1964-11-25 - Unexpected, Should Have Been Expected, Guests
Summary: Unexpected Guests arrive at Gwen's house after the death of Ray.
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Gwen pants hard as she looks at the heavy bag.
She was in the backyard with the high fence and the copse of trees at the end. No treehouse, but there is other stuff here. Two heavy bags, one marked with an X, hang from a metal-braced support. A couple of mats are in the center of the yard, cadged from a gym that was going out of business. A complete set of free weights, from 1 LB to 500 LB. Jump rope, medicine ball, and a set of free-standing metal pipes on the right side of the yard, near the back porch.
Gwen had called the Chinese place, Erin's father answering the phone himself. He was cordial enough—she was a little ways away, but she had chosen to tip well and often. He said he would tell Erin when she got in.
Gwen took another breath, then punched the heavy bag with the X on it, grunting with frustration.

Peter had debated with himself after Mary Jane showed back up last night. After a long talk about what happened, he had a choice to make. He had scene what Gwen could do. He knows what it was like to have .. things happen. But at the same time, he can't let her on about that. Can he? He's trying to figure out still how much trust to invest, though when it comes to Gwen Stacy, that just seems like a silly idea to Peter.

But, he knows that she could be in a pretty vulnerable spot at the moment. That's why he's arriving at the door shortly after Gwen had placed the order for Chinese, carrying a pizza. Because that's just how Parker luck works. Knocking on the door and then ringing the doorbell, he waits for Gwen to answer.

Of all of the abilities that Erin had been gifted, flight and teleportation weren't among them. Besides that? She still couldn't actually drive a car so…alternative means were taken. Was it wrong to use your powers to simply take an order of food to someone's house quicker? Maybe, but as Erin dropped gracefully down to the street level and her outfit rippled from the figure-hugging black of her symbiote back to normal clothing? She didn't really care.

Moving forwards, she'll arrive at Gwen's house a few minutes after Peter.

The doorbell gives a sedate "bong" from the speaker above the rear door. She exhaled, then reached for the towel.
She rubbed her face and neck with it, her pale skin glowing with health as she crossed from the rear of the house to the front, opening the door quickly.

No juvenile-delinquent clothing today. She is wearing green sweat pants and a sweatshirt, a white headband keeping the platinum-blonde hair out of her eyes, worn tennis shoes completing the ensemble. In a decade or two, Rocky Balboa would dress the same way in gray.
"Oh! Peter! Hi!" She seemed to realize she was using one-word sentences, and said, "I…wasn't expecting you…or pizza." She looks at the box. "Is that a Pino's pizza?"

"Is there another pizza place in Queens?" Peter asks with a grin, before offering it up. "I was just finishing checking up on MJ. And thought maybe we could talk for a bit." He lifts his gaze towards her for a moment. There's a pause, however, before he chuckles a little. "You know, we were supposed to have a date last night. Her car trouble kind of postponed that."

He knows. And Gwen can tell he knows. And he's trying to approach it from an angle instead of like a brick through a glass house.

Because his walls are pretty damn thin, themsleves.

Gwen purses her lips. "Uhm…I ordered Chinese, but no reason you can't come in and eat, too." She opened the door wide. "Yeah, I'm…sorry I rushed out like that last night. There was…something of an emergency."
Understatement of the Decade, and she figured those were going to come fast and furious tonight.

"Yeah. She told me. Told me that Spider-Man got her home safe, too." Peter holds onto the pizza. "Chinese, huh. Well. Noone says that you can't eat Chinese with pizza. Sounds like a junk food night." Probably what the doctor ordered. Hopefully. "Look, I know when it comes to the friends heiarchy, I'm pretty way down on the list, but when it involves a friend and my girlfriend… I know you weren't trying to worry me. But.." he's trying to find the right words to say. Oh to be about ten years older.

Gwen took a deep breath. Oh, this was going to be about as easy and as fun as explaining to her father why she had been out for an hour past curfew.
A tug pulled at her heart. That was never going to happen again, no matter how late she was out.
"Put the pizza on the table. A friend should be coming by shortly with the Chinese food, and I think I can tell this whole thing once…maybe." She walks towards the kitchen. "I've got Cokes in the fridge."

When the door opens once more? Erin steps in balancing a bag with a decent helping of containers holding assorted foods. The asian woman smiles…and then blinks a little in suprise when along with the blonde she spots Peter. With Pizza. "Oh…Hi. I thought…" she pauses, tilting her head to the side. "You did call up to place an order, right Gwen?" she asks, shuffling nervously on her feet. "I haven't just assumed and turned up at the wrong house?"

"Alright." Peter frowns a little, but goes to the kitchen to get the drinks out. He returns just as Erin makes her entrance, and the young man offers a bit of a smile. "Right house, just a double delivery. Seems to be one of those nights on Thanksgiving Eve, right?" he asks in some amusement, before he offers his hand. "Hi. I'm Peter.. I've known Gwen.. well, since we were both pretty young."

Gwen hears Erin and smiles. She quickly grabs an additional bottle out of the fridge, carrying three Cokes instead of two. "Erin!" She puts the bottles on the table and hugs Erin. "Hey! Glad you could make it! Peter, this is Erin Yu. Her father runs the nest Chinese restaurant in the city"

"Erin Yu," the woman offers despite being already introduced as she steps into the house, closing the door behind her with her foot and approaching the table. She seems comfortable or confident enough to just walk right in, looking for table-space to place the food down before she turns to offer hand. "Gwen and I are….we've known each other a while now."

Accepting the hand, Peter gives it a shake, before setting it down. She seems awful familiar for a delivery girl. But he shakes off the thought of all of that because well, bigger fish to fry. And he's going to wait for Gwen to talk first. See, smart.

Gwen tooks a deep breath, sniffing the mingled smells of pizza and Chinese food. "Okay…you set…and I'll tell the story from the start. I'll try to explain as much as I can, based on what I know."
She removes the headband as she sits down.
"There iwas a guy. His name was Raymond Fiegler, but he originally was named Ronald Farnsworth. My father arrested him for the murder of his parents, when he was still a patrolman. Since then, he has gone by different names, all with the initials R.F…"

Now that? That brings a blink from Erin as she begins to share out the food, keeping back and silent but still clearly listening in. Peter had said the pair of them knew each other, so he probably knew Gwen's father. How much more did he know? Did he know about the White Widow or was he another one who had been worried about Gwen because she was Gwen, as Erin had once been.

Gwen opened her Coke, flipping the cap off with the bottle opener. She took a sip, then continued.

"He was only 15 when he went to juvie. He got out at 18. Since then, a judge ruled he was entitled to the inheritance. Over the hard objections of my father, who had made detective by that time. Then he disappeared. I found out he had been occupying his time moving into different neighborhoods, getting to know the people and the relationships there…and then he would take those connections people had with each other and tear them to shreds. Spreading lies, corrupting people, frame jobs, smear campaigns…"

The guy sounds 'Charming'. Downright psychotic, the sort that simply lives to create discord and harm. Still remaining silent, she gently placed one of the orders of Mongolian beef in front of Gwen before reaching for her own coke, still not saying a word as Gwen shared her story.

Gwen took a deep breath, then continued.
"If anyone asked about what he did for a living, he would simnply tell them he worked in 'distribution.' He didn't tell them that he only had one product—chaos." She went to the closet, then took out a banker's box with R.F. written on the side. She took the lid off, then brought out a standard composition notebook.
"He'd document everything he did, like he was a scientist analyzing how his test subjects responded to certain stimuli." She flipped to the end of the notebook.

"Results. Connor daughter pregnant, parents threatening divorce. Eli Decker, 15, arrested for possession of drugs. Walker sisters argue constantly now. John Richards back to drinking alcohol heavily after over four years of sobriety. Carol Wilson miscarried."

Gwen looked up at Erin and Peter, then spoke the last line written in the notebook.
"Time to move on."

"That book, it wasn't enough to use as evidence?" Erin's already assuming as much. The law could easily have too many gaps in it that someone so twisted and merticulous could slip through. R.F. wasn't enough to go on in itself. She returns to being quiet, giving a little quiet nod for Gwen to continue after those forboding words.

Gwen shook her head. "I found it while trying to follow his backtrail. There were…over a hundred of them. The police got them, but he was already…deteriorating, I guess you could say. Something about my father set him off.

Erin nods once more, silent again as Gwen gives her answer and only reaching out to offer the blonde's shoulder a reassuring squeeze, urging her to continue when and if she was ready to do so. She knew what was to come in this tale up to a point after all.

Gwen smiles faintly to Erin, warmed by the slight contact. She put the notebbook away. "He took a job to steal something from Clarisin, make it look like a terrorist bombing. Only I got in the way. And Detective Stacy was my father. Dad would have called it a 'psychotic break.' Something got him fixated on my father, the man who kept him from getting away with murder…and me, who stopped him from stealing what he wanted."

Erin remembered the story of the bombing, both the public and 'secret' version of events that happened there. A frown remains on her lips as she continues listening, not having touched her food as the blonde continues to speak.

Gwen sighs. "After I defied him and lived, he went after everyone I knew. Everyone I cared about." She looked to Erin. "It's my fault those thugs planned to destroy your father's restaurant."

There's a pause, a hesitation as Erin doesn't exactly want to out them in front of Peter, so she bites her bottom lip. "You know where I stand on that." There were risks that come with what Erin did. Even if she and Gwen weren't close, if she'd found out what had been going on regardless? She'd have gotten involved.

Gwen nods. "If it wasn't for White Widow and that friend of hers, Index…" She shudders. "I don't want to think about it. Anyway…yesterday morning, Ray kidnapped Mary Jane. He wanted me to get the last of the evidence. The last genetic markers of the research going on there." She chuckled. "I switched them, for vials of saline solution. I snuck in a phosphorus grenade when I dropped them down the hatch in the warehouse."

Tripple revelations in one. Mary Jane being kidnapped, a hostage situation and…where the hell did Gwen get that grenade? "Is Mary Jane alright?" she questions quietly, looking between the pair. She'd only met the redhead once in passing for Gwen's band, but it was still an innocent person caught in the crossfire.

Gwen nods. "She's fine. Spider-Man rescued her. She's safe at home. And Ray…Ronald…he's dead. For some reason, he pulled the gun from a cop's holster…to try to get one last shot at me. He never got the chance…he tried this while in plain sight of over thirty cops." Her voice was hard. "As my dad would have said, they wouldn't need to bury him…just melt him down for the lead."

"Dead?" Erin repeats, literally blinking in shock. "W-when? How?" she questions, glancing sidelong at Peter. She'd planned to help Gwen, to go after the man together, only for it to end so abruptly in a moment of anger and stupidity. She just blinks again, unsure of what to say. Was it a comfort for Gwen he was gone or simply a hollow reprieve?"

Gwen sat down at the table, sighing. "I wanted to see justice. I wanted to see him pay for his cries. Have the world see him for what he was. I wanted to see him put through the justice system. Prison, even the death penalty…but the RIGHT way. And now…no justice. No due process."

Erin sets her chopsticks down now, making her way over towards Gwen and steppin behind her, wrapping her arms around the other woman from behind and resting her head against her back in silent comforting. What more could one really do or say for a friend in that circumstance?

Gwen sighs and smiles, her hands raising to rest against those encouraging arms. "Thanks, Erin. I really do need that right now…" She looks up to Erin, then says, "Well…not much I can do about it now. All I can do now is try to pick up the pieces."

"I'll be here to help," she offers, squeezing a little tighter but doing little more. They'd talk again in private, without the 'masks' of hiding their actual masks. But for now? She was simply Erin, hugging and comforting her friend Gwen along with some good food.

Peter has been quiet for most of the conversation. He's a very good listener for the most part. However, he's having a bit of a hard time coming up with the proper words. Sure, he has a lot of them - but any number of them in the wrong order would totally sell him down the river. "I'll have to remember to make sure Spider-Man gets a Christmas card this year." he offers with a little smile. "It.. all sounds exciting. But I don't understand how you got involved in all this in the first place, Gwen. Was this one of your father's cases that was left after his death?" Because that, he can totally understand.

Gwen looked tp to Erin, then back to Peter. Ah, this was where the kid gloves were needed.
"It was John. The guy I dated after you, Peter. Ray used him to lure me to the Clarisin building. John…didn't make it out of there. I barely made it out of there, myself."

And is she going to tell Peter how she left the scene…i.e. fired through a window like a penny rocket by a fiery explosion to land in a fire escape a block away? Oh no. Not during dinner, not EVER. No way on God's green earth.

MJ did get the note from Peter, naturally, and so after work she headed over on the bus to Gwen's. Fortunately, there's one that runs pretty close to her house, so that's not really a problem. She did, at least, get a chance to change out of her waitress outfit before knocking on the door, wearing a fashionable blue skirt and white blouse instead.

*knock knock*

Erin herself? She just stays in the hugging position, quiet and comforting. She'd heard that part of the story before after all, complete with the more secretive details. The meal she'd brought still sits there, steam rising from the still hot containers that were mostly untouched.

"Oh. I see." Peter frowns, but nods. "Well, alright, I guess that makes sen-" knock knock. Everyone is saved Peter's confusion at the knock at the door. "You two just keep hugging, I'll get it." he says as he goes to answer the door and gives MJ a smile. "Hope you like mu gu gai pan on pepperoni, MJ." he greets, before offering his hand to MJ to lead her into the dining room where the others are.

Gwen looks to Peter and relaxes slightly. Erin's presence helps a lot in that regard, and Peter being distracted by his lady-love being another. She isn't fond of the idea of lying to Peter, but telling him the truth? His constitution was too delicate for that sort of thing.
"Erin, that's Mary Jane Watson. You can call her MJ, we usually do. She's going to be a star someday. She winks to Erin.

MJ grins, "Oh, hi Erin, but yeah, MJ is just fine." She leans in and gives Peter a light kiss on the cheek, "Wait… mu gu gai pan on pepperoni???" She looks at Gwen, and gives her a relieved smile, "Glad to see you're okay, though. I can't believe that creep was waiting for me."

"I think we met once, but it was in passing," Erin offers with a friendly smile. Her squeezing hug on Gwen is finally eased up, but she does remain close with her arms loosely around the other woman. Just a comforting friend as far as the rest of the world might assume.

The kiss gets Peter to smile for the first time tonight, and then he laughs. "I brought pizza, Erin brought Chinese. What did you bring?" he asks MJ teasingly, but his hand finds hers to hold onto it. "She was just regaling me with what happened.. apaprently with this guy that was harassing her and you and died." he says, "I mean.. I feel pretty useless that I couldn't do more. And I feel hurt cause well.. I guess you were worried I'd do something foolish if I'd known MJ was in trouble."

Gwen smiles sadly to Peter. "Peter, you're a calm, conscientious guy with a high-performance brain. So I can live you with you only FEELING hurt, Pete. It beats what he had planned for you after he was done with me."
Should she share how he thought Pete's brain would make a good doorstop? No, not with a meal on the table.
"Well, I think we're all here. Let's chow down. I'll grab a drink for you, MJ, while you get your food sorted out." She stands up, give Erin a light hug, then heads into the kitchen. Plenty of soda to go around.

Mary Jane smiles wryly, "Well, I did manage to escape, I guess being kidnapped so often has taught me a few things on how to get out of it." She reaches over and hugs Peter, "And that sounds great, actually, just a little bit of everything in New York… though I guess we're missing the Indian food."

"And some Greek. Just add some gyros to it all." Peter says, warming as he feels MJ's brace and his arms rest loosely around her. Seems they finally went official as he glances aside to the other two women. "Uh.. thanks.. I think." he offers to Gwen with a lift of a brow. He's not sure if that was a compliment or a put down, because he's heard it said to him both ways.

Gwen grabs a few more bottles of soda. "Dad always thought the world of you, Pete. He wouldn't have wanted you to take unnecessary risks. Besides, MJ's all right, so no worries." She places the bottles on the table, the glass speckled with melting frost. "So, chow down." She begins serving herself a hefty helping of Mongolian beef and chow mein.

Mary Jane smiles over at Peter, "It's okay, really tiger." She winks at him, and has a slice of pizza, as well as a bit of the Mongolian beef on a plate, along with a soda as she sits down, "Besides, Peter, you were there for me afterwards, and that's what I really needed." Her lips curl into a bit more impish of a smile, as she realizes she knows something that they don't know…

"It wasn't just about MJ, Gwen. You're my friend too." Peter points out as he smiles towards his girlfriend for a moment, before joining her in pizza and Chinese, loading up his plate. "So. The guy's gone. The girl was saved. And.. you're okay?" he asks towards Gwen, wanting to get the blonde's honest answer as he grabs a soda, just in time to miss MJ's cat ate the spider smile.

Gwen finishes a bite of beef and noodles before sighing. "I wanted to see him in court, then in prison. No justice in what happened. So, no…I think it'll be a little while before I'm okay." She sips her soda. "I'll settle for being able to sleep at night, knowing he will never hurt anyone else again."

MJ frowns a bit, "Considering what he said when he had me captive… he was going to kill me, regardless of what you gave him." She trembles a little at the memory, "If I knew how to use that gun I got off of 'Omega'… well, I don't know if I could have stopped myself." There's a cold rage in her voice at that, something that's a bit unusual to hear considering how she normally cares so much about everything. Of course, that might be why she's so angry at him, with what he threatened to do to Peter, May, and Gwen… not to mention herself.

Peter blinks a little at Mary Jane's anger, and his embrace tightens on her slightly in comfort. Pulling back finally she considers the pair, and speaks, once Erin steps away. "…when Uncle Ben died, and I heard his killer died in the arms of Spider-Man, I was really upset as well." he says finally. "I know what it is to not see justice metted, Gwen. I know it will take some time to find who you are. But you need to remember - there are friends that you can rely on, and those that will be with you and at your side when you need them most." A little bit of Spidey sneaking into his words now that he's not around a stranger.

Gwen smiles. "I believe you. Just…" She sighs. "There's an old saying that if you want to make God laugh, tell Him your plans. Just…I thought they had him. And then he flips out and commits suicide by cop. Ahhh, don't mind me. Food's here, you and MJ and Erin are here. That's good enough for me."

MJ sighs and relaxes as Peter holds her, leaning against him as she says, "I know, it's not healthy, but… he was a vile man who deserved what he got." She closes her eyes a moment, gathering herself as she places a hand on Peter's shoulder, giving it a firm squeeze.

The squeeze is appreciated, but Pater avoids going deeper as he takes a bite of his pizza, and swallows before talking. "I just wanted to make sure you remember you have a good support system and friends that do care for you. Even if some of us can't carry a tune in a bucket. Or have any other real redeeming qualities besides being a book nerd."

Gwen chuckles. "Next time I have someobody I need to out-think, expect a phone call. Flash may have shaved down the time he needs to stuff you into a locker, but the fact he's never been able to corner you to do it shows you always were a canny guy. You woulda made a good detective if we weren't already losing you to the labs."

"Hey, you never know when the Leader may attack." Peter offers with a smirk, before he shakes his head at Gwen's comment. "You know me and blood. Makes me all squeamish. I'm more of a chemist than a detective, I fear, Gwen." he admits with a self-depreciating smile as he snacks on his pizza. "I'm definetly willing to cheer for you to have things go right though. If anyone deserves it, it's you."

MJ smiles, "Well, Peter is pretty quick, this is true." She winks at him, looking like she's feeling a little better, then glances over at Gwen, "Well, you don't have me on your brain trust… what, you just think I play guitar and sing?" She gives Gwen a wry look at that.

Gwen looks askance at Mary Jane. "Well, maybe if you'd be willing to wake up at the crack of dawn like I do and come over to train with me, I'd be more confident in bringing you in with me, Nancy-Drew-With-Better-Hair." She smirks. "But you already have the charisma. You could talk your way out of a sunburn."

"Well.. in a bit of good news.." Peter manages quietly, glancing aside to Mary Jane and then the food, as if trying to still believe it himself. "MJ and I have moved from dating.. to you know, official boyfriend and girlfriend. Guess she had to save me one too many times."

Mary Jane laughs a little at that, "Well, that and I think Aunt May was conspiring against you in that regard. She did call and tell me you were coming over that night." She winks at Peter, then smiles over at Gwen, "Um, train? When do I have time between school, the band, and my job? Oh, and boyfriend." She chuckles a little, "I'm pretty sure I keep in decent shape just from not really stopping, right?"

Gwen rolls her eyes. "FINE." She winks. "I'm glad to hear about you and MJ, Peter." She raises her Coke bottle. "To the happy couple."


"I'm sure you have plenty of workout partner options.. uh, like the girl that just left?" Peter suggests lamely, a gesture towards.. wherever Erin got to. "Thanks. And to it finally being over.." he lifts his coke and sombers for a moment, "..and Captain Stacy getting a little more rest tonight."

Mary Jane Watson nods, and clinks her bottle of Coke against Peter's, and Gwen's. "To new beginnings." She smiles at Peter with that.

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