1964-12-08 - Danvers in the Park
Summary: Kamala and Carol take a business lunch, and run across a Kara!
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Carol walks through the park, enjoying a nice Friday evening stroll. Of course, she's not alone, as she has her… student? Sidekick? #1 Fan? along with her. Glancing over at Kamala, Carol grins, "So, how's life going up at the new school? Seems like it's a good place to consolidate a few things so you aren't quite so overwhelmed." Not that Carol is worried, but well, she is. Honorary mom and all that.

Kamala's bundled against the cold, the young woman's usanka pulled down over her ears, and a heavy coat over her sweater, and sweatpants under her skirts as she grins up at Carol. "Oh, let's see, you're an Air Force major, a super hero, dating the richest bachelor.. or second richest.. I mean, you have a market on those.. and oh yeah, aliens are coming and I need to figure out my place in it - and you're worried about me?" she asks, and winks. "Sounds almost cute."

Among the Manhattanites enjoying Central Park on this winter's eve is Kara Danvers. Although, underneath the coat, sweater, scarf, long dress, leggings, boots, and other bundled winter clothing, the bespectacled young woman is secretly wearing the blue costume of Supergirl. Kara is thouroughly entralled by her first Christmas, having arrived on Earth only a few months ago. She's smiling with child-like wonder, accentuated by cheeks turned rosy from the chill, at the snow and decorations and the general spirit of goodwill that encompasses her new home.

Carol Danvers laughs a bit, "Of course I worry about you, Kamala. Don't be ridiculous." She glances over at Kara, and smiles, "Well, I'll be…" She lowers her voice to Kamala, "She doesn't know about my other activities, so keep that on the down low." Raising her voice again, she waves over at Kara, "Hey, Kara! Over here!" The nice thing, is that Kara and Carol actually DO look alike enough to be cousins, as Carol looks rather pleased to see Kara.

"Got it." Kamala grins, though part of her is looking at Kara curiously - and even more curiously at how Carol plans on introducing her to Kara as she follows after Carol, the young woman blowing a breath into her mittens. The falling snow is so enticing, even if she doesn't celebrate the holiday herself.

The calling of her name catches Kara's attention, and she turns to greet Carol. Kara's smile widens and she waves at her 'cousin'; actually a cousin of Jeremiah Danvers. But the few times they've interacted have always been pleasant, and Kara enjoys Carol's tales of NASA. "Hi, Carol!" she replies enthusiasticly, altering her course to join the mentor and the protege. "How are you doing? And Merry Christmas to you!" Yes, Kara definately has an abundance of the Christmas spirit. "Who's you friend?"

Carol smiles, "Oh, Kara, this is Kamala Khan. She's my intern with work." Which is mostly true, if not exactly accurate, "Kamala, this is my cousin, Kara Danvers." She grins, "Merry Christmas! I didn't realize you were in New York. Enjoying it so far?"

"Nice to meet you, Kara!" Kamala's hand is extended to the blonde. "You're just as pretty as your cousin." she admits shyly - you know, because she actually did look just like Carol when she first had her powers. "I have a lot of job shadowing to do."

"I am!" Kara replies excitedly. She shakes Kamala's offered hand and says, "Nice to meet you, Kamala. And Merry Christmas!" Returning back to Carol, she takes in a deep breath, looking like she's absorbing more holiday spirit via osmosis. "But yes, Jeremiah always made Christmas in New York sound so amazing! And I've never had a Christmas with snow before!" Kara turns back to Kamala, blushing a bit at the complement. "Well, thank you for that. You're quite pretty, too. And I'm sure Carol's teaching you a lot."

Carol grins, "I do try, I'm just trying not to overload her with too much work. So with it being the holidays, I thought we'd take some time to look at the decorations. I mean, for aesthetics if nothing else." She gives Kamala a smile, then looks over at Kara, "So when did you get into town? We'll have to do something together."

"I was just getting ideas for stories.." Kamala offers quietly, the young woman stepping away from the conversation to allow the other two to talk. It's always been a thing with Kamala - always so open, but she has that initial deeprooted shiness, especially when it comes to things she's not usually part of. "It's a good balance of work and school."

"What kind of stories do you write, Kamala?" Kara asks with sincere curiosity. "Well, I've been in the area for a couple months now. I've…mostly been keeping to myself since…." Kara becomes tight-lipped and rather quiet for a bit. After a sigh, Kara regains a hint of a smile and continues. "Anyway, Jeremiah and Eliza took me in after the accident. I'm still getting used to life out here, but I'm slowly feeling like this is home. Making a few friends. Getting my life to normal."

Carol squeezes Kara's shoulder, and gives her a sympathetic look, "Yeah, I hear you. But if you ever want to get together to talk, I'm always around for that." She then glances over towards Kamala, "Well, you have a ton of ideas for stories, I'm amazed at them sometimes."

"Well, right now, it's mostly science-fiction stories.. noting really big or special." Kamala admits, Carol's praise causing the young woman to blush as she pushes some hair over her ear. "But I just started at Xavier's Institute to learn engineering." she adds quickly. "And Carol is helping sponsor me for that as well."

"That's still impressive," Kara says to Kamala. "Being able to tell stories is a special gift. But being an engineer is impressive as well." She nods to Kamala. "And…I kind of understand if you're conflicted about what you want to do. My father was a scientist and my mother was an artist. Not always the most compatable of careers." Kara smiles and gives Carol's comforting hand a pat. "Thanks. I might…take you up on that sometime. It's good to have more people, more freinds, that I can talk to and do things with. Makes me feel less lonely."

Carol smiles, "That's important, Kara. Let's do lunch Sunday, if you aren't busy?" She gives Kara's shoulder a squeeze, then lets go, "Yeah, Kamala is pretty impressive. No regrets at all there." She gives Kamala a look that seems to radiate pride in what she's done. Probably because she knows Kamala has a bit of a self-esteem thing sometimes.

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