1964-11-22 - Breakfast Chez Miller
Summary: Four sleepyheads wake up to coffee and imminent breakfast.
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|ROLL| Maximus +rolls 1d20 for: 19

The apartment was getting crowded. Jay let his brother crash over and must be off somewhere. At some point late last night Max even showed up out of the cold and the rain and stayed. This left the apartment at maximum capacity and bereft of pancakes. For shame.

It was still early in the morning and Kaleb was, as he always was, scowling at the coffee maker trying in vain to plea bargain with it. He wasn't even dressed for the day nor entirely awake. He pulled his bathrobe closed a bit more waiting for the place to start really getting up to a reasonable temperature for the inside of the apartment for the day. "Look. We have given you shelter and I'm not even asking you to make toast, just coffee. Why don't your buttons do things? Why you doin this to me. C'mon…Just… beep or percolate or something."

Know who looks amazing in the morning? Apparently Maximus! All that prim and proper all the time, but you give him bed head and /bed head/ and he comes dragging out of Kaleb's bedroom in a pair of sleep pants, no shirt, because he's used to it, looking like a champ. He smiles, gentle, and leans in the doorway, looking at Kaleb talk to the coffee machine. Then he says in a croak, "Negotiating a hostage situation, I see…"

Vic comes out of the bedroom he shares with Kellan. His hair is rumpled, and he's bundled in flannel pajamas and a robe. He doesn't look all that sleepy, though. "Good morning," he says with a lopsided smile. Then he sees what Kaleb is doing, and he wanders over. "Hey there, Maximus. Kaleb, do you want me to make coffee?" It's okay to get him to do stuff for Kaleb if he's the one doing the asking, right?

Kellan doesn't sleep very well or very much most of the time and last night was no exception, so it is not unusual that he is the last to surface from the room he shares with Vic. He rubs a bit at one eye and lets Vic negotiate with the coffee maker. "Mornin' Kaleb.. mornin' Max," he mumbles and goes straight to the fridge and pours himself a glass of orange juice before getting out of the way.

Kaleb squint at the machine. Palms pressed to the counter with one finger taptaptapping on it thoughtfully as if having an appliance staredown while only half awake. He considered Vic's offer and tried to come up with some sort of snappy retort but let's face it, words were never Kaleb's friend. Groggy he nodded, "Would you, Vic?" It's almost like asking and not even delegating. It was close enough. It was Kaleb-eese for please help me before we all perish. "Moooorning, Kell. Was gonna actually make coffee for people but it still hates me." He looked back to Max and then his nicer half, and his nicer-half's better-half and polled the room. We have breakfast preferences? Whatever is happening today we're not going outside. It's still raining and… dreadful."

"No? No outside?" He wanders to a window and peeks out. "Ahhh, so it is, raining. ugh." Then he looks over his shoulder at Vic and Kellan, "I am trying to decide if this is awkward or amazing." He grins crookedly. "It feels…" he puts a hand to his bare chest. "A bit…decadent. Two sets of lovers…breakfast…openness…" He draws in a deep breath as he tries to decide.

Vic pours water into the machine, puts the coffee grounds in and turns it on. The machine likes Vic and does exactly what it's supposed to do. How is that even fair? He grins back at Kellan as he comes out of the bedroom. "I think it's great," he tells Maximus. "I feel like making pancakes. Does anyone want pancakes? Maybe we can make them together." Because the four of them squeezed into the kitchen trying to make pancakes can only end well.

"Why would it be awkward?" Kellan asks Max. He clearly doesn't find anything awkward. "You guys have been seeing each other a while now." Frankly, he's surprised he hasn't seen Max coming out of Kaleb's room more often before now, but well, he and the mote moved pretty fast. When Vic offers to make pancakes, he moves over to him and slides an arm around his waist, leaning in to kiss him before he says, "Youuu.. are going to relax and I am going to order us breakfast." Because Vic is not only a maker of pancakes!

Kaleb pushed off the counter and exited the kitchenette area with a pause as Vic cheerfullysuggested that he do manual labour that they had people, GOOD SKILLED PEOPLE, to pay to do. He blinked and squint, "Have we met?" That would be a no. As Kellan disarmed Vic of proverbial frying pan before he could hop off to play Chef Victor the sonic grinned. This was their normal. This was good. He shrugged to Kellan's question and offered, "Eh maybe cause usually I'll jsut stay over there. Good to have the family that doesn't make us allergic all together though." Footsteps stopped short of Max and he assured, "I'll opt for amazing, and I'll second decadent only because if one cannot buy a sanctuary we are clearly investing our capitol incorrectly…also g'morning." Yeha he wasn't letting the Inhumans get him back so soon. That was still bothering him, though he wasn't going to drag that up in the small reprieve that was a perfectly good morning and ruin it with politics. Not before coffee anyways. "Right so if we're pushing decadant I think it's a french toast or crepes morning with bacon day. It's a day for comfort food apparently.

Maximus drifts towards Kaleb and just tries to be near. "I have never…been in this sort of situation. So, for me…its a new thing." Explaining why it would seem awkward to him, at least. He runs his fingers through his hair. "Should I put on a shirt? This chill reminds me of…the sanctuary that I'm trying to get over." He casts a look at Kaleb and his eyes glint.

Vic turns toward Kellan once the coffee pot is happily making coffee, and he slips an arm around him in turn. He gives him a kiss and murmurs, "Okay, that sounds good." He nuzzles Kellan's cheek, then kisses him again. It's getting pretty schmoopy all up in this. He then turns his head toward Maximus and Kaleb, a pleased smile on his face. "French toast sounds great." To Maximus, he says, "Whatever makes you comfortable. You should be comfortable while you're here."

"Good, I'm ordering french toast, a lot of bacon, some fresh fruit, crepes.. anyone want anything else?" He makes a note of any additions and then picks up the phone, calling out to an amazing breakfast place nearby to place the order. Once that is done, he turns back toward Max and says, "What Vic said. Be comfortable. Shirt optional." He grins, then he tugs Vic with him toward the couch. This apartment is bigger than their last one, with a much larger comfortable sunken living room that no longer houses people's bedrooms.

Kaleb tilted his head towards his brother, "Kell can vouch. I dunno I even bothered having somene stay over. Sooo it's not just weird to you. Really you're fine but if you're cold you're welcome to my closet. We're pretty much the same size anyways." He looked back to teh room and thought of a way to sun up the situation without dredging up the past and finally summed up, "we're comin into holiday season. Thought we might try something new. Maybe not being incarcerated," in deference to Old Vic, "and maybe work on some stuff with the people we actually wnat to be around aside from catering to the painful regulatory hullabaloo." He looked back from Vic and Kellan, to Max, to teh room. "I think we can all maybe use that and Max, we like having you around. I like having you around so yeah. Maybe something new."

Maximus arrrrches a brow. "Were you in jail last…whatever holiday this is for you?" He drifts over to take a seat, leaning his forearms on the table. "I know nothing of them, your holiday traditions, so you will have to show me /everything/." He flicks a casual gesture with one of his hands, before flopping it back against the table. The tone he uses seems to be expectant that showing him will be fun.

Vic is easily led by Kellan. He sits on the couch and draws Kellan down with him, wrapping an arm around him. "It's a long story," he says, somewhat sheepishly. "This time last here, technically, I was in juvie. I got out on New Year's day, stole a cop car, and went to the big boy's prison." He considers, then says, "My holiday tradition usually involved ducking beer bottles. I like this new life better."

Kellan curls up on the couch with Vic, snuggling in against his side and resting his head on his shoulder. He is not shy at all, nor does he seem surprised by this story as he's well aware of his lover's past as a juvenile delinquent, and then an actual deliquent, until the mote that he currently is took up residence. He seems content, if a little tired. "We can teach you all about them. Thanksgiving is all about eating turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, until near bursting then laying around and taking a nap."

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