1964-12-03 - Picture Perfect Date
Summary: Peter uses the cover of a date with MJ to check out the replacement Christmas Tree in Rockfeller Plaza - it turns out that it turns into a picture perfect day.
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The mystery of the new tree in Rockefeller Plaza had gotten to Spidey's senses, and he wanted to check it out, but didn't want to do it as Spidey because Jameson would totally suggest he was trying to destroy the second tree, because he's a jerk. However, there was a secondary idea as Peter Parker, on a date with Mary Jane Watson, wouldn't stand out as much. Walking with the redhead, Peter's grinning like a loon. "I found your Christmas present already - and it wasn't easy, I mean.. I still have a lot to learn about you, MJ." he admits with a nervousness to his voice.

Over his shoulder he carries a small bag with his camera equipment in it. There's a little hint of a blush. "I thought we could get some pictures together, you know.. for our families." he admits quietly. A Christmas picture of them as a couple? Goodness, that may be a little brash, but he makes the attempt anyway.

MJ smiles, "That sounds great, tiger." She hmms, wearing a green winter coat and red scarf with her outfit, "And no ulterior motives, either?" She winks, since… well, the nice thing about a smart girlfriend that knows your secret identity, she figures out some of this stuff pretty quickly.

"What ulterior motives?" Peter asks, a lift of his brow with a grin. "Just thought we would get some time together and maybe some ice skating after the photos?" comes the honest response from him. Sure, he plans to get close to the tree to see if it triggers his Spider-Senses, but at the same time - it really is a date. He's dressed in a red sweater that is clear from it's knit was homemade. God bless Aunt May and the warm clothes she makes.

Giving MJ's hand an affectionate squeeze, Peter glances out towards the ice. "Though I may totally cheat out there." he admits with a wry smile as he looks for a good place to set up for the picture with the perfect framing of the tree in the background.

Mary Jane smiles, "That's fine, then you can catch me if I start to fall." She winks and has an idea of what Peter has in mind, but also doesn't mind as long as there's some actual dating time involved, it seems. She leans against Peter a bit, "So what sort of pictures were you thinking? Did you have a time-delay set?" She gets a little bit of an impish look, as if thinking of doing something silly…

"Yep! The time delay's tried and true." And well used. "I also have an autopicture device that I carry with remote control." How do you think he gets all of candid pictures of Spidey and his battles. There's a grin as he finds a good spot finally - that photog's eye is useful, after all, and starts to set up the camera after placing an affectionate kiss on MJ's cheek. "Well.." he starts, a blush touching his cheeks. "Just a couple of us standing together, and maybe a couple of goofy pictures.. and.." As he takes the equipment out of the bag, a sprig of mistletoe falls out.

MJ laughs, "Aha!" She grins and picks up the mistletoe, wiggling it at Peter, and then she makes sure to hold up the mistletoe over Peter's head before leaning in to kiss him on the cheek.

"Where did that come from?" Peter asks playfully, before the kiss is issued and he laughs, smiling up at MJ. "Did you know, that in some places, mistletoe is called witch's broom and serves a nesting place for owls, though many consider them a plant parasite.." he trails off, because he's catching that smile on his girlfriend's face and he ahems. "Pictures, right. Dressed warmly under your jacket or?"

Mary Jane grins, "Well, I do have a sweater…" And so, yes, she takes off the jacket, revealing a rather cheery red sweater. Admittedly, it's a very flattering sweater, and she winks at Peter, keeping the scarf as she poses, "Voila!"

And Peter finds himself wondering once again how he was the lucky reciepent of the 'greatest girl in the world' award. It must offset all the negative karma that Spidey gets as he is gobsmacked for a long moment and then chuckles. "Aunt May definetly didn't make that." he murmurs, as he gets the camera on the tripod and moves to stand near the tree with MJ - nope, no hair rising on his arm, no weird tingle at the back of his neck. The tree seems pretty harmless.

MJ leans in, slipping her arm around Peter's shoulders as she waves to the camera, giving it a bright smile for the picture. Then, for picture 2, she quickly turns her head and tries to give Peter a surprise smooch on the cheek… apparently for being silly.

His arm finds her waist and settles around it as Peter grins for the first picture, and then as he plans the second, he turns, and finds himself in a very public liplock with his girlfriend. His eyes flash wide.. but to be honest, before there's another word, his hand finds his cheek and he leans into her to extend the kiss as long as she wishes.

MJ blinks, then closes her eyes, leaning into the kiss as she snuggles up against Peter. And she doesn't mind extending the kiss, even as the camera keeps running… frankly, Mary Jane seems more than fine with that.

After several pictures, Peter finally pulls back slightly from MJ, and whispers, "Wow." Ice skating? Pictures? What were they doing again? Looking into the eyes of the woman that stole his heart, he quietly murmurs something for her ears alone, as he at least doesn't shout out his feelings for her to the world.

Mary Jane actually blushes a little, and leans in to whisper, "I love you, Peter Parker." She grins, then kisses his ear, and then says a bit louder, "Um… how much film did you have left?"

"Uh, crap." Peter blushes, finally remembering to take the finger off the trigger and looks down at the little counter and his cheeks flare warm with redness, before he looks back to her. "Three? Better make them count." She, of all people, knows how expensive this free-lance job can be sometimes. And Jameson will not buy pics of him making out with MJ.

MJ smiles a little, "Sounds good, what would you like to do with them?" She tilts her head, looking at Peter with a bit of concern, "I mean, what do you think will be the best?"

There's a smile at MJ, as Peter pulls her closer, his arm settling around her waist and the pair get snuggly close, and takes a far more intimate picture than the awkward boyfriend/girlfriend picture. It's a picture that conveys the growing affections that have grown on top of the original feelings the two shared - and something far more stronger than what secrets once seperated. "I'm thinking that I want to take you home, Mary Jane Watson."

Mary Jane grins, "Well, that sounds good to me…" She snuggles happily with Peter for the picture, smiling not just for the camera, but for him too.

After the last three pictures are spent, Peter lowers the trigger, and pulls away from MJ only long enough to hand her back her jacket and get their picture equipment together and back in the bag. Looking over at her, he smiles again, before finally offering his hand to her so that they may leave the plaza and head for the dorms.

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