1964-12-07 - Stretching to Catch Up
Summary: Kamala catches up with some of the other Inhumans finally and they try to figure out how to deal with the Skrull and Kree.
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It's chilly.. okay, cold day in Westchester. Out on the rear grounds, because she doesn't know about the training center yet, Kamala is doing stretching exercises - which for one with her powerset, are pretty unique. One arm is wrapped around the gazebo three times in a squeeze while the other arm is stretched out to try to reach across the lake and grab a tree as the young woman is exploring the limits of her ability, her body stretched out as she wiggles her fingers over somewhere of the middle of the lake and she grunts. "Come on, I can do this.." she coaches herself as she continues to try to reach.

"Gently," Crystal cautions as she steps outside. The cold rarely bothers her, but she wears a coat all the same, all the better to blend in should anyone unexpected come visiting. Arms wrapped around herself, she steps toward the girl with a small smile. "You don't want to…overextend yourself."

There's a small giggle, Kamala's breath coming out in a puff. She's dressed more warmly because the cold does bother her, with a coat, sweatpants under her skirts, and a ushanka set upon her head. "Crystal!" she squeaks happily, and like a rubberband, everything snaps back to where it was as the girl nearly pounces the Inhuman royal in a hug. "I was worried about you!" she seethes in quiet concern. "You and everyone else and I was just stuck down here and didn't know what was going on.."

"Yes, well," Crystal laughs softly, though she returns the hug warmly enough. "We weren't particularly certain ourselves. Do me a favor and don't mention it to Erik if you see him though, yes?" she smiles ruefully. "The last thing we need is for him to start a war with the Kree. You seem to be coming along well, though," she observes, looking from Kamala to the gazebo. "Anything new and interesting manifest?"

"Like I'll ever see your dad." Kamala says with a small smirk, before her expression sobers. "Did you see the news yet? The Kree showed up at the UN. They've given us a week to figure out where the Skurll are." she says quietly. "And.. I'm a student here now?" Bad first, good second.

"Not my dad," Crystal laughs. "Lorna's. He goes by Magneto around here at times." Her jaw sets a bit at the last, glancing away. "I've seen the news," she nods once. "It's…Well. If we could have found the skrull, we would have done it before now. It isn't as though we're hiding any of them. But being a student here is good," she looks back, smile tight. "Your parents were all right with it?"

"Skrulls. More than one. They even unmasked one in the General Assembly." Kamala sighs. "I talked to Kaleb about trying to find the others.. I.. well, my Ammi was. Abu.. he doesn't know." she admits quietly. "He'd never approve." And just before she gets too far down, a question hits her. "Where's Lockjaw?!"

Crystal quirks a brow. "That's not a secret I think you'll be able to keep for long," she cautions, half-turning at the question of Lockjaw. "I imagine he's around here somewhere," she answers. "He's usually happier here than in the city. Less hiding. More students sneaking him snacks," she chuckles.

"Yeah.. I'm hoping my Ammi keeps it under wraps for now.." Kamala says with a thoughtful pause. "Well, as long as Lockjaw is alright as well. You all just.. vanished."

"I still haven't quite gotten the full story on that myself," Crystal grimaces. "But Lockjaw was anxious, and I asked him to take me to the others, and suddenly there I was with Triton. In a cell. On a spaceship," she concludes, voice flat. "And Lockjaw was not particularly helpful after that point. We managed to come to enough of an agreement to return, but…To be honest, I've been avoiding it," she admits. "I don't like this, and I don't trust them."

"The Kree? I don't either." Kamala frowns. "Something about them has me nervous.. of course, all of this has me nervous. I mean, the statues of us, and now everyone knows about the city and.." she draws out a breath, wrapping her arms around herself in worry. "What did they want with you all?"

And there's a bit of a flash, as everyone's favorite teleporting dog appears nearby, followed by insistent barking. Lockjaw isn't alone, however, as Karnak is accompanying the dog. The woman spies Kamala and Crystal nearby, and smiles very faintly, slipping Lockjaw a treat, "Good boy. Now go say hello." With that, Lockjaw ARF ARFs and rumbles over towards Kamala, looking to tacklepounce the young Inhuman, while Karnak follows at a more leisurely pace.

Crystal lets out a slow breath, shaking her head. "We didn't exactly get a straight answer on that front ourselves," she says quietly. "They don't seem to be all that interested in sharing." She half-turns as Lockjaw appears with Karnak, a small smile curving as she raises a hand to the pair. "Karnak. Good to see you're well."

Lockjaw gets the drop on Kamala, and the young woman wraps the massive critted up in a stretchy arm hug, just to step back and gets a scolding look. "You dropped Crystal in an alien prison, bad giant alien Inhuman puppy. Bad!" she chides, though she ends up hugging him again because she really is a terrible parent that can't be mad for long. "Hi Karnak!" she greets the older woman.

Karnak nods slightly to Crystal and Kamala, "Good afternoon." She glances around the school grounds, "An interesting place. Medusa had mentioned it in passing, and I thought it best to see it for myself." She gives Kamala a wry look, "You aren't getting out of my tutelage that easily. I am still your instructor." She sounds pretty certain of that.

"There are plenty of instructors here, Karnak," Crystal points out, amused. "Not to say that you can't continue, of course, just that she won't exactly be going wanting while she's here. It's a school." Crossing her arms loosely over her chest, she half-turns to look at the building. "It's fascinating, actually. Because mutants so rarely expect their powers, they often find themselves unprepared to deal with them. This place helps."

"Yeah well, you know I'm more of their camp than the Inhuman camp." Kamala admits with a little frown as she glances down at her hands. "I don't mind the training, I need as much as I can get my hands on." she says quietly as she rubs her upper arm in worry. "I didn't get the advnatage that the other Inhumans have.. I don't even think I fit in with them." comes the quiet admission. "I made Triton upset. And then you all disappeared.. and the first word I get that you're back is from Kaleb, who's dating one of the Inhumans…" there's a glance towards Crystal at that as she scritches between Lockjaw's ears because she's trying to center herself.

Karnak hrms, "Things happened, with the Kree. We weren't able to get to you in time, Kamala." She sounds a bit regretful about that, "Though, you know Kaleb? He seems to be an… interesting individual." She glances over at Crystal, "There are some things that I can teach this school cannot." Which is pretty true, really.

Crystal quirks a brow at the mention of Kaleb dating one of the Inhumans. "I thought he and Lorna were…" Her brows furrow, head tilting. "No, she was a mess about that shortly before everything started, wasn't she? I suppose they broke up." Shaking her head, she scrubs a hand over her face. "That girl certainly inherited more than her share of her father's flair for drama." There's a faint smirk for Karnak, but it's something else Kamala said that she's seized on. "Wherever you came from, Kamala, and however you came to be, you will always be one of us. No matter where you feel at home, we will be there for you as well."

"Thanks." But something in Kamala's voice isn't quite buying it. She lets out a breath and then puts a smile on her face. "Since we're all in this together.. how do we stop the Skurll?" she asks quietly of the other two finally, since she's not really sure discussing it with the mutants is a good idea.

Karnak looks at Kamala, and gently places a hand on the girl's shoulder, "Don't let my brother bother you. He means well, but I was the more tactful sibling." Which… is saying something, really. Then she hmms, "The best way to deal with a scurrying pest, is to expose it to the light. I think the Skrulls might be dealt with in a similar fashion."

"And how would we do that without sending the human population into a panic?" Crystal grimaces. "Not that the Kree have left us much room to do otherwise. You've seen how they are just with their own kind, with the idea of there being communist or Russian sympathizers hiding amongst them. They'll tear each other to pieces trying to root out what they believe to be false. I wonder what it is the Skrulls want here?" she muses.

"And a week to do it in." Kamala says quietly as she frowns a little. The girl considers for a moment, and then straightens up. "..when and where do we start?"

Karnak glances at the other two, "So, you're a Skrull sent to infiltrate Earth, possibly to prepare for an eventual invasion. Where would you start?" She tilts her head.

"We know where they started," Crystal points out. "The assassination of the president. So presumably they have some designs on Johnson? Or else…" She tilts her head, considering. "Or else something more in Vietnam. Kennedy would have been more likely to sue for peace there."

Kamala frowns. "The Kree didn't give any clues?" she asks as she considers the other two. "Sounds like they're setting us up for failure - or you know - hoping that the war does come." the girl doesn't like that option at all. "I mean, it's one thing to say they're among us. But - where?"

Karnak considers, "So probably the State Department? Or the Federal Bureau of Investigation, since that's the agency mostly likely tasked for counter-infiltration." She looks thoughtful, "First place to infiltrate would be the place designed to keep you out."

"How do you catch a shapeshifter anyhow?" Crystal crosses her arms loosely over her chest, starting to pace. "You'd think a psychic like Charles might be able to sense it, but…" She pauses, quirking a brow and tilting her head. "Cerebro." Turning back to the others, she lets her hands fall. "When I first came here, looking for Medusa, Charles was able to use Cerebro to…sort of filter people," she explains. "He was looking for mutants at first. He eliminated humans from the search. But when I told him he wouldn't find her under mutants either, he was able to locate some…others. It could certainly help narrow the search."

"I'm a shapeshifter." Kamala's expression opens in realization. "I'm not one of them, am I?" she asks herself, before giving herself a little pinch. "No, I'm me. Not a green skinned alien thing." There's a nervous little laugh at that.

Karnak looks at Kamala, and narrows her eyes alarmingly, saying, "So you say…" Then, she actually smiles a bit as she was… joking?!? Then Karnak glances to Crystal, "That might actually be a good idea. Would help narrow things down considerably."

"We'd likely also locate people and things we've no business locating," Crystal cautions. "But it might at least give us a place to start. Given the situation, I doubt Charles would object. He does live on this planet as well, after all." She smiles faintly to Kamala, shaking her head. "There's nothing inherently wrong with being a shapeshifter. Inhumans, mutants. Asgardians. Many people have means of doing it."

"It also doesn't help that they didn't tell us how many we have to look for." Kamala sticks out her tongue at Karnak's comment before wrapping herself tighter into a self-hug. "I'll let someone else talk to the Professor. Maybe Medusa. A little weird for me to do it." she admits quietly. "But I want to help."

Karnak glances at Kamala, "Why would it be weird for you to talk to him?" She tilts her head, not quite understanding as she then glances to Crystal, "Possibly, but in this case it is worth the risk."

"I should be able to speak with the professor," Crystal nods to Kamala. "But you can absolutely help. Being able to shift may be useful if we need to get close once we've located them."

"Because I'm a shapeshifter that just started at the school? If I was a Skrull and wanted to sabotage here, that's absolutely how I'd do it." Kamala says with a smirk. "But I've also read too many alien invasion stories and probably seen Invasion of the Body Snatchers one too many times."

Karnak hrmms, "Actually, Kamala, have you seen a picture of the Skrull? You could actually infitrate their own ranks, if the situation arises where we could take advantage."

"If necessary," Crystal adds with a brief look at Karnak. No endangering the children! It's a rule here! Sort of. Most of the time. Unless you have to or they do it themselves. So…no deciding to endanger the children. "Besides, Charles can read your mind," she waves a hand. "He doesn't have to worry about that sort of thing."

"He doesn't need to know if I have to copy a Skrull." Kamala says with a glance around. "I mean. If it's that important." the young woman says quietly.

Karnak nods, "Yes, if necessary. I would not endanger anyone without evaluating the risk." She looks a bit surprised that needs to be said, as she continues, "Well, we still need to find them first before that even becomes an issue."

"Kamala," Crystal cautions, giving the girl a look. "Lying is hardly the way to start out here, in a new place. And lies of omission are lies as well. If you want to make friends and allies, then the truth is usually the best option." She pauses, wrinkling her nose. "At least once you know they're friends."

"I have only a few friends here. But you know me. I'm generally friendly! That'll come.. but.. this is bigger. Isn't it?" Kamala asks Crystal seriously as she considers her words for a moment. "But I understand what you're saying, Crystal."

Karnak nods. "There is no advantage to deception among those that are going to be your peers, Kamala. It isn't like these people don't know about us already, or the reverse." She hmms, "Perhaps they could use a teacher here as well. It is a school, after all."

"Everything is always bigger," Crystal smiles faintly to Kamala. "But when you start to compromise on the little things, it becomes easier to compromise on the big things. Don't change who you are because it seems less important than something else. Who you are is the core of what you do and who you become." Her lips twitch as she looks to Karnak. "Perhaps. Although you might find they have rather interesting views about women, even here. When I first settled here, I offered to teach some combat or powers use, and was told instead that they could use help keeping the books and managing the place."

"…I wasn't going to change anything. How is hiding this any different than hiding my powers from my parents or the general public?" Kamala asks the other two. "But I'm not going to sell out who I am. I just want to help, if I can."

Karnak considers, "Well, establishing ties here would be a good start. Convincing mutants that we are not that different at all." She glances curiously at Crystal, "Indeed. I shall have to… remedy their thinking." There's a hint of amusement in her tone.

"Hiding powers is…" Crystal laughs low, rueful. "Well, that's a whole different conversation on which we do have some differences with the mutants. It doesn't come naturally for us," she admits before she turns an amused look on Karnak. "I wish you well of it, cousin. I've been here nearly a year and a half now. I think they're slowly beginning to realize we aren't quite the same, but we're not so different either."

"I am trying to open up a little." Kamala protests gently. "I mean, when I came out here, I wanted to see if I could reach across the lake." she says with a grin. "OH! Speaking of. I learned a new trick! Can I show, please?" There's a beaming smile from the young woman as she bounces on the balls of her feet.

Karnak smiles, "Please, do." She can't help but smile, at least where Kamala is concerned. Besides, who would believe that Karnak smiles anyway?

"Of course," Crystal agrees without hesitation, whistling lightly for Lockjaw to join them. Once the hound sits at her side, she leans against his shoulder, quietly ruffling at his ears while he pants and watches as well. Lockjaw is the best audience, after all.

Kamala grins, and she approaches the water. "Alright.. you know that water sorta.. has a skin, right? It's called surface tension. It's where all the molecules gather up and make tight bonds. I was watching a leaf on the water the other day and realized.." As she stands there, her feet flatten and then expand, taking on a wide expanse, while the rest of her body sorta slims down, and then she takes a first step out onto the water. And then another. A few more steps later, and the young woman is standing a good 10 feet off of the shore, and she turns to look at the others. "Ain't it neat?"

Karnak claps her hands, "Very well done! That is quite clever." She hmmms, "You should definitely explore your full potential, and this might be the best place to do it." She passes a glance at Crystal, "You trust this Professor and his allies, and so I shall as well."

Crystal nods along at the description of water, all too familiar with the element herself, but listens silently. Once Kamala walks out over it, she smiles warmly, clapping as well as Lockjaw barks his cheerful approval. "Nicely done," she calls over. "I do trust the professor," she nods to Karnak. "And the people here are dear to me." Some of them in ways that she doesn't generally discuss with family, of course.

After a few moments, she returns to the edge and shifts back to her baseline look as she grins. "I want to find other uses for my abilities other than you know.. heroing. When Miss Frost found me in Mutant Town, I was stretching to fix the sign at the community center.

Karnak nods, "Well, that is good then. And Kamala, with your powers, the possibilities are almost limitless, once you master your abilities." She considers, narrowing her eyes as she considers something.

"I think that's a perfect use of your powers," Crystal approves, dipping her chin. "Other applications are possible, I'm sure. Just remember that there are other parts of your life, too. School. Friends. I know you won't forget completely, I just don't want you to find yourself stuck in one place."

Noticing the narrowing of eyes, Kamala's brow rises. "What is it, Karnak?" she asks quietly as she rejoins the other two women and runs her fingers down Lockjaw's side. "I know! I met a girl that is being mentored by Tony Stark, that's pretty cool, right?"

Karnak hmms, "Oh, nothing. Just considering something." She glances over towards Kamala, "Tony Stark? Really. How interesting. What's she like?"

"Having met Tony Stark, I think it's mildly terrifying," Crystal replies, though it sounds like she's joking. Probably. Mostly. "But she must be impressive if he's willing to work with her. He's never struck me as much of one for…sharing."

"Either that or she hijacked a lot of his gear. She's really nice. But I want her to be a little more comfortable before I go introducing her. Oh! She even made her own Iron Man armor. Iron Girl?" Kamala asks thoughtfully. "What are you considering?"

Karnak hrms, "I'm not entirely sure, just yet. But you should definitely form ties with others besides us, Kamala. And it sounds like you have a good friendship with this girl already."

Crystal leans against Lockjaw, rubbing between his ears. The hound's eyes droop, tongue hanging out one corner of his mouth in doggy contentment. "The idea of someone hijacking his gear is a fascinating one," Crystal chuckles to herself, a glimmer of humor in her eyes.

"I'm working on it. There's a couple of people here I'm already friends with. And of course Captain Marvel. I tried to make a couple of more… but one of them was really pushy." Kamala leaves it at that as the young woman considers. "I should probably consider retiring for the night. I still have to get back to NYU for classes in the morning."

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