1964-11-18 - Time, Friendship, and Coffee
Summary: Kamala and Hope visit Berto for a part to Hope's Time Machine and Kamala has a heart to heart with Hope.
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Time machine. To most people, it sounds like science fiction. To Hope, it sounds more like a way of life. A way of life that she never quite entirely understood - not enough to make a difference at least - but which now may determine if she ever gets back to her time and her world. So even if it sounds crazy, she keeps working on it from what she knows and remembers. Which isn't always a lot.

One thing she does remember, though, is a particular kind of fuse. They don't exist yet, but there's a small company that's researching some of the technology, a subsidiary of Da Costa International. And wouldn't you know, but she met the man in charge. Which is no doubt why she thinks she can show up at the office with Kamala in tow and ask the secretary if Mister Roberto is available.

"If this thing ends up looking like something that HG Wells made, I'm never going to let you live it down." Kamala offers to Hope, though there's a hint of force in her smile. After all, if Hope succeeds, her best friend is going to bail on her. Following after Hope, the young woman adjusts her scarf slightly as she glances aside at her. "…you know the CEO?" she asks in some wonderment. "Okay. Who do you not know?" There might be a pout there. "You're holding out on me." she tells her best friend.

The secretary simply looks up from where she was clearly working on probably sending emails to Mr. Da Costa's appointments….two of which he canceled. Though when Hope up and walks on over to her, she tilts her head at the young ladies…who look possibly out of place, but probs not.

"Uhm, yes? How may I help you today?" she says in a kind voice. She's not the average jerk clerk, instead a lady that Roberto actually put there for the sole purpose of 'she's nice'. so there you go. Her hands are clasped before her, ready and attentive.

"Know might be a little strong," Hope shrugs over at Kamala, smile wry. "I mean, I met him once. But that's gotta count for something, right?" She turns back to the secretary, folding her arms on the desk and setting her chin on top of them with a small smile. "Hi. My name is Hope, from school? I was wondering if I could talk to him, as him a question. I mean, if he's not super busy, that is."

"This isn't like when you go to a high school reunion ten years later, find out that some guy that once helped you tutor for an algebra test is rich, and you want to ask a favor, is it? Because I will totally call you out on it if you do that." Kamala says with a smirk as she waves a little to the secretary. "It would really be appreciated.'

The Secretary tilts her head at Hope when she says 'him', but she quickly gets the idea because she's a sharp cookie. "Oh! Uhm…I'll see if he's available for you." he smiles warmly before picking up the telephone and ringing to Roberto's office.

Roberto was wearing a two-piece black suit with a black undershirt and an orange tie. he just checked the time on his watch before he picks up the phone. "Hello? Da Costa speaking." "ah, yes, Mr. Da Costa, you have two young ladies here to see you, one of them is named Hope? They would like to speak with you." Roberto ponders the names a moment before he responds. "Send them up." "Yes sir."

The secretary hangs up the phone and looks to the young ladies. "He'll see you. simply go around the corner and take the elevator to the top floor, then go right down the hall. can't miss it." she smiles.

"Thanks," Hope smiles swiftly to the secretary, straightening up and tipping her head to invite Kamala along with her as she heads for the elevator. "It's not quite like that," she says once they're inside. "It's just that I did meet him, but there's one of the companies he owns that makes a thing that I probably need for the time machine. And I'd tell Tony, but he'd probably want to buy the place or something, and I feel like it would be rude or something to start some sort of business war when I could just…You know, ask. Right? Also, Nate's fit in his arm. But things here are way bigger than they are in the future, so maybe it will end up that big, who knows?"

"I feel like I'm so underdressed." Kamala murmurs as she follows Hope into the elevator. "Is Tony really that rich?" she asks in awe, a young woman who has to make ends meet with a job outside of her scholarship and loans. As the elevator moves, her clothes morph around her, becoming a business suit for a moment that she looks at herself in. "..too much?" she asks herself and Hope, before switching to a breezy skirt, cashmire sweater, scarf and a cute pair of glasses - her original outfit. "..maybe this?"

It doesn't take them long at all to arrive at Roberto's office, and he greets them both with a warm smile. "Hello there." he hops off his desk rather casually, his hands going into his slacks pant pockets. "So then ladies.." he looks at Kamala with a quirk of his brow…not one he knows specifically. No judgement though.

"What can I help you with?" he smiles with an attentive ear. any friend of Xavier's was a friend of his.

Hope squints a bit at Kamala as her clothes change. "Is that your skin? Are you naked and making clothes out of your skin? Because if so, I think that's why you feel underdressed. Not judging," she adds, holding up both hands. "I mean, it's cool, it's just…Isn't it also cold?" Hope, for her part, definitely looks underdressed in jeans with a green sweater over a white collared shirt. The barrettes clipping her hair out of her face are actually an improvement for her.

Once they reach Roberto, she grins, waving. "Hey," she greets. "Sorry to bother you at work, but I was wondering if…" She pauses, starting to dig in her pockets until she comes out with a folded piece of paper. "One of your companies is working on a prototype of this, and I sort of need one." A beat. "Please." Smile.

"It's my clothes!" Kamala protests, pulling her sweater a little. "I would NOT go out naked!" Now there's a comment for Roberto to walk in on, as the young Inhuman's cheeks flare bright red as the elevator doors close behind them. Nope, can't retreat that way. Maybe she can melt into a puddle and flow away. "What she said.." she murmurs, fighting the urge to become two inches tall and hide in Hope's purse forever.

Roberto looks at Hope, curious as to what kind of thing she needs from him when she starts digging into her pocket….but then Kamala speaks about never going out naked….and Roberto just raises a brow, speaking in a tone that's very identifiable as Portuguese to the trained ear. "That's…good." he smiles to her warmly perhaps a little amused, before Hope brings up the paper to him.

He looks it over, tilting his head as he looks it up and down. "Hm…" He's silent for a moment. "I know exactly who's making it too…so, should I question why exactly you need this?" he looks at Hope with a curious tone to his voice.

"Hey, I said there wasn't anything wrong with it," Hope raises her hands to Kamala, awkwardly patting at her shoulder once she starts to flush. It's meant to be reassuring, at least. Even if she's not very good at it. Looking back to Roberto, she smiles crookedly. "Time machine," she answers. "I mean. I'm sort of winging it? Because there's not a lot like future tech here, and everything is being adjusted, and I didn't actually completely know how the future one worked in the first place, but that's the closest I can find now to one of the components.

"Since my best friend is totally rude. I'm Kamala. Kamala Khan. I don't go to the Institute, but.. I share something in common." Kamala offers quickly, giving a cross look to Hope. "And yeah, she thinks this era is lame and wants to go home." she rolls her eyes a little and shakes her head, before sighing. "And I'm actually helping her with this madness."

Roberto nods to Kamala and extends a hand in greeting. "Roberto da Costa. Friends just call me Bobby. Nice to meet you Ms. Khan." he smiles then, before he looks over to Hope than back at the paper. great….time machines and stuff he doesn't know too much about. greeeaaat.

Though he looks at Hope when he moves over to his desk. "You want to build a time machine…that you kind of not really understand how to work…and use my companies resources to do it yeah?" he appears in thought. He can easily afford it and the equation…kinda matches. kidna. missing a variable somewhere probably.


"Hey!" Hope protests, frowning over at Kamala. "I never said this era was lame. It's just different. And I have things I need to do in my own. People who're counting on me. Tony Stark is helping," she adds to Roberto. Once again, that's meant to be reassuring, even though it almost certainly isn't. "I was going to go to Reed Richards, but I've heard his projects can, uh." Go horribly wrong. "Meander."

She perks up when he agrees, grin flashing. "Really?"

"You do realize…" Kamala starts cautiously, "..that the technology of this era may not match to what you do. I mean. Vaccum tubes." she offers, after accepting Roberto's hand. "Kamala. Or Mala. Nice to meet you, Bobby. And I'm not trying to stick a pin in your plans, Hope.. I.." worry. "..don't want you getting your hopes up, is all." See what she did there?

Roberto seems to nod a few more times when Hope mentions that Stark would be on board, and Reed Richards wasn't…which gives him a relieved breath. "Really. What are friends for right?" he smiles, folding the paper back up nice and neat before setting it on his desk. "I'll get you the prototype and we'll see about sending you home." he smiles warmly then.

Before he looks between Kamala and Hope. pretty sure they're on the best friend level. He has his thoughts, but he keeps them to himself.

"I know," Hope sighs to Kamala. "I know. I just…have to try, is all. Besides, I've got to be useful to someone somehow, right?" She forces a small, crooked smile before she nods to Roberto. "Thank you," she says quietly. "I, uh. I didn't know if people here knew about you or the school or other things, so I didn't, you know. Sa anything. Just in case."

Squeezing Hope's shoulder, it's Kamala's turn to provide comfort. "You already do." she points out gently, but leaves it at that as she turns quiet, letting Hope and Bobby talk - having no more protestst to offer, and is a little heartbroken at seeing her friend crestfallen.

Roberto nods a few times to Hope "Don't worry about it….and I appreciate it." he small smile then before he looks between them. A small breath, before he looks to Hope, pulling out a piece of paper and writting a humber on it. "This is the number to my office..and this is my house number. If you have questions, call." he smiles then, handing it to hope.

"Thanks," Hope smiles faintly to Roberto, taking the paper and slipping it into her pocket. "I'm at the Avengers for now. They're pretty cool all around. And I don't have to worry so much about if someone from my time comes hunting me there. I wouldn't want to put the school or the mutants there in danger. Which isn't to say that I'm okay with putting…You know, every time I try to say that, I feel like it comes out wrong…"

"It means you have people that care about you, Hope. And are trying to help." Kamala comments quietly and shrugs. "Don't worry, we're taking care of her." she promises - even if she's a bit.. inexperienced and young to be an Avenger herself.

Roberto sits down on his desk quite casually, running a hand through his hair. "Avengers?…wow, big shot huh?" he grins in a good natured manner. before he looks between them. "Hope…Xavier's is a good place. I don't think you're really putting anyone in danger there alright? I would know, I graduated from that place. Still go there pretty often and casually. Don't worry, however you want to play it…you're safe either way."

He looks then to Kamala. "Good to here, Kamala. or do you prefer Ms. Khan?" he asks curiously. good to know how to address someone.

"I know it's a good place," Hope shakes her head. "I don't have any question about that, promise. It's just…things get complicated if I stay there. Past, present, future. I don't want to break anything. If it can be broken. Kamala knows more about time travel theory than I do," she smiles faintly over at her friend. "I mostly grew up in the future, where it was less important since the whole point of my existence was to come back to my present and change that future."

"She keeps worrying about that and I keep pointing out that this can't be her future, because if it was her future, she'd remember being in the past." Kamala says as she considers. "An object cannot be in two different time frames in the same plane at different times, the universe will try to adapt to the new intrusion instead. It's why someone can't just go back in time and kill Hitler. Nature abhors a vaccuum." she starts to ramble and then blinks as she realizes that Hope totally set her up and she blushes vibrantly. "Kamala's fine, Bobby." she quickly corrects.

Roberto gives a few nods as he listens to the to…though he does chuckle a bit. "Kamala it is." though he looks between them as they point at each other about time theory. eventually he lifts his hand "I'm not going to pretend to understand it…but thanks for the lesson, Kamala." he smiles warmly then, though he does look around. "Well, it's rare I have friends in my office. Want something to drink?"

"Oh, we're not much for drinking," Hope waves a hand, saving Kamala from the explanation. "Although I saw that your company also does some business in coffee, and I wouldn't mind trying some of that. I mean, I'm not a big coffee drinker myself? I like coke. And water, of course. But it seems like everyone's big on coffee, so I feel like I owe it to myself to at least try it a few times and see what all the fuss is about."

"I do not drink." Kamala agrees with Hope quietly, and by her dress it should be fairly obvious it's for religious reasons. "…coffee is good though, it's halal." she offers as she gives a grin towards Hope. "You should try it with lots of cream and sugar. So good."

Roberto would nod to the two of them, though he looks to Kamala "well…I figured that…ah..that was…judgmental, I apologize." he then turns and walks into his personal cabinet, pouring them Coffee "Coffee it is…you know, best place they make it is in Rio de Janeiro. my home." he turns his head lightly, brewing the coffee personally…because he didn't like people doing everything for him. Eventually, he returns with two coffee cups. "for you ladies." it would be….actually really good. it blows away people who like coffee (usually) but more often than not, even people who don't like coffee like it. if not vaguely.

"I feel like if you have to add a bunch of stuff to something to make it enjoyable, then it's not really enjoyable," Hope laughs to Kamala. "But I'll take your word for it. Thanks," she adds to Roberto as he returns with coffee, taking a slow sniff. "It does always smell good. Which is interesting to me. I mean, I know for some people it smells like home, but it's not like there was a lot of coffee around when I was growing up." She takes a sip then, brows rising swiftly. "Wow."

Taking a sip of her own coffee, Kamala grins. "Okay, fine, no cream or sugar this time." she responds playfully, though Roberto gets an amused arch of her eyebrow. "…what did you think?" she asks curiously, though it seems there's no charge or anger in her voice.

Roberto is the (according to Douglas) king of coffee. he knows -exactly- how to make it. Thus does he smile when Hope's brows lift in apparent surprise. he chuckles a bit, before he looks to Kamala "erm…well…." he lowers his head somewhat ashamedly. "I don't know how to say it without being offensive…I have a gut instinct about people…and uh….you..look…uhm…Muslim." he rubs the back of his head. Given, he is -notoriously- bad with women. thus does he look to Kamala "I apologize. shouldn't have done it." he says earnestly. if he had a rep at Xavier's, he was living up to it.

"Is that a bad thing?" Hope asks, looking between the pair. "Looking Muslim? Or thinking someone looks Muslim?" She knows Kamala is Muslim, and she's picked up a few things about what that means from spending time with the other girl, but none of them have implied it's a bad thing.

"Well, I look Muslim because I am Muslim." Kamala says with a sip of coffee. "It shouldn't be held against me, I don't think? I mean, I'm not screaming about infidels and such.. and really, my parents were under British rule, and we live in America now. I'm not terribly.. well, I am devout, but what did you expect?" she asks curiously.

Roberto shakes his head. "Oh God no. I personally was raised Catholic myself but I don't hold someone's knowledge or belief against them. It's not a bad thing to be Muslim in my opinion. Actually much of it is inspirational. I don't know where it was…but I believe it goes along the lines of if you save one, you save all?" he looks to Kamala then as if for confirmation.

Then he gives a small sigh to Kamala. "I think the whole I dug myself in is deep enough…." he laughs a bit, pinching the bridge of his nose. "I wasn't expecting anything in honesty. Just thought out loud. Again, apologies."

Hope looks between Kamala and Roberto, lips quirking with a glimmer of amusement. "Is that what I sound like when I ask questions about super obvious things?" she asks Kamala, tipping her head toward Roberto. "It's way more funny when it's someone else, I gotta be honest."

"Yes, Hope, exactly." Amusement touches the young woman's eyes, before Kamala shakes her head. "It's all groovy. Nothing to sweat over. But yes, you are correct. But at the same time, I am still rather grounded in the reality of sciences sometimes." she admits with a little chuckle. "It makes for an odd mix, at times."

Roberto strokes his trimmed beard. "well, thank you for being so forgiving. not everyone is so generous…" he chuckles a moment.

Hope takes another sip of coffee, approving. "Kamala's definitely forgiving," she agrees. "And generous. I mean, I'm a crazy mutant from the future who thinks everyone is after her, and she keeps taking me places and showing me how to act like what passes for normal here. No matter how many times I mess it up."

"That's because compared to me, you are normal." Kamala says, "I'm a shape-shifting possibly alien Muslim that is confused for a mutant and a girl - how many strikes do I already have against me?" she asks playfully with a shake of her head. "There's a reason she keeps me away from the Institute. My head might explode."

Roberto chuckles as they seeem to talk to each other about who's more normal than who and what the other does for that person to help them fit in better. "See…this is why people need friends." he chuckles then, sipping on his coffee. "Oh, I never asked." he looks to Hope the coffee-disliker. "How's the coffee?"

"Coffee's good," Hope says from the rim of her mug, slurping happily at more of it. "And it's not really about you, Kamala," she reassures the other girl. "It's more that I know there are rules about telling people and visitors and the like. I don't want to break them, even though I know you'd never betray anyone or hurt anyone. Heck, you'd probably fit in great there. You're a good student and all. I'm definitely not," she confides to Roberto. "A good student, that is."

"It is really good. If I gave this to my abu, he'd accuse me of witchery." Kamala teases a little and shakes her head. "It's not that I want to see it.. I get it." the young woman considers Roberto and Hope for a moment. "…it's more. A mutant? They get their powers at puberty. And when it's activated, they know there's someplace they can go. Me? I.. I don't know what I am. I don't fit in with the others like me. They're older.. and more.. structured and regimented. I don't fit it. And I can't be a mutant because my powers didn't come to life until.. well. I don't even know." she admits, and she makes her hand slightly larger. "I mean, I can change my shape at will. I can be whoever and whatever I can put my mind too - but I still feel alone at times. And that's why I'd be scared of losing my best friend to the future."

Roberto smiles then to Hope "Happy to hear it. I make some good coffee, lemme tell you." he chuckles a bit. Though when he hears that Hope isn't a good student, Roberto would admit something in return. "Ah…that's alright. I wasn't a good one either, to be honest. BUt…I think it turned out alright."

He looks then to Kamala. "Oh…that's a neat trick." he sees her expand her hand then back down. "ah…I see." he remains quiet then…perhaps something for the two to discuss?

Hope blinks, then sets her coffee down to wrap Kamala in a hug. "First of all," she says, "They're dumb if they wouldn't have you. Second of all, you'd fit in fine at the school. There's no reason anyone but…Well, but me, would know you weren't a mutant. And I guess the Professor, but he seems like an all right sort. And third of all, while I'll have to go home eventually, you won't lose me," she promises. "That's not how being friends works."

Kamala presses into Hope, returning her hug. "Good. Because not having you around is going to suck." she admits quietly. Pulling back, she dries her eyes on her sleeve. "Sorry! Totally hijacking the conversation. This about time machines, not my insecurities!"

Roberto just kinda looks between the ladies, chuckling a bit. "Hm…perhaps this should become a group hug?" he asks curiously. Standing up straight from his desk. "Or perhaps I should let you two have the room?"

"I feel like you're implying things," Hope chuckles at Roberto as she pulls back. "Or something. But no, sorry. Just clearing the air, apparently. Anyhow. There's no telling how long I'll be around. Time travel is weird like that. But I'd feel dumb if I didn't at least try, so I try. Besides, Tony Stark is Tony Stark no matter when you are. It's cool to get to look at things with him."

"No, no need for that.." Kamala's cheeks darken with color before she nods her head to Hope. "Anyway.. maybe sometime I'll visit the school. Who knows." she smiles a bit and then chuffs Hope in the shoulder. "Okay, let's get this part ordered so we can try to get you back home."

Roberto nods a bit then at the two with a soft chuckle. "Alright. COnsider it ordered. Anything else I can help you with Hope? anything to add Kamala?" he looks between the two curiously.

"I think that's it for me," Hope shakes her head, setting down a suspiciously empty mug of coffee with a crooked smile. "Thanks, Bobby. For the record, I like you a lot better than the other Bobby. Way more fun."

"How many Bobbys are there?" Kamala asks with a lift of her brow. "Do they time travel? Parallel universes? Or just another guy that's boring named Bobby?" Looking towards Hope for the answer, she shakes her head. "Nope, was just here for the moral support!"

Roberto takes a step towards Hope a moment when she thanks and compliments him. possibly flirtateously, but given his charm, it's hard to say. he could just be bluntly honest or something. "My pleasure hope. what are friends for. and happy to hear I'm the favorite Bobby." he laughs a bit then." Though he does look to Kamala. "To my knowledge? myself and Bobby Drake."

"You remember him," Hope wrinkles her nose at Kamala. "The ice guy who thought he knew better than everyone else. Not my favorite. Way, nicer, right?" she points a thumb at Roberto.

"Oh. Right. That guy." Kamala wrinkles her nose. "He did seem a little.. cold." There's a giggle at that as she makes her own pun.

Roberto chuckles then. "Yeah….Drake can be a bit of a handful. I personally don't like the guy. Ice and Fire…literally." he chuckles though. "But your high opnion of me is quite appreciated."

"Well, we should get going," Hope says, taking a step back with a small smile. "Thanks again, Bobby. I'll keep you updated if we come up with anything clever from that component. Only fair, right?"

Rising to her own feet, Kamala nods and agrees. "We probably have bothered you enough for one day." she admits with a grin. "I'll see you around." she offers before moving to leave with Hope.

Roberto gives a little nod to Hope. "Thank you Hope. I wonder what I'll hear from you." he smiles warmly to her, then looks to Kamala "Kamala, excellent to meet you. I'll see you around." he looks to both of them then. "You ladies have a nice evening." he walks around his desk then and takes a seat.

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