1964-12-01 - Recruiting a Marvel
Summary: Emma Frosts comes into Mutant Town, looking for perspective students - she finds one that isn't a mutant.
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The Community Center is trying it's best to get into the spirit of the season. As part of it, they asked for volunteers to help set up decorations around the dilapidated diner that serves as the building where down on their luck mutants can get a good meal, spend some time out of the winter's chill, and just have some company or seek assistance.

One of those volunteers is a nine-foot tall Pak-American, dressed in a burkini, complete with leggings, tennis shoes, a long sleeved under-shirt and red scarf around her neck, while a domino mask sorta hides Kamala Khan's identity as Ms. Marvel. While Christmas is not a holiday the Muslim woman celebrates, if it brings some cheer to those in the borough, she's more than willing to assist as she hangs lights that are being passed to her by a more obvious mutant, his skin peppered with feathers as she hums cheerfully to herself as she threads the lights along the stone awning of the former diner and straightens the sign a little.

Christmas. Bah humbug.

Emma is not as much into the Christmas season; she finds it too commercial at times. But she's not immune to the good cheer, nor is she against other people having a good time. As long as she's not cornered by an overly pushy Salvation Army bell ringer, anyway. She's walking down the street, craddling a cup of hot cocoa that she's sipping from , as she slows a bit, noticing the activity in front of the center. It's one of those she actually actively donates to, in fact, though she doesn't tend to advertise that. Not out of a desire to avoid attention, necesssarily; it's good to be a philanthropist for someone in her circumstances. Or because it's primarily for mutants, which she's completely for.

It's more that she feels vaguely like she would be buying the affection of the people who go there if they knew. And that makes her feel…uncomfortable.

The unusual girl out front, however, draws her attention, as she starts to wander towards her, pausing nearby. "Very cheery." she offers after a moment, her ice blue eyes running over the odd costume.

She wasn't expecting to be noticed while she was outside hanging lights. "Only a couple of more strands, and then you'll be ready to plug it all up.." Kamala hopes. As she finishes hanging up one of the remaining strands, the voice behind her catches her attention and the young woman turns her head to look down. "Hi!" she starts to greet and then gets a good look at Emma from this height. "Wow, you're very pretty."

She can't help it, Emma is. And Kamala does feel pretty plain in comparison as she alters her shape, shrinking down while her arms remain up high, stretched out from her body in order to continue to work on the lights. It's all very reminiscent of Reed Richards and his abilities, except that becoming taller and smaller wasn't exactly on his list. "Are you here to help out at the community center? I mean, they were asking for volunteers, and I thought it would be groovy to help, even if I'm not exactly.. celebrating Christmas." she admits sheepishly.

Emma's lips curve up slight at that. "You're both perceptive, politely, and pretty yourself." she returns, tilting her head up to meet Kamala's eyes. Hmm, I don't usually do decorations, but…I suppose I could help out for a bit…" She offers her cup. "Cocoa?" Her eyes follow those stretching limbs with some instance; then again, not exactly common for people to be upset by mutant powers IN Mutant Town. "No cooties, I promise." she assures the girl.

There's a little laugh that comes from Kamala. "My hands are all dirty though. You have no idea how dingy it is up there." She sticks out her tongue for a moment, and goes 'eugh'. "I'm Miss Marvel." The name and the color scheme are familiar enough to the older, blonde Avenger to draw the comparison easily of where she took the former's name from. "And thank you.. my Ammi is always making sure that I am polite, I mean. If you can't say something nice…"

Emma's eyes twinkle slightly. "I don't know, I prefer the corollary of 'if you can't say something nice, make sure it really hits home and is deserved'. She tilts her head, not looking bothered by the refusal. "Ms. Marvel? A heroine then. Pleased to meet you. Emma Frost." she offers, setting down her cup, then stripping off one of her white gloves to offers a hand.

Kamala considers for a moment, and then responds. "…heroine in training. I haven't really done anything spectacular yet." she admits a bit shyly. When the hand is offered, the girl considers, and withdraws one of her arms - because making a third arm would just be weird and wipes the grunge off as best as she can on her birkini before slipping it into Emma's hand for a gentle grip. "I only discovered I had powers only a few weeks ago." And she's definetly old enough to not have had the 'welcome to puberty, you have powers' mutant bit. Maybe a late bloomer?

Emma's grip is firm, and she doesn't seem too upset by any lingering dirt on the hand, though she smiles a bit as Kamala makes an effort at least to clean it up. "That recently?" she says thoughfully. "Are you a late bloomer in terms of that? I mean…if you're a mutant…" she says, gesturing absently to Mutant Town and the others around. "Nothing wrong with that, just curious."

"Oh!" Kamala considers the question, and chews on her bottom lip. Once her hand is released, she returns to the hanging of the lights, frowning a little. "I.. don't exactly know how I got my powers. Just, woke up one day, and could bend and twist and change myself." she says with a little laugh. "Then I found out that I don't really like changing myself that much." There's a chagrinned look before the young woman frowns. "Hope says it's not a mutation, she can't copy my powers. So.. we're still trying to figure it out."

The name rings a bell with Emma obviously, as her expression changes to a thoughful one. "You know Hope? From Xavier's?" she asks. "Hmm. It does sound like an innate ability manifesting itself. A fairly adaptable one, as well, depending where your limits on shaping yousrelf fall." She considers. "Perhaps if you have time for a break, I could buy you a cocoa of your own and we could chat?"

"Oh! You're from Xavier's?" That perks Kamala's interest. "Yes, Hope's my best friend.. I mean, even if she's trying to get back to her future, where I may or may not exist." she frowns a little at that, but shakes her head, trying to cheer up at the next question. "Oh, sure. Just let me make.." she connects the last of the strands of lights together. "There!"

Turning away from Emma, she calls into the center. "Plug them up!" And there's a little arc of electricity and the mismatched strands of light come to life, but at least they all worked." The young woman claps with glee for a moment before she retracts all of her body parts to where they are supposed to be. "Mind if I clean up and change right quick?" she asks Emma, a bit of a blush to her cheeks. "I mean, if you don't mind? Cootie hands."

"Ah. I see. And yes, I am from her school. Only recently returned, which explains why I haven't encountered you before or heard about you from her, I'm sure." The blonde woman's lips twitch at that, though she manages to avoid a full smile. "Of course. I'm in no rush today. Take your time." she says simply. She leans back against the wall of the shelter for the moment. "I'll be here when you're done?"

"Sure! Just be a few minutes." Kamala disappears into the shelter, and after about ten minutes, the young woman returns in her more civilian garb - her clothing even more modest with a long flowing skirt, cable-knit sweater over a collared shirt and leggings under her skirt, "…there. Uh. Kamala. I mean, that's my name. Kamala Khan."

"Pleased to meet you, Kamala." Emma says softly, smiling a bit. "There's a cafe down the street, let's find a seat there." She gestures towards the coffee shop down the way on the corner. "Not the best coffee I've ever had, but they do a wonderful chai or cocoa…" She starts wandering that direction, letting Kamala fall in with her if she chooses. "How long have you known Hope?" she wonders.

Nodding, Kamala falls into step with the older woman, folding her arms behind her back and lacing her hands together. "Cocoa sounds great. Hope? About a month now? We met when I was trying to train. I still don't know everything I can do with my powers yet - I just recently found out that I can heal. Which is neat." she admits with a little laugh, before considering Emma. "What is it that you do at the school? Are you a teacher?"

The mention of being able to heal as well as the stretching raises Emma's eyebrows. "That's a powerful combination of abilities." she says, stopping at one of the outdoor tables, waving down a waitress as they arrive as she pulls out a seat for Kamala, then seats herself across from the younger girl, crossing her legs. "Another cocoa, please. Large." That done, she turns her attention more directly on Kamala. "Headmistress, actually. Co-headmistress, with Charles Xavier." she says crisply. "Though I've been out of the country until recently, so I'm still playing catch up over the months I've been gone." She smiles faintly. "I'm pleased Hope is making good friends, I'd imagine she's having a difficult time getting used to things, even setting aside getting used to her abilities."

"Ooooh." Kamala's face lights with a moment of understanding. "…was there a new student in the area? I don't want to keep you from work." she offers apologetically. The mention of her powers being powerful in combonation lights her face with a blush. "Still not as awesome as Captain Marvel, though." she admits. "I mean, there's a lot of people that have way better powers. I just want to do good and help others." she admits finally as she takes a seat, and folds her hands on the table, her posture rather straight - her mother has taught her well in polite company.

Emma leans back in her chair comfortably, taking a sip from her cocoa as she ponders. She's noting the polite behavior…something she herself has apparently been taught, from her own precise, ladylike motions. "Don't belittle yourself for not being the most powerful person around, Kamala." she chides gently. "From the sound of it, you have a fairly rare power set, and a very adaptable one. Healing by itself is vanishing rare to find; that combined with your other abilities is even rarer."

She tilts her head slightly, her eyes meeting Kamala's directly. "As for a student nearby…perhaps. I come here to see if there are any who might be in need of a bit of training. So…maybe I have found someone who would be suited for it." she says thoughfully, holding that direct gaze. She gently reaches out with her own abilities, scanning Kamala…mostly her emotions and surface thoughts. It's unlikely she's lying, really, but given part of her duties involve keeping her students safe, it's not something she even thinks twice about, when vetting a possible students.

There's excitement there. the ability to be around others her own age. But it's tempered with a great deal of trepedation - she knows she's not a mutant. And there's the whole idea that she may be part alien. The young woman's hands circle the cup as she wonders what Karnak and the other Inhumans would think - and how exactly she fits into all of that. Kamala blows on the surface of her cocoa to cool it as she grins. "I have some that are helping me train, when they have time.. but I'm just.. wanting to fit in." she shrugs her shoulders faintly at that before she sips from her mug.

"Well…one thing you should know that while we focus primarily on mutant students, Xavier's is not against assisting other metahumans as well." Emma begins. "We're open to a variety of students who are in need of learning how to effectively use their abilities, or simply to control them." She tilts her head. "From the sound of it you do have someone helping you learn to use your abilities however. What we offer is a opportunity to develop in a safe and controlled environment, among others who are seeking similar goals, as well as a well-rounded education."

Emma leans forard slightly. "So, in terms of fitting in, you would be with other students your own age. You aren't restricted to them, though we do try to limit who knows about the nature of our school." She adds dryly. "Though apparently Hope feels you're trustworthy in that sense already."

For a moment, Kamala does feel that sense of wanting to belong - to be part of something. She's too young to be an Avenger. The young woman sips from her cocoa and draws in her breath. Then she speaks a little quietly. "I don't know.. Hope hasn't brought me to the school yet - I think she said it was.. very dramatic." she admits a bit haltingly as she draws in a breath. "But I do want to learn." she finally confesses. "About my powers. And what I am. Medusa has offered to help - but there are times I wonder if I'm a bit more of a hinderance than a help, because I'm not.." she trails off, she's not a full Inhuman, like the others are.

The blonde woman sips from her cocoa again, then pauses as the waitress returns, setting a styrofoam cup that steams with heat from the cocoa inside in front of Kamala. "Let me know if you need anything else!" she offers, then slips back inside, her lion-like tail waving behind her under her skirt. Not suprisingly, she's a mutant too.

When she's away, Emma resumes explaining. "…you're looking for a place to be. It's normal." she says, her voice smooth and soothing. "Both for someone your age, but especially for someone gifted as you are." She mentally sets aside figuring out who this 'Medusa' is; she's not familiar. But if she has powers too, that's something worthy of following up on. "It is a change." she cautious. "It's a boarding school, for one. I'm not sure how your parents feel about that." She pauses, then asks. "Do they know about your abilities yet?"

There's a fierce shake of Kamala's head. "No!" she squeaks out suddenly, and shrinks down, slightly abashed. Literally, the girl gets slightly smaller, before she calms down and returns to her normal size. "..they're.. immigrants from Pakistan. And steeped in the religion of home. I. I don't know how my Apu and Ammi will react to such news." That great-grandma was an alien of sometype and Kamala ended up with powers. "I don't even know how to begin to tell them. I mean, when I first disappeared, Captain America vouched for me, said I was helping the Avengers with a projects - still got grounded for two weeks."

Emma nods slowly. "Well, that is one benefit of a boarding school. You have time to learn to use your abilities and get used to them without your parents stumbling over it. However…it's generally best for them to know. At some point." She pauses. 'It can be difficult to explain to them, I know." she commiserates. "Though I expect they would be concerned if you were fighting crime or…whatever you prefer."

She sips again from her cocoa, recrossing her legs. "Cultural differences are accepted at our school though…we have students from all over the world. If that would help?"

"Yes.. but there would be the matter of having to explain to them that I'm at a boarding school.. and it's not something I can exactly.. afford." Kamala admits quietly. "My parents do well enough, but with our family, we couldn't afford.." she hems slightly and hides her self-depreciation in her cocoa with a long drink from it. "I'm already taking out loans and grants to go to NYU as is.'

Emma smiles a bit. "Well, the other benefit is that we offer…scholarships, for gifted students, to assist them in attending." she says simply. "So that would be less of a problem. Depending on your academic prowess?" she says curiously. "There can be other reasons, but…honestly it's a way of helping students in need attend."

"I'm pretty smart." Not a lie, Kamala is a bright engineer with art.. and a literature mind that is always thinking of new worlds and ideas and just.. don't go too far down that rabbit hole, Emma. "I mean, I wouldn't mind taking a tour of the school and seeing if it's right for me? And I'd need to probably ask Captain Marvel if it's okay. She's sorta mentoring me on the hero side, but she suggested I hang around with Hope, so it can't be that bad of an idea, right?"

Emma considers that. "The fact Hope can vouch for you does say a lot, and if Captain Marvel is vouching for you, that's another point in your favor." she admits, her lips curving up slightly. "Though having a good academic record certainly makes it easier to justify to those outside of the school." She considers, tapping her fingertips against her cup. "A tour would certainly be in order, but if your parents don't know about your abilities, it might be odd for them to see the amount of students who are visibly different."

Kamala frowns at that, looking thoughtful. "Which means.. somehow.. telling them." she looks down into her mug at that. "My whole life, my parents have scripted my life. Good grades - good college. I graduate, become a doctor in my field. And then they set me up with a man of their choosing, that will keep me a good Muslim woman, and eventually a wife, and a mother. I don't know how they are going to react when they find out.."

Emma's lips twitch at the whole 'setting you up to be married' thing…it just offends her sensibilities on a deep level. She doesn't say as much, however, simply noting. "It's going to be a culture clash for them, yes. And I don't want to drive a wedge between you and your parents, Kamala." she says, frowning. "But you would benefit…you wouldnt' have to hide what you are. You'd get extended training in using your abilities responsibly and effectively. What you are isn't going to change…and to be honest, it does change your life. Especially if you see yourself more as being a heroine in training than a doctor in training."

"Why can't I be both?" ventures Kamala bravely. The girl has big dreams and aspirations. Marriage isn't exactly on that list at the moment. "Well. I suppose then, I should find some way to tell my parents first - because yes.. I would like to learn. And become.. and you know.. find out what all I can do to the best of my abilities." Superhuman and not. She finishes off her cocoa quickly - apparently her powers come with an appetite as well.

The blonde woman nods in agreement, an approving look crossing her face. "Yes. Why not both?" she agrees. "Doing both isn't impossible, just…needs a bit more support, perhaps." She nods. "That would be best…they should know sooner rather than later." Emma tilts her head slightly. "…would it help if I or Charles or both of us went with you to explain to them? I'm not sure how they would feel about an outsider they don't know talkinga bout it with them, but if you'd like support, we'd be happy to come with."

A look of thoughtfulness crosses Kamala's features. As much as she would love the support, finally, she shakes her head in the negative. "No." she offers quietly. "This is something that happened to me. And I should be the one to tell them, because it is deeply personal." And if her parents are going to call her a demon and cast her out, she'd rather not have anyone else around. "What I could use, however, is as much information as you are willing to provide to me. I want to make sure that if I lay out my case, there's no way they can say no to me. Because.. I'm only going to get one shot at this."

If anything, that's another point for Kamala….character means facing responsibilities, after all. Even if it's on your own. She nods slightly. "Well, consider me a resource then." she says crisply. "What woudl you like to know? Some things I won't be able to talk about, if they touch on the school's security, or other students save in generalities. They have a right to their privacy, and we do prefer less people know about the school if possible. There's far too many types who would cause trouble if they knew about it." she says. Blunt, in this case.

"That will be their main concern. Will I grow academically there, and will I be able to be safe there." Kamala asks. "Because I know they will be curious about it. I'll get their initial read, though. If they have questions - and I'm sure they will.. I can ask you what they are and get back to them? It would be helpful." And then she asks a question of her own. "…will I still be able to help? I mean, New Jersey has it's own troubles, and they need.. a hero sometime." She's been moonlighting a little, and just wants to make sure that home will be able to still be taken care of.

Emma hmms, sipping from her cocoa as she ponders that, then holds up an index finger. "First: I can provide you with our public offerings for courses and such. We do have links with several local colleges to allow for students to take night courses or the like, so that may be a point to raise with her." She reaises a second finger. "The other…mmm. We…are hesistant to let students put themselves in danger, but we do train them in self defense for those situations in which they do." she says, frowning faintly. "If you wish to continue your…well, vigilante heroism, that would require some promises on your part about how deep of trouble you'll be letting yourself to get into. Helping out with community projects is one thing; fighting violent criminals is more troublesome to me. We don't -want- you to be hurt, powers or no."

"I see." Kamala looks thoughtful at that. She's been shot - well once - that's how she found out she could heal herself quickly. Other than that, she draws in a breath. "I can try to find a way to balance them." she finally allows herself, a smile coming to her features and she gives a little squee. "..I can't believe this. I mean, to be around others that know what it's like. I've felt really alone. I mean, Hope's a great friend and all, but she's the only one I know so far that's the same age I am."

The little squee causes Emma's lips to quirk in amusement, then more seriously says. "That's a large part of what Xavier's is about. Giving a sense of community, especially to those whose gifts mean they could be a benefit to whatever community they wish to be part of. And it's….easier. When you have people around you that have been through similar things. Not just as a teenager, but…well. Having unusual abilities to deal with." She shrugs her shoulders, then reaches into her purse, rummaging around, before she pulls out a pamphlet and a card with her name and number on it, as well as the school name, before she sets them on the table. "I think you'd be a good fit there though, Kamala. I hope your discussion with your parents go smoothly, and if they agree, I would be happy to take you on a tour.' She tilts her head. "That is, aside from being willing to answer your questions in general, even if you say no."

"I.. I really appreciate it, headmistress." Kamala offers polietly, clutching both of the items to her chest gently before she puts them in her own purse-satchel. "Thank you so much, Miss Frost. I'll do my best to get them to understand." Because she knows she can really use this. And all the help it could provide before she rises from her seat and leans over to give the older woman a hug. She probably should have warned that she was a hugger.

"Miss Frost is fine." Emma says thoughfully. She's a bit suprised by the hug, but after a momentary tenseness, she sets down her drink to return it, giving Kamala a bit squeeze. "It's what I'm here for." she says, honestly. "I didn't have the kind of support Xavier's provides growing up…I don't like seeing others unable to have it when I can assist." She smiles, patting Kamala's back. "Either way, you have my number if you need help."

"Right. If I call in the middle of the night crying, you know it didn't go well." Kamala is putting up a brave front, but in truth, she's terrified of telling her parents. She draws in a breath. "I should get back to the community center and finish helping. I promised to help with the tree.. even if Christmas isn't really my thing." she admits, the Muslim girl smiles briefly. "But we should be accepting of all in need, regardless of faith or ability, right?" she asks, before she starts to head off with a little wave. "Thank you again. For everything."

Emma says gravely, perhaps driving home the seriousness. "If you need a place to stay, or don't feel safe, do call." she says, then stands. "You're very welcome, Kamala. It's been a pleasure talking with you Kamala. I'm sure I'll see you around." She smiles faintly at the younger girl. "And good luck with the rest of the setup."

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