1964-12-09 - Bank Heist Bust
Summary: Batman and Captain Marvel stop criminals Killer Croc and Captain Cold from robbing a bank
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Captain Marvel, aka Carol Danvers, was busy flying a patrol when she got the call about the metahuman bank robbery. Not sure what to expect, she flew off and saw… a huge crocodile-like man, carrying several bags of cash. A wry smile crosses her lips as she says, "Hey, why can't you wait for the bank to open like everyone else?" She flies around to hover in front of him, not seeing anyone else working with him… but looks, can be deceiving.

Batman was already on Carol's tail for most of the night, and only wavering after hearing the bank alarms go off and the -multiple- police calls that he intercepted. Standing a few rooftops away with binoculars as Captain Marvel was off being a hero…Batman was initially going to arrive to help, but he grins lightly. It was his turn to shadow and watch over Carol after all. It's a two way street!

Batman knew that Killer Croc alone was more than enough to at least stand up to Carol, but his limits in Batman's case were never realized. He's prepared though.

Then suddenly…captain cold comes up right behind Croc with his freeze gun ready. "Oh heeeyyyy it's Captain Marvel. Now do us a favor and chill out!" he says in brutal pun as he fires a ray of ice at her!

Batman narrowed his eyes, yt stood still, waiting for Carol to possibly need help.

Captain Marvel blinks in surprise, taking the cold ray right to the chest as she gets knocked out of the air. Landing on the street with a bit of surprise, she grits her teeth, "Geez, Snart, you didn't learn your lesson the first time we tangled?" Chatting to mainly distract the fact that the shot drained a lot of her energy reserves… and this time there's no Thor around to give her a jump-start. That said, she dashes to the side, flying quickly and somewhat erratically as she lets loose with a strobe-light blast, designed to blind the pair before they can really team up on her.

Killer croc and Snart both growl at the blinding light, though only Croc gets pushed back. Snart was smart anough to move out of the way, having experience in fighting Princess Sparklefists. Though Croc growls then, running at her like a demon out of hell with both scaly hands up to bring them back down, attempting to hammerfist Carol back to the ground.

Though this is when Batman decides to lend a hand. Knowing Carol is running low on energy, Batman pulls out his grappling hook and zips across to the bank in question, though it'll take him a second to get there, he's well on his way. Only someone with -really- good hearing could even hear Batman moving into position.

Carol actually does something that's a bit stupid… at least, to an outside observer. She lets herself get hammered down by Killer Croc, mainly because now he's a good meatshield from Captain Cold's freeze attacks. Though she doesn't sound fazed as she winds her fist back, "Killer Croc, right? Ever thought of getting into professional wrestling?" She then punches forward… pulling it slightly only because she doesn't know how tough he is. I mean, sure, he looks pretty tough… but when you can punch Kryptonians and have them feel it, you have to be careful, so she does try the classic uppercut on him to knock him down and out.

Croc goes 'flying' at her punch, sliding against the ground until he hits one of the bank's columns. While he gets up pretty quickly, he shakes his head. She can tell that hit hurt. Snart, meanwhile, is cussing under his breath. "Outta the way you giant fricken' lizard!" he says as his sights keep getting covered by the large Killer Croc….and that's when Batman makes his move.

A batarang is thrown perfectly and it's lodged right in Snart's cold gun, causing it to jam and burst on itself. "DAMN!" snart shouts as he holds his severely cold hand. Batman then lands right next to carol, engulfed in his cloak that hides the batsuit that looks like it's been a little more armored lately. "You alright." he says in his stoic voice. "Figured we could trade places." he turns his head to Croc as he looks at bats, licking his teeth.

Carol gives Batman a wry look at that, "You romantic." She winks, and then flies after Killer Croc, landing near him as she says, "Come on, big guy. This can either go easy… or it can go real easy." She cracks her knuckles a bit, waiting to see what Croc tries since… well, Batman can deal with Captain Cold. Truth be told, sounds like he already did.

Batman figured he took care of Snart too….that is until he pulled out a smaller version of his ice gun, and Batman is leaping and dodging it while kept at a distance while Snart laughs. "I learned to -always- bring a spare, Batman!" Batman narrows his eyes then, moving with the shadows and throws a batarang at snart, which hits him right in the face. While sharp, it's thrown in a way that the flat, dulled end it's snart, so it feels like a punch in the face.

Meanwhile, Croc growls at Carol, and lunges at her with a right hand primed to try to smack her into a nearby car. "HHNNNnrnnrnr you smell delicious! I will take pride in devouring you." Croc licks his razor sharp teeth after his words.

Captain Marvel grins, "Sorry, I have a boyfriend." With that, she catches Croc's fist, then gives him a wink and tosses him over her head, throwing him into the wall none-too-gently. Though on the bright side, she is holding back.

Croc seems to growl and shout as he is thrown hard into a wall…and with that, Croc just decides to stay down…growling painfully as it's eyes look at Carol in pure rage before they close and the beast falls unconscious. Captain Marvel - 1, Croc - 0. Meanwhile, Batman closes the distance on Snart and proceeds to kick the crap out of him, with Batman being the -far- superior in terms of hand to hand combat, Snart doesn't stand a chance. He breaks snart's ankle and elbows him in the face for a quick, clean, and efficient knockout. When that's done, Batman walks over to Carol. "Are you alright?" he asks curiously.

Carol smiles, "Yeah, I probably had it okay, but… not gonna complain about getting the help. Forgot how bad that freeze ray of his depletes my energy reserves." She does look a bit more winded than she might otherwise, but isn't hurt other than that. "Tailing me?" She doesn't sound mad, more curious.

Batman gives a small nod to his lovely lady. "Always be prepared. Moment they catch you offguard is the moment you're at a disadvantage." and he notices the toll it took on her. So when asked if he was tailing her, he simply nods. "Suprised? I've been tailing you for the whole patrol. Figured we needed to switch it up." a small smirk then.

Captain Marvel laughs, and places a kiss on Batman's cheek, "Thanks." She grins and stretches a bit, "Just wasn't expecting to see Snart here. But I guess I shouldn't be, bank robberies are something he just loves to do, even though it never works for him."

Batman does his infamous batman grin when she kisses his cheek. "Don't mention it. Snart will do anything Snart wants or thinks he needs. Doesn't meant the consequences won't come to pay dues." he nods a moment. "Hm. Police are on there way." he points to the roof across the street. "Let's continue there."

Carol laughs, "Point. Need a lift?" She tilts her head, hovering a bit off the ground as she waits for his answer.

Batman grins at her, extending an arm to grip hers. "Fine." he says with a small tint of affection in his voice.

And with that, Captain Marvel takes off, holding onto Batman as she launches up towards a nearby roof, out of view of the now-visible cop cars as they arrive to apprehend Croc and Cold. Setting Bruce down, Carol grins and stands next to him, "Thanks for following me around though, it's appreciated.

Batman lands smoothly with Captain Marvel's help. A smiple nod in thanks for the lift. Though when she thanks him for following her, a small nod is given. "My pleasure." he takes a step closer to her so that they are practically nose to nose. "Next time, don't get hit." a competitive smirk then.

Carol snickers, "Well, next time, I'll make sure to know Len is hiding behind the big crocodile guy." She grins at Bruce, "So, what are you doing for the rest of the night?"

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