1964-11-29 - Goddesses and Gorgons
Summary: So a Goddess and a Gorgon walk into a fair…
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The 1964 World's Fair has been…interesting. Denied international approval, it's heavily American in terms of presentations, though there are a few scattered areas here and there with other groups. Notably the little Belgian town that's been build for part of it, mostly known for its waffles and strawberries with whipped cream tha are being made up fresh. Another possibility is the Seven Up tower, which is offering free 7-Up to anyone, admit the sandwich shops that offer a wide variety of possibilities to sample. But overall, it's a fair dedicated to possibility and cooperation, like most World Fairs, and its slogan shows it: Peace Through Understanding.

And amongs the crowds of onlookers exploring the many wonders of the fair is a girl who stands out a bit. For one, she's walking around barefoot, which is enough to get her a few odd looks. For another, she wears colorful clothing, very different from the more staid sundresses and suits wandering the area. Finally, it may be because she occasionally starts singing to herself, in a beautiful singing voice. And around her…everyone seems to relax. To smile more, to stand a little closer. To hold hands. Nothing too overt, but more…a nudge.

In stark contrast to this, there's a girl that does NOT inspire people to stand closer together… save perhaps at a further distance from her. Though, she doesn't seem to mind, as the snakes she has for hair are bound behind her head in a scrunchie. Delphyne glances around, wearing a black leather jacket over her shirt for extra warmth given the weather. She currently looks at the StarkTech exhibit, tilting her head curiously at the displays there.

Both girls are getting looks for decidedly different reasons, but the vagaries of the crowds are also carrying them close to each other. Soon Venus slips out of the press of people for a breather, stopping by the same exhibit. She glances over, then blinks slightly, studying the other girl curiously. "Far out." she says finally, her ilps curving in a faint smile. Oddly not repulses or scared, from her expression. Or even particularly fascinated like some people, who might want to stare. More just…accepting of the unusual nature but not trying to bring too much attention to it.

Delphyne blinks at the… compliment. Yes, it was actually a compliment. Or at least, not an insult. And she tilts her head, looking over at Venus, and smiles a little, her voice thick with a vaguely Greek accent, "Likewise. That's a good look for you." She hmms a bit, "Enjoying the fair?"

The redhead smiles, then responds in Greek. «Thank you. I made it myself. And I am, yes. It's nice to see people getting along together.» She cocks her head. «I didn't know that people like you had made it this far across the ocean. But I haven't been home myself in a long time.»

Del looks… surprised at the Greek, her eyes going wide, and then she responds in kind, «Well, we hadn't. I mean, we escaped to Paradise Island and lived with the Amazons, so. Or rather, my ancestors did.» She tilts her head curiously at Venus, then, «You speak Greek very well, not a common language.»

When she speaks again, not only is she speaking Greek..she's speaking the Themiscyran dialect of Greek, adjusting smoothly. «Thank you.» She has a mysterious little smile now. «Did you come over with the Themiscyran princess, then? Or are you an immigrant on your own?» She reaches up to idly brush a few errant red curls behind her ear.

Delphyne blinks in surprise again, as this is getting more and more interesting, «I came over a bit in advance, actually. I am a member of the Royal Guard, after all.» She looks at Venus, and adds, «Not many know the true name of the Island, miss.» Her eyes flicker a bit, following the red curls as they get tucked behind Venus' ear.

«Really? What do they call it usually then?» Venus says curiously. «Let me guess…Amazon Island? Or something similar?» She wrinkles her nose a bit. «It's really not very original of them, if so.» She smiles thoughfully. «A Royal Guardswoman? My. Sounds formidable.»

Delphyne blushes a bit at that, «Well, I wouldn't be a very good guard if I wasn't formidable.» She smiles, «Most people here just call it Paradise Island. They don't really emphasize the Amazons that much. But…» She narrows her gaze a little. «Do I know you? You seem… familiar, somehow.»

That almost teasing smile is back. «Oh? What part of me seems familiar to you?» she questions, almost playful. «Paradise Island is much better, I think. Though it does suggest no men is the way to paradise.» She smiles a bit, shifting as she clasps her hands behind her back.

Del chuckles a little, «Well, considering what they've done to this place, I'm not entirely sure that isn't the case.» She gives Venus a wry expression, «Though there are some that are not bad here.»

«Oh, there are plenty who are not bad here.» Venus agrees with a smile. «Though they're a victim of society's expectations, more often than not. A guy has to be a certain way to be masculine. There are rules.» She shrugs her shoulders. «But there are plenty who manage to still be nice enough despite that. Or just are wise enough to ignore the rules.» She bounces on her toes, which does interesting things to other areas. «How long have you been here, then?» she wonders.

Delphyne smiles, «A little over a year, now. And I do forgive Man's world for the invention of pizza.» She laughs softly at that, noticing the other areas but being polite enough not to stare, nor comment, «And this is also true, there are some good people here. I have been lucky enough to meet a few of them.» Her voice is a bit wistful at that, perhaps thinking of lost connections.

The other young woman studies Delphyne curiously, then reaches over to give her hand a little squeeze. «Someone you miss? I'm sorry….» she nots, sounding genuinely sympathetic. She beams cheerfuly. «But here, you've been able to meet someone else! That's the nice thing about getting out in the world…there's always new people to meet.»

Del smiles at the squeeze, «Thank you, and yes… someone I miss. I suppose… well, I never really thought that would happen to me. Especially here.» She gestures around her face, «I mean, I not what one considers attractive. Not like… well, you.» She sounds a bit wistful at that, more by the fact that it might be nice to not be a Gorgon, if only for a few days.

Venus smiles softly. «Ah.» she murmurs softly. «Well, if you felt something for them, that might be why I seem familiar.» she offers. «And I wouldnt' say you're not attractive. Not conventionally attractive, but…exotically so. You shouldn't let other people's views define you.»

Delphyne smiles, «Oh, I don't. But I have no illusions about the standards of beauty around here.» She blinks a bit, and looks at Venus, «Wait, why would you be…» There seems to be a bit of dawning realization in her eyes, though she doesn't seem to quite believe it.

Venus offers her hand cheerfully. «Hello. I'm Venus.» she says, very matter-of-fact. «Or Aphrodite, though I prefer the former these days. It's shorter and people don't try to shorten it usually.» She tilts her head. «Pleased to meet you.»

Delphyne blinks, and bows slightly towards Venus, then takes the offered hand deferentially, «Venus… I…» She stammers, then lowers her head towards Venus's hand, «I am Delphyne Gorgon, of Themiscyria. It is my honor to meet you.»

Venus inclines her head. «So polite. Delphyne is a pretty name.» She smiles a bit. «It's alright. I gave up most of my glory and power so I could walk among mortals again. I don't expect worship or anything like that these days.» she explains.

Delphyne laughs softly, «I… don't know if I can help myself, Ve… Venus.» She stammers a little, then adds, «If I may ask, what was the reason?» She doesn't quite release Venus' hand, as she does look a little starstruck. Or goddess-struck, perhaps.

Venus doesn't seem to mind the contact, her fingers curling lightly against your hand. «Because I was too separated on Olympus from the mortal world. I didn't want to retreat into myself as my worshippers grew sparse, or to turn inward. So…» She motions slightly with her other hand to the fair. «So I set aside most of my power, so I could come to the mortal world to bring peace and love to those in need of it.»

Delphyne smiles, «That's… very admirable.» She pauses a little, then tilts her head, «I don't suppose, I mean, would you be willing to get a cup of coffee? It's getting a bit chilly for me outside, and I saw a little coffee shop just up the path?»

Venus beams a bit. «That sounds lovely. I would like to hear how things are on Paradise Island and back east…it's been a good century since I've been in Europe.» she admits. She steps closer, turning her head around to squeeze your hand, winging it slightly. «Lead on, by all means.»

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