1964-11-29 - Sharing Secrets Makes Us BFFs, Right?
Summary: Riri and Kamala hang out together, share secrets and have a little spar.
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Kamala was waiting for Riri in the quad at 3:30 as promised. Sitting on one of the benches in the small park, she subconsciously straightens her skirt and at the last moment, opted to lower her scarf to let her dark hair show, tieing the scarf loosely around her neck as she checks herself over to make sure she looks presentable.

At 3:30 Riri… Wasn't there. There was, however, a commotion occurring through the people out in the quad. Wait. There she is, a few minutes late and frantically weaving through other students toward where Kamala has positioned herself. She blinks a few times when her eyes come to rest on the slightly larger girl. The only reason one can tell she's blushing is that her ears start to turn a bit red. "Kamala!" I'm late. "Sorry, I was- um. … Distracted." You will always take a back seat to science. Riri straightens her skirt with her fingers, shifting her weight from left to right. "I'm really sorry. Still want to get that burger…?"

That's okay. Wait until the first time Riri has to take a backseat to ADVENTURE. "It's okay, Riri!" she says as she rises up. "I mean, yeah, I'm still famished. Now if you've already eaten, I'm going to be disappointed." she offers with a mock stern look as she offers the other woman a smile and turns. "I know just the place, too." With that, it's a short trip in a cab to Queens and the Empire Diner. The smell of meat cooking on the flattop fills the air as she gestures to a booth. "Shall we?"

"Oh! …We shall." When the smell of the diner hits Riri's nose her mouth begins to water. It's wide eyes and an empty stomach that the chronically destitute college student follows the other girl inside of the restaurant and over ot the indicated booth. She takes a deep breath and then holds it for a second as she looks around, sliding her backpack to the floor and then underneath the table. Riri is short enough it doesn't get in the way by sitting underneath her feet. "This place smells amazing. And all of this to hear me babble about pallet loading robots?" She starts to grin. Just a bit.

"Well, yeah! I mean, it's how people get to know one another." There might have been a slight blush that accompanies that as Kamala pushes some hair over her ear. "And we don't have to talk about just robots. There's always the grand debate of New York versus Chicago in pizza." she points out as she waves a waitress over. "I'll have a strawberry shake, and a glass of water. Double cheeseburger, extra fries." The girl.. certainetly can pack it away, though it barely shows on her frame, muted as it is.

"I mean. Chicago pizza is clearly better," Riri replies helpfully. "It isn't even a contest. Literally everything about Chicago pizza is better. You don't get these great big thin floppy wedges of melting cheese laying around soaking cardboard boxes until they fall apart over there." Riri's grin brightens just a little. She's naturally very softspoken but she makes herself heard, fi only just. The girl is always watching Kamala with a careful, wide-eyed look like she isn't quite sure what she's going to have to say."I'll get- um." A beat. "…A strawberry milkshake and a just a normal cheeseburger. I guess?" Yes, Kamala can pack it away. Even Riri is eating a fair amount for her size. It doesn't mean that the other girl can avoid getting a slight doubletake.

"Yeah, but Chicago pizza is like a pie. I mean, I don't want to have to use a fork and a knife to eat a slice of pizza." Kamala says with a grin as she hears the order and arches a brow, considering Riri as if that's all she wants and feels sort of self-conscious suddenly about all that she ordered. "I can share my fries?" she offers helpfully, finally. "I mean, there's something to be said for portability of a pizza."

"You can still carry a slice of Chicago style if you really want to but, I mean… Okay, yeah. Score one for New York City for portability," Riri half mumbles.When Kamala offers hr some of her fries the girl blinks and then nods slowly. "Oh, um. Sure. Thanks." She's fidgeting now. Brown eyes shift to the waitress as the woman's going by. She fidgets a bit more. "You don't need to worry about me. Don't go home hungry." No, that isn't a clear indicator that Riri probably will. Not at all. "Anyway, sure. Portability. But taste. A nice, crunchy crust. That's important. You've never had a real slice of deep dish pizza, have you?" Riri is on the edge of giggling. "That's okay. You'll learn."

Kamala grins for a moment, but it's a shy one. "We haven't even had a burger together yet and you're already offering pizza? A bit fast, don't you think?" It's clearly meant to be teasing as she gives a giggle, but she glances down at the table as unsure of herself. Finally she straightens back up. "So Chicago by way of Massachuttses? That's a lot of miles. Family in Boston?" she asks curiously.

"Oh, I was in Massachusetts for school. I transferred out here for - a special program… I'm doing. Work-related stuff. For after I graduate." Riri squirms just a bit more when the questions turn to this subject. Her hair bounces when she moves, as if it wasn't already obvious enough that intense fidgeting has begun. "Anyway. A bit fast…? I mean. You're right. Burgers, then I ask you to have pizza and then-" She starts to whisper. "Choco taco sundaes and cheesecake.'

"Oh goodness, be still my heart. And then we're in the dorms eating cookie dough straight from the tube!" Kamala grins. "And I'm complaining that you don't take me out anymore. So dramatic." Apparently whatever vibe Riri is worried about giving off, the Pak-American is willing to overlook as she reaches and touches Riri's hand for a moment before pulling back. "It's cool. I mean. Your past is your past."

"Oh, come on. Who'd have time to complain when their mouth is full of cookie dough? You're completely stretching the bounds of credibility." There's another brief, brilliant smile and the Kamala is touching Rir's hand. The girl nods slowly as a frown starts across her lips. "I… Might have gotten myself thrown out of M.I.T." There's a lot to process in that statement. Starting with… A female minority student at M.I.T.? Then it just gets more complicated. "In my defense my program adviser was a real jerk."

"Oh." Kamala says, but she's not drawing away. But yes, she's processing it all. "Probably were trying to find an excuse." she murmurs a littlem before lifting her dark eyes to Riri's as the food arrives at the table. Fortunately, Mala had already withdrawn her hand or it would have been awkward. There's a warm smile to the waitress. "Thank you!" she offers warmly before she turns her attention back to the dark girl across from her. "What happened?" she finally ventures.

"Well… I gave them one," Riri respond sheepishly. "I, um. Built an expensive robot for one of my Finals projects for a major demo we were going to be doing. The adviser I was working with was upset ecause he told me not to enter it so he cancelled the, um. The work shadow program I'd been going to with NASA for the last few months." Riri's sobered completely now. Her face is slightly drawn, lips quivering slightly between words. She sucks in a sharp breath and exhales slowly, lowering her eyes toward the table. "I might have taken it off-campus and added some modifications… And then got it hit by a car." A wince. "I mean. They were busy robbing a diner and I stopped them. But? The school wasn't really happy about it. Projects weren't supposed even leave campus in the first place. You know." She snatches up her burger, maybe a bit too quickly. That… Is a big bite for a girl this small.

For a moment, Kamala looks shocked by all this. Then she leans back in her chair and starts to laugh. It's a warm and affectionate laugh. "You mean to tell me you made a suit of armor, piloted it, stopped a robbery and that's what they kicked you off campus for?" she asks, amusement in her eyes and then blushes. "Oh, I could so hug you right now. That's so awesome. Are.." she looks around conspiratorily. "…you still using it?"

"I mean. It was a robot. All it did was walk around," Riri replies slowly. "Like. Sort of. And shout 'Stop Intruders!'" She does her best to do an imitation of the tinny computerized voice everyone knows from the movies. "And I didn't really stop a robbery. Except, um. With my face." As the laughter continues Riri slowly looks more and more sheepish beefore cracking a smile as Kamala begins to blush. "Still using it? I completely wrecked it. I'm working on a better version. I dared myself to reverse engineer the Iron Man suit from photos. It's going to rock."

"Iron Man?" Kamala's eyes widen for a moment and she rocks a little in her seat. "I want to help. I mean. I can totally help." she says and then considers. Looking around the diner, she looks thoughtful. "After dinner, we'll talk more." she offers as she starts to eat as well, lifting her gaze to the other woman and her smile warms, near affection but she quickly retreats.

"Sure! Why not? If he can do it I can do it… Someday. Step one is walk faster than four miles an hour, but." Riri just laughs then and she blinks a few times. "Okay. After dinner. …Don't tell anyone." A blink follows and then Riri is looking down at her food and shovleing it into her mouth.

"I'm so not telling anyone." Kamala offers in response as she works on her meal. "It's not too far a walk to campus from here, at least." she admits as she polishes off her burger pretty quickly and starts in on the fries, putting the basket where it can be shared between the pair, and she finally ventures quietly. "..so.. back in Chicago or MIT.. are you.. I mean.. are you dating anyone?"

"Like I had time for dating between building a robot and school." Riri just rolls her eyes at this, shaking her head quickly. "I was the youngest kid on campus for most of the time I was there. I didn't date anybody. Pssh." With this she starts jamming fries into her mouth, apparently oblivious to any implications and staring ahead into the future. "This is going to be great."

"Yeah, totally know what you mean. I'm the youngest as well." Kamala grins. "So gossiping about that is out." It's a lame attempt of a cover, but one that's made as she finishes off her shake and sips on her water.

"Gossiping about boys? Really?" More blinks follows and then Riri nods slowly. She munches on a few fries then, watching Kamala intently. "Is… Everything okay?" So clueless but not entirely lacking in empathy, then.

"Yeah! It's all fine." Kamala offers with a smile as the young woman slurps on her shake glass before setting it aside. "Okay. So totally building an Iron Man suit. Are you going to fight crime in it?" she asks curiously.

"I mean. Of course I am. If it works? What else do you do wit hthat? I'm going to be Tony Stark. But with… Better hair." Riri shrugs at that and then gives a soft laugh. She sips at her own milkshake now. "You can help me build it?" She asks curiously. "Well. i wouldn't mind a hand. It's hard work, honestly…"

"I am in the engineering program and well.." Kamala considers and then digs around in her purse to pay for the meal and a tip before offering her hand to Riri. "Come with me?" she asks quietly. "I want to show you something."

"Okay…" Riri nods slowly and takes the offered hand. She glances at the money as it hits the table then back t the other girl/ "Lead the way."

Squeezing the hand, Kamala leads Riri outside and around to the back of the diner. "So.." she draws in a breath. "You're not the only one that wants to help." The girl looks nervous for a moment before she releases Riri's hand and steps back. After a moment's thought, she starts to grow, much taller than what she was until she's on eye level with the roof of the diner.

"…Woah!" The squeak that Riri lets out is high pitched even for such a tiny girl. She stumbles backward when Kamala starts to expand and stares as the girl expands to be as tall as the diner. A pause follows and Riri takes a couple deep breaths. "Oh, *wow*. That's awesome!" She can't quite restrain her excitement, exhilarated t ot the point of actually shaking as she watches. "Just… Wow." A beat. "That's why you wanted to know about the whole armoured suit thing…?"

Shrinking back down to her normal height. "That's not all I can do!" Kamala giggles and becomes smaller, shrinking down until she's half as tall as Riri. "I can also stretch really far.. and.." After a moment and some concentration, Riri will find herself looking at Iron Man. "..I can do this too. Except you know, fleshy." she says with a little laugh before revertting to normal and she's blushing brightly. "Yeah.. I mean.. whole kindred spirit thing."

"Fleshy Iron Man," Riri manges . She can't fight the urge to giggle at that, nodding. "Alright, alright. Fine. You help me get this urnning and… Maybe we can dosomething. Right?" Her brown eyes are gleaming as she studies the girl in front of her. "That's seriously cool. I can't do anything like that. But I'll make this work out anyway. …Come on. We should go check out what I've built so far. Kindred spirits should probably know what they're really on about? It's not really - where it needs t obe yet." Now it's Riri's turn to offer Kamala a hand.

There's confusion at Riri's last statement, but her hand she does take, Kamala's fingers gently lacing with Riri's for a moment before she nods. "Totally." she agrees with the other woman, though there was that pause for a moment and she swallows down that urge for a moment before letting Riri lead.

Onward! Riri leads the way down the street and toward a fairly unassuming building a few blocks down the way. The room she is indicating is bigger than one would expect of a college student in New York City, with bay doors leading inside on an ordinary street corner. It isn't really an apartment, however. It's more of a garage. In fact, when Riri undoes the padlock and lifts the door… It's full of fancy tools and machined parts. A tarp rests over a vaguely humanoid shape at the back of the garage. She quickly shuts the doors behind her. "Right."

Dragging the tarp down reveals an as yet unpainted Iron Man suit, scaled down to Riri's size. It looks fairly polished, at least, even if it isn't as sleek as Ton's. How could it be? Some of the tools in here would be unrecognizable from time in a normal Engineering lab, however. They are also very shiny and stamped with the Stark Industries logo.

"Oh.. oh my goodness, I thought it was cool that I knew people that were from outer space and I shared their blood, but you.. you've totally trumped me!" Kamala's eyes are as wide as saucers as she's looking at it all. "You really know Tony Stark?" she asks. "That's just.. wow. Here I was, you know, thinking you were cute, but you're like.. way out of my league." she says with a laugh as she is looking over it all.

"I mean. Um. Not exactly? I built a robot and he kind of… Dropped by my garage?" Now Riri is actually spouting giddy laughter. "I mean, I'm not as special as all of that. I mean…" There's a pause while Riri licks her lips. "I, uh… aliens. You know aliens?" A beat. "You're part alien?" Riri is actually stunned into silence. "Out of your league? I'm not even on the same… planet…" More blinks.

"Yeah.. supposedly. It's why I'm all…" Her arms stretch out and wave in a way that prove that she's nearly boneless underneath her skin. "..stretchy." Kamala says with a little laugh herself as she nods. "There's others.. I mean, I'm not really supposed to talk about them. But I'm some sort of.. half-breed. Not as.. you know. Special?" she asks herself, and now she's looking down just a little.

"Not as special? What do you mean? Halfbreeds even being possible is… Wow." Riri blinks and then steps forward toward Kamala. The smaller girl puts a hand on each of the other woman's shoulders and shakes her a little bit. Rir isn't very strong, fortunately. "You have honest-to-God superpowers. And you have family on another planet. Mars. Is it Mars? Further away? That's incredible! What do you mean you're less special?" She releases Kamala to flail slightly. "I just have a package of tools Stark Industries sent me in the mail and an expulsion from the only tech school in the country that would take a black girl three years ago."

"I don't know where it is. I haven't even been invited there yet. But I've been under the ocean near Vietnam, there's like.. some type of weird alien ship there." Kamala responds when she's shaken by Riri, her hands sit her her hips until she pulls back. "Yeah, but Tony Stark is famous! And people don't really like aliens at the moment. Even half-breeds."

"I mean. They can't all be bad, can they?" Riri responds quietly. There's another of those smiles. "I mean. Like I said, I don't really know Tony Stark or anything." She fidgets a bit then and walks over to the suit in question. "I had to make all of the weapons and, um… Stuff. Myself. So…" Riri shrugs slowly. "I think it's almost ready to move but I'm not sure if it will be - useful for anything…"

"Well, there's only one way to figure that out, and that would be to test it." Kamala responds. Coming up behind Riri, she sets a supportive hand on her shoulder and squeezes it. "I can be your test monster. Rawr." And then she giggles at that. "And then we can work out the bugs together."

"Test monster? I don't want to hurt you, though." Riri blinks. "I think I can rig up some dummy bullets and stuff…" Riri bites her bottom lip. She tenses for a second when her shoulder is touched, but soon relaxes to look back at Kamala over her shoulder. "…Okay. How do you want to do this then?"

"I can take a lot more punishment than you think." Kamala offers with a grin. Feeling her tense, she withdraws her hand, looking abashed. "Sorry. Hmm. What would you suggest would be best?"

"I mean. We need to find somewhere it'd be safe for us to, you know… Tear everything up, you dig?" Riri nods slowlyy and utrns toward the suit. "Really tough, huh? I mean,we could start with just like- fists and maneuvering. See what happens? It - probably won't catch fire." That last statement elicits a thoughtful frown. No, Riri isn't concerned about the flames. She is busily considering the future.

"You can always stop drop and roll if it catches fire." Kamala says with a grin. "But yes, I can try to stay out of your grip and see how it works." She grins brightly at that idea. "But we should have a proper reward if you catch me!"

"A reward, huh?" Riri asks, though now she's only half paying attention. Getting the suitopen takes a bit of work but it isn't long before Riri is climbing inside. The boot up sequence starts by turning on a series of lights along the legs. Test! Then to Kamala she calls in a slightly distorted magnified voice, "Stop, drop, and roll! Got it. That'll work on a 1,000 degree electrical fire…" Her tone is rather mild at least. "What kind of a reward?"

Just before Riri climbs into the suit, Kamala leans over and gives her cheek a quick kiss. "For luck." she says in time honored tradition of test pilots everywhere before she watches the boot up sequence. "Push comes to shove, I can get really wide and smother the fire." she offers as she steps back a few steps.

There's that flush again. Just in th tips of Riri's ears. It leaves view when the suit is sealed but it doesn't acutally leave the girl's flesh. She shakes her head briefly and the ntakes a deep breath. "Smothering a fire won't hurt you?" She asks curiously when it comes to that before stepping away from the stand where the armour had been resting. "Okay. So… Fighting. You hit me first? Need to go find a good place though! I want to see what you can do."

"See what I can do?" Kamala grins a little, but while they are talking, she changes - well, the clothes around her morph and she takes on her Miss Marvel persona, including the burkini and the domino mask. "Is that better?" she asks as she takes a few steps back, enlarging her fists to the size of small bikes.

"Sure. Okay. Let's… Well, let's do this." Riri starts her bot forward and darts out toward the street. She's actually pretty fast in that slender suit of steel and wires she's put together and painted in the red and gold of Iron Man. "Go ahead and hit me! I'm wearing armour and everything!" Famous last words, perhaps. rir iwill do her best to dodge. At least it is responsice ot her movements.

"You should have your own colors!" says the girl who blatantly copied Captain Marvel's colors. Kamala considers for a moment and takes a swing towards Riri, trying to collide her large hand with the armor. And if it hits - Riri will realize quickly - while holding normal Kamala hand is soft and warm? Kamala's embiggened fist hits like a literal ton of bricks.

Riri dodges the first swing fairly nimbly. The second sends her flying down the length of the street. "Uwaaaaaa!" At leat the armour doesn't buckle. Exhaust shoots out from the suit's feet and arms and she stabilizes about ten feet above the ground. "Didn't catch fire," she affirms then. "Okay! That's how hard we hit?" Riri hits the jet and the suit shoots toward Kamala. It's… Fast. And those fists are a lot smaller than Ms. Marvel's but they *are* made of metal and backed by a fancy armoured suit. Riri can hit pretty har too.

"Is that how hard I hit?" Kamala asks, concern rising in her voice, which of course leaves her wide open to the attacks from the armor. And.. she's not wearing armor - and she's still baseline size except for her fist - that first punch hurts. "Ow!" she yelps, the punch causing her jaw to twist to the side before snapping back into place. It would almost be comical how boneless she seems to be - if it wasn't for the fact that Kamala is getting taller and bigger, growing to her fullest height of a three story tall building. "Fee fi do fum, I smell the armor of a feisty one!" she calls out with a giggle as King Khan goes trying to swipe at the Iron Girl armor to knock her back.

This time Riri dodges. She's pretty maneuverable - and she's not a giant, unlike Kamala. "Did I hit you too hard—- guess not!" There's a flare of light as the suit twists through the air, spinning just a bit too much to be intended function. "Damned stabilizars… AGh!" Still, she manages to go for another punch toward Kamala's rather voluminous midsection. They both hit really hard. Riri is soon to be at a disadvantage, however. Flying straight is apparently a problem. The more she darts about and dodges….

"Oof! Hey! Are you trying to say I'm fat?!" Kamala protests slightly, but suddenly - Miss Marvel is just gone. Where did she go? As Riri darts and dodges about, it seems that the Pak-American is nowhere to be found, except when suddenly there comes a tapping at her audial input. "…this is the Ghost of Christmas Presents, oooooooh." she coos into Riri's ear playfully, perhaps letting her know where she is, and if she grew right now - it may be bad.

"…Gah!" There's that spinning again, but it's far more pronounced now. Riri loses her balance slightly and goes careening through the sky in a wild almost elliptical trajectory that can't be good for Riri or anyone riding on her ear. "Not good, not good. AH… Can you slow us down somehow?" She asks, sheepishly. Landing when you can't get out of a corkscrew in a suit that's 5'4" is probably a real issue for her.

"What are you.. dizzy.. dizzy!" Kamala squeaks in Riri's ear. JARVIS, she is not, as she hears Riri's worry in her voice and the girl considers. Letting go of the earpiece, Miss Marvel expands and holds Rir in her arms. "This is going to…" she doesn't get to say the rest of it as she goes double her size to wrap around Riri like a protective ball and the pair slam into the ground, Kamala's added girth shielding Riri from harm. But Kamala herself? She gives a pain little cry and it's easy to see she took the worst of it at her current size. "Oooh. That.. didn't go as planned…. are you?" she asks, looking into the armored face in concern.

"…I'm okay. Dizzy is right. You're fine?" Riri grumbles, shaking her head, and then takes a deep breath. "Lots to work out. Plenty of practice to do. I don't know how to stabilize this thing. I don't know Tony's secret…" She slowly shakes her head and then breathes in heavily. "Okay. that's good for right now. Let's, um. Go do something else. With fewer crashes. Mmm."

"…could try asking him." Kamala gently sets the armor down. She looks scraped and cut up and bruised. She took a pretty good beating. However, when she goes back to her normal size and shape, all the injuries just.. vanish. "Ugh. Food. I'm starving." she mutters, holding her stomach. She always hates this part.

"We could… Order a pizza? Two pizzas." Riri blinks, staring at Kamala as her injuries vanish and the other girl returns to a normal size. Soon enough she's returned the armour to the garage and sealed things up, locking away the evidence of their escapade. "I'm not keeping you away from studying or anything, am I?"

"No. Just starving. Everytime I use my powers I'm always starving afterwards." Kamala hasn't quite caught onto the whole healing needs food badly part yet. "…anyway. No, not keeping me.." she blushes a little, pushing some hair over her ear and glancing aside to Riri. "I mean, if you're busy, we can totally call it a night. But.. I sorta.. I like hanging out with you."

"No, it's cool. I don't mind at all… I don't really need to study either." riri blinks a couple times, then reaches up to run her fingers through her long, curled hair. "So you have an increased energy load when you're big, huh? Metabolic stress. Makes sense with all of the healing and… Stuff…" A beat. "Sorry." Now the girl is turning to look around. Slowly.

"Why are you apologizing? I need to know my limits, and all." Kamala smiles and squeezes Riri's other hand, before letting it go. "Two pizzas. One New York, one Chicago. And we can debate over which one's better." she says finally, waiting to see what Riri thinks of that, pulling back just slightly when she realizes how close she is.

As Kamala is pulling away Riri fidgets slightly and then she nods, flashing another quick grin. "Alright, we have to try eachother's pizza and then we can figure this one out once and for all." She laughs softly then. "I'm going to be so stuffed." There's a mock groan but Riri is quickly bouncing across the garage toward the door. "So, um. Where are you staying? Dorms?"

"Yep! You?" Kamala asks, slipping her hand into Riri's. Holding hands with a friend is second-nature to her, so she's not reading too much into it as she grins swiftly at Riri. "..trust me, two pizzas? I can polish that off and still be hungry if I go too long." she admits quietly.

"Dorms? Yeah." Riri nods slowly. "hmm. Might be harder to figure out where do this than I thought. Maybe… Actually go to pizerias? We'll be out pretty late, though." When Kamal takes her hand Riri squeezes it gently. It's a thing friends do, right? It doesn't occur to her that it might be anything else. The other girl's grin is returned. "Okay. We'll figure it out."

"Maybe.. probably need to find someplace open 24 hours.." Kamala admits and blushes. "First time I did this? I cleaned out my parent's fridge. They totally thought I had an eating disorder." she giggles a little and returns the squeeze easily as she starts to walk. They have a ways to go to find food and then back to the dorms.

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