami in the first attack." she finally responds. "I was six.. maybe seven. I don't really remember anymore. My parents thought that America would.. be more sanctuary, since I was obviously a mutant since birth." A small smile. "My skin and looks were a birthmark." she offers finally. "…when Miami was destroyed.. I was found in the ruins, and taken in because I was obviously.. what I was. And was used to be harvested for my DNA to make other mutants stronger. Those that were worthy. Which I was not."

Erik shakes his head as they walk along. "What year was it?" he asks. "Do you remember?" He looks again toward Clarice, clearly finding the story distasteful. Yes, there is still compassion, but of the many things Erik may have been or will become, he has always been a strategist. If there's any chance that this is their future…

"I.. I really don't." Clarice looks apologetic at that. I'm not sure if I ever did - or if Illyana tried to wipe that stuff, or if it was an accident." she admits quietly. "…but I was in the slave pens until.. you and the others rescued me and my friend." she says thoughtfully. "I was scared. Terrified. I was trained.. shown that my powers could be be powerful and helpful.. and eventually, was turned back to help others."

Erik nods his head slowly, heavily. He's considering a great many things, of course, but it would seem that the young woman simply does not have the information that could be of any use to help prevent something like this from happening. He looks her way again, then reaches out and rests a hand on her shoulder in a friendly way. "Well, Clarice. You're here now. You at least get a second chance." He stops walking then, using his hand to guide her to stop as well, then to turn her toward him.

He's taller, and so he looks down, a strong expression upon his face. "I suggest you make the absolute best of it."

It's not that she doesn't have the information. It's all just a muddled mess in her head. Drawing in a sharp breath as she's turned, Clarice gives Erik a firm nod of her head. "I plan on it. The.. things that happened on my world, they haven't happened here yet. Especially the fact that.. well.." she looks up at Erik and frowns a little. "You were in charge of the Institute. You used to tell us about a friend you had when you were young. One that was murdered before your eyes. And one who's dream you continued." she says simply to her, allowing that to sink in.

"Charles?" Erik seems suddenly… haunted. His hand drifts away, and he looks off toward… well, northward. Upstate. "That is a most troubling thought, indeed," he says quietly. Finally he turns and begins to walk again, maintaining a slower, conversational pace. "Did they still call me 'Magneto' there?" he asks with some self depreciating humor. "And what did they call you? You're real name, of course."

"They did. And you had a magnificent cape." Clarice isn't going to share much more than that as she considers. "..but where I am from is one.. possibility. And as I said, it's already different here. Perhaps something to be considered, right?" she asks with a bright smile that shows her optimism before she touches Erik's hand for a moment. "..I'm glad to see you here, though." And before she can say more, she opens a portal - teleporting herself away to parts unknown.

Erik bursts forth with laughter. "A cape? You're quite serious?" He laughs a bit more, before quieting down to listen to what Clarice has to say. He considers her optimism for a moment, but before he can speak, there is a flash of purple. Erik turns and stammers for a second, before dropping his hand to his side and frowning.

"Well that's convenient," he murmurs to himself, before turning back toward the pathway ahead. It'll be a long walk back to his car, but… he has plenty to think about, now.

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