1964-11-29 - Literary Collision
Summary: Kamala and Riri have a meeting of the books.
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An ambulatory stack of books appears to be wending its way through the NYU courtyard. A close look shows that it is wearing a backpack, with legs appearing just beneath the pile… A person hidden behind the sheer volume of their school. It takes a moment for her to manage her way past a bench, her afro bouncing response to the movement. At least there isn't a crowd so the girl only needs to contend with the elements and her work. She does so gamely. It's probably a fairly regular experience.

|ROLL| Kamala +rolls 1d20 for: 6

Ambulatory book piles seem to be a thing, because there's another book pile that is manuvering the quad, this one has a flowing skirt and her own backpack as she doesn't realize she's not the only moving book pile in the quad as she appears to be on a collision course with the other book pile that's moving opposite of her.

The trouble with allowing stacks of textbooks to wander around? they don't have eyes. Riri is clueless about the oncoming Kamala-stack. There's a thump followed by the innumerable thusds of books scattering in all directions. They bounce off of her shoulders and arms. One lands in the girl's hai for a moment before sliding down her face. "…Ah!" Ina situation like this it's hard to be more articulate than that. Riri finds herself stnading stupidly in a stack of books half her height.

Bookpocalypse! Books go everywhere, and Kamala's first instinct was to stretch her arms to protect and catch books but that little Karnak-voice in her head is all 'NO POWERS' so books go tumbling, though the Pakistani-American finds herself looking at the other young woman. "I'm so sorry!" she offers quickly, the girl quickly trying to figure out who's books belong to whom. "I.. was totally not paying attention."

Being shorter Riri got the worse end of the collision, it appears. It takes her a moment to blink away her confusion, nodding slowly as Kamala shouts her apology. "No, it's- um. I couldn't really see where I was going either," she confesses before bending down to go through her own books. Riri is also in a nice long skirt and a blouse, variety not being the hallmark of teen fashion in this day and age. "Here. This one's yours…" Riri is at least methodical about collecting the books.

Kamala's books tend to aim towards architecture and art, so it's not too hard to figure out the pair - though some of her books are heavy in history, particularly that of Amazonians. Kamala's skirt is accenuated with a sweater, her headscarf in place as she moves to pick up her own books and finds one. "Engineering? That's yours. But way cool." she says as she offers it to Riri. There's a little giggle. "It seems we're both trying to catch up."

"I just transferred from a- um…. Another school," Riri responds somewhat sheepishly, her Chicago accent manifesting itself. She blinks her eyes a few times and smiles briefly as she takes the book."Thanks. Anyway, um… I just moved here. I was in Massachusetts for a little while."Most people wouldn't immediately realize that the accent doesn't match but the possibility is there. "Architecture? That's pretty neat… I like building things but Idon't know if anyone wantsme to design their business tower or… Something."

"Born and raised in Jersey." Kamala offers with a smile as she glances over towards Riri and takes the book for her pile. "Not really studying it - I like drawing though, and was hoping to get some inspiration." she admits a bit sheepishly before she shifts a bit to allow the skirt to cover her ankles again. "I'm Kamala. Recent freshman here."

"Yeah? I was born in Chicago. Just…" There's a pause and then Riri takes a deep breath, nodding her head a ocuple of itmes. "I don't have a lot of actual studying to do, I'm just reading all the text from the earlier lessons in case I missed something…" Riri seems to be less concerned with smoothing her skirt so there might be some sock clad ankle in view if someone is sufficiently concerned to decide to look for it. "I'm a, um. Well, KI just started here. You like to draw? I draw, but most of what I draw looks like someone stuck a bunc hof stick figures together." She makes a face.

"Hey, I used to draw stick figures together too." Kamala offers with a grin at the comment. "Practice make perfect, right?" She is offering up her own version of encouragement as the young woman gives a shrug of her shoulders with a thoughtful look as she works on straightening out her books. "Mainly, I'm working on history right now.. did you know that there was a Amazonian Princess in town? So cool."

"Amazonian Princess? Seriously?" Riri blinks at that, shoving her stack of books onto a nearby bench as she does. "Woah." She nods her head a couple of itmes and then reaches up to run her fingers through her thick black hair. It is in no danger of falling into the girl's face but she straightens it compulsively anyway. "History. Amazons… People alway used to tell me they werent' really a thing in the past… What can you tell me about it? History's not, you jnow. My best subject. Too much time building stuff, I guess."

"Oh, not much. Just ran into a Princess while out shopping. She seemed really neat." And she also went on an adventure with her! But Kamala can't tell Riri that. "You have really groovy hair. How hard is it to get it like that? Or is that how it is naturally?" she asks next, taking on a curious tone. "Oh? What are you building?"

"This? Yeah, this is just how it grows. I mean, with a little bit of shaping…" Riri shrugs then, offering Kamala a brief smile bfore she continues. "Anyway, I'm building - robots." Which are barely a ting at this point, partiuclarly outside of warehouses where the most advanced task they are trusted with is stacking things. "Anyway… Thanks. I like your… Scarf?" Hard to make a clear ocmment on Kamala's hair, after all.

There's a grin as Kamala reaches up for a moment and fidgets with the scarf. "It is very colorful." Allowing Riri an out? Perhaps! "Wait, robots? Oh my goodness, that is so amazingly cool. Like, robots that are gonna make cars and hamburgers and stuff?" she asks. "Or exploration robots that will go to Mars?" And that's when the bell on the campus starts to gong, and she glances down at her watch and eeps. "I'm so going to be late.. uhm.. can we meet later?" she asks suddenly. "I mean, after class? We can go grab a burger and talk some more?" In her mind, she's asking to meet a possible new friend - others may constrew it as a date. But that would just be weird, right?

So weird. Weird enough that Riri herself might not realize that she was acting as if it were a date even if someone pointed it out. Surely no self-respecting 1960s girl would entertain such a notion! The girl nods emphatically. "Totally. I'd llike that a lot. And yeah… Robots that will go to the Moon and then to Mars someday, and build cars and flip hamburgers and… Fight crime, maybe? I don't know. Iron Man's totally a thing." She shrugs at that. "Okay. After school. Meet you here around 3:30?"

"I'll see you then!" Kamala says with a grin before offering a wave as she heads off quickly with her books.

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