1964-11-30 - Best Laid Plans...
Summary: Inhumans gather at Maximus' place to make plans for Sunday's ambush of the Skrull
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Sooooo, Maximus sent out the word to those he could reach…its funny how few phone numbers he has. Where the hell is his secretary?! Oh, that's right. Exile-ish situation here, he supposes. The setting is his personal abode, though it does look rather impressively clean, almost like he's practically not /living/ here, were it not for the machines that are crammed into a couple corners of the main sitting room. Its a nice, lofty floor of a fancy building. There's some food, some wine…the things people need to feel at home when there is plotting to be done. There is also a reasonable assortment of chairs and places to set things.

Triton would love to claim that he came in through the window, but that was just not to be. The elevator was a snazzy touch though. "Building is a good height. Can see most of the city." which on fish terms was: good surveillance point, needs a garden. He could be critical but there were things to be doing. Turning on heel from the balcony he opened with the heavy question first, "How are you holding up, cousin?"

Chloe comes in with Triton. She's been staying with a human somewhere in town. A pair of them, actually, but she's working on getting her own place, since it looks like their stay will be awhile. A place she can share with Triton. She studies the place, nodding to Triton's words, looking at it through a tactician's eyes. She's a quiet presence, but her smile for Maximus is genuine.

The dog is usually the first thing that people notice about the next guy that joins the party. He would look around, but well the lack of vision does prevent him from doing stuff like that. "Forey would like to know what you have for him. He is rather hungry." Also he may have to use the bathroom. But well Reader's not going to mind if he does that in Maximus' place after all. Outside of that, the blind Inhuman does not say much to the others.

Maximus arches a brow. "I…may have something." Not that Max knows about normal-sized dogs. He just knows that Lockjaw eats anything. So, he goes to the fridge and pulls out a leftover box from the Chinese place, and dumps it onto a plate. He sets it down on the floor. Mmmmm. "There." Then, to Triton and Chloe, he addresses first, "I am well enough, Cousin. I have divined a possible place to find our Skrull." He glances to Reader. "Were you there when my brother revealed the whole…Skrull..issue? And be respectful. Or…Chloe will possibly stab you." He grins crookedly.

Triton noted Reader and curiously watched the doggo tilting his head, though he spoke to Reader. "Triton & Chloe as well. She answers to Hell-Stabber and Don't worry, Reader, if you have not been apprised of the current state we'll fill you in, not start a brouhaha in the livingroom." Because of course aliens were on teh porch and we had to have an increased sense of theatre tonight right? A faint slump in posture signaled Triton went 'business off' though his tactical mind seemed to stay on focus. "There are shape shifterslooking to hunt our people for sport short story. we need to devise how we are going to maximize our advantage when we lure them into that building. Bait we have, we need ideas on teh table though."

Chloe's eyes brighten at the sight of the dog, and she croons to it, "Hello, there." Then, to the blind man, "Hi, I'm Chloe." Aka Hell-Stabber. Thanks, Maximus, for that moniker. "I also respond to Wylde," she says. To Triton, she says, "Blow it up." Because Chloe is all about the subtlety.

Forey knows the site of a friend when he senses one, so of course the puppy goes over to Chloe and nudges at her a little. And if Reader had eyes that were visible, he would show surprise of course. "I was not aware of that." Guy goes away for a little bit and things go to heck, it's just not cool you know. He listens to the ideas, and then he decides he's really going to make Maximus mad. "Destroying it would attract too much attention." His hand goes to the cards on his belt as he starts to finger the edges a little. "Once they are there, I can freeze them in place. Depending on how rested I am would determine how long they stay that way."

"There is going to be an opportunity. An opportunity that the Skrulls cannot miss. A gala. Famous people will be there. Rich people. Influencial people. If I were a Skrull, that…is where I would be. My brother said that I should be bait, but…I'm not so sure about that. I may not be as tempting as my brother thinks. I may, however, be able to flush them out by trying to mind control people, one by one. Or, perhaps you could do it…" He glances at Reader. "And you two need to be ready." To Triton and Chloe. "Other ideas?"

Triton paces back and forth. He was not the tactician, but he was an ambush artist, "Chloe we'll be inteh building. Other times I'd say optimal. This one? I'd prefer not. We'll want to keep the tunnels below secure. For now do we have a way to communicate among one another? We'll need to work that out and- yes, Max, if we can avoid using any family as 'bait' I'd… prefer that." Apparently the fish was not 100% on that plan, though it wasn't his call to make." Almost apologetically he offered to Reader, "Yeah it's not the best news to come back oto but we've gotten through worse." He wasn't going to be pointing webbed fingers in teh room on that one, but that they overcame strife was point enough.

Chloe smiles at Forey and the nudge gets him a scritch behind the ears. "You're a good boy," she murmurs. She continues to give the puppy attention as she listens to Maximus, and her features pinch in consternation as he talks about all the collateral damage. "Can you put images into our minds?" she asks Maximus. "When you find the Skrull, if you could give us an image of who it is, Triton and I can act to stop it."

There is some tail wagging from Forey as Chloe gives him the attention. The Chinese food that Maximus set out for him has all been forgotten about. "That is going to be too many people to work with. Is there any other way to detect them?" Sorry Reader totally doesn't have a Skrull Detection card. Though he could possibly make one. "If we don't have someone important as bait, they may not take it though."

"Possibly…but, not the way that you think. I could briefly control you to…write the name, or say the name. Or vocalize a description. I cannot project images." Maximus explains, more open with his gifts than usual. Then he coughs for no apparent reason. Once he has ahold of himself again, he answers to Reader, "No one knows who my brother is. He's pointless bait. They may know who I am, but who they would really know would be a well-known, wealthy person, possibly strategic in nature. Like…a Tony Stark." Maximus uses for an example.

Triton paced slowly about and ofered thoughtfully, "Point well made, Reader. Will they know 'who' the important people are? Something to take into dconsideration is how do we make the target identiry 'prey'? So we need a practical way to communicate. We have anyone posing as staff than can pass a note or a message that we can plant? Honestly I'm a bit sad we couldn't recruit the woman that took shots at you because having someone invisible right now would have been helpful." There was a consideration and he pointed a finger at Max and then looked to Reader, "Don't suppose anyhthing in your toolkit exists for that?"

"We also have to take into consideration, we're assuming we know where these Skrull are. They're a needle in a haystack of billions. Do we know they're in New York? I imagine this is an important enough city they would strike here, but it's still a huge undertaking to pin one down." Chloe shifts a little, and she continues to stroke the puppy's fur and coo to him. "I'm just saying that we may be doing this a lot before we hit paydirt."

"So we just need to find someone that we know that is important to use as bait?" Hey Reader doesn't know anyone that is important enough to use as bait. "Sorry there is nothing I can do there." Mental note, an invisibility card is a good idea. "She is right. Would they not try to attack places that are the home of the leaders, first?" Life has lead him a little sheltered to what actually happens in these places you know. "It is possible I can make something that could help us. But I am not sure how well it would work without a test. I can also only use my abilities three times per day."

Maximus narrows his eyes. "That was Vesper that tried to kill me. The one that I created. Nexus' sister. She practically admitted it to my face." Maximus snips about the fellow Inhuman. "We do not want her anywhere around this operation. If anyone is sympathetic to the Skrulls, it would be her. Regardless…this is our first chance to really have an opportunity. Perhaps nothing happens, but we just need a way to…make them interested." Max studies Chloe for a moment. "What if we posed as husband and wife? Rich…magificent, husband and wife, who are close to…developing a stealth suit of armor? That seems ideal. They could have two plants and an arsenal, if they took over a couple like that."

Triton pressed webbed fingertips together thoughtfully. "That could work, Chloe. Puts a second set uof eyes up close. And no, Maximus, I do not believe Vesper would have used a gun to kill you. She'd have cooked you. So, either way stealth is in plan B for now without devices. Reader you say you can use this three times a day. May I be so intrusive to ask is taht a true twenty four hours or have you an ability to rotate this in eight hour intervals? Strange question I know but I don't relish ideas where we take you abilities or any vulnerabilities for granted and get you in danger either."

Chloe nods and says, "Of course," without pausing to question the plan. "And I can keep you safe if anyone makes a move, my Prince." Best believe she'll have her Hell-stabbing daggers in her cute little clutch purse. "I'll be happy to serve." She offers Triton a warm smile. Look at her, serving all over the place! She continue to scritch the pup, and she listens for Reader's reply.

There is a head shake at Triton, "No. Three times, each ones is weaker than the one before it. The only way to reset the count is if I get some sleep in between each one. So if I use it once, I would have to sleep to use it again at full power." And here is explaining his abilities, when for a long time he was trying to deny that he had them to Maximus at all. "Perhaps I should explain further. I can make what I read a reality. It is why I was blinded, my own abilities were feared by my own kind." There is a pause after that and he walks over to give his own dog a pet before he continues, "I learned the art of reading by touch so I can still use by abilities. But I am limited to what is on my cards."

Maximus crosses his arms and stares at Reader as the man explains his abilities, and the scope of it, in detail. "Mmmhmm. I knew you had abilities still. And remember that it was not Attilan that was afraid of you. What's the limit? Could you…make a card that says…all Skrulls fall asleep?" He asks curiously.

Triton narrowed his eyes at Reader's fable. He couldn't even say they didn't do similar in Attilan. People have been seized upon terrigenesys before. It was really a hell of a thing. "Reader, someone lays a hand on you you will not fight alone in Attilan… or here." If Reader was helping them it was all the word the aquatic operative needed. A look to Chloe stayed with her a moment offering gently, "You may wish to wear red or plack in case it comes to that and you have to hide spatter." His affection for her efficiency tactica was not lacking.

Chloe smiles fondly at Triton, and she touches his hand lightly as she says, "Black. We have no idea what color these things bleed." She kisses the side of his mask like one might plant a kiss on someone's cheek. Of Reader's powers, she remains quiet, still very much in listening mode, though she does add in a murmur, "If you need protected, we won't fail you."

Reader shakes his head at Maximus, "Too many letters to really fit. I was thinking I could use the word Reveal. But I am not sure what that would actually do." For all he knows that could make everyone just tell their darkest secrets, "I have learned how to take care of myself since then. I was young when it happened, of course." Plus they didn't really know his powers when he first came out of the mists. "I have had to try the new cards a few times to make sure they have the desired effect."

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