1964-11-28 - "Lasers"
Summary: MJ and Peter are on campus, when a new student appears!
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It's a rather cool day on campus, with the temperatures in the lower 60s as a breeze lowers the temperature a bit further. Over in the physics lab, Peter and Mary Jane are working on an experiment together. "What exactly are we going to be trying to prove?" he asks with a playful lift of his brow as he looks over various items in the lab. He's not nerding out yet, but she can see that little glint in his eyes that shows it's really close to the surface. "Also, I heard you got the part as Tiny Tim's mother?" he asks. "Should I be buying my tickets and getting excited?"

Mary Jane grins, "Well, trying to figure out the variance of the speed of light depending on the medium it's traveling through, tiger." She hmms, wearing a lab coat over her normal outfit, and then she chuckles, "Yeah, word travels fast… fortunately work is letting me change around my schedule a bit to make the rehearsals." She chuckles, "Think it'll be a lot of fun, though!"

An ambulatory stack of texts appears to be struggling. it is wearing a backpack as well, with legs appearing just beneath the pile… It appears that this is actually a person. A short one, under five feet tall, and also rather notably black. Her afro is quite large for her size but with the stack of textbooks in front of her it is only visible laterally. There's a bit of stumbling involved as the girl moves through the campus. A few more inches of height would be invaluable. As it is she sets the books down onto a nearby seatand then takes a deep breath, leaning her head back. Brown eyes scan the lab and then Riri frowns slowly. She steps toward a row of beakers. Slowly. Oh, look. Riri has a labcoat too. Fancy that.

"Well, I think it's great that you're acting a little again. I mean, I always enjoyed your plays." Peter shrugs his shoulders with a grin. "Though you're a pretty good scientist too, are you going to be able to balance it with the band..?" he starts to ask as he pulls on his own lab coat as he notices the stack of books and the person attached to it. His senses buzz for a moment, mainly because it seems that the stack is very unstable at the moment, and frowning a little, he takes a couple of steps forward. "Hey, want some help with that?"

MJ chuckles, "I have no idea, but I'm going to have to work on it… oh hi!" She glances over at Riri, and blinks, "Wow, your hair is /awesome/. Um, I don't suppose you know how to play bass?" She grins, "I'm Mary Jane, but everyone cals me MJ, and this is Peter. We're doing a little experiment right now involving the speed of light through various mediums."

"I think I could figure out a bass but I don't think I'm big enough to actually - play it," Riri responds to MJ somewhat ruefully, blinking as she does. "Um. Sure. Help with text boosk… Great?" It takes a second for the girl to return the smile but she does so, nodding her head firmly as she does. "I'd love to see what you're working on? I was just - you know. Takign al ook at hte lab facilities. I have a class in here tomorrow but I wanted to know what the equipment was like… What are you testing for? Particle density or…?" Another beat.

"What spectrums are refracted first and the degredation of them. Basically, I think MJ wants to make a pratical light weapon." Peter offers with a grin as he reaches up to take some of the books. Not that he is much taller than Riri himself, the young man passes some to MJ while he takes another set. Many hands make light work. "I'm Peter, this is Mary Jane." he offers in way of greetings.

Mary Jane smiles wickedly, "They all called me mad, mad… well, who's mad now!!!" She oofs and takes a few books, as her villainous monologue was interrupted by the texts, and nods over towards Riri, "Hey, if I can play guitar, you can play bass. Sorry, one of my many things is fronting a band with a friend, but we keep having the worst luck landing a bass player." She says, "But, seriously, you just nailed it, particulate density in a given medium. Thinking there might be some practical applications there."

"A practical light weapon?" Riri wrinkples her nose slightly. "Do you know how much power they're having to use to try to build a laser that can measure the distance frm here to the moon?" Riri tilts her head slightly at this but then she flashes a sudden gin, made more striking by the contrast of white teeth on dark skinl. "Sounds like a fun challenge. Okay, I'm sold. My name is Riri … And i might be able to help you twice in one day. Bass player *and* experimentation… Sold. Okay, so are you digging a specific application or just looking for some way this could be useful? ither way, sounds pretty slick."

"She's looking for the useful applications, I'm just looking to pass the class. I'm so far behind." Because well, he gets distracted from homework when Peter has to hero almost every night. The young man offers up a chagrinned smile before chuckling. "Already have her playing in your band and you don't even know her name."

MJ grins, "Sure I do, it's Riri." She chuckles, "Well, obviously the range is going to be an issue, but you could probably do a short-range burst of pretty high intensity. Might not last long, but then again, it might not have to, depending. Though really, my interest is actually in defending against that type of thing, despite what Peter says." She sticks her tongue out at him then, then smiles at Riri, "Always good to be two steps ahead, right?"

"Right now I'm thinking… Gigantic mirror. Seems like it would be helpful." Now Riri's expression is thoughtful and she reaches up to tap a figner against her bottom lip. She utrns hten, her hair swaying in response to the movement, and surveys the lab one more. "The secret to passing class is to figure out how to make yoru schoolwork part of your extracurrifular stuff… Are you working, Peter?" That quesiton is distnatly asked. Riri has a more important thing to focus on. "Anyway, defending agianst light weapons is fine. have ou run into any…?"

"Working is the loose term for it. I'm a freelance photographer for the Daily Bugle. Pay by the picture." Peter offers with a small smirk. "And a small scholarship to help me get by - not quite like Mary Jane's free ride." There's a wink over at her as he grins. "Yes, mirrors - but we'll have to scale down for the lab, since people will wonder what we're doing putting giant mirrors out in the quad. How about you? On scholarship?"

MJ shakes her head, "Hey, mirrors aren't gonna work that well against a laser. I mean, visible light, sure, but all that energy has to go somewhere. I mean, a ballerina can pirouette in front of a shotgun and it'll do about as much good. Trust me." She gives Riri a wry look, "So right now I'm trying to figure out possible alternatives. Maybe a way to diffuse the energy out, since a laser would attenuate and lose power at range in atmosphere anyway, as it hits the air molecules and diffracts…"

"I mean, a mirror will reflect most of the energy. And create the most dangeorus possible ricochet…. Okay, bad idea." Riri nods a couple times, then pauses for a moment. "Can't use white because the energy will still translate into the surface, like you said. Prisms could diffuse and refract it but then you need to contain a thousand lower level energy pulses… Um…" There's a pause and then Riri looks over at Pater and itlts her head slightly. "Yep. Full ride scholarship. I just transferred from M.I.T. …"

"MIT? Wow." Peter arches a brow at that, before Mary Jane starts to talk, and the young man glances over at her with a lift of his brow. "Mostly, what we've noticed about what's been written about lasers so far is that they are of a single wavelength. Mary Jane and I want to prove that if you modulate the frequency between two wavelengths, the differences will cause the laser to be more effective instead of having to be held in one place for a long time. A pulse wave of sorts."

MJ blinks, "Wait, Riri, you were at MIT? Um, well, wait, what are you doing here?!?" She grins, "Not that I'm complaining, it's great to have you here, especially if you play bass, but…" She hmms, "I suppose we could try a different reflective material, something that can reflect but still take the energy the laser is giving out. Glass won't do it, but… hrm, maybe metal of some kind."

"Oh, I um." Riri smiles sheepsihly, having come ot the realization she's said something that might have best remained secret. She fidgets slightly and then gives a slow shrug of her shoulders, tilting her head as she does. "…Anyway. Um. You can amke a pretty good mirror out of steel. If it's reflecting back the majority of the energy a steel plate can probably take a lot of, um, punishment. If you can keep polished." Then Riri quickly shakes her head before taking a deep breath. She holds it for a few beats. "Okay. We can test the pulse idea if you can handle the frequency adjustments. I mean. Just need to make a mirror that can survive the blast and test the effect of the laser on the secondary target, right?" She takes a deep breath."Okay! Sounds fun. Need some help?"

"Well, only if you happen to have a diamond that would be roughly the size of my head." Peter says with a small chuckle, and then considers. "What about polished adamantium? I assume that vibranium would only absorb it - but perhaps adam— well, that's harder to get than diamond." he admits finally, considering the options as he sets the books down on the table. "What were we distracting you from?" he asks finally.

Mary Jane hmms, "A phased array beam could be interesting, modulating the frequencies…" She considers, "Might not have to be that tough to test proof of concept. We could try steel, or copper…" She considers, "If only there was a way to synthesize diamond… that would be perfect."

"You can synthesize diamonds… Happen to have any contacts at General Electric or Stark Industries who will lend us their industrial labs?" Then Riri is shaking her head again. SLowly. "We have a lot of building to do otherwise. I guess if I could - what?" It's aboutt now that Riri realizes Peter asked her a quesiton. She takes a deep breath. "I was just catching up on a few of the classes. Just in case there's a, um. Curve ball."

"From MIT to NYU? That's like going from the major leagues to D league." Peter says with a small chuckle as he takes a look at the books and considers them for a moment. "Not much of a curve ball, and Mary Jane is really good at getting people to speed - she's saved my bacon more than once." he admits. "Sorry, left my phone number for Tony Stark in my other pants."

MJ looks at Peter, as if trying to figure out if he might not be joking, which is odd considering he obviously is. Then she grins at Riri, "Hey, no worries, we might not have all their toys, but we got heart here Riri. I think you'll fit in just fine." She smiles, and looks back to Peter, "Flatterer, but yeah, I can bring you up to speed pretty fast if you need it. Though I bet if you're good enough for MIT, you'll run rings around me anyway."

"I mean… You never know.You want to find out?" Riri takes a deep breath and then holds her breath for a moment. She shifts her weight from let to right, fidgeting back and forth while she considers this subject intently. "I think I can catch up but I wouldn't mind having a new project to work on. Let's figure out this laser thing then." She nods once. "Okay. Cool… Are either of you in the Engineering program?"

"Yeah. Mechanical engineering." Peter admits with a sheepish grin. "Which is why I'm more of a pratical mind, while MJ here is more of the applied sciences.." he starts to say when he glances up and notices a TV screen on the prator's desk that is showing a breaking news story of a fire in midtown. "Oof, I better get down there to get some pictures before Jameson has my hide!" he comments, leaning over to give MJ a quick kiss. "I'll see you in the morning." he promises, before waving to Riri. "It was nice to meet you!" And of course, he has webslinging to do - but at least Mary Jane sorta understands now.

MJ laughs and waves, "Yeah, that's my boyfriend… kindof one of those things where he finally noticed me." She gives Riri a smile, "I'm actually applied physics, with a music minor. Which sounds weird, but I like the physics of sound, they seem to work together pretty well, you know?" Maybe she can find a literal music of the Spheres…

"Sounds good. I'll be seeing you aroundthen, Pee." Riri nods once, tilts her head and then shrugs slowly. "Mechanical engineering…" There's a thoughtful cant to the girl's expression as she collects e tower of books. "…Urg. Okay. I'm going to get out of here and do some studying. Catch you soon?" And… Answer or not, off she goes.

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