1964-12-03 - Sometimes It's About Giving
Summary: Dizzy takes the boys shopping for the holidays, run into Kara, and find a new project for the underclassmen.
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It's another charming winter night in charming Westchester County, and some students from a discreet private academy have filtered into town, …for holiday shopping! Dizzy's walking along with some fellow students, saying, offhandedly, "Here's where I try to find stuff for family I can't go to a speed shop for," with a smile.

Wither had no family left to shop for but still, it was a step closer to normalcy and he liked spending time with his peers. Better his pals than just metal and ghosts all the time. He looked around and seemed fairly optimistic asking in that Atlanta raised drawl, "Alright, so who we got t' hunt stuff down fer? Y'all got a list Ah' know. We got some ages and interests that's a fair start." He stopped and looked at one of the display windows tapping Doug's sleeve with a glove two or three times. "Hey check that out. Looks almost like real snow and they got a lil train and everythin! Jules, this place is neat."

Doug has been working, a lot. One might almost think he was trying to avoid something by burying himself in his work — they wouldn't be wrong. But today, he's out and about and doing a little shopping, with a wool peacoat and heavy winter hat on to keep out the early december chill. "Part of the fun of christmas shopping is taking some time to wander and think about the people you care about, Kevin!" Doug says. "There's no reason to show up with it all planned out."

The Christmas spirit has certainly gotten ahold of Kara Danvers, and the blonde woman is smiling wide as she goes from store to store, looking for gifts to give to family and friends to celebrate the holiday. She's bundled up in a conservative blouse and dress, wollen leggings, and fur lined boots. And a pair of earmuffs over her head. There's a bag hanging round her wrist, and she rubs her body through her coat as she steps into a store and out of the cold.

Julie smiles a bit to Wither about the store window display. "Well, something for my Mama that's nice would probably be good. And, ah, someone special. " She indicates the door to the shop Wither's interested in. "Why don't we have a look-see, and see how it goes?"

Doug examines the train set, and he laughs. "Hey, I had one of those when I was a kid." He crosses his arms, and says, "Funny, it wasn't that long ago. It seems like it was though, doesn't it." Then he shakes his head, and says, "Come on, let's go inside." He opens the door with a jingle.
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Wither gave Doug that look and shrugged, "Ah' dunno, man. Ah don't have anyone t'shop for, Doug. Ah'm jut here to help you two out, though be kinda neat to put together some stuff for couple of the others." He wasn't the only one at the school from their small populace who for one reason or another were entirely solo on holidays. His jaw tightened a bit. nope. Noooot letting his brain go there. Looking back up to his buddy he nodded and chuckled in spite of it all, "Yeah not too long ago. Maaaaaan when I was a kid December felt like foooooreeeever, and now it's jes' flyin by. Jules, I know we cna find something for your ma." He followed Doug into teh store pulling his knit hat off and stuffing it in one pocket. "Awww they got a tree in the store too? Man, now I'm glad we came here. So we just finding cool things and figurin' out of we have a home for it?"

When the others come in, the door almost hits Kara, since she's still warming up a bit in the entryway. "ooops!" she squeaks as the two young men enter followed by a familiar face. "Ummmm….Julie, right?" she asks with a smile as she moves to give the others plenty of room to enter. "Hi. We met at the malt shop in Salem Center last week."

Julie smiles, and waves, "Ah hey, there, Kara, wasn't it? Hoya doing? Ah, this is Kevin, and Doug, some friends of mine." She glances back at the others, then has a second look at the train set, and says, "You know, maybe something like that'd be fun for the kids that can't go home this year."

Doug thinks about that, and taps his chin, before he nods. "All right, we'll pick one up." He glances at Kevin for a moment. "Kevin, what kinds of fabric can you wear, buddy?"

"That's right," Kara replies to Julie with a freindly nod. She pauses and pushes her glasses up on her nose, resettling them, before turning to Julie's companions. "Ummm…nice to meet you both," she says with a shy smile. "My name's Kara. Kara Danvers. I guess you're all out Christmas shopping too, huh? I'm really excited becasue this is my first one." Pause. "In Manhattan. My first Christmas in Manhattan." She laughs and blushes. "I've just always heard stories about Christmas here. All those movies and…" Another pause. "It's just neat to see everything here for the first time."

Wither thought about it and shrugged. "Anything synthetic, man. I'm jsut aller-aaah! Woah, so!… so sorry m'am." He was mid sentance and then just stopped halting all momentum like he was used to living with a cat as to not smack the poor gal with a door. Sidestep…sidestep… he finished answering Doug, "allergic." Julie was doing introductions though. He waited a glove with a smile. "Hi Kara. Kev. That's Doug." Still though and considered this carefully. Buying a train set. "Dougie… it may need a tiny village. We up to buildin em a tiny village and puttin that all up over night? THat might be the slickest use of the library floor I can think of. Well… that and gym socks." Still tehre was Kara, friend of Julie, and Kev looked earnestly apologetic, "Really sorry about the, um, door."

Doug gives a little smirk at that and then he says "You know what, I can't think of a better way to spend the night, Kevin." Then he turns and espies a clothing rack, and investigates. "Uh-huh. Here we go. Polyester microfiber." He picks up a blue scarf, and then drapes it over the shoulders of the sullen-looking kid. It has snowflakes on it. "Sometimes we just need to know someone's thinking of us. Merry Christmas, this one's on me." He gives Kara a little smirk and a wave. "Afternoon, ma'am."

Julie laughs, a bit to Wither, "Ay, who's the shop teacher? Gotta leave something for the kids to do, after all, that's half the fun." She smiles to Kara. "Well, this ain't exactly Manhattan, but it's kinda, what do you call it, charming, out here." She gives a wink to Doug. "All this space-age stuff, now it's microscopic?"

Kara smiles and waves away the apology from Kevin. "It's okay, don't worry about it. I shouldn't have been blocking the entryway." When Doug drapes the scarf on Kevin, Kara smiles a bit. "It does look nice," she says with a smile. And then she nods to Julie. "It is charming, yes. And I told you that we'd probably run into each other again. I just wasn't expecting it to be so soon." Kara looks around for a bit then asks Julie, "Is Roberto with you today?" She then returns the wave to Doug. "Good afternoon. And Merry Christmas to you."

Kevin blinked and laughed not expecting that one, "Awwww, seriously? Thanks buddy. And Merry Christmas to you, Kara. No hard feelings about being a door stop. Let's go see what they got for tiny trees or if there's a book on scenery building. This'll be good."

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