1964-11-20 - This One Time, at Dwarf Camp...
Summary: So Gidget and Reno come clean to Robbie about that trip to another plane… yeaaaaaaah. That doesn't go so well
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It was about mid-afternoon in Harlem, with the lunch rush being just about over and the dinner rush still incoming. Robbie was still a little heated that Carlos had stopped him from destroying those killers in thel ast mission, and as such….he's a bit frustrated. Arriving in his '63 dodge charger, with Reno likely in tow, Robbie pushes open the door, clearly in a bad mood.

He wears his trademark leather jacket, a dark red shirt underneath, coal black pants, black fingerless gloves, and combat boots. He seems to be saying a string of curses under his breath…but he soon manages to calm down at least a -little- once he reaches a seat.

Reno also helped Carlos to be fair, but Reno was more unnerved that that whole situation had come to be already. He'd gone to work and put in the time for Tio Rico He was a little skittish but usually was. This didn't stop him from pausing long enough to give the lady on her way out a winning smile. Seeee, she smiled back! That was a day looking up right there. He was still chewing on a toothpick when he dropped inoto teh booth across from Robbie and offered consolation, "All things in time, Primo. I know like some of us, myself included, get prettey screwed by the system, but we gotta give it a shot man. You acan't let this things eat you. When lan A fails we go full throttle, but ya know, patience is a virtue or something. Maybe it's a food group. I gorget. Either way it's good for us."

Robbie doesn't respond at first despite Reno's best efforts. "If you had any idea what they did you'd be thinking elsewise. I -crave- vengeance it's part of the deal Primo." he keeps his arms crossed, staring at the desk "The system has failed us more than once, and I just….ugh." he headdesks fast and then he's back up. "Fine. I'll play along…but your going to have a much harder time convincing the other guy." he sighs.

Reno seemed patient if not entirely sympathetic to this. He hurt for hus cousin, really. There was a hesitation but he patted the leather sleeve of his arm and offered, "Yeah, Primo, I know. One of those people that was failed was me and I GET that you care, but we care about what happens to you too, man. I odn't want to see you get eaten up by this thing. And I know thems some bad dudes. That's why it's also important to give the system a chance to make it work." He flashed a couple fingers to indicate a drink order and shrugged. "If they walk? Eeeeh then roll em."

Well Gidget has been a busy girl to say the least. After getting snatched up by the Avengers (though she really wasn't doing much) to things picking up at the salon, there was very little time for the fashionista. So after a busy day at work she would just make her to her favorite little bar in the city: The Cigar Factory.

Making her way inside, she was wondering if she was going to see anyone she knew. Sighing she'd just push the door open and made her way inside. "Hello?!" Brown eyes would canvas the area before she would just stop to look around, nibbling at her bottom lip.

Robbie siiiighs to Reno, nodding a few times. "Fine. I just want this thing to go away…either that, or I find a way to get my soul back." could be someone he could talk to about that latter bit…but for now, he and the Rider Ride together. Though when Gidget calls in, Robbie turns his head to her. "Hey Gidge. Come on in." he smiles to her warmly, before he looks back to Reno "The system tries my patience, but I'll play along. For now." he sits up straight now, though his arms are still crossed.

He does give Reno an appreciative nod though when Reno orders drinks.

Reno chortled, "Primo the system tried me and found me guilty as hell and weren't even entirely my fault." He at least accepted his responsibly. That conversation clipped short when Gidget waded in. "Hola, mamacita. Come have a seat. You can help me cheer Robbie up." He looked to Robbie and said, "You get in trouble you're going to have to duck out and then who's got our backs? I promise you primo is worth it. Besides you know what else they don't have in jail? Pretty gals that give a shit man. Trust me. Iiiiii looked. Gidget, is good to see you. Que pasa?"

Gidget would blink as she then waved and walked up. A slow approach as she smiled over at them. "What did I miss?" The brunette gave a small frown of concern as she walked over to Robbie. "What's wrong?" Her brow would raise as she shift that purse off of her shoulder, setting it down in front of her then nodded. Slowly her hand would reach out to take his as she tilted her head before looking back over Reno with a smile. "Hey hey. Same here, hon. And I'm good. How are you?"

Robbie sighs a moment to Reno, and he doesn't get a smile when he says his pretty gals tagline. "Heh, whatever. It has -one- chance." he looks then to Gidget "Just frustrations with something we tried to stop last time. We succeeded, but had an altercation with a teammate is all." he gives Gidget's hand a squeeze then. "I'm fine. Just heated."

Reno held out both hands to present, tada! Robbie. "Him. You missed him displaying an inordinate amount of retstraint and resonableness." He wasn't trying to make him laugh it seemed when Robbie fialed to grin, but the bird was making a very real point. He looked to Gidget and said in a very quiet tone, "Some folks were doin some bad things and we are making an effort to let a broken system do a … a thing." His hand flapped and he pointed up to teh label on the booth where it said Nelson & Murdoch. "Not all of em is bad, Primo. Give em a shot to do their things first."

"Oh." Nibbling her bottom lip, she'd just nod as she kept quiet. Listening to the conversation between the two she would just smile a bit. "I can leave you guys to it….I don't want to be rude…." Reaching over for her handbag she would then smile over at Robbie. "Don't be upset, hm? I don't know all the details but….I'm sure you can get it sorted out." A slow lick of her lips as she put her hand to his cheek. "I know I've been the worse girlfriend ever….but let's have a weekend, hm?" Looking to Reno she would chuckle a bit then blinked. "….you didn't….tell him about that…." Keeping quiet she would then shake her head a bit. Now was NOT the time for that….especially if he was already mad.

Robbie looks at Reno, sighing a moment at him but he does nod at Reno. "Yeah…alright, your right." he sighs, looking then to Gidget "You're not an awful girlfriend, but let's have a weekend." he smiles warmly then. "You can stay…don't let us scare you off." he sips his dirnk when it arrives. "Just frustrated at a teammate."

Reno looked to Gidget WIDE yeed with his head tilted. Nooooo noononono he did not *ahem* mention anything. Oh look over there! It' a pigeon that gave him a fake phone number. Very interesting. Robbie wasn't noticing this right? riiiight? "Gidge stay. He needs some good influence right now and maybe down time is good. Just maybe not to, say a volcano?" He was pretty certain he and GIdget were up on volcanos.

She would chuckle a bit as she wrapped her arms around him then. "Let me know how long? Maybe if I play my cards right we can go out of town for a week." Winking at him playfully she would then slowly move her arms from him and then cast a glance to Reno. "I get it. I'm sorry you guys are going through that stuff." Sighing she'd just shrug a bit. "Well….I can buy the next round maybe? Cheer you guys up? Or come over to for dinner!"

Robbie noticed.

"……what happened." he looks between Reno and Gidget. Gidget gave it away. Though he does look to Gidget at her offer "That sounds nice actually." he shrugs a bit. "Don't woryr about buying, I got it." he nods a few times. Though he does look to Reno "volcano?"

Reno winced and just folded his arms to rub his face, hiding it, with both hands. "Awwww Gidge, I thought we was good. WHy you doin this to me. I can't even be a bird right now." There might have been a whimper. "Robbie, the important thing to remember is that your favourite cousin ever, and this very nice lady that is caring very much abou'choo? We are alright. Moreso, ain't none of this is Reno's fault and I think that part sould be like bold and underlines. Just a bit."

Gidget would just smile as she leaned on Robbie and nodded slowly. "Oh I meant cooking dinner……why even eat out?" She'd then look to Reno when he started running off at the mouth. Sighing she would just shake her head a bit as she looked to the floor. "….way to hold up, dude." Laughing she would then slowly pull her arms from around Robbie's neck this took his hands. "Now look…..don't get mad…because like your cousin said we're fine. But…." There was some hesitation there. "….someone….borrowed me…..and Reno….."

Robbie narrowed his eyes at both of them. "Uh huh." he says possibly somewhat irritated. "Happy your both fine. What. Happened." he says, knowing something bad if it had to do with a volcano.

It's gidget though when she speaks about someone 'borrowed her and Reno'. "……" he's silent a moment. "What." well….good thing he was sitting down.

Reno flashed a look to Gidget flapping a hand at Robbie, "He knows where I sleep! And c'mon if willpower was my forte I wouldn't be in half the trouble I find myself in." It was a fair point. To robbie's anger he both bucked and tried to placate at teh same time; his want to take care of his cousin at war with his natural instinct to curl in a ball and stay in a ball. "Soooo this guy like teleported us to some… what was it, other planet? Some sort of place? Like the heart of a mountain and there was these lil tiny angry union dudes… Gidge help em out here."

Gidget just sighed as she shook her head a bit. "Loki….forced use to help him with something stupid. But I got him back and he was miffed but oh well." Rolling her eyes a bit she would look to Robbie and sighed. "It was either that or he was gonna get us killed essentially. And since I didn't feel like dying….so….." A slow lick of her lips as she just….waited. Don't get mad….don't get mad…..don't.

Robbie would cross his arms still, his eyes widening when Reno said they were transported to another -planet-. Though Gidget provides a bit more helpful information, Robbie….doesn't look happy. "I'm going to tear him limb from limb." he says with a clenched fist. "Where did he find you two?"

Reno folded his arms on the table and thunked his head onto them with a defeated murmur, "I was just buying a bagel." He took a deep breath and shook "I didn't know I was supposed to be hiding. He peeked and added, "She is super good at negotiating by the way. Also they turned out to be pretty alright dudes. You'd have fit right in. THey'd have loved your hair, primo."

Gidget would blink a as she put her hands on his fest. "We're fine! Really! Now he owes us one….even though that is still up to debate but…." Licking her lips she would sigh softly. "I was in a bagel shop…Reno just happened to be there." Glancing to Reno she would laugh as she just shrugged a bit. "It's all good. We're safe. The end." Glancing to Robbie she would smile. "Don't get mad….your cousin came back in one piece."

Robbie keeps his arms crossed and his eyes narrowed. "Then I should be happy that Gidget is a smooth talker." he takes a small breath, steam is very visible from the hellish punisher. Gidget's the one that actually calms him down. "Fine. But if I see him, he'll get more than a 'thank you'." hellfire seems to dance in his eyes, taking a breath and seemingly calming down. "You both are alright…next time, I'll be there."

Reno didn't want to talk about it or to think about it or to contemplate it. nopenopenopenopenope and a side of nope. There was a reason Reno might be a nervous wreck most days and overcompensated with a heavy dose fo denial and optimism. "You know what? In this case you ahve my full endorsement. Just don't… get hurt. He's tricky."

Gidget would frown a bit as she shook her head. "Leave him. I don't want you getting into something for no reason…" A hand went to his cheek then as she smiled. "No stress…." The tall brunette would lean in and give him a quick peck on the nose then smiled. "Alright?"

Robbie looks to Reno and appears happy that his primo agrees "Muchas Gracias primo." and he offers his more nervous counterpart a fist bump. Though Gidget apparently manages to change his mind some, or at least refrains him from actively seeking vengeance on Loki when she kisses his cheek. his arm goes around her waist and he nods. "alright Gidge….alright." he sighs then defeatedly.

Reno was not as thrilled but also was no fan of confrontation. Running and hiding was a strong and viable option. He who flees and runs away can run away another day and all that jazz. Sullenly he muttered as drinks arrived, "He made me molt. I don't think that's zero reason but… it might be a little over our head too."

Gidget would just shake her head at Reno. "Boy you were perched on my shoulder the whole time…." Rolling her eyes playfully she would grin then. "I'm the one he would be mad at…" Looking to Robbie she'd just lean in as he put his arm around her and nodded. "…no worries….promise."

Robbie nods a few times to Gidget, giving her a small smile and holding Gidget close "alright…not mad at you, mad at this Loki guy." and he looks then to Reno "really? huh. Well, at least Gidget had good company."

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