1964-11-25 - A Brief Interlude
Summary: Peter stops by to make sure MJ's okay.
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It's not often that Peter and Mary Jane's paths get to cross long enough for the pair of them to get time together - but Peter carved a moment out of his busy calendar to arrive at the diner where Mary Jane worked at the end of her shift. Sitting in one of the booths in her area, the young man is dressed conservatively, button up shirt, jeans, jacket, and reading over a book on applied physics as he waits for MJ to come take his order. When she arrives, he smiles up at her with a grin. "…what's the specials tonight? And.. when do you get off?" See, he can flirt. Sorta.

Mary Jane grins, "Tonight, tiger, it's the tater tot hotdish, or the turkey club." She mmms and gives Peter a wry look, "And I get off shift in about ten minutes, though I should let you know I'm not that kind of girl." With that, she tosses him a wink, looking pretty happy to see him.

"I'll have the tatertot hot dish, and two slices of pie ala mode." Peter leans in and whispers to Mary Jane conspiratorily. "There's this girl I'm going to meet in about ten minutes, and I think I might really like her." he confides with a wide smile. "I'm hoping she'll join me for a talk." Because something in his voice in that last part takes away some of the levity, and there is concern in it's place.

MJ hmms, "Well, don't worry, I'll make sure your order gets filled." She goes off and drops the order with the kitchen, then vanishes into the back. Promptly ten minutes later, a different waitress brings Peter's food, and then right behind her is Mary Jane, who slides into the booth opposite Peter, "Okay tiger, what's up?" Getting right to the point is something she's pretty good at,

Sliding over one of the pies to Mary Jane, Peter's first question is the obvious one. "Are you alright?" considering the rescue, and that she found out who he was, it had been a pretty big night for the redhead that was kidnapped, and Peter's first concern is her.

Mary Jane sighs, "I'm… okay, I guess. A bit jumpy, but, well, I'm glad you're here, Peter." She has had a few rough weeks lately, between the Upside Down, random kidnappings, bank robberies, and not-so-random kidnappings thanks to the now-deceased (and good riddance) Ray. She reaches across, placing a hand on top of his, "And it's sweet that you came by to see me. Manager is giving me a bit of slack with all that's happened."

Turning his hand over, Peter holds onto Mary Jane's. They've become far more intimate, and it shows in the behaviour as he actually relaxes beneath her touch. "I wanted to make sure you were okay. And.. wonder what Gwen has gotten herself into." he says finally, glancing down. "She tried to tell me you were stuck downtown. When I knew we had plans for 'Fiddler on the Roof'. Which is why…" Spidey was there.

MJ hmms, "Sounds like she was trying to protect you, Peter. She's been… well, the guy that snatched me, he was involved with Captain Stacy's death." She frowns a bit, "I don't know all the particulars, Gwen's been playing some of that close to her chest. But, um… she's got a lot of help with it. Obviously." She doesn't go into too much detail, mainly because it's not her secrets to talk about.

"Yeah. Naked guy that can turn into smoke. And some fashionista that can jump roof to roof." Peter starts to say. "And oh yeah. She can jump her own ten foot high fences without issue." he says finally, taking a bite of his pie. His hand doesn't leave hers. Because he can feel her purse. Human lie detector test. Possibly?

Mary Jane blinks a bit, "Um…" She looks at Peter, "I'm not sure what you want me to say, Peter." She is being honest about that, as she looks decidedly uncomfortable, being caught between her boyfriend and her best friend does that after all.

"I don't want you to say anything, MJ." Peter replies, squeezing her hand. "I mean, it's not like you changed her or anything." There's a shake of his head. "I.. well, if she is changed. And you know what happened to me.. part of me kind of.." he shrugs. "I want to reach out to her. But at the same time, that would change things. I mean, even you noticed that I showed up when you needed me most. Gwen would catch on, eventually."

MJ smiles a little, "Might be best if we all talk together. The three of us." She relaxes at the hand squeeze, "And Gwen can always use another friend, Peter."

"Sometimes it take a while for a person to realize that." Peter admits sort of sheepishly, raising his eyes to MJ's again. "Let's finish this pie and go for a walk. I have the evening off, and you're free.. and you know what. I think I want to take my girlfriend ice skating tonight." Speaking to Gwen? That's shelved for Peter to consider as he leaves a tip for the waitress that replaced MJ along with his payment of the ticket.

Mary Jane smiles, "Ice skating? That sounds perfect. The tree should be lit up by now." Because, well, that's always a beautiful thing to see in New York, as she looks pretty excited about the idea of it.

"I'll try not to fall on my rump more than a couple of times." Got to keep up appearances, Parker. Once he's to his feet, he waits for Mary Jane to rise and then Peter gives her a fond squeeze and a kiss on the cheek. "Let's blow this lunch stand and see what the night gives us." There's a wink at her with that.

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