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Summary: In which Kamala takes a leap of faith and Riri is.. Confused.
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Riri and Kamala haven't had a chance to see each other in a couple of weeks - and my did things change in that time. In Kamala's room, the young woman is packing a few items into a box after finishing her evening prayers. She's dressed in a simple long-sleeve shirt and leggings - gasp, no skirts today, because she wasn't planning on going out. There's already more than a few boxes packed and set to the side, all marked with 'Kamala' on top. But there seems to be enough items remaining that she's not in full retreat?

Knock knock knock. The sound is muffled ub t sitll clearly audible. A small hand made that noise, wielded by someone who is uncertain of her current actions. Riri is tiny, made morso by her attempts to resist fidgeting and instead fade int othe background. These are counterintuitive, of course, as she came to visit Kamala and not vice versa. The girl swallows, hard. Then she calls, "Kamala?" A beat. "Is it a bad time?"

"Riri?" Kamala feels nervous for a moment and comes over quickly to open the door to let her in. "Where have you been?" she asks worriedly. "I watched the news and checked the labs.. with all the talk of aliens and invasions.. I was worried." she admits quietly. Nevermind those packed boxes, they're just there, really!

"Oh! I'm… Um. I'm sorry," Riri responds sheepishly. She seems vaguely contrite but also flustered as she looks up at the slighty taller woman past the doorway. it takes thegirl a second to realize she hould step inside, but she does so at last and joins Kamala, looking around. The boxes are taken note of, depsite everything. "I was working. I'mreally close to a break hrough and I was just- trying to get it done," Riri admits. "I'm okay. I promise. What have… you been… up to?"

"Did you succeed? I mean, in your breakthrough." Kamala asks, before she moves to give Riri a hug. "I've got a full scholarhsip!" she says in sudden excitement, squeezing her, before letting go to step back. "The Westchester Academy. I impressed one of their headmasters, and she offered me a full ride to enroll there.. but I'm keeping my specialized courses here."

"Westchester?" Riri blinks briefly. "That's amazing, Kamala." Riri doesn't sound as excited as she might be asked to -but shes always a subdued sort so that might not mean anything. She hesitates for a second then returns the hug Kamal gave her, squeezing beore the other roams out of her grasp. "That's really cool. You're getting ready to, um. Move then?" Mention of special classes doesn't quite seem to go over Riri's head as she falls silent and starts to bite down on her bottom lip. "And, I mean. It's a start, so far."

Kamala smiles a little. "Yeah. But I mean.. we're freinds. I'm totally not going to forget you and like.. bail or anything." she says quietly, before considering the girl for a moment before she steps back. "I.. don't celebrate the holidays like most do. But I saw this on sale, and wanted to get it for you." After digging around in one of the boxes, she comes up with a small Macy's bag. "Because.. I was thinking of you.. and thought you could use it."

Riri blinks, her eyes dropping to the Macy's bag in question. She nods slowly, reaching up to drag her fingers through her long, thick black hair. "I didn't- really get you anything. Anyone anything… Um." She reaches out slowly to take the bag from Kamala. "Thank you. You didn't need to get me anything." Not that Riri seems upset. Just… Somewhat mystified. "I didn't think you were going to bail, just…"

"Open it!" Kamala says excitedly. "The point of a gift is not to get a gift back to remind the person that you got the gift for that you care about them!" When she passes over the back, their fingers touch, and Kamala's hands may squeeze a little too long, before remembering to let go with a blush. Her hand moves to brush through Riri's hair. "…You have the grooviest hair." she says softly. "Wish mine would curl like that."

Inside the package is a brand new electric pencil sharpner - with a new feature - an auto-stop so that the lead doesn't get too long. With it is a small box of 'engineer' graphite pencils and a small notebook, that looks like it may have already been opened and written in.

"If you've ever wanted to be a human dust mop then by all means. Curl your hair like this." Riri makes a face at this but when the grimace fades she's smiling. The girl nods and then moves to open the package slowly, her hand shaking slightly as she does. There's a pause as she stops to examine her new pencil sharpener. "…Whoa. I've actually been looking at one of these. I go through a million pencils. But I hadn't- just…" Riri sets the box aside and then takes a deep breath, orienting herself on Kamala. "Thank you," she states sincerely. "It's perfect."

Kamala's smile is beaming at this point. "Good! Maybe sometime, when you're sharpening your pencils, you'll think of me.." she reaches behind her to rub at the back of her neck and glances aside. "..I mean, call me. I'll always be able and want to talk to you, Riri. Even when you forget and get too busy.. I want to be near."

"Like, that's al lthe time," Riri responds somewhat ruefully. She is staring at the book for now, reading the passage with an uncharacteristic degree of deliberation. The girl nods a couple time, then tilts her head once more. "I'll try to remember to call. You could call me I guess? I could - build an answering machine or something?"

"Or I could just come visit. Bring some food. Make sure you're okay?" Kamala asks quietly and lifts her eyes back up to the darker girl. "I'm really glad you like it. I.. like you, and just wanted to give you something that could help. Besides you know, heavy lifting."

"I've got the heavy lifting down. Um. Food would be good. I keep forgetting to eat something," Riri admits sheepishly. "So… Food. Sounds nice." She pauses for a moment. "You could visit if you want. Sure… Do you ned a key? I probably won't hear you if I'm working."

"Sure, a key would be great. I mean, I can visit when I'm in town." Kamala seems to figure out something and steps back to give Riri some space as she laughs a little and glances towards her boxes, and draws in a breath. "Didn't mean to make things all awkward."

"…Awkward?" Riri truly is clueless, apaprently. She fidgets slghtly and nods again, reaching down to adjust her skirt as she does. "Sure. Okay, yo ucan visit when you're in town. I can have a key made otmorrow a nd bring it by?" She seems to be doing her best to avoid addressing the rest of that staement for now although she is watching Kamala's expression intently. "You didn't do anything wrog," the girl asserts firmly. "I'm just not really used ot having visitors, I guess." Or coming to visit other people for that matter.

"I did." Kamala isn't about to admit to what that was wholly, as she offers a smile towards Riri for a moment. "Well, I like your company. And.. I will have to visit more often, so that was my fault." she admits her own fault in the matter. After a moment, she steps back into Riri and embraces her again, holding her tightly.

Riri stiffens first but after a second she returns the hug tightly, disappearing into Kamala's arms. he leans close, burying her head against the other woman's chest and then finally, finally relaxing against her. Riri lets Kamala hug her for as long as she is inclined to do so without complaint.

There was almost a retreat, but when Riri relaxes, Kamala remains in place, her heart racing easily where Riri can feel it in her smallish chest before she leans down and draws in a breath, kissing her on the crown of her head. "Never stop being who you are, Riri. I'm proud to be your friend."

Riri closes her eyes, responding by hugging Kamal tighter. It's easily the most vulnerable the girl's been in Kamala's presence. Probably in anyone's presence, given how she seems to react to the proximity of other people. She doesn't reutrn the sentiment verbally - but if Kamala was looking for that sort of reinforcemnt she'd probably want to find a different friend.

It's not what Kamala is looking for. She just wants to hold Riri.. and part of her doesn't want to let go. The physical response from the smaller girl was enough before she grins and pulls back just a little. "I'm glad you liked the present." Space created, but her arms are still around her, just enough room for the two to meet eyes.

Riri looks up slowly, staring into Kamala's eyes now that they are far enough apart for her to raise her chin. "Yeah. It's perfect. the only thing i hadn't thought of yet." A shaky smile follows and hten Riri gives another of those soft laughs. "I should get you something for your new room," she continues quietly. "I'll think of something. Um…" Another beat. "Promise you're really going to visit?"

|ROLL| Kamala +rolls 1d20 for: 20

"Promise." Kamala responds, and before Riri can speak another world, the shy Pakistani makes the first move, leaning in and quickly kissing the other woman on the mouth, lingering there for several heartbeats, before her eyes go wide in fear.. and something else.

Riri freezes. She returned the kiss for a split second - perhaps- but when it breaks she is left staring at Kamala in open shock, her lips slightly parted. Silence is allowed to pervade the room, her eyes widening in turn. Her heart thumps wildly in her chest, hard enough to be felt through even light contact. Riri's ears are flushing faintly. "Th-that's a, um… That's a 'French' thing, right?" Riri splutters, offering Kamala a way out if she'd like one. Riri's expression doesn't really serve to express her thoughts on the matter.

"I'm not French." Kamala backs away, closing her eyes. "I'm sorry.." she starts to say quietly, waiting for Riri to run away. She should. She should just grab her night bag and run right now. Because kissing someone was bad enough.. but kissing a girl.. and she enjoyed it. That's what scares her the most.

"I'm… Not sure I understand," Riri admits slowly. She blinks a few times, her expression very much that of a frightened rabbit on the vege of bolting. The girl draws the moment out for interminable seconds. One… two… Three… Finally she sucks in a slow, long breath, rasping slightly against her teeth as she does. Then Riri lunges abruptly and presses a firm kiss to Kamala's lips a well. Just for a second. Afterward the girl turns and sprints away. Her ignominous exit is somewhat hampered by the fact her hands are sweaty enough she has trouble with the door handle.

The kiss is sudden, unexpected, but returned. That is all too brief, before Riri is starting to run. But Kamala's arm stretches so that her hand can catch Riri's before she gets the door open. "Riri…" she whispers, half-fear, half-prayer.. and all.. she pulls her back, and this time her kiss is given needfully and feverishly.

Riri is incredibly light. She's tiny, not even counting the fact she skips a few too many meals. Not enough to make her unhealthy… But she is dragged back toward Kamala with a suprising ease, spun around so that she can meet the other girl'seyes for just a second before they are kissing agains. Riri kisses back this time, fervently, ppassionately. Her inexperience is shwong and there are a few awkward moments where teeth scrape or noses bump. But she's eager to cede control of the moment to Kamala and do her best to return the other girl's affection as fiercely as she might.

She's not the only one in the room without experience, as Kamala's own inexperience shows with not a deepening of the kiss, but firm presses and there's a passion there that the pair of them try to figure out as they bump noses and the young woman blushes as she pulls back. "…I really like you, Riri." she whispers, before disappearing into the kisses again, her fingers exploring Riri's back, to the small of her back, just above her bottom. Kamala's own build belies all of her stretchiness. She seems soft, pliable, and very much given to the other girl.

"I- don't understand," Riri admits hesitantly. It's hard to tell if she's blushing, as always, but her skin is hot to the touch when Kamala reaches out and touches her. The girl tenses again when fingers run down her back but she sinks into the kisses agian, leaning herself forward into the other girl while she does so. Riri is a little soft and quite small; she ifts comfortable in Kamala's arms, resting on her. Like she belongs there, with her and to her. As kamala deepens the ksis Riri resits her less and less.

"I don't either." But there's no argument, no attempt to explain, as Kamala returns the kisses and she moves, her lips lightly touching Riri's neck. She's not trying to pull off the other girl's clothes at least, but she does end up sitting on the bed, pulling the darker woman into her lap. And without a thought, one arm reaches out, her fingers locking the door so that they aren't interupted. "…we can't do this in public.." she whispers, she's scared, almost terrified. "But.. I want to be your girlfriend, Riri."

Riri slides into Kamala's lap with no resistane at all. As lips run down the girl's neck she shivers visibly, briefly biting her bottom lip. She nods once when kamala speaks, shifting her weight against the woman's lap.. Riri takes a slow, deep breath. She's doing her best to study her thoughts. "…Okay," she agrees. "I- um… Okay." Riri nods once.

Kamala agrees and glances up at her, since Riri has the height advantage. "I've never dated before." she finally says quietly. "I mean, like.. had any kind or relationship.. or kisses like that." she laughs. "So.. forgive me while I learn?"

"…You think I have?" Riri asks incredulously. It's a bit disorienting looking down an inch into Kamala's eyes instead of vice versa. "I'll." She swallows, hard. "Forgiven," she agrees then. "We'll… Figure it out."

"I didn't think you.. had." Kamala admits. She leans up into her to kiss again, deepening it as her fingers play with the hem of her shirt, touching the skin beneath it as she draws in a breath. "Ri…" she whispers softly against the other woman's mouth.

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