1964-11-30 - Burns, Bandages, and Buicks
Summary: Busy day in the infirmary where Dizzy and Echo meet the new doctor.
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Able wasted no time after receiving an invitation from Jean. He's already located the medbay and moved in some of his equipment and product. As a man who runs an illegal emergency clinic, he's uniquely qualified to handle the day to day needs of a team like this one.

As always, he's dressed in the best. A tailored suit; jacket tossed across a desk chair. A slim black tie that's been loosened just enough to look casual. Sleeves rolled back to the elbow. He's the epitome of the fashionable working man. Right now he's taking inventory, peering into drawers and cupboards to tally up what's available and what isn't. There's a scratch pad on the counter that he's using to tally up supplies that he needs ordered or replaced.

Julie is coming down the stairs, a military surplus mechanic's coverall pulled down and belted around the waist with tied sleeves. Underneath, there's a flannel shirt, and she's cradling one arm like something smarts under her hand and a wet shop rag, poking her head in the door, "Hey, nursie, got a minute?" she says, just before setting eyes on who's there, and looking surprised. "Doc Able? Well, fancy meeting you down here." She smiles a bit.

Kaleb, by contrast, was the epitome of the well tailored, natty dresser that didn't need to work a day in his life. Everything he wore (down to the vest and cufflinks) was made for him and him alone. Enter Echo, ladies and gents, looking every bit like his analytical sour self that one could hope for in a spoiled sonic. He paused as to not trip on Dizzy zooming in at casual pace and announced before he arrived in an observant, borderline accusatory tone, "You're not Dr. McCoy." Those alert and curious blue eyes locked on the new comer and seemeded to evaluate him: reaction first then the attire, coarseness of his hands, posture- yes he was being judged. An eyebrow arched, "Interesting." At least it wasn't disapproval? He shifted the black 'not-exactly-a-motorcycle-helmet' under his arm and asked curiously, "Who is your guy?" Presumably about the slacks perhaps? You know, the important things to him.

"My guy is less important than your reason for being here." Able pauses as he inventories ointments and scalpels, but not for long. "My name is Able, but most people refer to me as 'the doctor.'" Take your pick, but if you're not bleeding, you'll have to wait your turn."

That said, he turns his attention to Julie. "Long time no see," he admits. "A mutual friend invited me into the fold. For now, I'll be your resident physician. That arm looks painful. What happened?"

Julie ahs, looking almost a bit embarrassed, "Ah, managed to get a piece of plate I was torching off down my sleeve. Figured some burn cream was in order," she says, and smiles to Kaleb, "The Doc's pretty cool, old customer of mine, he's helped out in Mutant Town now and again. Ah, this is Kaleb Miller, Doc." She pulls the rag, thankfully a pretty clean one, off her arm, it seems she grabbed up a handful of snow with it, now melted.

Kaleb arched an eyebrow not seeing how sharp dress sense was somehow more important than his reason for being there but failed to vocalise this. When Julie brings up something about torching plates Kaleb sighed, "Ms. Diz, I keep telling people leave cooking to professionals. Help exists for a reason. Let them hazard forrays with the microwave." If a 'plate' was a part of a machine it was new news to him. Echo ventured over to the second table, set the helm on it and hopped up to a sit bouncing his heels on the furniture though it made no sound when he did so. "Either way, you're fourtunate he's here. So what manner of doctor are you, Able?"

"It wasn't easy, but I've learned to trust Jean's judgement. Any friend of hers is a potential patient of mine."

Able seems remarkably at ease considering the dubious legality of his medical license. Still, he's here for more than one reason. He takes Julie's hand and stretches her arm out for a better look. "No particulate matter. The wound seems clean enough, I can sterilize and dress it, but it's going to hurt. A lot."

While he works, he glances back over at Kaleb. "I'm a trauma surgeon by trade and a researcher by nature. If there's anything I can do for you that doesn't interrupt the treatment of an active patient, please let me know."

Julie just nods, and takes a seat, "Well, maybe next time I'm making a lasagne I won't use a plasma torch," she says to Kaleb, "But you dunno what you're missing." She does nod to the doc, though, "Sarright, Doc, but yeah, it'd be a real clean piece, we was doing a bit of welding for that big ol' WC65 out back," she says, referring to the old military truck that seems to have become a side-project for her shop class just recently. "Yeah, though, Doc, I got winged once before, don't worry bout it."

Kaleb replied with dry humor and a shrug, "Apparently lazed wounds. Yeah I'll pass. Had my skin peeled off once. I'm good." He let the 'active' patient catch up and give the low down on her situation before offering with 87% less snark, "Yeah I am in for my tune up. Jean said we had a temp replacement for my…umm…" He streched the sound and dropped it to Able's ear so that part was for him alone 'audiologist'. He just watched patiently and fianlly asked, "You alright?"

"Upside, you've already cauterized it." Able doesn't smile often, but for now he seems to be making an exception. "I'll have you right as rain in a day or two."

He leaves his patient's arm stretched out across an exam table while he locates a tube of burn cream. He squeezes out a dab that he rubs in with with two fingers, making sure to be gentle all the while. He retains his hold on Julie's wrist when he turns his attention to Kaleb. His expression is flat to the point of being dull. "I have eight decades of experience as a doctor. I imagine I can handle your tune up."

Julie nods, "Ah, thanks, Doc." She points with a free hand to her own ears, eyeing the funny helmet. "How's the old hearing been going lately, anyway, Kaleb? I mean, must be better by the looks of things, but we ain't talked in a while. Glad you're back." Does eye the 'eight decades' comment from Able, though, but she knew there was something unusual about the fellow.

Kaleb tilted his head in a vague gesture instead of a shrug, "Well then probably good in seeing you and not Dizzy for this then." He looked from he to Julie and pressed his lips together really thinking that over. Then again when he had the seizure she was the one that travelled out from the school to come see him, and thus a truth was offered. "Not…great? Been compensating for the left side more often I think than I used to. I mean it's working, but I noticed I've been doing it again." It didn't sit well with him, and in fact, left the aloof heir fidgety. "how's your family doing?" He looked back you Able and offered, "Hiw long she going to have to wait to lift anything heavy after this?" Julie got The look of 'I ask because I've met you'.

"She'd do well to ask for a few weeks," Able observes. "But a few days will do. But don't push it, yes? If you have muscular damage, there's only so much I can do with bandages and creams."

Julie looks concerned a moment, but flexes her hand a bit, "Well, it don't feel like it's that bad, …if there's a big problem I'll have Josh look at it, he's got a gift about stuff like that. But I'll take it easy anyhow." She nods, "Heard anything about those guys that done it to you, anyway? Seems like that all went pretty quiet since we busted Lorna out."

Kalebwaited very, very patiently. finally he looked to Julie and encouraged, "you're no good to yourself if you don't let yourself heal up. besides, you are a good instructor. make the students do…machine things at…machines." Hey, he trusted her. At her question Kaleb gave the Doctor done catch up, "a few of us were taken. The people who took me food genetic experimentation. they did survival augmentation on Warren…it was….yeah. But we've been following some leads. Been working on the Vietnam initiative working on signal decoding, but yeah, we've found a less that shows they may and may not be replayed of that makes any sense."

"I've been to Vietnam and fought on both sides." Able's voice is soft, but solemn. "Trust me when I say that no one will win that war."

Once that topic is dismissed, he returns to treating Julie's wound. A length of sterile bandage is carefully wrapped around the injury and tacked into place. "That should do well enough," he says. "Visit me tomorrow and I'll change the dressing. I've seen worse, you should be fine in a few days."

Julie tilts her head a little to Kaleb, "Ah, maybe not really, on that last bit, …But I bet Doug could figure it out… You met Doug, yet? He's a real whiz at that kind of thing." She nods to Able, "Thanks a million, Doc, maybe I'll introduce you around sometime. We got a lot of good kids here, …I'm teaching shop, like he said, also hey, it's a chance to go to some kinda college." Adds to Kaleb, "Driver's ed, too, in case you wanna learn how to drive for yourself. Could come down to you, some time, you know. And I promise the advanced class'll be a lotta fun," she winks.

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