1964-11-24 - Revelations
Summary: MJ gets rescued by Spider-Man, again! And starts doing the math…
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While Gwen was off facing the demon that was Ray and HYDRA in another part of the warehouse, Mary Jane was still hiding with her rifle. That is until there's a quiet thwip of webline, and Spidey's outside her spot. "MJ?" he asks, and then the woman nearly shoots him before he moves aside. "Whoa whoa, it's just me! You know, you're favorite webhead?" There's a moment of relief before Spider-Man is picking her up to get her out of harm's way.

MJ blinks, then gasps, dropping the rifle and hugging Spidey tight, "Oh geez… I'm glad you're here!" She clings to him as he picks her up, not protesting a bit as, once again, Spider-Man is here to pull her out of the fire. Like he… always seems to be.

Wait a minute…

"Hey, no problem. Just happened to be in the area. Though it seems like your friend had plenty of other help." Spidey offers. It's probably hard to see the smile - but it's heard as he sends a webline up to the window and pulls Mary Jane out of the warehouse, just as Gwen, Kwabena and Gidget are capturing Ray. "So. Give a girl a lift if you tell me where to take you?"

Mary Jane actually smiles a little, "Um, probably my dorm room… you know the way, right… tiger?" After all, she knows his voice and build pretty well by now, and gives Spidey a wry expression, even as she's looking very relieved that she is getting pulled out of that situation.

"Tiger? Nope, spider! Totally have an aversion to cats." Though there's a sudden catch in his voice that not even Spider-Man can deny as he falters the line. With one arm secure on holding MJ, and the other on the line, there's not much from keeping her from finding out the truth if she really wanted, however.

MJ whispers quietly, "Hon, it's okay. I'm not telling anyone." She sighs and nestles against Spider-Man as they swing, "I suspected for quite a while, anyway. Just makes too much sense." Closing her eyes, she just relaxes in Spider-Man's grasp as they take the direct route back to the dorms.

There's a nervous tension in Peter's frame, even if Mary Jane seems so relaxed about it. Though, as she asked, it was a trip back to the dorm. "..you know, you shouldn't stand a fellow up on a date. Even if you have good reason." It's one last chance to try to preserve what keeps her out of the Spidey-life before she touches the mask as they slip into her dorm room through a window.

Mary Jane then says, "How, exactly, would Spider-Man know this is my dorm room?" She arches a brow, gently placing her hands on his shoulders, "Is this why?" Which covers a lot of ground… why Peter's always late? Why he's afraid of commitment? Why he's always so driven? There's a lot of whys there to be asked.

That's a lot of why's. "Lucky guess?" comes Spidey's lame response as even the mirrored lenses can't meet Mary Jane's eyes. For so long he's had to hide it from her. His arms fall to his side. There's no fight in it, though. She gets to make the decision. Let him go, and keep the charade, or remove the mask.

MJ gently finds the edges of the mask, and peels it up slowly, revealing the face that resides underneath Spider-Man's mask… for her eyes only.

Spidey holds his breath when the mask is peeled away and Peter's face is revealed. "Hi." he offers quietly. He's not sure what else to say at the moment, his hands settling on his girlfriend's hips.

Mary Jane looks at Peter, resting one hand on his cheek, "How…?" She doesn't pull away, looking more curious than anything else as she smiles a bit, hypothesis proven correct!

"Well. That's a long story." Peter admits, closing his eyes for a moment. "Started on a trip the science lab back in high school and a spider that was nuked."

MJ blinks, "Wait, that trip, but that was…" She does the math in her head, and gently draws Peter towards the bed. Sitting down next to him, she looks at him, "You've been keeping this inside all this time without telling… anyone, I'm guessing?"

Sitting down next to her, Peter takes the mask from her hands and holds it, as his elbows rest on his knees, his hands held loosely between. "You're the first one to know. Not even May. Especially not May." he adds emphatically.

Mary Jane nods, "And this is why you vanish all the time." A statement, not a question, as she gently places her hand on his, fingers lightly touching the mask as well. She looks over at him, "And this is also a big reason why you never asked me out in high school, either?" A brow arches towards him, at that.

"Sorry." Peter offers lamely. And as much as he wants to ask Mary Jane about Gwen leaping over fences and dodging sniper bullets, he's not. Because he's trying top figure this out. "In high school? Nope - that was because you were totally out of my league, MJ."

MJ pffts, "Um, and you never noticed that I didn't really have detention when you did, but I was there anyway?" She gives Peter a smile, then leans over and kisses him on the cheek, "Thanks for saving my life, repeatedly, by the way."

The kiss to his cheek causes Peter's grip to tighten gently on MJ's. "Yes, but I figured you had a crush on someone in there." he offers gamely before he draws in a breath. "Know this puts a new wrinkle in us.. you know.." he says, looking up to her. "Do you still want to be my girlfriend, considering that it's well.. what it is? A little more dangerous."

Mary Jane snickers, "Considering the number of times I've been kidnapped or attacked before we were dating? I think I can cope. And honestly, you need someone who knows." She smiles, "And I did have a crush on someone in there, Peter." With that, she winks at him. He's bright, he can do the math.

For the first time in their relationship, Peter makes the first move, leaning to the side and kissing Mary Jane firmly as his hands squeeze lightly on her upper arms. "Since you know, I've been keeping a tab.. taking into account that every fifth rescue is free.. if I was to charge you the personal unique rate of kisses, you owe me.. well.. a lot of kisses. But that's okay, the tab's clear."

MJ chuckles, "Well, I dunno… I hate to leave debts unpaid, tiger." She grins and slips her arms around him, "Face it, you hit the jackpot." She winks, and leans in for a kiss, just glad to be alive, and probably hopped up on adrenaline from the rescue to boot.

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