1964-12-01 - Christmas Hijacking
Summary: The Bonaventure boys enlist a couple of Guthries in the hijacking of a truckload of presents to be donated to the less fortunate.
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'Tis the season and all that jazz, and that means that the Bonaventures are up to some merry mischief making. There's a shipment coming in to Games4U, a big box toy store on the outskirts of NYC. It's in a small strip mall and serves as the anchor store to a bunch of smaller shops. It's dark. It's after black-friday, but the shoppers have been out in a flurry, wiping shelves clean, and there's rumor that there might be more of the hottest toy this season among those being delivered. The Squee is a small puffball that learns language as you talk to it and eventually holds impressively realistic conversations. All the kids want one.

Severin Bonaventure is dressed in a pair of black jeans, a black long-sleeved t-shirt, a pair of black gloves, black sunglasses, and has a BRIGHT SCREAMING GREEN elf hat on that not only jingles, but glitters, and has reindeer antlers sticking out of it.

Cannonball is totally in the spirit of the season. He looks like a John Deer sort of Christmas, with snug jeans, boots, flannel shirt, insulated hunting vest, and goggles on his head, holding down his straw hair. A bulg in his back pocket can be nothing other than a wallet. Hey. Maybe one of the Guthrie kids requested one of those Squees? He's also here with Jay! Little…bro…shopping time at the toy store.

JP had a long long green, white, and red striped santa hat that would make the Elf on a Shelf jelly in his little Robin Hood flannel moccasins. Hewas sitting on teh trunk of the GTO lighting a smoke and huddling for warmth in his leather jacket with sweatshirt underneath. "If it get's any col'er that this, frere? I'm a have you find us a polar bear or some'in t'keep us warm, hmm? My balls are climbin into mah chest an' turnin into ice cubes. 'Dis is not okay. How much tim left?" Oh he was not from New York.

Jay is along with Sam, for a myriad of reasons really, not the lesser of which is that they gotta figure out how they're going to manage the holiday this year. But right now, the only thing that's on Jay's mind is how to get through the shopping season in New York, alive. His wings are slicked down to his back until they barely eke past his shoulders, sweeping the floor behind him, the red-headed brother weaving between people while he works to keep at least close-ish to Sam.

"And Ah thought things got crazy back home over the holidays," he yells over the din of people, offering his elder sibling a faint smile when he catches up. Jeans are part of a normal Guthrie's uniform, but Sams are about two sized too tight by Jay's understanding. His insanely long multi-colored scarf wrapped a million times around his neck and shoulders with the ends still dangling behind him, he's got a jacket at least, even if his back is still mostly bare to make room for his extra apendages.

Severin glances at the watch on his wrist and says, "Any time now." There's a glance at the crowd of people hustling and bustling in and out of the store late into the evening. Soon, there's the rumbling of a giant truck as it comes down the road, and pulls into the parkinglot. There's the sound of whispers, grumbles, murmurs and shouts throughout the crowd as people begin to push to find out what is coming off the truck. That's when Sev gives JP a nod and says, "We get this job done t'night, and you can have a polar bear."

Things are starting to get a bit rowdy in the crowd, and that's what Sev was counting on. He leaves the GTO behind and starts making a wide sort of path around behind the other side of the truck, dragging JP with him. "C'mon, look like you belong here." He pulls off his jacket and he has on one of the uniform shirts from the toy store on underneath his hoodie.

Cannonball looks over at Jay and pauses on the outside of the store. "Hey…so…" He looks Jay over, thoughtfully. "We're gonna actually…roll around to the side. Some friends of Berto told me that they are getting some toys and we're gonna get to deliver them, so, that's cool. I kinda thought that sounded like your bag, too. Flying through the sky with bags of toys for the kids in the shelter." A pause. "Surprise."

JP was that stereotype so many mothers clutch their pearls and warn thier daughters about. His grin was just damn infectous though and he had that Bonaventure bullshit charm which seemed to bury him in more trouble than it got him out of. Some society dame with her pencil skirt and mink coat and consesending look got barked at by JP with a devil's grin growing on his face until she got the hell away from them as fast as she could. Looking around JP saw Jay first. Jay was one of those people that was unfortunately hard to miss, and ah! Cpt. Tightpants himself. Berto made mention. Hey that was good enough for him right now though it was made clear that if bail money was needed Berto was footin that bill. Mmhmm. "Check that out. Even he bein warm. I'm callin in tha'polar bear later." Gearhead's attention was split between Team Guthrie and the truck though. "Hey. You Sammy?"

Jay pauses when Sam does, stopping dead in the middle of the walk, he arches an eyebrow at his brother and the 'surprise'. "Ah mean, Ah know they're red, but Ah ain't exactly Santy-Claws." Jay murmurs back, still slightly confused about the situation, but accepting of it. Not that he's one to not just go with it to begin with, but he's remarkably compliant about most things these days. His brother volunteered them for something. Sure! Why not? Jay trusts his ex-con brother implicitly. Wait. That sounds worse than it is.

Jay shrugs a shoulder and nods to Sam. "Lead the way." He is just one of those guys that's hard to miss, one way or the other! Though this little outing in the crisp, new December air is bringing him around a little bit, Jay lets Sam take point on social interactions as the more…socially excited of the two.

While JP does the introductions, Severin waits over by the truck. There are some scuffles beginning to break out, people tugging and pulling at one another, trying to get closest. Some are asking if there are Squees on the truck. Some are speculating on how many might be in there, whether there would be enough. Inside the store itself is a mad house perhaps even worse than the outside. He gives a nod to the other two as they approach and he says, "Alright so here's the deal.. the asshat who owns this store made a promise to a couple of shelters downtown to donate one toy for each kid on the books staying in the shelter, and an extra twenty per shelter to be given out to any kids that showed up. And at the last minute, he totally shafted the shelters. That's some bullshit. So.. what we've got here is Operation Christmas Miracle.. Bonnaventure style."

Cannonball approaches when JP asks if he's Sammy, "Sam, yeah." He shoves his hands in his pocket and glances over at Jay with a lopsided grin. "You're obviously an elf, anyway." He winks at his brother. "Ahm Sam, and this is mah brother, Jay." He introduces and seems pleased as a hog in mug until Severin lays out what's going on. There's a lot to frown about, there. He tilts his head. "I was just…there was something mentioned about picking up some toys to pass out, yeah. So, we're gettin' the toys and then passing them out?"

JP upnodded with an amused, but easy going grin, "Eeeeh some'in like that. JP. Mah frere here is Sev." He looked to Severin and eyed the crowd. "But yeah somethin like that." Now that the truck stopped and the gaggle has descended that was the time in the plan to act. JP hopped off the trunk of the car and walked over. A small hand comb came out of his back pocket, same kind they trust you with in prison and school picture day, and slicked back his hair before pocketing that and joining the masses. He just had… to get close enough and like half the others just wnated to get near the merch. Just a brush of his hand that's all he wanted. Enough time to communicate withthe machine spirit and - that's a go-go. He wandered back, seemingly fruitless in the endevor but his spirits weren't broken. He looked to Sam and Jay, Sev already being alight to this plan. "Sev, Berto didn't give em da' message about the hats" He shook his head. Across the parking lot in front of a mess of old biddies waiting that trusk was put into gear, and started pulling back out again. What most failed utterly to keep track of was that it had no driver. "Awww hey guys, looks like they had themselves a change of heart hmm?" No. Just no they did not.

Jay listens passively, hands in his pockets, nodding slightly while Severin explains, though there's a dip of his brows together. "Whatsa 'Bonnaventure'?" Glancing sidelong toward Sam for what that might mean. Otherwise, he seems game. Glancing back over his shoulder as people start to get a little too insistant. "Um, is this normal?" Watching JP move around, his attention caught from the uncertain masses. "The hats?" Noting theirs. "Oh…" He shrugs a shoulder to Sam, thumbing at his brother. "He looks silly enough on his own. That good 'nuff?"

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