1964-11-30 - Malt Shop!
Summary: Roberto, Julie, and Kara meet up by chance in a particular malt shop for some hot cocoa and new friendships!
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There's a charming little malt shop in a charming Westchester town center, up to which pulls a tricked-out '56 Nomad in cameo locket colors, carrying some young people on its snow tires up to the neon lights, and Diz looks over to her passenger, "Guess we'll see who else makes it, anyhow," she says in her Brooklyn Italian accent, and slips out of some rather casually-buckled racing harness. "They said it's pretty good, anyhow."

Roberto Da Costa was just out walking about, dressed in casual winter weather garb. Though ironically, he preferred the cold…helped be a natural balance for him. Though he started craving sgomething sweet and nice…thus does he head to the Malt shop! opening the door with a small smile and taking off his beanie, Roberto rubs his hands together for that warm feeling.

Far overhead in the winter sky, there's a blue-clad figure soaring above Westchester. Supergirl has slowly been venturing out, exploring her new home and all the wonders it possesses. Especially, she's trying to understand the behaviors of humans that would be in her age group. The music, the movies, the dances….it's all so differnt from life on Krypton. So, Kara sometimes goes out and observes popular 'teen' hangouts, trying to process it all. Seeing the malt shop below, and a small gathering of humans entering or already inside, Kara decides to do a bit more 'observation' up close.

Faster than a speeding bullet, Supergirl lands amidst a nearby copse of trees that provide ample cover. And while Supergirl flies down into the cover, it's plain-Jane Linda Danvers who emerges, dressed in a simple cream-colored blouse, pink skirt, and long overcoat to 'protect' her from the winter weather. Pushing her glasses up on her nose some, Kara looks around nervously, then enters the malt shop, taking a booth away from the crowd.

Julie enters not long after the others, giving a wave to her passenger as they head off down the other way, waving, "Awright, I'll catch up with youse later," she says, stepping on into the shop, herself, and heading for the counter, giving a bit of a wave, "Hey, Berto, guess everyone's got the same idea tonight. You been out shopping or something?"

Roberto smiles warmly to Julie when she comes to greet him. "Hey Julie, how goes drifter?" he smiles, knowing of her gearhead personality and love for motorized vehicles. "Hah, yeah…I hear that." But then his eyes spot 'Linda' off by herself, away from everyone.

Deciding to be social, he gives Julie a head tilt as if to suggest going with him to talk to her before he walks off! "Hey, mind if I join you?" he asks in his portuguese accented voice, friendly and pure.

Julie smirks a bit, and diverts over, "Ah, trying to behave out there, you know these little towns," she says, but where there's snow, there could be skids. Gives a little wave to the solitary girl as she peels off a pair of gloves. "Gotta round up a few of the kids when they're done shopping. Stuff to get in the mail and all."

Roberto smiles warmly to Kara, and takes a seat across from her. "I'm sorry if I startled you..I promise that was not the intention. I just saw you alone and decided to say hi." he smiles softly then before he looks to Julie "That's Julie, and I'm Roberto. Roberto da Costa. A pleasure to meet you. May I ask what your name is?" though when told the waitress had gone, he chuckles. "Ah, no worries."

Kara smiles, feeling a bit embarassed by the attention, and brushes her hair back lightly. "Oh. Ummm…Kara. Kara Danvers," she replies to the question. "And it's nice to meet you both as well. I just…wanted to stop in for a shake. But it's kind of you both to be so friendly."

Julie ahs. "Well, it ain't like it's too hard. Heard they made a good hot chocolate here, thought it might go with the weather, myself. You from around here or anything? Ain't met too many locals yet."

Roberto nods a bit. "Kara" he repeats the name as if to commit it to memory. "A pleasure." he says once more. "Well, you've come to the right place! They do make a seriously delicious hot cocoa." he nods a few times.

"I'm from Manhattan," Kara replies to Julie. "Actually, originally from National City in California. But I live in Manhattan now. And I came up here because I heard Westchester was pretty in the winter. And it realy is." She smiles brightly as her shake arrives. "And I know it might seem strange, but I don't mind a shake over cocoa. Hot cocoa is just a bit too bitter for me." She takes a few sips of her shake through the straw. "Do you both live around here?" she asks Julie and Roberto.

Julie shakes her head, …her accent clearly says NYC, probably Brooklyn in particular, "Nah, just spending some time in the area. Sure does look like it could be a postcard this time of year, though." She waves as someone comes up to deliver Kara's milkshake, and says, "Ah, I guess a cocoa with everything, and, you got a Danish or something?" Smirks to the others. "Could be walking around a bit later, could use a bit of fuel, you know what I mean?"

Roberto smiles to Kara "I've been to Manhattan once or twice. Loud place, but I like it." he nods a few times. Though when asked where he's from, he smiles. "Rio de Janeiro, Brazil." he smiles, his exotic tone of voice carrying with ease. "I'm definately the farthest away." he chuckles.

Kara smiles at Roberto and nods. "Yes, I'd certainly say that you are the farthest one from home…" Sip, sip. "But overall, I like it out here in New York state. I miss home, but I've never lived where there's actual snow before. Much less a…White Christmas." There was a bit of a pause, like she was searching for the right term to use. "But it's nice." Another long sip of her milkshake, then she focuses her attention on Roberto. "So, if Julie and I are both up here in Westchester sort of visiting and shopping, what are you doing here so far from home, Roberto?"

Julie ahs, smiles, "Just got back from out there this time last year: I was mostly out west of LA, but there was meets all over. Think I cruised through there a couple times." She scratches her head, trying to remember something, winces a little, and puts a hand on her forearm a moment. "Seemed like mostly nice kids around, though."

Roberto chuckles faintly. "well…..Im the ceo of da costa international. so I need to travel about." he answers pretty plainly, but it's with the kindest smile. "I'm happy that you like it here."

When Roberto mentions that he's a CEO, Kara blinks and looks surprised. "A CEO?" she asks incredulously. "I'm sorry, it's just…you seem rather young to be a CEO." Perhaps they do things differently down in Brazil, Kara thinks. "Regardless, it's rather impressive." Kara goes back to working on her milkshake, a hint of a blush on her cheeks from fear she's sounding foolish or insulting to him.

Julie smirks a bit, apparently not having known Roberto was *that* big in whatever the family business is. "Well, so, you going to school, Kara, or what business you in?"

Kara looks over to Julie and shakes her head. "Ummm…I'm just, sort of…settling in right now. I'm living with my uncle and aunt. I'll probably start up school next year some time." Truth is, she wants to establish Supergirl a bit before thinking about what 'Kara Danvers' does with her life. "I'll probably major in art, but I sort of just want to focus on myself right now."

Julie ahs, and smiles. "Well, then, maybe I'll catch you around the Village when I'm in town, that seems to be really where it's at for the art types lately, …I mean, outside of the schools and all." She adds, "Not that I got a real knack for that, myself. Outside maybe a body shop or something." She winks as hot chocolates arrive.

Roberto smiles to Kara. "I'm 23, I'm not that young am I?" he laughs "No..but seriously, my father passed away and I ended up with the business. sooo here I am." a billionaire business at that…a business he runs phenomenally well, even for his age. "I just started thinking about going back to school to major in something maybe."

Kara gets a sad smile on her face and nods to Roberto. "I…lost my parents recently, as well. That's why I…moved out here. Why I'm living with my uncle and aunt." She lets that hang in the air for a while, contemplating her loss and her new life. "But," she says with a inhale of breath and a slightly more energetic smile. "Maybe I will see both of you arround. Although I don't really go to Grenwich much, Julie. I'm….a bit more conservative with my art." Which is true, she's still struggling with modern human artistic expression. "Regardless, though, I'm sure I'll run into either or both of you sometime in Manhattan." She takes another slurp of her milkshake and smile, "Or back here."

Julie tilts her head, sympathetically. "Ah, well, I'm sorry to hear that. I mean, not about the old-fashioned art, really, that ain't so easy to do, compared to how some of this crazy stuff seems. Not that I really got the eye for that, either. Anyhow, I guess we'll see you around sometime, small city and all," she winks at the obvious kidding, there.

Roberto looks at Kara, a sympathetic and relatable look to his eyes. "Hey…" he leans forward just a little as if to catch her eyes. "If you need someone to talk to, I know we just met…but I'm here, alright? From someone who went through the same thing." he offers in a friendly manner.

Kara smiles and nods. "Thank you both. But I'm fine, really. I'm working at moving forward with my life and not letting the sorrow define me. I'm alive, and I need to do something with my life; something that matters. That's what my parents wanted for me: to have a life worth living."

Julie nods, raises her cocoa, thinking, "Guess that's what my Papa would say about it, too. Anyway, somehow I get the feeling you're going places, I bet you'll do em proud. I mean, I dunno about art, but everyone's a critic." She seems to tend to head a bit toward levity when it comes to sadder subjects, but the eyes say she takes it seriously enough.

"Thank you both," Kara says with a smile. She's going to say more, but her superhearing picks up the sound of trouble! There's a school bus on an icy road nearby, and it's spun out, hanging on the side of a bridge. "Umm…it you'll excuse me…" she says while standing up. "I should probably phone my aunt and uncle, let them know where I am. I saw a pay phone outside…." and muttering more appologies to Roberto and Julie, Kara fishes out a couple of bills to pay for her shake, then makes her way outside. She heads back to the wooded area nearby, and once again, Supergirl streaks off into the sky, heading for the bus loaded with children that is in danger! A Supergirl's work is never done…

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