1964-12-01 - The School is Inhuman!
Summary: Catching up in the office.
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It's a Friday evening. And while the Professor might have plans for the night, right now he's been caught up in handling some schoolwork for classes. Unfortunately, time seems to be slipping from him as he grades some papers, the Dreaded Red Pen of Legend in his hand as he makes a few notes and scribbles, before delivering final grades.

On the bright side, it isn't as though a certain blonde wouldn't know what he was up to, even if she wasn't also a telepath…

«Knock knock.» comes said blonde's voice in Charles' head, before she makes her appearance at the door to his office. "You're still grading? I told you you shouldn't put it off so long." Emma chides faintly, folding her arms as she leans against the door frame.

Charles smiles up towards Emma, "Ouch, the I told you so. Though, in my defense, I actually told the students in the English literature class they could submit their papers in advance so I could give them some pointers before they turned in the final draft." He gets a wry expression, "I didn't think everyone would take me up on the offer." Then he glances at the clock, and smiles back, "Please tell me you're going to save me from this, at least for a few hours?"

"For a few hours. I did want to discuss a prospective student I met in Mutant Town today." she admits. "She may not be a mutant, but she's certainly in need of training. And….is very much wanting to be with people like herself, so she doesn't feel alone in what she's going through." She tilts her head. "What would suitably distract you?" she murmurs playfully.

Charles arches a brow, "Not a mutant? But she has abilities?" He rises and moves around the desk, sitting on the edge of it as he looks at Emma with a wry grin, "I wouldn't mind meeting her, and talking with her parents." He pauses, "Do they know what she can do? And, ah, what can she do?"

Then he smiles a little, "Well, having the pleasure of your company is always suitably distracting, though I wouldn't wish to impose too much. Perhaps a quick dinner in Salem Center?" With that, he extends a hand towards Emma, arching a brow ever so slightly.

"Dinner sounds wonderful. And no, they do not." Emma says, frowning a bit. "That may be a sticking point. Her parents are immigrants from Pakistan and fairly conservative to that culture. She wanted to at least come out to her mom about her abilities. Which are fairly formidable. She says she just had them when she woke up one day a few months ago. Apparently, she's good friends with Hope, who told her a bit about the school." She hmms. "…do you know someone named Medusa, by the way?"

Charles nods, "Medusa is ah, well, are you familiar with the Inhumans? She was actually at the school helping for a brief period, her and her sister Crystal. They are, well, royalty there from my understanding." He pauses, "Wait, she's an Inhuman? Well, that adds to the list of people we should ask before bringing her on here. Though, what's she like? And does she want to come up to the school?" He sounds a bit curious now, hand still hanging out there, though when Emma doesn't come over, it gradually lowers back down beside him.

Emma holds up a finger. "I'm not sure if that's what she is or not, honestly. I don't think she knows either, though she said something about possibly being alien. This Medusa was helping her out, apparently." She raises a brow. "Also, apparently Captain Marvel and Captain America have both helped her out some. She goes by Ms. Marvel…heroine in training, she said. Her normal name is Kamala Khan. She didn't seem to mind me knowing." she adds. Almost distactedly, she does step over and catch the hand before it's dropped all the way, her lips twitching a little bit.

Charles smiles a little, and squeezes Emma's hand in his, then hmms, "Well, sounds like she doesn't need the school, but it might be a little easier for her to be among those that could be her peers. We should probably try to learn a little bit more, and… yes, we would need to talk to her parents about it too." He considers for a moment, "I do need to speak with Medusa anyway, so that'll be a good opportunity to ask."

Emma's fingers c url against your hand absently, squeezing. "That seems best. I haven't encountered the Inhumans in person really, so I'm not entirely clear on what they are, only that there's a group of powered individuals and….aliens?" she says, a bit unsure now. "But if you know her, that would be helpful. I doubt we could as easily talk to Captain Marvel or Captain America." she adds wryly.

Charles smirks, "Sorry, no Captains in my rolodex, Emma." He hmms, "But, well, I believe the Inhumans… I don't know all the specifics, but I think they were humans that were modified by an alien race, many millennia ago. They aren't too dissimilar from mutants, in point of fact, though apparently their abilities catalyze through some outside agent, instead of naturally."

Emma looks thoughful. "That could explain it then. She definitely didn't get her powers at puberty, unless she was a very late bloomer, and she didn't look it. An innate ability that matured would make sense." She hmms. "Well…we'll see what her parents say." She pauses. "…I did offer her a place to stay or help if she needed it, in case things went badly." Because Emma often assumes the worst and plans for it. Just in case.

Charles squeezes Emma's hand lightly in his, "Well, good. If she's being trained by the Captains and Medusa and who knows who else, I'm pretty sure she's safe to come here if necessary, even if only as a temporary place to stay." He hrms, "So her family is originally from Pakistan? That's fascinating, honestly. Would definitely give the other students a wider perspective, if she elected to come here."

Emma steps a bit closer, idly catch your hand betweens hers. "Yes. It wouldn't be the first time we had someone from another culture or country here, of course. But she has an interesting prespective, and a lot of moxie. Wants to be a doctor as well as a heroine."

Charles grins, "I like her already. Though if you say she actually reads science fiction, then I know you're just teasing me." Because Charles is an avid reader of fantasy and science-fiction, finding them fascinating. He also places his other hand on top of Emma's, looking at her with a warm smile as he takes a small step away from the desk, standing next to her.

Emma rolls her eyes. "You know someone who fires concussive beams from his eyes. That's not sci fi enough for you?" she notes dryly. "We didn't get into her media choices, you might get lucky I suppose." She smiles a bit as you step closer. "…you're going to be insufferable if she is though, aren't you?"

Charles smiles, "Insufferable, moi? I'll stick with being incorrigible, Emma." He chuckles softly, then looks at Emma with a wry expression, "Frankly, I think I'm pretty lucky already. Besides, Scott hates science-fiction."

Emma wrinkles her nose. "Scott is a born square." she notes. "And unlikely to change anytime soon. Even Logan has more of a sense of humor." She shrugs her shoulders. "I can't object to you using your imagination though. Being unable to dream limits you too much."

Charles grins, "Well, having a dream allowed me to build this place. And, well, work with you besides." He gives her hands a light squeeze at that, one brow of his arching ever so slightly.

Her lips twist a bit in amusement. "I don't think I was exactly a dream to start off when I met you. At least for you." she notes aserbicly. But squeezes back lightly. "But…well, here we are. Making dreams reality is part of what drives us as a species, after all."

Charles laughs a bit, "Well, things change, and yes, striving to make something better out of what we were given. In the end, that's what this is all about."

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