1964-12-04 - Enrolling Kamala
Summary: Kamala visits Xavier's and agrees to join the school. But will the cost of enrollment be too much? To be continued!
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Professor Charles Xavier, who… well, aside from his attire doesn't look (or much to the other teachers' chagrin, act) much like a teacher, is currently seated behind the main desk of the library. In his hands, a copy of the Fellowship of the Ring, which he seems quite enthralled by right now, reading the literature with fascination. Or knowing him, undoubtedly re-reading.

"You know, it's still neat that Orcs and Goblins are really.. the same things. Just that Tolkien forgot to use olde English at first." Kamala Khan, not so secret nerd, at your service. Having been shown around the grounds, the young woman that has been moonlighting as the Marvelous Ms. Marvel arrives at the library finally with one of the student advisors and offers a faint, if nervous smile. "I had hoped to see Miss Frost." she admits quietly.

Charles glances up, and smiles slightly, "Oh, what about? I believe she's teaching a class at the moment." He then pulls out his pocketwatch, checks it, then nods, "At least for another hour or so. Though you are assuredly correct, regarding orcs and goblins, though then there are the uruk-hai, of course, but those are definitely distinct from the other two." He smiles a little, "Very rare to see a girl your age reading Tolkien, which is meant as a compliment of the highest order, I assure you."

"I think that was more Tolkien in desperate straits to fix a retcon that Middle Earth couldn't create evil, when he had said himself that goblins were born of mud and granite with hearts of stone." Kamala says with a little blush and laugh as she pushes some hair over her ear and clutches the little pamphlet she is carrying. "Miss Frost had invited me to the school for a tour and possible enrollment. I'm Kamala.. Kamala Khan." And she's feeling really out of place, knowing that this school is well outside her family's modest means and wondering how many jobs she'd have to work to make tuition. No wonder Emma told her she may have to put freelance heroing to the side.

Charles smiles, "Oh, Ms. Khan. Well, Ms. Frost told me about you." He rises from the chair and extends a hand towards her, "Professor Charles Xavier, at your service." He beams a bit, "Though, she didn't mention that you read Tolkien. Which, as far as I'm concerned, is a definite plus."

"I'm a bit of a science fiction nerd.." Kamala admits, pushing her glasses up on her nose slightly before she accepts the hand in a loose shake and then lowers it as she demures to the male in the room. "You have a really lovely home and school, Professor." she offers lightly, finally. "And what you are doing to help others is very noble."

The Professor chuckles, "Well, I do try… I was born to rather… high means, though I always felt it was better to give some of it back." He smiles, "In this case, through providing an education for those that need it, regardless of their status." Pausing a moment, he then looks curiously at Kamala, "Alright, what are the Three Laws of Robotics?"

"Oh goodness, Runaround. Love that story!" Kamala nearly squees, but keeps it in check. Since it seems this is more formal than anyone is letting one. "First, a robot may not by action, or inaction, allow a human come to harm. And then a robot must obey the commands it's human owners give it unless it directly violates the first law, and a robot must protect itself as long as it does not violate the first two laws." she offers, "Though it seems movie makers these days just play loosey-goosey with those rules in order to cherry-pick what's best for making money." There's a face at that, before she turns the tables. "Are there any outreach programs that the School does in Mutant Town, outside of actively recruiting?" Since that's what Emma did to her.

Charles grins, looking genuinely pleased, "Congratulations, you passed the entrance exam." He laughs a bit, probably (?) joking, as he then answers the question, "A few, we have close ties with several community centers in Mutant Town. And I was actually talking with Medusa just the other day, as a matter of fact." Mainly he drops that little nugget because, well, he's curious how Kamala would react.

The reaction is obvious. Kamala knows the name. And has had fried chicken with the woman. "About Mutant Town?" comes the curious inquiry, as she holds in that hope against hope that perhaps Inhumans have an in at the school now. There's a laugh at the entrance exam, but it's far more nervous than she would have liked as she rubs the top of her arm with the opposing hand - not quite ready to show off her morphagenic abilities yet.

The Professor chuckles a bit, "Yes, her sister actually helped manage the school while I was on a… sabbatical." He keeps it a little vague, because sometimes these things are hard to explain. Then he continues, "Well, actually Medusa and I were speaking of something else, but I gather you're familiar with them both?"

There's a blush that touches Kamala's cheeks. "I think I'm an Inhuman. Or part Inhuman. It's really complicated. I was a normal, well, normal as far a sa girl who loves science fiction, studies the Quoran, and tries to live to the tentaments of Muhammaed can be.. when I first was taken in by this strange gas, that sorta coccooned me.. and I woke up.. like this." she admits quietly. There's far more to the story, but Charles don't need to know about wedgies, back pains and pinched feet. "They;'ve been trying to help me.. but I know.. they have a lot of other things going on." A little feeling of abandoment, before she forces up a smile. "Hope's been helping me with combat training, but…" She's still trying to figure out who she is now.

The Professor nods, "Well, this is a school designed mostly for mutants, but it does sound like you're having a lot of similar issues that a young mutant your age would have. The feeling that no one else really understands, and now it's almost like you have two separate lives." He smiles slightly, "One of the nice things about this school is that it's designed to be a refuge from that, so you can be yourself. Or discover what exactly that is."

"Well.. I don't want to hang up my burkini." Kamala admits quietly. She has been doing some superheroing on the side. Though she's not done anything as impressive as say Captain America or Wonder Woman, but she had a team-up with her! That was awesome. "More like three. There's the me at home, the me in public, and the me in costume." she admits quietly. "And none of them agree with each other right now."

Charles nods, "Well, I don't think you should. It sounds like you're doing some impressive work out there." He smiles a bit, "So what are the three of you like?" One thing about the Prof, he's a very good listener.

"You're meeting public me." Kamala says with a little laugh. "Pleased to meet you." It's offered in a teasing way before she folds her hands in front of her. "My family is very.. religious. At home, there are strict rules and guidelines on how my life is supposed to go, and I am slowly trying to get myself more room, but I know that someday I may run out of time. Yes.. I am strong in my Muslim faith - but I think a woman should be allowed to do more. My other.. well.. Miss Marvel. She's everything I wish I could be. She's not carefree. She's responsible. She's helpful. She's the person I want to grow up to be. She.. I make mistakes.. but I own up and take responsibility for them. Even if I am 'just a girl'."

Charles listens, and smiles, "You sound pretty well centered as it is. And faith is important to have, though… well, the nice thing about religions, is that they can adapt to the people that follow them. Sometimes they need to be pushed a little bit in that regard though." He hmms, "I think you're a lot more Miss Marvel than you might give yourself credit for, at the core of it." His expression grows a bit wry, "Sometimes I feel that religions forgot they are for the people, instead of the other way around, but that's another subject entirely."

"Religion is a cornerstone of my life, Professor. And that of my parents. My Abu? He'd never approve of this. Not in a million years. A woman's place is in the home, and eventually to have children and be a good woman of the faith and raise a family and be a grounded wife." Kamala starts to explain. "My Ammi? She.. knew. I told her what I was, and she knew. I guess that's what comes from being carried under her heart for nine months, they just know things. She wants me to be safe. If.. this is where I learn best to be safe…" she looks up to meet Xavier's eyes. "I'm too young to be an Avenger. I'm too old to be a mutant teenager. I fall in the inbetween - and I don't want to fall through the cracks because I'm either too early or too late. But most of all, I don't want to worry my Ammi should it come the time that I put on the burkini again. Can I learn that here?"

Charles smiles a little, "Yes, you can. We do offer college courses here as well, as I'm sure Ms. Frost would have made clear already, so you can pursue that while getting a feel for things." He nods, looking back at Kamala evenly, "And that isn't just my wanting someone who actually knows what I'm talking about when I'm referencing Doctor Susan Calvin, either." He grins, very slightly.

"As long as you don't start modifying the first law and turning us all into little lost heroes." Kamala smiles wryly at that as she nods her head. "Then.. I suppose I can see about enrollment. Have my Ammi sign off on the paperwork, because well.. someday my Abu will understand." she admits quietly. She hopes.

Charles nods, "He will, I think. For family, it just takes time to accept it." He smiles gently, "And I'm sure your Abu will understand it in time. It just sometimes takes a while. Just don't forget that he does want what's best for you, it's just that he isn't you. So he doesn't know what it is like to be you."

"I hope so." Kamala admits quietly before she puts on a warm smile. "Where do I need to go from here in order to get the enrollment forms.." And then she pauses, and lets the other shoe drop. "..uh. About scholarships.." she says quietly. "My family.. I.. I mean." she hesitates. It all sounds so good, so right, but like any girl, she's waiting to be told this is all high shelf stuff she can't afford.

Charles grins, "I'll talk to Medusa about it. I'm certain that we can come to an arrangement so that you don't have to worry about it. But I think you'll fit in very well here, Ms. Khan." He then gets a wry expression, "Besides, now you'll have someone that will actually know what you're talking about if you start talking about hobbits and elves."

There's a small laugh at that. "I usually keep that to myself until I know someone better." Kamala admits quietly, but there's a twinge of worry in her voice - she's not much of a bargaining chip, but that's for him to find out.

The Professor chuckles, "Well, regardless, it will be handled. I promise." He smiles, "What's the point of being the headmaster of the school if I can't pull a few strings? But I'm certain Medusa will help with things."

"Of course. I just need to have faith." Kamala offers a small curtsey of her skirts before she smiles. "If there's nothing else, I'll get started on that paperwork."

Charles nods, "Of course, it's not much, but we do have to make sure everything gets filed properly with the state." He smiles, "But, I'm glad you decided to give us a try here."

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