1964-12-06 - I Do!
Summary: Triton and Chloe become a thing.
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They have been out of Attilan for far too long, which was bringing Triton's long two year scouting mission was coming to a close. They had work in New York; they found Medusa and reconnected with her, and even followed up with Maximus. Still, that left something left unsaid. Visiting the gardens.

They needed a bit of work and the irrigation was not working entirely properly for a time though it was repaired now. It was still Chloe's garden; her sprouts. Triton walked quietly behind her while she got reacquainted with the space. There was no war which made him slightly fidgety. He stood perfectly still but his fingers flexed between curling into a ball and reaching out to her.

Chloe fretted over her garden. What had happened to the irrigation! Clucking her tongue, she knelt by the plants suffering the most and murmured to them, humming softly. Come on, little sprouts, it's time to rally. "We'll get this all fixed," she says, reassuring… the plants? Triton? Herself? It'll be restored to its former glory in no time."

Triton walked over and knelt on the stone resting his hands on thighs watching her nurture the dried and broken plants. He watched the chlorohil flourish back into the leaves and stems. It was the beautiful miracle of her gift. "Chloe I… wanted to apologize." Words were difficult for this but he offered to her, "You have been unbelievably kind and suppotive in all of this. None of this has been especially fair to you. I wanted to somehow manke it up to you so I made a deal withthe Genetic Council."

Chloe watched as her poor orchid returned to vibrance and flowers burst forth from their buds. She smiled with satisfaction, then looked to Triton, her brow furrowing. "What do you have to apologize for, Triton?" She smiled at him, laying a hand on the side of his mask, where he cheek would be if she could reach it. "What kind of deal?"

Triton sat with the patience of a samurai writing Haiku. Finally his hand lifted to hers and closed over hers giving her only a look that was just awed with her gentle nature after begin covered head to toe in alien gore the previous week. She understood that balance between work and the compassion for life. "I'm sorry the Kree had taken you on your birthday. I… I sat with the council who requisition to run tests on me after prolonged exposure to the nuclear submarine and other things they wanted to know about my adaptive nature. I gave them what we knew of you and asked them to track your DNA back to your terrigenesys. We keep all of that on file. As you were raised in Attilan. It may not have every personal detail, but it has in there your name and information about your family and rebirth." His eyes closed pulling her hand down between both of his. "I wanted," He paused and was stuck on a precipice of propriety. "I can't ask anything of you as we live in conflicting worlds. I want to, with all my heart, give you what I can. I want to see you have the things taken from you. I want for everything for you to know happiness."

Chloe interlaces her fingers with Triton's webbed ones. "It's not your fault," she says with a soft smile as she studies his features behind the mask, what she can see of them. Amazement gleams in her eyes as he tell her everything he's discovered for her. "Oh, Triton," she whispers, and she blinks away tears. Of happiness, truly. She throws her arms around him and says, "Thank you, thank you! Of course you can ask. I adore you. I've chosen you. Because you do things like this, and you're who I want."

Triton took a deep breath with a swish of bubbles through the tank he wore. Scaled arms wrapped tightly around her pressing the side of his temple to hers. "You take care of me, and my family. I wanted to be able to do the same and when you read it if you wish to find them? We will. I will set the time aside if they are not in Attilan and we will track them down as you wish it of me." There wa machinery and stiffling air that divided them and this was as close as she would be but he would take it. He didn't have such a barrier when he tried to make things work with Namor's cousin for two years and that went disastrous. Chloe? Chloe would wade into the blood of their enemies and ask where he wanted to eat dinner after they stormed an enemy bunker or space ship.

It wasn't as close as Chloe wanted to be, but it was close enough. Triton, who had been kind to her from the start, who brought her home, and whose kindness he visited upon her over and over. Maybe Maximus would invent something for them to let her breathe water without a mask. There was always hope. After Hell and demons and loss and pain, he was a balm. "Caring for you is a joy," she tells him. "And preserving your family my glad duty. I want to know who I am, and I'll follow up on all of this, but I know I'll always come back to you."

Triton considered this and offered to her, "Take me with you. Should you want the company." He rest his forehead to hers. "You remind me that all of this serves some better purpose. We can hope, we can grow." He looked to the garden and back to her, "that we can always recover from the Kree. I have never doubted my ability but I am," He sought the words for it, "inspired. And I promised you you wouldn't have to fight alone."

Chloe draws away just enough to be able to look at Triton through his mask, and she says, "Yes, come with me. Of course this serves some higher purpose. We grow on hope and determination. We can't do one without the other." She smiles, and the way she gazes at him, any fool could tell she's hopelessly his. "I never feel alone," she tells him. "Even when you're not here, I think about how you're out there thinking of me, and I know I'll see you again."

Triton considered his next words very carefully. He was and wasn't soemone to rush into any given plan but this already had a considerable amount of consideration given. "I have looked into having my landing rearranged to allow it to be more accommodating to you that you might stay there as long as you wished and have the things you need." The landing that still constituted as being dry land as it were.

Chloe ducks her head, and says, "It doesn't have to have all that much accommodation. Just being there is calming, and I can sleep just about anywhere, and on anything." It's true, she's been able to fall asleep practically standing up on their adventures so far. "All I need is a place to put my clothes, and I don't have many." She kisses the mask over his cheek and says quietly, "I might look after clothing I can wear in the water." So that seems to be a hell yes.

Triton might have been smiling. His eyes got squnty above the mask in any case and considered this side mission of hers, "Eh, might not be wholly necessary but Medusa may be the one to speak with on this, or her sister Crystal. Crystal I would trust with a world of things when it came to Ladie's fashion and functionality but, either way, I would be… happy to declare you to my family." He paused and added with a wry humor, "Before Gorgon pops a blood vessel behind his right eye." Because it might be entirely plausible that Gorgon's been giving him the look of 'Bro, what /are/ you going to say something to her.? Triton? Triman…Fishie…cuuuuuz….' And honestly he appreciated his cousin's just kick the door in approach to life for this reason rather than embracing his sister's fatalistic pragmatism though that kept them one step ahead of everything. But he didn't want to stay a step ahead, he wanted to stand in teh present, and the present was looking pretty good.

Chloe's eyes widen, and she kisses the mask again for lack of being able to do the real thing. Someday. She was sure of it. "Triton, I don't know what to say, except you honor me. I won't bring shame to you, I promise." To be declared to the royals! Hell, Triton's family could be paupers, she would still be as thrilled. "Whoever my family is, I can't wait to introduce you."

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