1964-11-22 - Macy's Charity Ball
Summary: Macy's, Columbia University, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art have joined their forces to create a charity that will benefit Youth Education and Humanities and Arts. This is one such gathering for the charity.
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The upper floor of the Met is currently being used to hold the dinner in honor of the charity fundraiser, while the bottom floor has been transformed into an area for mingling and dancing, along with a string quartet that is providing the ambiance for the evening - a winter wonderland. There is a lot of white metallic garland on the staircases, and bright twinkling lights illuminate the floor in a layer of faux snow that is supposed to give the impression of an open field on a magical night. Outside the Met, the valets are dutifully taking tickets and keys to park cars, while a donation bin has been set up to look like a large snowglobe on the opposite end of the first floor.

It could be worse, Stephanie Brown tells herself as she sits at a table on the second floor, near the balcony. Her 'date', such as he was, is downstairs dancing. She can see him from here. There was confusion about whether or not 'Lu' was busy, and apparently Lu -was- busy, but she was busy because she was coming to the ball. Just… not with the boy who asked her. She had her own ticket, and her own plus one. Said plus one is now at the bar, and Lu and Steph's date are cutting a rug.

<Dear Diary: On the bright side, somebody rich bought me a nice dress. I'm not sure if they're aware or not.>

She has a flute of something that might be champagne in front of her, and she looks pretty good for a poor girl from Queens — she was not allowed to look at the price tag, and feels vaguely like she just won 'Queen for a Day'. She's still not in the best of moods, if only because, well… Really, dude, if you ask a girl to a BALL, you ask her to DANCE!

Jessica Drew made arrangements to meet Dick Grayson here at the ball, after a bit of an awkward dance about who would pick up whom and where they might meet. Despite a desire to take her motorcycle, she eventually decided the better choice was to take a cab. Evening gowns just aren't made for motorcycles.

And what an evening gown it is. After spending hours in the department store, she managed to find a deep oxblood red sleeveless dress that clings to her body before flaring out into a short train past her knees, gold trim running from the deep v of the neckline all the way down the front of the gown in slenderizing lines. Her lipstick matches the dress, and she's even put a few curls in her hair. With heels on, she's an inch over six feet tall as she climbs out of the cab, searching the crowd.

Thea is not waiting for any man to ask her to dance, nor is she remembering the /last/ time she came to a charity event here, and how that turned out. The red evening gown is one shoulder, vaguely Grecian inspired, possible from one of Oleg Cassini's lines. Blonde hair has been tamed into a low chignon, some tendrils left loose and curled about her face. Black opera gloves cover her from fingertip to just below her elbow, contrasting the pale straw hue of the champagne in her glass. There is subtle flash of clear and red at her ears, her lips painted to match the dress.

She wanders seemingly without a set path, smiling and greeting friends of her parents, even older friends of her grandparents, and so on. There's a sip of champagne as her eyes slide over the dance floor, wondering.

Bruce Wayne was already planning to arrive with his beautiful date, Carol Danvers.

Arriving with her via a -beautiful- limousine, Bruce would be let out of the car by the chaufeur. Mr. Wayne would be wearing an excellent black two piece suit that looks beautifully tailored, with a black undershirt and a dark red tie, looking extravagantly suave today.

Once he's been let out, he extends his hand to Carol, who rode with him to this ball, like a gentleman, and would walk her to the entrance for a fun date night. "You look beautiful." he compliments.

And Dick's already there. Outside the Met. He actually arrived several minutes - okay - hours - earlier. As one of the patrons of the Met, he wanted to make sure that the Cloisters had their own representations within the display, and as he notices the gorgeously tall brunette, he makes his way from where he was standing near the valet stand to glance down at his watch. "You're five minutes late." he teases Jess with a smirk.

"Was going to give you another two and start to wonder if I had been stood up." he starts to say before the crowd parts a little further, and he gets a better view of his date for the evening, and Dick's expression widens a bit. "Alright, you did say you were going to blow my mind." he admits as he offers his arm to Jess, just as Bruce arrives, and his smile turns slightly wry with the glance towards Jess. "Should we?" he asks mischeviously.

Carol emerges from the limo, taking Bruce's hand as she smiles, "And you look quite handsome, as always." She wears a shimmering black dress, a red sash tied around her waist to mimic Bruce's outfit as she moves with him, glancing around the Met once they enter the building proper. Which is when she notices Jess and… Dick?!? Wait what?

"Anticipation is good for you," Jess smirks back at Dick as she takes the offered arm, following his gaze toward Bruce and Carol. "Are you sure you don't want to call her 'mom'? Because I'm just saying, I could make that worth your while." True friendship is making fun of your friend's date. And your friend. When Carol looks over, though, she just grins, waving cheerfully with her free hand. No, this isn't awkward at all!

Diana arrives fashionably late, or well, late because she really doesn't know this city all that well. Horses are not so simple to come by, but she found other means to do it, as in someone explained to her what a cab is.

She shows up in a Grecian styled gown herself, to her reminiscent of the royal robes she'd wear on Themyscira while partaking in formal duties. One shoulder, in immaculate white, accented and hemmed with golden embroidery, and a golden sash cinching at the waist. The woman must be a model, considering her exceptional height, though she seems a bit more toned than one would expect of a model.

Either way, Diana walks into the museum, and after showing her ticket she makes it her top priority to find the proper place to deposit the check of $5,000 to the Youth Education and Humanities and Arts Foundation that she brought with her. Detailing as she deposits it, that it is a donation made by Kate Bishop, who unfortunately could not attend.

It is only then that Diana ventures out through the dance floor towards the stairway leading to the second floor, eager to examine the surrounding, as well as the people who showed up to this inspiring event.

Stephanie sips from her flute of… well, it resembles champagne, anyway. If she were a typical teenager who'd been rejected for a better model, it probably would be. In fact, it's ginger ale — but only Stephanie is fully aware of that. It's a rare teen indeed who carries a hip flask of something non-alcoholic strapped to her thigh with a garter belt.

Thea moves gracefully between bodies, occasionally doing a double take when men of a certain height, build, and coloring cross the edges of her vision. She heads for the staircase to get the full view, to study who is here, who is not. She's here in part for her parents, after all. Have to be seen.

"Up to you. But I never really went beyond ward with Bruce." Dick responds with an easy smile, the curator dressed in a finely tailored tux that he probably had stashed away as he gives a devil-may-care smile towards Bruce and Carol. "Evening!" he greets, and introduces. "Jess, I believe you already know Carol Danvers. But this is Bruce Wayne, CEO of Wayne Enterprises, and the man partially responsible for raising me - honestly, I give Alfred most of the credit." he says in a slight tease. "Bruce, this is Jessica Drew, we met a few days ago and I decided to ask her to the gala. I believe that she and Carol are already well-acquainted though." Oh, he's enjoying this. It's not often he has info before Bruce does, and he's going to enjoy every moment of it.

Bruce smiles when he sees Grayson and Jessica Drew together, looking to Carol then and reading her facial expression like a book. "It seems my ward has done well for himself." and while he -definately- sees Diana, it's not one of lust or desire, merely spotting another face in the crowd. same with Stephanie Brown and Thea.

But then he runs into Grayson himself and his date. "Grayson." he greets, though he looks to Jessica Drew, extending a hand then to the young woman. "Grayson likes to talk, though unfortunately he does -alot- of talking." he teases the man he considers his own blood. "A pleasure, miss Drew." though he doesn't seem too offended by Grayson knowing more than him. every dog has his day!

Carol smiles wryly, "Yes, Jessica and I have known each other for quite a while. When she mentioned some of the particular… characteristics of her date, I should have guessed it was you Richard." She gives Jess a sly wink at that, her hand resting comfortably on Bruce's arm, "So how long have you two been going out?"

It was a strange, strange world when Ne was considered high-class or would turn up to an affair like this with any intention other than robbing the place…but the world had been strange for a while now. Of course, today she'd backed out a little on her recent decision to no longer hide herself: her usual odd appearence that was highlighted by her two-tone hair and eyes had been cloaked by one of her illusions, once more rendering her raven-locked and green-eyed. It simply wasn't worth ruining the charity event just because someone might react poorly to an obvious mutant's presence.
Wrapped in a black designer dress contrasted by a white ribbon around her neck, the young woman steps into the Met and lets her gaze sweep over those gathered.

Jess seems to be almost as amused at Carol's surprise as Dick is by knowing something Bruce doesn't. Lord help all of them. "A pleasure to meet you, Mr. Wayne. Carol's said very nice things about you." Granted, a fair portion of them have been in comparison to Tony Stark, but still. She looks to Dick at Carol's question, smile wry. "About five minutes now," she chuckles. "I'd seen him a few times at the gym, we finally talked a bit, he invited me out here. We'll see how long it takes for him to realize I can't be trusted around nice things."

Reclusive is definitely the word for Cranston - once upon a time, he was yet another useless playboy on New York's social scene. But there was that long absence of years, Lamont gods only know where. Since his reappearance a few months ago, he's made only the most token of appearances. There he is though, somber in one of those beautifully tailored tuxedos, dark hair brushed severely back from his brow. That air he has out being somewhat out of time is more evident than ever.

Surprisingly, perhaps, he's not alone, though. A younger man's with him, dark hair and eyes striking on contrast to his pale skin, also formally dressed. Lamont hands off a flute of champagne to him, snagged from a passing waiter, before geting one for himself. The Shadow pauses a beat, searching the crowd - there are faces he's encountered before. His old student….and the Amazon Princess. The former's no surprise, but to see that face in a context so distant in place and time from the trenches where first met her is enough to leave him paused in surprise for a moment, brows up. He looks older than the young aviator she may remember…. but not nearly fifty years older. He should be an old man but now, but at most….middle aged.

"Nothing wrong with someone that's a bit dangerous, right Bruce?" Dick offers with a charming smile. Selena Kyle, anyone? With a grin, he pats Jessica's hand with his own. "Should we make our way inside. I watched the preparations for tonight, and I am impressed with what they did.. but not as impressed with how my date looks tonight." A glance askew to Jessica and a wink sent her way.

Lindon takes the offered champagne and inclines his head to Lamont in thanks. He's dressed to the nines, but he's got the wide-eyed look of a deer in headlights. "Do you know anyone here?" he asks, his accent classically Midwest. This is not his social circle, and all the nicely dressed people are regarded with nervousness and admiration.

Bruce shifts his arm just lightly so that he can hold Carol's hand delicately, giving it a soft squeeze. Though his attention is on the two before him. He gives Nightwing a small smirk, before he notices those few people dancing. gives him ideas. Though he does smile at Jess "SHe has? I wonder what she's told you." he gives Carol a light nudge then.

Carol chuckles, "Only nice things. Well, mostly." She grins at Bruce, giving him a slight wink, then she gives Dick a wry look, "Though, I daresay I'm probably one of the more dangerous people here." Her lips quirk a bit, as she doesn't look dangerous. Well, aside from how that dress fits her, anyway, as she says, "So, Bruce, shall we have a dance?"

Admittedly, Stephanie came to the ball because her friends would probably have brained her if she said 'no'. Still, this is not quite what she expected. Her knowledge about balls pretty much extends to fairy tales and Disney movies based on fairy tales, but even so, given that it's America, she does not anticipate an abundance of Royals in attendance.

Aside from Diana, of course.

"Only nice things," Jess agrees with Carol, smile bland. "Like your deepest, darkest secrets." She winks, arm tightening over Dick's for a brief moment. "You two enjoy your evening," she chuckles to the pair. "I promise I'll try not to break Grayson here. Much. Unless he asks for it." Such a solid promise.

There's some sips of her champagne, her gloved hand skimming along the rail as she walks along the second floor, watching the whirl of color and sparkle. The snowy white and gold gown catches her eye, however, and in true Thea fashion, she'll head straight that way. "I have to compliment your gown. Cassini?" It's a sensible question, as Cassini does love the Grecian lines like Thea's gown displays.

Bruce smiles warmly to Carol, nodding once "We shall." he smiles then, and with a twirl to his lovely date, he leads her down to the ballroom floor, giving her a littlte bow before he comes close to dance with her as was the tradition. Bruce you sly dog you….

Ne's path takes her past the others, and while her gaze certainly recognizes Bruce Wayne (someone she almost certainly would have pickpocketed in the past) she doesn't actually know any of the others at the party. Moving deeper into the gathering, the short-statured mute manages to take a flute of champagne for herself on the path that brings her past the equally out-of-place Stephanie, offering the other young woman a nod of her head in polite greeting.

Diana has taken a look at all the gathered, and very unexpectedly she spots a familiar face. One she hadn't seen in many years, and when last they met, the situation was all the more grimmer and far less festive. But just as she starts to walk towards Lamont, she is stopped when someone actually addresses her, causing her to turn and look at Thea, smiling as she notes the likewise Grecian styled gown. "Thank you, as I will compliment yours, it is a very regal style, don't you think?" Asked if it's a Cassini, the very much clueless about the world of fashion designers Diana just nods. She guesses that might be an appropriate response.

"No, we're not challenging them to a dance off." Dick can see that look in Jess' eyes as he grins towards her playfully, the pair of them angling further within the gathering, and towards Diana and Thea first as he adds wryly. "Plus, we're way more acrobatic than them."

He's still gazing at Diana, rather gobsmacked, truth be told. But after that moment of shocked surprise, he turns back to Lindon. "Ah, yes," Lamont says, still awkward, his usual poise completely eroded. "That is Princess Diana of Themyscira, an Amazon." Then his gaze setttles on Bruce and he says, with a slow smile, "And that is Bruce Wayne," he adds, sounding fond. Then he murmurs something to Lindon in some other tongue, sotto voce.

"I have a hard time seeing either of them agreeing to a dance-off," Jess chuckles to Dick, following at his side. "But now that you've put the idea in my head, I feel like I need to at least try imagining it." As a tray with champagne passes by, she reaches out to snag a flute for herself, taking a swallow. "And if I try to do acrobatics in this dress, the seams are going to blow."

Carol grins slightly, resting a hand on Bruce's shoulder as she glances around, "Quite a few notaries here… I think I saw Princess Diana here as well." She chuckles, "Didn't think there'd be quite this many when you extended the invitation." She arches a brow, giving Bruce a wry expression as she looks over at Diana and Thea, recognizing the latter rather easily as she flashes a quick smile to the fellow blonde.

Lindon's eyes widen. "You know Bruce Wayne? Wow." He studies Princess Diana of Themyscira. His gaze goes a little vague, skimming as though he's reading in the air. Then he nods slowly. "Themyscira," he murmurs. "That's fascinating." He gives Lamont a nudge and says, "You should say hello."

"It's lovely, it suits you very well. The white would be ghastly on me." There's a bright smile, the offer of a gloved hand. "Althea Harman. A pleasure to meet someone with such great taste." There's a catch of that smile, fingers not holding the flute managing to waggle at Carol. She'll comes say hello in a minute, swear!

Bruce smiles to Carol as he sways with her in dance, looking her in the eyes. "Right…I noticed her too." Bruce researches and notices everything. "I'm surprised so many I know are present. That's what happens when you have local balls and celebrations I suppose." he looks back down to Carol with a smile.

Diana casts a casual glance about, taking a quick measure of those who seem to be discussing her. It's not that she has superhearing, so much as an uncanny awareness. One might say godly, *winkwinknudgenudge*. But soon her attention is right back with Thea, as she extends a hand, "a pleasure to make your acquaintance, Althea Harman, I am Diana Prince." She also makes a mental note to stop by Carol to thank her for the help the other day, else she wouldn't have even known of this event.

Bruce is apparently the safer acquaintance…..and it's that way that Lamont heads, Lindon in tow. His composure's back, that usual air of cool-tempered ease. Once the dance is finished, he motions at the Batman, waving a hand lazily. "Mr. Wayne," he says, pleasantly. "How lovely to see you. It's been too long."

"Well, I wouldn't want you putting on a show for everyone, Jess." Dick says with a small chuckle at the idea before glancing at her. "Did they pour you into that dress or paint it on?" he asks her with an amused twinkle in his eye before they arrive just outside the Diana and Thea circle. "Evening." he offers to the two women.

"I hope you have a lovely evening, Ms. Prince. I have seen some people I need to go greet, if you will excuse me. Even socializing can be work." There's a bright smile from Thea, before she turns, seeing Dick and his date. There's another smile, a lift of her glass as she looks at Dick. "Evening."

Lindon trails along a little behind and to one side of Lamont. He offers Bruce a smile, though he's too shy to say anything. He just looms. Quite tall, he is, though rail thin and more gawkish than imposing.

"Get handsy enough and you might find out," Jess murmurs with a smirk, raising her glass in a quiet salute to Diana and Thea as they approach the pair. "It looks like you found a perfect dress," she grins to Diana. "It looks great on you. Very not-dark." Sassy thing.

"Getting handsy with you might cause me to draw back a nub." Dick responds with a lift of his brow as he catches that look from Thea. He was about to respond to it when Jess addresses Diana and now it's Dick's turn to be surprised. "Well, aren't you just the social butterfly, Jess." he comments, before he offers his hand. "Dick Grayson, curator of the Cloisters." he offers in greetings.

Bruce Wayne pauses his dancing with Carol when he hears the voice of his former teacher…Lamont. and he goes serious once more a moment, before he turns to face his once instructor. "Lamont.." he looks then to Lindon "and friend. How goes, my old friend?" he smiles to Lamont "I always thought these events weren't your cup of tea?"

That has Lamont smiling that curling, faintly wicked smile. " Do forgive me for interrupting," A polite inclination of his head to Carol. "I'm well, I hope I find you the same," Then he's gesturing Lindon forward. "Bruce, may I present my good friend, Lindon Mills. Lindon, this is the philanthropist Bruce Wayne, who strives night and day to see justice enshrined in her proper place in our fair city." Yes, he might be teasing Bruce, just a little. But really, who else can one dark avenger sympathize with, if not his colleagues?

Carol Danvers nods, and smiles politely towards Lamont, glancing between him and Lindon, "Carol Danvers." She rests a hand on Bruce's arm, her eyes flickering around to see if there's other people she'd recognize… who knows, at this point!

Lindon steps forward and offers his hand to Bruce. "It's such an honor, Mr. Wayne." He might just be a bit of a philanthropist fan boy. He inclines his head then to Carol. "It's a pleasure, Miss Danvers." He's a little awkward with the handshaking thing, but one can't fault him for effort.

Diana turns at Dick's words when he approaches her and Thea, offering a curtly, "evening to you as well." At Jess her expression turns more neutral, she still recalls her suspicion of the woman from the other day, "thank you," she replies politely nevertheless, "I appreciate the help you and your friend Carol offered." That little jab in the end gets a smirk out of Diana, "you are the sort to constantly place a lit match next to dynamite, to test whether it would explode or not, are you not?"

When Richard offers his hand, Diana reciprocates by extending her arm towards him for a surprisingly firm handshake, assuming Richard isn't expecting the grip of an Amazon, "Diana Prince," she offers, unaware that Lamont has actually already introduced her more truthfully.

Thea hasn't anything to offer on Diana's usual choice of wardrobe, so she takes Dick's hand, after Diana. "Thea Harman, here on behalf of my parents and Dimitrios Shipping. Someone had to bring the checks and put a face to things." There's a hint of cheekiness in that grin.

It's a little tougher to make introductions when you don't talk, but that didn't mean that Ne wasn't watching and listening to those that were already being shared. Holding onto the flute that she'd still yet to take a sip from, the young woman was watching with silent curiousity each of the exchanges from friendly to flirtatious.

Bruce gives Lamont a small batman-esque famous smirk when he praises him for helping to keep the city clean of injustice. "Truly Lamont, you speak too highly of me." he extends his hand to Lindon when he is introduced. "A pleasure Mr. Mills." he notices his enthusiasm but keeps to himself. Bruce puts a hand on Carol's waist, being a gentleman though. He does smile a moment to Lamont "So then…have you taken another student in your…philosophical teachings?" he puts it nicely.

in which he means magic*

"You are precisely correct," Jess grins at Diana, a glimmer of humor in her eyes. "Sometimes things go boom, sometimes they don't. But it's definitely more interesting to see how people react to it." She glances to Thea, smile settling crooked as the introductions go around. "Checks and faces are definitely the sort of things these events are built for. Jessica," she introduces herself, offering a hand to the other woman. "Of no checks and no faces."

"A pleasure, Miss Prince, Miss Harman." Dick meets Thea's eyes and offers a small smirk as he turns is attention to Jess and grins at Diana. "You've known her for that long and already figured that out?" he asks with a playful lift of his brow. "It seems your reputation proceeds you, Jess."

Entirely a reasonable misunderstanding. "Not quite," Lamont hedges, gently. "In fact, I've found myself in the position of student again. Never too old a dog to learn new tricks," he says. "Lindon….is working on archiving my collection." Lamont and his thing for old texts of whatever occult nature.

Lindon nods along with Lamont's words and says, "Like he says, I'm an archivist. I do research for Mr. Cranston as well as recording the work he does." He's about to leave it at that, but, because awkwardness is his thing, he adds lamely, "I'm a librarian."

Bruce gives Lamont a bit of an 'ahhhhhh' kind of look "I see." he looks then to Lindon, seeing his enthusiasm and all that, mildly amused. "I'm sure you do Mr. Cranston hear a good service. Keep it up will you?" he smiles approvingly for the sake of the kid in question, before he looks to Lamont "learning new things? You? Why I thought you knew all of the tricks." he grins.

"I'm afraid you'll find me very level headed Ms. Drew," Diana says to Jessica in a voice brimming with confidence, a sort of suggestion to stop trying to get a rise out of her, because it will not happen. Certainly not in this setting.

Something that Thea says catches her attention as more introductions are made, and she peers curiously at Thea, "an advocate of the Earth, are you? Or is that your partner?" She wonders.

At Richard's quip about Jess, Diana chuckles, "I'm afraid she's just that easy to read."

Diana eventually does make it a point to wave at Lamont, calling out at him, "Kent Allard!? Is that really you!?"

Thea turns to look at Diana, brown eyes widening slightly. There's a glimmer in brown eyes before there's a wide smile. "I don't have a husband. Dimitrios is my mother's maiden name. My grandfather runs the business. It's a very old family line, yes." The grin widens, for just a moment. "Though I have to say that most of our fortunes would be Posiedon's favor, the last couple of generations. Overseas shipping and exports. Though we still have a good deal of farmland in the family, I have cousins who love the earth. You seem quite familiar with the mythology."

That is a ….well. He should've remembered that the Amazon princess has his true name. But he's just been outed in public, and there's no smooth recovery for that. Lamont heads for Diana, smiling at her. "An old alias," he says, trying for comfort. Apparently realizing he's not sure how she styles herself these days, either, he hesitates, and settles on, "Diana."

Raising a small brow when he hears Diana's call and Lamont subsequently turn around….he remembers that alias….and with a small chuckle, Bruce Wayne follows Lamont, giving Diana a gentlemanly bow. "Good evening. My name is Bruce Wayne, may I ask what yours is?" he extends a hand to her, in which he had a firm yet gentle grip paradoxically enough.

Lindon, left where he stands, looks around, then tries to follow Bruce without looming, or making it obvious he's following him. Then, just in case it needs said, he explains, "Just looking for Lamont." He smiles. Who let this poor man out in public?

Diana mirrors the smile that Thea shows her, likewise impressed with any who are familiar with…well, for her it's sorta kinda family really, rather than Mythology. It's complicated. "Well, Demeter and Posiedon do have their moments of consorting," she offers with a light chuckle, the sort of humor a History Major with a focus on Greek Mythology might get, or other well read people, or just Greek Mythology fanatics. The point is, not many would. Diana inclines her head to concur with Thea's statement, "one could say that of me." She stops short of admitting she had lived parts of it.

Diana is beaming with delight, and before Lamont can say a word, she has him in a tight and warm embrace, "it is so wonderful to see you! I did not expect that would happen," she admits, before giving him a chance to actually speak, "oh? An old alias?" She looks interested as she asks, "what do you go by these days, dear friend?"

When Bruce Wayne introduces himself shortly after, she shakes hands with him, her grip ever firm. It's just a manner of habit, rather than a showing off, it's just that most in Man's World don't expect that of a woman. "Diana Prince. Pleased to meet you, Mr. Wayne."

As the others talk, Jess and Dick start to have a little conversation. There's a bit of laughter, and then his hand moves to set on the small of Jessica's back. "I'll find something else for Jessica to get a rise out of, Miss Prince." comes Dick's response as he smirks and starts to lead the tall brunette off. Because they really are like fire and high explosives.

Bruce idly smiles at Lamont due to his apparent friendship with WOnder Woman. Though the more casually dressed caped crusader is fully expectant of Diana's grip, and it's evident in how he returns it. THough it's no challenge whatsoever. "The pleasure is mine Ms. Prince." he smiles in a friendly and chaste manner, before he steps out of the way, seeing that Lamont and Diana have catching up to do, Bruce simply smiles, and makes his way out.

"So I've heard, in some of the less kid friendly myths." Thea agrees with Diana, before she's finishing her champagne. She will wait a moment, before she'll take Bruce's hand. "Mister Wayne. A pleasure to see you again." There's amusement in her smile. "If you will all excuse me, I'm going to powder my nose and find another glass of champagne. Enjoy your evening."

Lamont is just turning to try and motion over Lindon when he's hugged. And when you get hugged by an Amazon, you really get hugged. His smile is that rare unconsidered grin. "Lamont Cranston, these days," he says, as he returns the hug. When he's released, he's beckoning Lindon over. "Miss Prince, this is my good friend, Lindon Mills." C'mon, Lin, come meet the Amazon.

Wayne goes home.

Lindon does come to do just that! "Hello, Miss Prince," he says. Even he isn't clueless enough to say 'but I thought you said she was…' He flashes Lamont a grin. Poor well-hugged fellow, held in the arms of the gorgeous Diana. He offers his hand to her and says, "It's a pleasure to meet you. I do some work for Mr. Cranston."

"Sure. There's a flagpole around here, right?" Jess smirks at Dick's response, downing the rest of her champagne in a single swallow and leaving the glass on a passing tray as they cut through the crowd.

"I'm glad to see you've made it this far, Lamont," Diana doesn't bother with a Mr. and further nudges Lamont when he gives her the Miss. "Please, you can call me Diana, we're friends, aren't we?" She turns towards Lindon as Lamont introduces him, and offers her hand, "a pleasure, Mr. Mills." She smiles as Lindon states his business, "then you're working for one of the finer men I've met, and that says a lot."

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