1964-12-08 - Sacrificial Bagels
Summary: So what do you get a goddess for dinner? Bagels, of course!
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Well, normally Delphyne's first instinct would be to take Venus to the Greek place that's run by a friend… but in this case, she thinks that Venus would rather have something more New York. And so, off to the Hip Bagel. Once inside, she smiles a bit, not having too much of a problem blending in as she glances over at Venus, "So, have you had a bagel before?"

Venus twitches her lips. "I'm hip to the scene, chick." she says amusedly. "Been here for a long time now. With schmear, please…honey wheat would be bitchin'." the goddess says, clasping her hands behind her back.

Delphyne gives Venus a wry look, "Well, I didn't know that. Besides, I like this place." She then orders a honey wheat with the schmear for Venus, but gets a poppyseed bagel with lox and schmear for herself. As well as an espresso. At which point she glances over her shoulder, "Drink?"

Venus smiles. "Chai, if they've got it. Black tea if not." she says cheerfully. "Either's good."

And they do, in fact, have chai. Del smiles in satisfaction, and tilts her head at Venus, "And there we go. Consider this an offering." Her lips quirk a bit, regarding Venus, "So what do you… well, do, in New York? I guess I just have too many questions.

The redhead gratefully takes the chai, sipping from it. "Choice. Accepted." she says grandly, moving over to find a booth with her bagel as you tkake a seat. "Got answers, just depends what you want to ask? Came here…oh…in '48." she says thoughfully. "Lots of people coming over, groovy scene. Worked for a beauty magazine out here as a reporter, actually."

Delphyne blinks, then laughs softly, "Well… I suppose that's natural for you. I guess I'm still trying to comprehend you, well, walking among the rest of us. It's a little… I'm not sure of the word." She sips her espresso, slipping into the seat across from Venus, looking at her curiously.

Venus ponders. "Intimidating? Suprising? Ridiculous? Worrying? Inquiring minds want to know." she offers, taking a bite out of her bagel. "Mmmph…need to provide an emotion there, roughly."

Delphyne chuckles, taking a bite of her bagel, "All of the above?" She tilts her head, "The second one, more than the others though. I guess I'm still trying to wrap my mind around the fact I'm having dinner with a literal goddess."

Venus smiles. "Don't sweat it, really." she says simply. "It's just…I wasn't doing anything useful in Olympus, you dig? We were all so separated from the world…except, like, Ares." She mmms. "No one really worshipped us anymore, and why would they? It's not like we were doing legendary deeds or something like we had in the past. And we were kinda jerks most times anyway." She frowns. "So…I figured, why not give it up so I can actually -do- something in the mortal world? Help people find a little love, a little peace. A little fellowship for all mankind."

Del blinks, "Well… that's very mature, honestly. I think it's good that you have done that, though now I have to ask what have you done so far?"

Venus ponders. "Lots of little things, mostly. Poking and prodding, little nudges here and there to get people to get along. I've tried to help people see that race is just a word, when you come down to it…to see others as human like they are."

Delphyne nods, "Even those of us that aren't exactly human." She gets a bit of a wry look at that, and then she smiles, "That sounds like a good use of your time, and something these people do need to see more clearly."

Venus looks a bit chastened. "Oh! Yes, I mean…well human in terms of all sentient humanoid people. Yourself included." she assures her. "I just have to be a bit careful…if I use my abilities carelessly, it can cause…well, problems…"

Delphyne smiles, "Yes, I can imagine it would…" She chuckles, "Well, yes, I am human, inherited curses aside and all that." She shrugs, not seeming to regard it as much of a curse, though this is one of the few places she doesn't draw too many stares.

Venus tilts her head. "Yes. Well. That's just one of the many reasons why no one wanted to worship us anymore, certain people being assholes and throwing curses around to people who didn't deserve it generally." she says with a faint frown. 'Though, honestly, I think it's kind of a pretty look, honestly. Exotic."

Delphyne blushes softly, her cheeks turning a dark green, "R… really? You think so?" She sounds a bit skeptical, but she shrugs, "I mean, I have had some… relationships, since I got here, which I thought was pretty surprising."

Venus grins. "Sure, you're a badass chick. Got a lot of confidence. Look good in a school girl skirt. You shouldn't be suprised people notice and are interested, if they're open-minded sorts and don't let them get hung up on that skin color or snake stuff." She shrugs as she sips from her chai.

Del chuckles, "Well, being a warrior tends to lead me to be way more assertive than what people expect around here. But I'm glad you like it. At least, it seems like you do?" She sips her espresso, then takes another bite of her bagel.

"I've always liked confident people." Venus confirms. "And cute people, so you're twice up there." she says, a bit teasingly, as she leans back in her chair, then say smore seriously. "It's what's inside that counts as much as outside though. I've known a lot of very beautiful people who were rotten and corrupt in their hearts, because they'd never had to care about other people before."

Delphyne nods, "Yes, I've seen some of those people around here. Not many, but enough. Fortunately, the people that dwell here in Man's World are not irredeemable. But then, if they were, you wouldn't be here either I'd think." She smiles, even as she blushes a little bit, "Though, confidence is something I do have quite a bit of."

"Good!" Venus says cheerfully. "Me too." Her eyes twinkle a bit as she grins, with perfect white teeth. "Then again, part of the reason I stay here is also because it's a nice cosmopolitan city…less divided than some communities, more open to immigrants and people being different, as long as they're all New Yorkers."

Del smiles, "True. When I first got here, I just lived in Mutant Town. Was easier to have people think that was what I was, instead of having to give a lengthy explanation about the truth." She looks curiously at Venus as she munches on her bagel, "But what do you do now? Still work with the magazine, or…"

"Oh, well, I'm a singer mostly." Venus says, pausing to take another bite out of her bagel. "At some of the clubs around here. It's fairly steady work." She hmms. "Well, that and some minor charms and potions on the side, for those in the know, you know."

Delphyne chuckles, "Ah, well, I can see where that would be right up your alley, as they say. In both cases. I just work as a private investigator now, it keeps things pretty interesting."

Venus looks curious. "You're not working with the embassy here?" she says thoughfully. "I thought you were part of Princess Diana's entourage."

Del hrms, "Well, I do a little work there, but… I was sent here before Diana arrived, just to scout the way and get some information on what life was like here."

Venus grins. "Boss." she exclaims, leaning forward as she rests her elbows on the table, interlacing her fingers and resting her chin on it. "What kind of cases do you do?" Her top falls loose a bit as she leans in, hanging slightly.

Delphyne smiles, "Mostly ones that involve the occult, or strange things that other detectives couldn't handle." She tilts her head, leaning forward a bit as well as she regards Venus, sipping from her espresso. "Occasionally I retrieve artifacts from those that would do bad things."

Venus raises a brow curiously. "And return them to your employers? Or do you have a vault or something cool like that to hide them away in?" she asks, sipping from her chai again. "Sounds like it could be fun around here. Lots of magical types and cryptids running around in the city, or under it."

Delphyne grins, "Well, if you want to come along for some of them… typically I just return them to who hired me, or make sure they get to the proper place." She hmms, "Haven't seen too many cryptids. Lots of ninjas, though. They infest this city, I swear."

"Really?" Venus says curiously, then hmms. "Yes. If you wouldn't mind the company that sounds interesting!" She grins. "I can be your sidekick or something…"

Delphyne laughs a bit, "I think you might be a little overqualified for that, but I'd love to have you along." She smiles back, "I can't think of a situation where I wouldn't want your company, honestly."

The goddess twitches her lips at that. "That's very flattering." she says, that teasing tone returning to her voice. "Hmm, well…so lay it on me, are you on a case now, then? Or is this more an IOU a boss investigation when I get one to do?" she wonders, her eyes on yours.

Delphyne meets Venus' eyes, and says, "Nope, between cases right now. This is personal." She smiles warmly, maybe speaking a bit out of turn… but well, she can't quite help it right now.

That soft smile widens. "Well…hanging out is always a thing, too…case or no case." she says simply. "I'd like that."

Del nods, "Well, I can't think of anyone else I'd rather hang out with. Especially since people that know Greek are hard to come by." She winks, "So maybe we can run into each other tomorrow?"

"Sure, I'm usually at the Jewel Box, I pick up a set or two there on SAturdays." she says cheerfully. "Can call me there, or…well, just come by…" she murmurs. "Buy you a drink?"

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