1964-11-23 - Operator This Is An Emergency
Summary: Peter comes to visit MJ, but is trapped in a phone booth!
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The whole idea of Thanksgiving break is to let people go home for the holidays. And while Peter Parker has done an admirable job of going home to check on Aunt May, he's actually using the break to get ahead on his studies. Unfortuantely, while he was doing this, some of the jocks on campus, working on their practices for the next game, heard about the nerd on campus in the science lab- and that he went out just last night with Mary Jane Watson of all people.

And that won't do. A nerd should know his place.

Peter was trying to be cute, really. He was going to call Mary Jane from outside of the dorm at the phone booth to call her and ask her out. What he didn't expect - even as his spidey sense went off, was that a pair of jocks have locked the phone booth from the outside, trapping Parker within as they're rocking it back and forth and singing outside, trying to get the attention of the girl's dorm to show off to the residents within.

Mary Jane was actually catching up on her own studies, and possibly getting ahead a bit, but once the phone starts ringing she blinks in surprise. Then she reaches over and picks up, "Yello, this is MJ… hmmm, triple sine integral of the surface area…" She writes down some of her problem while she talks into the receiver. And might sound a little confusing on the other end!

"…just don't forget that if the limits are constant, you're just computing the volume of a rectangular box." Peter's voice is a little shaky. "Hey MJ, it's Pete. I was going to ask if you wanted to do a little studying.. but I seem to be a little tied up." Hearing him talking to Mary Jane, the boys start to call out louder, "She's too good for you! Nerd! Geek!" Seem to be popular call outs.

MJ frowns as she hears the background noise, "How about I come out to you. Where are you?" She narrows her eyes, and absently picks up the roll of quarters that she was saving for laundry. Might have to do something else with them…

"Uh. Well." Peter hems and haws. Really, he could easily escape this, but the catch is - how to do so without anyone noticing. "Ah. Look out your window?" When Mary Jane does? Pete will wave from the phone booth where he's trapped, just as the guys tip it over with Peter in it, and start laughing uproariously at what they did.

Mary Jane peers out her window, and sees the bullies knocking over the phone booth… and she just sees RED. "Peter, I'll be right down." And with that, she throws on a jacket over her shirt, marching down the stairs and heading out of the building. Her surprise roll of quarters clutched tightly in one hand, too. Just in case.

Peter yelps as the case falls over, and the glass shatters around him as he rolls into a protective ball. One of the boys looks up as Mary Jane comes marching out. "Uh oh, lover girl's coming to the rescue!" he says to his friend, and the other one snorts. "She'd probably put up a better fight than this nerd." Though as one of them steps back, Peter's leg just happens to get out of the booth and just casually sweeps the bully, knocking him onto his back. He gives a sharp cry of pain, and moves to get back to his feet. "Twerp! You're going to pay for that!" he calls at Peter.

"Not right now, she's probably called campus security." the other one gives a glance up and down the redhead and snorts. "Nerdlover." he grunts, and starts to back off, leaving MJ to deal with the mess they created.

MJ shouts, "Yeah, beat it you creeps!" She storms up to the booth, yelling after the bullies, "Everyone knows your girlfriends are just your right hands anyway!" Oh, now that is a burn, as she crouches down by the tipped phone booth, careful of the glass, "Hey, tiger… you're not hurt are you?"

"Not much of a tiger." Peter mutters as he starts to pull himself out of the wreckage. For someone that just had glass shattered on him, he seems remarkably unscathed, only a couple of cuts on his hands and cheek. "Sorry about that, MJ.. if I'd known what they were up to, I'd just come up to your room. Wanted to be.. well.." he tries to find the right words to say. "Spontaneous?"

Mary Jane smiles, "Well, I think it's very sweet." She places a kiss on Peter's temple, helping him up, "Come on, I got some bandages and such in my room, we can get you cleaned up there." She shakes her head, "And I'll have to report those losers to campus security. Just glad I didn't have to deck them." She gives Peter a wink, then reveals the roll of quarters that was hidden in her hand, "Could've been a bit of a surprise for them, though."

"There's a joke in there somewhere." Peter smiles weakly, though the kiss to his temple makes him smile as he dusts himself off. "Don't worry about them, they're just a couple of jerks who.. what was it you said, have right hands as girlfriends?" He takes on a mock look of shock. "Anna Watson would wash your mouth out with soap for such language, MJ."

MJ snickers, "Who do you think taught me? Come on, let's go and get you tidied uup. Besides, campus security is gonna want to know who to blame for the wrecked phone booth."

"Okay, okay.." Peter manages finally, and slips his hand shyly for a moment into MJ's before starting to walk with her. "You know, they totally said I was your boyfriend." he offers up, as if that was the funniest thing ever.

Mary Jane grins, "They're just jealous little boys." She squeezes Peter's hand in hers, and then she looks at him wryly, "But, well, you are. Aren't you?"

"I am? I guess I am!" Peter just realized that, well. Really. Maybe. It's still sinking in. "I thought I had imagined that conversation sometimes, MJ." he admits as he walks with her into the dorms so she can patch him up.

MJ lets Peter into her room, "Okay, you, sit down on the bed. The cuts… don't look that bad, but I've got some peroxide here, so we can clean them out and dress them." She smiles, "And no, tiger, you didn't imagine it."

"Good. Next time I say that, you pinch me." Peter winks. "Remind me I'm actually awake." By the time that he's sat down on the bed and MJ returns with the cleaning supplies, most of the smaller cuts have already sealed, only needing the blood cleaned away from them.

Mary Jane hrms and eyes the cuts, "Okay… I thought you were worse off than it looked." She frowns, and does clean the blood off, her eyes narrowed a bit as she really thought Peter was worse off than he was. Then she looks at Peter, "You definitely seem to be okay. all things considered anyway."

"I'm a fast healer." Peter offers lamely, but squeezes Mary Jane's hands anyway before moving to caress her cheeks. "I appreciate the attention.. and if I'm ever really hurt, you know I'll come looking for you." That, dear MJ, is a dangerous proposition. "Anyway." he says and glances down. "I'm glad we're finally official."

MJ smiles, "Me too." She hmms, and looks at Peter's eyes, "Your Aunt sounded pretty happy when she talked to me the other night." She gets a bit of a sly look, "I think she's rooting for us, so that's something."

"I think she has been since before we met each other, MJ." Peter responds and before she can say anything more, he leans up and presses a warm and affectionate kiss to her mouth, capturing the redhead's attention fully.

Mary Jane blinks in surprise, but returns the kiss, sliding her arms to Peter's shoulders as she smiles a little in the kiss, leaning in towards Peter as worries about bullies or aunts or broken phone booths fade away. Or wondering how exactly Peter did heal that fast…

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