1964-12-14 - But That's Supposed to be Broken!
Summary: Lady Sif confronts Loki about Kai, Kai's mother, and finally asks the most important question of all: How did you get your helmet fixed?!
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Loki is hanging out at the embassy now and then, mostly to pick up the gossip from Asgard that drifts in and out as Odin sends various people on errands. Loki sure has been on some himself, lately. He looks right exhausted. He's stuffing his face with a dish that has potatoes and chunks of ham mixed together.

Sif was one of those things of Asgard that had the audacity to show up when and where she chose. She was, as always with more dirt and dignity than she was with smiles and silks. Seeing the figure she rushed two steps and jsut stopped in her tracks giving Loki teh side eye, narrowing a squint at him, and then relaxed. "Are you even here to bestow upon us the malady of your company, Loki, or are you aparating cautionary tles to us?" Ya know, some folks never catcha break but she had grudges that would make Dwarves bring her gifts of courtship. She didn't seem to expect an answer but asked, "I have actually come to find you."

Loki pats his hand on the table and turns his sharp, green gaze towards her with a loft of his brow. "Do you intend to start a flyting with me? You will /lose/. All of Asgard knows that I am the best at insults. Still, it seeeeems," his eyes lid and his voice purrs like a magic-driven engine, "you needed /something/ from me, if not to be made to cry."

Sif eyed the conjurer with her amber eyes and was still of tongue for a moment before entering the room. "Your tears aren't worth very much, Loki. TO be of value you'd need to know what remorse is and not just getting out of trouble which… brings me to why I'm here." She paused aand titlted her head to teh side. "The other reason anyways" She almost started a sentance when instead a smile warmed her face, "I would ask your intent with my nephew but since I can't trust you I will simply offer you the knowledge that harm is answerable." She paused and squint at him still so obviously curious of something else. Guile was never her strong suit.

"I have no idea what nephew you are speaking of. And I meant /your/ tears." Loki sasses back with a crooked smile. "Lady Sif, come and dine with me. Matters are best discussed over a dinner, which forces people to hold their tongues here and there while they chew."

Sif would have had anyone's head examined were they to suggest she would ever be breaking bread with Loki but, alas, the ruls of hospitality in the Embassy had expectations. Her eyes though didn't leave the Trickster Prince. "I know you know him as he calls himself 'Kai' here and now. Being facetious doesn't suit you well. Green yes. being coy? Not so much… Try their wine." Still, she sat and took the invitation as much as she didn't want to ask the other question on her mind. She was so driven, and while clever in her own right, obvious and an easy target in that regard.

"Oh…is he related to you?" Loki may be playing coy, indeed. "I am…having my way with him often. Does that bother you?" Here, his eyes twinkle brightly. She asssssked. The trickster seems set on making sure she regrets it.

Sif watched Loki evenly and wiated out the game of him trying to make her uncomfortable, and then fast forward to her jsut trying not to make him eat his teet, and her turning into a frog. Right. She sighed, "His mother is a dear friend of mine and yes. Have you his way with him that is not my concern, Loki. Your activities concern me not so much as your intent. This also does not address the greater issue of concern in teh room, Loki." Oh something had her goat, "How didst thee convince the Dwarves to fix your helm!?" THAT was the million dollar question!

Loki grinnnnns, his smile broading bit by bit, like that seasonal Grinch. "How did I indeed. I am sure they are quite vexed about that whole situation. I used /mortals/…to insult me and to say that the helm was for Thor's /collection/. Because they are idiots, they believed them. Master craftsman, yes, but highly intelligent? Less so." He tilts his hand back and forth in the 'so so' gesture and seems rather pleased. "I have been up to many things, of late, tying up loose ends."

"And what have you been doing?"

Sif sat still. Her eyes narrowed. Her amber eyes widened. It was an entire threatre in eyebrows. "By the stars… they have lost all sense of reason haven't they. Do you think this could be indicitive of a larger issue?" Becuse falling for that plain, harebrained as it was and having it work could be a poisoning of their water supply. "You didn't spoil their water source did you?" Hey it bears asking. As for the question? OooOoh! she hated to give ground. Still what could he possibly do here? Oh by Odin she didn't want to know and now her mind was getting creative. She had to trust he wouldn't hurt Kai though so added, as it pained her, "I've been languishing in Alfheim negotiating a review for the case of Kai's mother. So far is it going… well. I don't know my pancreas can take much more of the food though."

"I appreciate your work on his mother's behalf. She does sound like the more innocent of the two of them. My intentions with Kai are…honorable.I have no desire to use him. I keep him out of such…tribulations. He has had enough of it already in his life. Knowing his mother is freed though? That would by all means…be a gift greater than I could ever give him." Loki admits it with a hint of jealousy in his voice.

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