1964-12-10 - Season of the Witch: Finale
Summary: The forces of Limbo attack the X-Institute with N'astirh in the lead.
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"They're coming."

Illyana warned the X-Men that it was going to happen weeks ago. And those who came to Limbo with her to save Doug from Black Magik, they knew already. But now her voice echoes in the halls of the Institute, magically amplified, sending out the alert. Younger students have been evacuated, sent into the city with chaperones. The X-Men must hold the line here.

Portals appear before those who have previously offered their support, agreed to face the demon hordes with Illyana. One by one these heroes appear in flashes of light in the field behind the school. Among them Illyana's 'sisters', Black and White Magik, neither of them looking perfectly happy about being here, but both knowing this is a fight that must be won, and S'ym, whose loyalty to Magik does not waver, if only because he knows what she will do to him if it does, and then she wins anyway.

In Limbo, a similar call to arms has gone up, but N'astirh, red of skin, horse of face, has an army that is simultaneously more eager and less. The demons of Limbo want out, they always want out, and they're champing at the bit, ready to invade Earth — and the X-Men are the first obstacle standing in their way. But at the same time, demons do not cooperate easily, even when their goals are aligned, and they only take orders when the one giving them is willing to let a few recalcitrant demons serve as fatal examples.

N'astirh is so willing.

So, with claw and spell and baleful glare, the first demons who question his rule, or the wisdom of attacking Illyana, who has put down mutinous demons before, and the X-Men, who are figures of legend even among the demons, N'astirh quells rebellion in his ranks.

"We go."

Doug just got back from work, and from haggling over a bar in Mutant Town that the owner just decided to dump because he got tired of ducking fireballs when barfights broke out. He's trying to get it on the cheap. And now? He sighs, and takes his blazer off, and rolls up his sleeves, before he winds up outside, in his bow tie. "Great. Telepaths, telekinetics, super-strength, flight, regeneration… and I can speak perfect Swahili." Still, here he is.

And one Ms. Marvel. Dressed in the blue burkini and red tights, the scarf is pulled around the young woman's neck to protect her a little further against the cold as she sets her jaw and stretchs a little before glancing aside to Douglas and gives him an encouraging smile. "You can also possibly speak Demon and tell us what they're saying if Illyana is otherwise occupied." she points out.

Overhead, Sophie — Mistral — is in her invisible, airy form, flying in wide circles centered on the Institute, watching for the first signs of the demons breaching this reality. They might not be known for their subtlety, but there's always the chance that they'll pick someplace cleverly positioned to give them an advantage, and with the elemental mutant on CAP duty, they'll at least be quickly denied any chance of surprising the heroes.

Dizzy turns up, having grabbed up a couple of things, like her 'toolbelt,' 'dinosaur-size' cable-bolas, and a racing helmet and goggles. She shrugs up her jacket as she pops out, …predictably, she was just nearby in the garage. She gives a wink to Doug, and says, "Well, you drive?" She indicates the big military Dodge presently half-covered in camoflage netting by one of the barns. She lays out an extra one of those cables near the door, it seems some kind of large engine bearingshave been welded on three steel cables, each in turn welded in a common center. "Hey, Kamala, ….ah, so's you know, when these big ones go flying, stay pretty clear, I'll see if I can thin out their charge. They're kinda big on charging, from what I seen."

Ne didn't actually know of the Institute's existance till someone had simply asked her if she'd been there. The young mutant had built her own little shelter for mutants and outcasts, but it was more a safe-haven than a place to learn about oneself. Curiousity had got the better of the icecream-colored girl and she'd decided to come and check things out for herself. Regardless of the weather, Ne was wrapped in her usual attire, that skirt and shirt covered by her white jacket and, of course, her parasol carried with her. It would be that her 'visit' was to coinside with an attack from demonic hordes…but strangely enough it wasn't the first time she'd happened to end up tangling with such things. After she'd had things explained to her by a certain blue-dressed close friend? The mute girl was happy to lend a hand it seemed.

Illyana and her sisters, as well as S'ym, have their own tasks set out for them. White Magik is building wards to protect the school — whirling fields of light that block the demons from getting inside and rooting out anybody who might be in there. Even S'ym appears discomfited by the wall, staying as far from it as he is able. He and Black Magik are on the front lines. While it's true that the enemy could teleport in practically anywhere around here, the front — the area further from the Institute's main building — seems to be the logical choice, and so Black Magik is there, brandishing her dark metal soul axe, and S'ym seems perfectly content to follow her. He's a coward, after all, and she could easily cleave him in two with the monstrous axe.

And then there's Illyana, who is not far from her brighter sister and casting her own spells. It is her mutant ability that gives her control over the stepping disks, but others can take control of these as well, either by trial and error, mapping out the disks and their inlets and outlets, or through magic. N'astirh, unlike most of Limbo's demons, is not merely a magical creature, but also a magic user — and a smart one. So her task tonight is to wrest control of the stepping disks from him, blocking him magically.

She can't simply block him completely, though. The best she can do, at the moment, is constrain him to use of a few portals, rather than giving him access to the whole field. So as demons start to pour onto the field, back toward the treeline, it is a slow trickle of the creatures, rather than the massive army that N'astirh would prefer. Still, he is among the first of the demons on the field, and he spreads his broad wings and raises a hand toward the assembled defenders, one gnarled and clawed finger pointing at them.


And the demons, as they appear on the field, charge their enemies.

Doug knows what he has to do. Demons, their language, has one weakness — they always go for the bad. They can be clever, they can be cunning, and they can be inventive — but always, always bad. Doug doesn't have magic powers. He can't beat N'astirh. But he has a fair suspicion he can cheat the demon of his intellectual advantage. Because demons, above all things, are greedy, and they are vengeful, and they do not like to lose — and they hate the people who cheat them of victory, even if only delaying it. "Hell is empty, and all the devils are here." That's Shakespeare.

And so, there he is, on the battlefield. Facing down a horde of demons.

" Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it! That's Goethe." He looks up at N'astirh, and smiles real big. "Oh, *Nasty*—" And then he throws an ancient one-handed piece of Language at the demon sorcerer. It is very old, as old as mankind can remember, and it means exactly what it means. "YooOOOOooo-hooooo!"

"…did you just say Yoo-Hoo?" Because Kamala can't see how that would translate to any other language. A glance is given to Ne and an apologetic smile. "I swear not every night here is like this." she promises. As the demons come racing in, suddenly the girl grabs Douglas and goes giant sized, growing to the size of a three story building and setting Douglas on her shoulder to keep in him relative safety.

And that's when she makes her fists even bigger, taking up a boxer's position as she throws out one of the wrecking ball sized hands along a super stretched arm to slam into the first ranks of the demons, before opening, and starting slam up and down as she enters a game of 'Whack-A-Demon'.

Contact. And the enemy is emerging within sightlines of the defenders. This prompts Mistral to shift from aerial recon into fighter jet mode. She lines up on one of the portals, pours on the speed, and then once she's in range, unleashes a cone of hurricane-force winds aimed at driving the demons emerging from the portal back into the rank behind them — hard. Demonic bodies go flying, slamming into others, and at least for the moment impeding further invasion through that particular entry point.

Before reaching the portal herself, Sophie pulls an Immelmann turn, soaring back to set herself up for another run. Not that anyone on her side can see her aerobatics, but they could definitely hear the roar of her winds and see the horde being shoved back by them.

Julie flexes a gloved hand, and winks, as the baddies start appearing, grabbing up one of those super-sized bolas, and swinging them heavily in loops, as a VRRR sound, and their speed, build very quickly. She 'whoas' as Kamala goes all 'I Was A Teenage Fifty Foot Woman.' She lines up and *flings* the cable-bolas toward the 'ranks' of demons between her… and the big baddie, cause they're big bolas…. The spinning cables accelerate, with a bit of a tug into an arc as Diz follows through with one hand, while she fumbles at her belt for the next one. "How ya doing, Ne, welcome to the party!"

Even Ne, silent as she is, looks rather impressed by Kamala's giant trick. That's a new one! She's left blinking 'blankly' for a moment before shaking her head and then offering Julie a little smile of greeting and thanks all in one…now, there was Demons to deal with. Stepping forwards, she opens her palm to let loose a bright flash of impossibly cold energy towards the hoard. It was cold enough to flash-freeze a human, hopefully it'd deal some damage to the demons.

Late to the party. Really late to the party. What else can you really expect from a rock star? Dazzler arrives, dressed in a blue bodysuit, featuring a golden shining star at the center of her torso, a red ribbon tied about her forehead to keep her blonde hair out of her eyes. Looks like she used some of her stage gear to finally create a makeshit costume for herself. "So…why are demons attacking us again…?" She asks as if needing a recap, to be fair, she's more invested in her shows and studio work for the most part, so winds up being more out of the loop than most.

N'astirh spares a glance for Doug, but looks askance quickly. Many demons, indeed, would be distracted by such a display, but N'astirh is significantly more intelligent than most of his ilk. "Mr. Ramsey," he calls as he crosses the field, "do you truly believe that at the hour my victory is all but guaranteed, I can be distracted by a 'yoohoo' and a bit of childish sign? I had thought better of you."

"Nice try, kid," S'ym tells Doug. "If it'd been me, you'da been wearin' your guts as a stole 'bout now."

Kamala's fists, however, strike home, bowling over demons like tenpins. Mistral's winds blow over ranks of demons, toppling them like dominos. Julie's bolas carve demons like Thanksgiving turkeys. Demons freeze in place when touched by Ne's silent energy. They are carved up by Black Magik's axe and S'ym's claws. But there are more of them every second, plowing through the portals — it's only a trickle compared to what N'astirh had intended, but there are still hundreds of demons on the field already.

"The big red one with the horse face wants Limbo," Illyana tells Dazzler when she has a moment to breathe. "And they all want to vacation at Disney."

N'astirh continues his trek across the grounds with an obvious destination in mind: he is moving in a direct line for Black Magik, sidestepping demons who get in his way. "Dear little Illyana number 3," he says. "You could have been my right hand. I would have set you high in my ranks. Instead you are here. Fighting alongside your hated sisters. And why? Because you have a soul now? That was a foolish acquisition."

"I'm better off with than without," Black Magik returns, swinging her blade to part a demon's head from its body, and then launching herself at N'astirh in a berserker's charge.

All I wanna do, is see you turn into a giant woman (a giant wo-man!. Doug stands on the side of Kamala's neck, says "Thank you," To her, and then he calls out, to N'astirh, "Yeah well, I can't throw fireballs or shoot optic blasts so rude gestures and shade are pretty much all I can throw at you."

Then he looks over at S'ym, and says, "Thanks, S'ym. You're looking extra fat and disgusting today." He watches Black Magik charge at N'astirh, and frowns. "He's baiting her."

"He can't just take Limbo for himself. There are rules — it has to be ceded to him. His whole plan was to force me to make one of the two Magiks he created the dominant of the three — so SHE would be ruler of Limbo… and then she'd turn it over to him."

"There's a big freaking hole in his plan, but I don't think he sees it. Put me down near them, Ms. Marvel? See, I cannot bring myself to believe, that having made her way to the top of the heap by force or by guile, Illyana — *any* Illyana — would suffer a demon, any demon, to tell her what to do. I've known her too long."

"Set you down?" Ms. Marvel asks with a lift of a giant brow, but she seems to accept this idea as she stops slapping demons down with her oversized hands and withdraws one to wrap around Douglas to lift him up and stretches to set him down. Of course, at this massive size, she is drawing a lot of the demon's attacks, and they are starting to do a number on her.

She has a high pain tolerance, but even her stretchy form will start showing signs of wounding soon as she makes her feet massive to replace her fists and stomps down upon a group of demons, even after setting down Cypher. "You sure about this?" she asks, but her attention is back on the battle at hand, even as she makes sure that some of the others are protected.

Mistral's not at all sure that she can do much to really impede or hurt N'astirh himself, much as she'd love to — not without going all-out and likely taking herself out of the fight, at least. If it comes down to desperation, she'll consider that, but after having a taste of what everexerting herself is like the last time they fought these demons, she'd rather avoid that if she can.

So instead, she continues weilding her winds to beat back the invading forces, hurricane-blasting one portal, then another, relentlessly smashing demons back into their fellows behind them.

Julie spins up another of her bolas, one in each hand, guiding them in quick succession to arc them through the demons closer by Kamala's feet. VVVRRRR! With no need to hold back against demons, it's a matter of gyroscopic aim. "If at first youse don't succeed, come get your tails kicked again!"

Ne's blasts have to be narrowed down, less bursts and more narrowed beams. She couldn't quite catch as many with the one attack, but it also ment she wasn't going to accidently ice up Kamala's foot as she giant-form smashed around. For the moment, the Icecream-colored mutant was keeping back, attacking from range until any of the demons got close, but as their numbers swarm her other hand snaps her parasol shut and rests it at her side, holding it at the ready as if it were some deadly weapon.

"Thanks, Magik," Dazzler answers the Russian Queen of Limbo, before turning to look at N'astirh, "first of all, thanks for the commotion," she offers, walking till she has a clear line of sight to him, "second, get off our lawn!" She screams at him, pointing a finger-gun at him, before using her thumb to shoot, only actual searing laser is shoot from her fingers at the demon, she completes the gesture by pretend blowing smoke from her finger tip. What do you expect? Rock Stars are all about showmanship.

"What the hell are you doing?" Black Magik demands, aghast, as Kamala deposits Doug near her battle with N'astirh. She's distracted, and it might spell doom for her, but for the fact that at almost the same moment Dazzler's laser strikes N'astirh's red, scaly hide. The demon hisses in pain, though he doesn't seem particularly badly injured. Still, that stung!

S'ym does not want to confront N'astirh. N'astirh is a bad one. N'astirh is a powerful one. N'astirh could, in S'ym's estimation, win this fight, if the mutants screw this up. The other demons are small potatoes — he's not certain what a potato is, but he understands they have eyes, and humans eat them, so probably he could have some fun with them. Gouging out their eyes, at least. But N'astirh is powerful, and S'ym doesn't want to be on his bad side.

He also doesn't want to be on Queen Illyana's bad side.

"I miss Belasco," he mutters to himself as he moves to interpose himself between the blond kid and N'astirh.

Demons fall everywhere. Most are dazed, or have injuries that either take them out of the fight or at least look bad enough that they can claim they were taken out of the fight. Demons are hardy, and unlikely to die from the sort of attacks they're taking. And they're stupid. But they're canny enough to take a good excuse when it's offered. Still, more demons pour through the portals.

And then one of the portals winks out.

"No! This is a terrible idea!" Doug says, "But like Goethe also said, der Worte sind genug gewechselt, lasst mich auch endlich Taten sehn! You should probably shrink down—you're getting a lot of coverage, but you're a big target, and these things have one tactic, and it's pretty much 'swarm' - You want to avoid the death of a thousand cuts." To Black Magik, he shrugs, and says, "It doesn't matter if I'm completely outmatched — if you aren't prepared to die for your friends, what meaning does life have?"

Then he groans. "I really need my own magic sword or something, I am the definition of unprepared. Probably should've stayed in the house, watched some TV." He watches Black Magik charge at N'astirh, and then he reaches down and packs a snowball — a really hard one — and whips it at the back of the horse-faced demon's head after Dazzler zaps him with that laser. "Nasty!" He says, "We aren't done! You held me prisoner for *months* in that hole." He throws another snowball.

"Virgo potens, Virgo clemens, Virgo fid%<233>lis, Speculum justitiae, Sedes sapientiae, Causa nostrae laetitiae, Vas spirituale, Vas honorabile, Vas insigne devotionis, Rosa mystica…" Unfortunately, he's not catholic, but he IS fluent in Latin, and a prayer chant is a prayer chant. And boy, could they really use the intervention of the Holy Mother right about now.

Julie whips out and spins up another one of her sets of bolas, this one on the larger end, but less than the 'dinosaur-sized' that she's holding back one of. She flings that one much as the others, low this time to slow the charge there as a whole, to get more legs and leg-like appendages out of action. "I'll try and cover, here, just keep at it!" She pulls up a bit closer to where she can screen Dazzler and Ne, and not to mention herself, a bit better, just forward and to the left of the others, There's the racing helmet, oval googley-eyed logo on the back and all, of course, and an almost comically-oversized wrench that might pertain to the military truck somehow. She takes that in her left hand, and swings some lighter bolas.

This is going to hurt. And Kamala knows it's going to hurt, but it's a desperate fight, and one she needs to be in to help turn the tide. Massive, oversized hands stretch out and wrap up N'astirh. "I'll hold him down, hit him with everything!" she calls out as she squeeze tightly, even as she feels the demon's flesh starting to burn into her and she cries out in pain before gritting her teeth and doubling down to try to hold out as long as she can.

And she starts to recite the Throne verse from the Quran. She knows it by heart, but she never thought she would be using it pratically in a fight like this. "…please.. hurry." she manages, her body starting to shrink already towards baseline from the amount of just pure damage she's taking.

Sophie, on the other hand, is Catholic, and more than a couple of prayers, or parts of them, have been running through her mind as she continues in her efforts. And now they are maybe answered, as the giant girl pins the head demon in place, making a target of him. The air itself — or at least a particular piece of it — screams, between loosed bolts of air compressed nearly to solidity, making unholy tearing sounds as they shear through the surrounding atmosphere at nearly the speed of sound toward that horsey head. "GO!" *SHRAKK!* "TO!" *SHRAKK!* "HELL!" *SHRAKK!*

A sensible move would be for Ne to stay back, continue blasting ice in the already cold weather and flash-freezing demons from afar…but for seemingly the first time in a very long time, Ne looks legitimately angry as she watches the demons mobbing the now shrinking Kamala, swarming the others and continuing to pour endlessly out of the portals. A twist of her parasol has her drawing the hidden stabbing blade from the hollow shaft and she strides forwards. Those energy blasts have cease and now? She'd practically glowing with the 'cold-light', creating a flash-freezing aura around herself while she lashes out with the small 'sword' at any demons that might rush her way.

"Magik…" Dazzler cries out to the one person who actually has a solid grasp on just what they're facing, "is there anything that big oaf is afraid of…?" A question, but seeing how the laser seemed to have only hurt him, Dazzler figures to try a different tactic, this time pushing both her hands forward towards N'astirh, unleashing a concussive blast at him. Good thing there's no shortage of sound around, what with the demons, and fighting and everything.

Kamala manages to knock down N'astirh, with no small help from Dazzler's concussive blast, and pin the demon down. Yes, it hurts. He doesn't burn so much as slice — his skin is similar to that of a shark, cutting into the young woman's rubbery flesh. But still, he's laughing. "Prayers?!" he demands. "You think I give a damn about your pathetic human gods?!"

And then the black axe bites into his neck, cuts his head from his body.

"You people," Black Magik says, "are idiots." She's not good at gratitude. Or compliments. But she is pretty good with a battleaxe.

The portals all wink out as the creature that was keeping them open dies. Will he be back? Probably — none of the Illyanas are foolish enough to think he's gone for good. But for the moment, the demon army cannot escape Limbo — and those who've already made it through cannot retreat.

Illyana no longer has to worry about keeping portals closed. She rises from her lotus position and glares out across the field at the demons — those who are still standing. "N'astirh is dead!" she shouts as one more portal opens. "Run and I may decide not to track you down when I return to my realm! Stay, and we will skin you to reupholster our furniture!"

Doug looks up, and says, "Well, that could've gone worse." He says. He brushes snow off his pants, and says, "Now there's just the problem that there's three Magiks." He shrugs his shoulders. "Let's think about that tomorrow. Good work, everyone." He brushes his hands off, and turns to walk toward the house, before tripping and falling on his face in the snow.

"…Darn it."

N'astirh is dead, and while he may very well be so, Kamala finally falls backwards, collapsing back down into her human baseline form. All the damage she's taken is gone, all of it internalized into her, and it doesn't hurt any less. "…hunrgy." she mutters, before she passes out, her body screaming at her to heal.. and eat.. and heal.

Julie sees Ne push forward, and says, "Or, you could take point, OK." She swings bolas and beats at those hordes, primarily to keep them at bay, perhaps punctuating with a bit of wrench-clobbering, but then she realizes the demons don't need much more encouragement, …what she's saying in Italian at them is possibly-colorful, but not exactly prayers, as she sees them off. Just calls out, "Kamala!" As usual, she's not quite sure what's wrong. Looks up and around. "Crazy," she comments, trying to see if she's OK. "Anyone else down?"

Seeing what remains of the demon horde is in full retreat, Sophie swings around in a wide descending curve and lands near Kamala, returning to both visibility and solidity in a swirl of mist. "I'm all right," she replies to Julie. And yes, she appears to be physically fine, even if still looking a bit stressed out as the adrenaline level of the fight is only starting to wear off. She kneels down by the fallen girl and observes for a moment. "She's breathing, but we should get her to the infirmary." She looks around. "Illyana? We need transport here." Yes, she and Julie could easily carry Kamala between them, but she knows enough not to move someone who may be injured in unnecessary ways.

One thing Dazzler didn't expect to happen, is to actually defeat N'astirh. Not that she did it herself, Kamala helped greatly (literally) as did Magik, and everyone really. But after her one true weird experience in Mojoverse, this was surprisingly pleasant ending. "Hey…we actually did it," she says, not without eyeing Magik for her very illustrative description of what she might have done to N'astirh's horde. She wouldn't actually do that to the furniture, would she? How macabre! But then there's the matter of the fallen Kamala, and she uneasily approaches, asking Sophie who is already seeing to her, "is she going to be okay?"

Black Magik, White Magik, these two Illyanas know they don't belong here. This is Illyana's world, Illyana's home, and they will have to try to make their own. Perhaps White Magik can find hers via some portal in Limbo, though really, Black Magik is better off not finding hers. Either way, the pair follow the demons through the portal — they will see to it that these mutinous beasts are punished, though not turned into furniture.

Illyana rises and presses a hand to her temple, closing the portal as the last of the demons dives through in terror. "Yes. To the medical center," she says, eyes closing for a moment, and then a glowing disk appears beneath Kamala, and she is whisked away to where people will care for her.

Julie nods, tilting her head to pull off her hastily-repurposed racing helmet, setting it down and peeling back goggles. "Yeah, Sophie, maybe. I never got around to asking what she can do, but from what I saw, I dunno if she's got anything that could be broken." Smirks up to Dazzler. "Yeah, I guess so, from what I heard. Good thing it didn't drag out too long, though, it looked like there could have been a lot more of em this time." She just nods to Illy. Then looks after the white and black versions of Illy as they go. "Well, that was kind of hard to get used to, but the other Illyana we had around was actually real nice."

"She was breathing and not visibly hurt," Sophie answers Dazzler as she gets back to her feet. "But now she'll get checked out in case anything else is wrong that we couldn't see." She reaches up to undo the mask/headpiece of her uniform, no concealment of her identity needed here. "I just hope that that's the last of our demon problems for a while."

Sunspot soon arrives on the scene in his solar form, though after he lands he depowers. Wearing his own version of the X-Men uniform that he had personalized, he takes a small breath as he approaches. "How we doing? Anyone hurt?" he asks as he walks up to Sophie and Dazzler.

In his defence, he was taking care of the demons that tried to get out to the perimeter. that, and he kept them from messing up the house. Damn Demons.

Sophie is just starting to let herself relax after the stress of the fight, and Sunspot's arrival helps with that a bit. "'Yana just sent Kamala to the infirmary," she tells him. "She'd passed out, but seemed all right otherwise. We'll know more after they have a chance to check her out. Other than that, I don't think anyone got hurt."

Julie seems to have come to the fight largely in work clothes as usual, though she seems to keep refining her little tool belt. This one's got several empty loops where she keeps her bolas, but there are a few more left still. "Hey, Roberto. Everybody held on the other sides, then. But yeah, the new girl was really something else. She got all like fifty foot tall and Stretch Armstrong-kinda," she refers to one of the stranger dolls with built-in health-hazards for boys of the time.

Ne had been quiet…but that was sort of her thing. Whatever her angry rampage of ice and pointy metal had been, the demon was slain and the threat ended for now. Silently, she'd dusted the thin film of frost off her skin and then moved back to her parasol, retrieving the harmless half and sheathing the blade before she turns towards the infirmary. A blank face and silence doing nothing to hide the fact she was concerned for the collapsed teammate.

"So long as she's well, I think this can be considered a success?" Dazzler never quite knows what to trust when it comes to demon that are not part of some kind of crazy PR or attack crusade. Last thing she needs is for the Bugle to confirm that Dazzler really does serve Satan and brings her fan to his worship.

Illyana looks exhausted, but nods to Dazzler. "Kamala will be fine," she says. "She's tough. And N'astirh's dead. For now." She grimaces down at the corpse, which is rapidly dessicating — though more slowly than most demon corpses do, in her experience.

A few nods from Sunspot then as Sophie gives him the information he needs. "Alright, sounds good…she'll be fine." he notices Sophie was actually fighting, and he puts a hand on her shoulder. "How are you doing? holding up?" he can see the stress. Then Julie catches his attention and he whistles at the details. "Oh? Way to go Kamala. I'll congratulate her when she awakens." a nod then.

Then he looks to Ne…no idea who she is so he just gives a little wave in a 'hey' kind of way. He looks at the corpse "Oh, missed the boss, huh….damn. Next time." he scolds himself.

Julie winks to Sunspot, "And I used to think I was pretty wierd. She ohs, a bit. "And, ah, I forget who's met, ah, this is Ne, she's a friend from Mutant Town. Ah, she don't talk." She stands, tucking goggles and gloves into the helmet in what seems a familiar sort of manner. Says to Ne, "Ah, this is Alison, Sophie, Roberto. And I guess you must know Illyana. Prof talked you into coming here, maybe?"

Sophie smiles at 'Berto. "Not my first fight, or even my first fight against these things," she replies. "The Professor and Jean both thought I was ready for the team. I'm not going to let them down."

"That's reassuring!" Dazzler says to Illyana with a smile, can't be blamed if she feels good for not being in hell right now. Or dead by demons, or whatever other options were at stake. Winning and staying alive is likely the best one either way. She does turn to wave at Ne, "not the best representation, the school is usually much less demonic! I assure you!"

'Berto gives Sophie the warmest smile. "You impressed. Good job." he smiles to her, giving her shoulder a light squeeze and he gives Julie a high five is she ltes him. "Good job to you too Julie. Didn't think I'd see you here, but sure as hell glad you are. You were a big help." a warmness in his tone before he's introduced to Ne. "ah, she looks friendly." a chuckle then.

He gives a light wave to Yana and Dazzler. "You two good over there?!" he shouts concernedly. Roberto always did care so much about people. had to be sure!

Julie smiles to Roberto, "Ah, those things, I can kinda hit em like I'd never hit people, what do you want, I'd sit it out or something?" nods at what Dazzler said, "Yeah, there's just been this kinda thing lately. With the demon type things." Eyes the …slowly dissolving big demon corpse there, with a bit of a wrinkle of the lip. But, she tosses her head back toward the military-surplus Dodge six-wheeler behind her. "Anyway, this big old guy might not have to be making another raid on that Limbo place anytime too soon, so I'm thinking hayrides over the holidays."

"If you'll excuse me…I do have a career to see to, and I should get some rest, see you all tomorrow unless demons attack us again," Dazzler offers with an impish smile, before heading back into the house, waving at Roberto along the way, "I'm fine, and I don't think Illyana can ever be not fine…she's amazing."

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