1964-12-11 - Black Coffee
Summary: Morning after Sharon's return
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The morning after is always the worst, some other bruises coming up to the surface, the aches truly settling in. Sharon slept hard and long, half sprawled against his side, actually feeling safe for the first time in ages. She knew how strong he was, beyond what a person should be. Even if they came after her here, she felt safe. So, finally, her body let her sleep. Once or twice she wakes up shaking in a cold sweat, fighting at the air, but a few muttered words and she's back asleep again. Now it's daylight, shining hard on the five miles of bad road that is her body, and she's still half draped over him in her rest.

In those moments of shaking and night sweats, Luke's big hand gently stroked along her lower back in comfort, letting the panic run its course as he just offered to be there. As Sharon stirs, Luke's lips turn up in a small smile though he keeps his eyes closed. "How you doin'? Want coffee, or something stronger?" He slips his large arm over her, drawing her against him to let her leech his warmth. "Or coffee with something stronger in it." He peeks an eye open as he turns his head to face her. "Though, you probably should just have water."

A small moan escapes her lips, partially protest at waking up, partially the soreness. She rolls over a bit to tuck harder into his arm and half nestle beneath his chin for the warmth there. "Mm…you can't do that to a girl, you know…offer her coffee and booze then swap it out for water. It's not fair. I think I'll take the first two to start…" She mutters huskily, voice still thick with sleep.

"Yeah, well…life ain't fair." Luke says with a chuckle. "You're talking to a guy that went to jail for something he didn't do, so I know all about not fair." He stays in bed for a few more moments, stroking his fingers along the small of her back as he just relaxes and lets her relax against him until he lets out a little sigh and slides out of the bed, padding over to the little kitchenette as naked as the day he was born. He grabs a mug from one of the cupboards and pours a bit of whisky into the mug before he sets the coffee to percolate. "I'd offer milk and sugar, but I know you like it black."

Still in just her under things and that taping around her ribs, Sharon rolls achingly over as he moves out of bed, but it's worth the motion. She watches his bare ass as he goes, a low smile crossing her half asleep features. "…well, there's a sight worth waking up to." She mutters with a low whistle to follow. She's still not quite getting out of bed yet, but she's definitely awake. That's probably the longest sleep she's had in weeks. "…And I do prefer it black. Reminds you that your alive… and gets to the point far quicker."

Luke Cage chuckles as he gives Sharon a glance over his shoulder. "I'd say take a picture, but it might cause a scandal. Your new superiors at SHIELD might not like you hanging out with someone like me." Once the coffee is doen brewing, he pours the prepped mug full of the black liquid, giving it a bit of a stir with his finger to mix the whisky and coffee together before he makes his way back over to the bed and offers over the mug. "Here you go, one mug of black Irish coffee. How's your pain level? Need some aspirin or something? I might have something around here somewhere."

Slowly but surely, she's making her way into sitting. By the time he's back next to her, she's got her legs off the bed and is experimenting with maybe standing. But the coffee comes to her, so she smiles, taking the mug drowsily and downing a good sip of it no matter the heat. "You…spoil me, really. And SHIELD can go shove it, if they have an issue. Truthfully? If I know Aunt Peggy, she'd be more likely to try and figure out how to recruit you than bitch about it… There's the danger." She gives a little grunt at the thought of asprin, the tone one of knowing she probably should but wanting to be stubborn and tough about it.

Sitting back down on the mattress next to Sharon, Luke snorts. "Me, a SHIELD agent? Yeah, that'll be the day. I don't think I'll be going from government experiment to government agent anytime soon, doll. Not that I begrudge you your job. Don't take that the wrong way." He grins, flashing those pearly whites of his. "I'm just a bar owner, and sometimes I sweep hair over at Pop's. I'm content with that."

That gets him a long look, arched brow and all, her lips smirking across the rim of the steaming coffee mug. "…You know the story of Captain America, right? SHIELD's been in the… promoting government experiments business since before it was called SHIELD. I… wouldn't push it. But I won't bring it up to the old lady either." She lets herself sink in deeper next to him again, going back to leeching that morning warmth from him. "And you are so not just a bar owner, don't give me that bullshit smile."

Luke Cage chuckles. "Of course I know the story of Captain America. If I remember correctly the shit they did to me was in part trying to recreate that genie in a bottle, or at least a part of it for rapid healing or some shit like that. I didn't pay that close enough of attention considering I was half dead at the time." He shrugs, "But the difference is, he asked for it. I didn't." He leans back on the bed and places his arms behind his head, "But I am just a bar owner. I don't go running around wearing tights and trying to save the world like Cap does. Hell, I try not to draw attention to myself."

Another deep gulp of her coffee stops Sharon from lecturing him too hard about it. Occasionally, she can learn to keep her tongue. She finally sighs, "I'll keep my lips shut. Peggy isn't so bad about poking into our personal lives, or didn't used to be. So… don't worry about it. What I do with you and my preference for black coffee is my own damn business." She then lets a smile crack across her lips, "But I do vaguely remember some offer of a bath…

Luke Cage grins and shrugs. "Hell, you know me Sharon. If someone needs help and I am there, I am going to help. I just don't go advertising like some damned hero for hire." He pauses, thinking for a moment, and then laughs with a shrug, "Wouldn't that be a kick? Hiring myself out as some do gooder for a price." He snorts again, and sits back up. "I did promise you a bath, didn't I? Well, I suppose I should go get the bath running. How hot do you want it? Scalding hot? Lava? Slightly warm with rose petals?" He grins, "Just so you know, I don't have rose petals."

"…I don't think I could ever take myself seriously again after taking a bath in rose petals. We'll settle for scalding hot with a side of fresh soap, sounds good?" Sharon leans over, pressing a kiss to his shoulder, a momentary show of thanks and trust. "…Start running it. I'll get there… Eventually." And then she lets him go, waiting until he's off in the bathroom to actually get herself up. She doesn't like anyone seeing her in pain like this, she does't like looking weak. So, she takes a few stolen moments with his back turned to actually get up and moving, a few choice curses under her breath. She will, eventually, follow him into the steamed up bathroom.

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