1964-12-14 - Shipping Spiders
Summary: An unlikely group of Arachnid-Powered People end up rescuing one of their own. Guest Starring Ghost Rider!
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The moon is high and the weather is near freezing in New York City. The wind comes in from the bay, making the feel bitter cold. Its the sort of night where people would rather be inside, near something warm and listening to the radio. A perfect night for a ship to pull into port without much worry from those who might be too curious about their cargo.

"Hey, Paulie…" says a man with a typical American-Guido accent. "Is that the ship we's expecting? The one with the gooks?"
"Yeah, Saulie. That's the one. Remember now, we get'em out of the containers then we bring'em down to Canal Street to hand'em off." Another man says, with a similar accent as he steps out of the driver side of a box truck. "Its a real quick deal, alright. No funny business."

Human Trafficking on the Docks. Nasty stuff.


Gwen is in costume and following up on what she heard from the desk sargeant. But even the long johns arenot enough. She REALLY needs to put hand-warmers or SOMETHING in the costume.
She lands on top of the warehouse, looking down with narrowed eyes. And if she was a LITTLE bit harder on them for ruining her night? Well, she could be forgiven, right?
Just need to wait for the right time to jump in and spoil their holiday cheer.

"Should have asked Strange for self-warming long-johns." But, Spider-Man is wearing long johns underneath his suit, so he's not at least freezing tonight. Falling from the skyline, there's a thwip of a line as he swings upwards and lands on one of the large towers of the newly opened Verrazano-Narrows Bridge. From his vantage point he's able to perch and get a look down at the ship that's doing a bit of late night off-loading. This, in itself, is not an issue - the docks are a 24-hour operation.

It's that he can see the silhouettes of rifles, and the unmarked trucks that has Spidey's interest. He swings down another line and lands on the cargo ships radio aerial so that he can get closer and land on one of the containers to peek within. "It's not even Christmas, but I guess I can open my presents early."

Robbie was already on route. There was hell to pay.

People arn't cargo.

So after those men start talking, a -loud- engine can be heard in the distance, a motorcycle. Custom made by the sound of it to the knowledgeable engineer. Atop this metal steed was one Robbie Reyes, wearing his singature black leather jacket with the upside down white U decal on the front. Black Coal pants are worn on the legs as well as combat boots, and a white sweater is under said jacket. His eyes flash like dancing flames as he gives that motorcycle a few revs.

Oh yes, stealth is definately not his strong suit. Nor is it his preferred method. With that, he starts driving down front and center. Either he was fearless, impossibly stupid, or both.

Miguel is wearing his costume as well, a full blue-black bodysuit printed with a red death's-head spider, a bit on the spooky side. THe spooky is undercut a little bit by the hooded jacket he's wearing over it as he clinbs to the side of a building across from the warehouse, muttering under his breath in Spanish.

Sure, he could have ignored the obviously criminal guys piling into a truck and heading in this direction. Sure, he could've just blown it off as none of his business, something that happened long before he was born, probably not even that serious. But that damn superhero nonsense sure does get into your veins after a while so, here he was.

Oh, and there was some dude revving a motorcycle down there, probably about to get killed great. "Madre de dios," he mutters, dropping down to land on the roof of a car relatively silently and shrugging off the jacket. He needed to remember where that was. He didn't have spare cash to buy another.

For better or worse Anya is familiar with human trafficking rings. She hasn't dealt with them personally but her father has an impressive pedigre as an investigative journalist dealing with exactly these sort of crimes down in Mexico. Now that he's in New York City he hasn't wasted any time i ngetting up to the same tricks. If Anya might have followed a bit of his work and ended up here at the docks tonight would anyone blame her? She's supposed to be a hero after all.

Right now the woman is perched on the edge of a warehouse roof. She's tucked a hand into a pouch on her belt and then casts it out into the darkness. The line whistles softly as the young woman flings it upward to catch on one of the shipping containers. She tugs once to be sure that the grapple took. A brown spider with eight red legs dug into the roofing is all there is for her to support her weight. Anya is wearing street clothing, albeit with huge multi-faceted orange sunglasses that hide most of her face. She's dressed fairly warmly but still shivers faintly as a breeze sweeps past.

Arana swings from a rooftop above the heads of a group of mobsters and alights with nary a sound. Being small is convenient at times like these. She's just seen Spider-Man —- and then she's gaping as Robbie comes rolling in. There's no time for greetings. Anya crouches low to watch the fireworks.

The ship with the word Distant Wind is painted on the side is, indeed, covered in those armed with rifles and other weapons. The sailors are an international bunch- all wearing pea coats with upturned collars along with thick knit caps. About half of them are carrying long-guns of some sort. Shotguns and rifles, by the look of it. The other half are likely armed as well- more than one handgun can be seen tucked into a holster or a belt. Revolvers, mostly.

Robbie catches the attention of almost everyone with the roar of the motorcycle engine an obvious issue. Two of the men- those near to the previously mentioned box truck look towards one another and frown. "Goddamnit…"

These docks are owned by the Mafia- so when those two men pull out 1911 styled pistols and begin firing at the man approaching, no one in the area would be calling the police. On board the ship, the men start to shout and point towards the approaching man on the motorcycle. Weapons are lowered and rifles start going off- all pointed towards Robbie as he makes himself an obvious target.

With all the gun fire, the other men on the ship get ready for a fight. Guns are drawn- the element of total surprise lost.

Gwen looks at the motorcycle light appear and everyone went to battle stations. She was about to get angry when she realized that their attention was on that. Instead of potentially on HER.

She fired a webline at the crane, then released her grip on the roof of the warehouse and YANKED on the webline. It stretched only slightly before Gwen was propelled upward, above the heads of the men on the docks, above the deck of the ship, to land close to the structure of the ship above deck level. She looked for the nearest hatch leading into the hold.
Take out any guards below decks while they use up all their ammo on someone else. She hadn't gotten so much as a tingle in that direction, so the biker had a plan to keep from getting dead.

Spidey's senses tingle for just a moment. It's not a warning of danger, though, it's the dull thud of something else hitting the conatiner. Crabwalking to the side of the crate, Spider-Man peeks beneath, just to see a young woman clinging to the underside of the container on a line. "Oh, hey. So. Nice night for a swing, right?" he asks as tilts his head at her. "Too short to be Spider-Woman. Too casual to be White Widow."

And then the container is being shifted, and there's the large roar of a motorcycle, and now Spidey's senses start to warn him more of danger - Ghost Rider is an auto-hit in that department. And then there's the gunfire. "So, what do I call you?" he asks the other spider with him. "Little Spider? Spinerette?" As the gunfire starts to open up with the usual staccato of pop pop pops, he frowns. "That's my cue!"

Bracing himself against the edge of the container, he leaps outwards, heading right into the fray, and flanking Robbie's motorcycle as he thwips several lines to snatch the guns from the mobsters along the side. "Snowballs, not bullets!"

Robbie simply growls as a -messload- of gunfire start coming at him. But something's wrong….. He's not stopping. It's like the bullets are hitting him, but it's not doing anything.

In truth, the bullets hit Robbie hard in multiple parts of his body that would have instantaneously murdered a human….but, Robbie's no longer just human. He's something else….something monstrous. The bullets ping off his body, his durability more than present. Meanwhile, the motorcycle takes on a more sinister appearance. Turning black as coal, the wheels catching on a dastardly fire, burning bright even though nothing flammable was around it. Robbie, meanwhile, just looks pissed off.

He performs a wheelie with the motorcyle, a flame trail now following the Hellcycle…though it's not until Robbie is close enough that he dismounts the bike with style and throws it at 'Paulie' with almost insulting ease. Then he gets shot many more times, the bullets clearly hit him, but it just seems more a nuisance than anything. "Time to pay for your sins."

and then his face burns…like paper to flame, his skin fades away like embers on a dying fire, the muscle underneath easy to follow. Layer by layer is peeled away by the flame, until only a skull with flaming orange eyes remain…the skull catches on fire with an eternal flame. The Ghost Rider had arrived.

and it was time to collect.

Miguel had been about to leap in to try and save poor Robbie or at least get his lifeless carcass out of the way. And then he proceeds to burst into flame and reveal himself to be the friggin' Ghost Rider. The man in the future leotard catapults over the demonic biker to land on the side of the warehouse, scrabbling upwards in a very NOPENOPENOPE fashion.

He sprays webbing upwards to try and hit some of the gunmen, "Shooting is bad, people! Shooting is bad! Drugs and shooting and murder are all bad!" he says, finally making his way up and beginning the gruelling process of not being killed.

"Arana," Anya replies to Spider-Man helpfully, pronouncing the accented 'n' in the classically Spanish way as she does. She's busy watching as the gunfire begins. "We have to help-" And then Robbie's transformation occurs. Anya is gaping openly. She blinks a few times behind those faceted glasses. "Woah. Did I just walk into the tribunal diablo? …Santo Maria."

Anya is almost reverent in how she speaks of what she is seeing but then the girl takes a deep breath. "We still need to do something. What are you *waiting* for, Spider-Man?!" She starts up the side of the container then. One of the thugs notices and opens up with a Skorpion. The drum screams as bullets ricochet off of it. Arana leaps through the air, her hair fluttering behind her as she flips gracefully overhead, lit by the moon.

As the girl springs her left arm starts to turn blue. "A-agh…!" The dark, almost malevolent chitin spreads, overtaking her arm and then the young woman in her entirety. Apparently she does have a costume. Bullets ricochet off of her, cchewing up the wooden dock and sending splinters in all directions.

Anya throws a bole, the line hitting a man just below the knees. The weight of the spider hook causes it to wrap around several times, and then the mobster with the submachine gun is firing wildly into the air. The first line is pulled free of the container and then Anya is on the dock in the middle of the gunmen.

As if they didn't already have enough reason to scream.

In one of those shipping containers a young woman sat cross-legged in the total darkness that had been the trip from the Orient to New York City. She was not alone here- but while other containers with women in them were suddenly alive with panic- this one was quiet. She spoke softly in Korean to the others. "We will be safe. I will protect you." she assures the others as webbing flows from fingertips to form claws. Then, towards the door with the slightest slivers of light does that young woman head. When her foot connects with the door the whole container shakes. THUD!

Paulie freaks as that bike is thrown at him- barely managing to hit the ground with enough time to ensure he wasn't crushed under the hellacious vehicle. "Holy shit!" he shouts, looking up from his belly towards Robbie's face as it burns away to a skull- a skull on fire. "HOLY SHIT!" he says again, rolling and just booking it towards the truck. "Saulie! Get in the truck, get in the truck!" he calls over to his partner in crime, "GET IN THE GODDAMN TRUCK!"

Saulie, though, is frozen in terror as he stares at the flaming man- swallowing and shaking like a leaf- this is a very different kind of experience to his typicall trafficking jobs. He's lucky he's got Paulie there to lean across the cab of the box truck and literally pull his fat ass into the thing.

*THUD* Again, the door to the shipping container shudders as something behind of great strength slams against it. Whatever was inside was strong- the chains holding the container closed were straining.

The men near Anya shout, falling back to try and get a shot at the frightening exo-spider-suit-thing that had appeared, "SHIT!" one of them shouts in a foreign tongue- Portuguese, if someone was familiar with it.

Other men have their weapons snatched away by the Spectacular Spider Man, while most level their fire on Robbie- the most obvious danger. OThers, still are pulled and tugged by Miguel. Its all starting to very quickly go badly for the criminals.

The Ghost Rider doesn't speak. Merely a demonic…ungodly exhale from the demon as it exudes fire from it's skeleton mouth. He just starts walking. Not running, not leaping, just walking, towards Saulie and Paulie…a bladed chain falling from it's wrist and that also catches on hellfire soon after, dragging along the floor which only makes the Ghost Rider look even scarier. The crooks surrounding ghost Rider who still unload at him find themselves…with an interesting attack at them.

The Rider twirls his chain around him, making almost a flaming swirl until it's length soon reach his attackers, the bladed flaming chain likely to slash..or more brutally, dismember any thugs unlucky enough to stand in it's wake.

The Rider then roars an ungodly roar that would make one only more convinced that it might be the actual devil.

The hatch had been easy, but the darkness was daunting.
She reached back into her backpack and pulled out her father's policeman's flashlight, switching it on.
Gwen jumped. Judas tap-dancing Priest, what was that?
She spotted the man below her with the rifle. He had seen the light and was orienting the rifle up as he called out, "Hey! What's going o-"
And then the White Widow wiped him out with her freshly-opened can of whoop-ass(tm). She rode his body to the floor, banging his head against the deck plating.
Again, and that wasn't the guy's skull. Gwen got up from the unconscious man and headed towards the sound. She stopped as she saw the loose chains swaying slightly, the container itself slightly off-kilter. She rapped lightly on the door. "Hello? Someone in there? Stay calm!"

Miguel starts tossing hands and feet around. His own, not somebody else's, that would be gross. He drives two feet into the face of one of the gunmen, spraying another down with webbing to stick him to the rooftop. He sees the ruckus going on with some other heroes getting involved, including…

Holy cow, was that Spider-Man?!? Like, OG Spider-Man? I mean, the period was about right, so it must be, but holy cow, he had to be so young, he's like an itty bitty baby spider.

OW. A thug cracking Miguel ont he back of the head with a butt of a rifle brings him back into focus, the future hero backflipping and landing on the guy's spine, driving him to the ground.

"Stay down, dickweed," he says, firing a webline of his own and swinging over towards where Gwen and Peter were engaged.

*SKRREEEEEEEEeEeeE!* Now comes the shrieking of something from the inside of that shipping container. Claws of white *something* peeking through the metal in front of Gwen. It doesn't appear whomever is in that container is particularly fond of being trapped. Indeed, discovering that she's trapped- Moon Shin-Hye is starting to get a little freaked out, "Open…" she says as she starts to claw through the steel that keeps her and the other women in their container from an opportunity at freedom.

Whomever is speaking in English is mostly ignored as Shin-Hye (Cindy Moon) begins to tear the door that holds her freedom at bay to shreds with her (mostly) bare hands.

Above deck, Spider-Man presumably continues his quipping and thwipping, disarming thugs and social conventions simultaneously. That's why he's the OG Spider-Man.

Migul's thug isn't getting up anytime soon as the Recluse heads towards the heart of things.

Paulie and Saulie's truck cab is sliced by The Rider's bladed chain- the pair managing to survive that, too, by way of geometry. They slam on the gas and their box truck- with its half cab, cut diagonally- speeds off. "Jesus Christ, Paulie!" Saulie shouts, "GET US THE HELL OUTTA HERE"!

Gwen winces at the sound of steel shearing as the white masked face appeared in the gash made in the metal door. Someone in there wanted out BAD.
"Hang on, hang on!" She looks up to see the steel pistons holding the door shut. She holds up two fingers and an open palm in the "wait" or "stop" gesture. She hops up to grasp the hafts of the steel poles holding the door shut. She bears down and then PULLS on them. The metal holes warp as the stress is beyond evn what the doors are made to withstand, and then the top two pistons pop free from the holes in the top. Gwen bends the steel rods back. "Now!"

The Exo-Spider seems to be handling things quite cpaably. Now that she's in the midst of combat she seems to be ignoring the gunfire for the most part and instead focusing on lightning fast, punishing attacks. Thugs go flying. Anya has a very acrobatic fighting style, flipping over people's heads and tossing them about like she'd come out of a movie of some kind. She's not speaking any longer, too intent on demolishing her foes for such frivolity. The rage will pass. At some point.

The Ghost Rider keeps on trucking to the car as it keeps trying to leave…and he points his finger at Paulie and Saulie..saying only ghastly words that could make anyone crumple over in fear..minus the strong-willed. "Guilty." and he attempts to chain the car as it attempts to drive away….then swing it at a container (not the ones the spiders are doing their thing). Ghost Rider needs his vengeance, after all. Going for the kill.

The Spiders are definately noticed…but he simply as fish to fry. A man runs at him with a knife and Ghost Rider simply throws him about several feet into the air with ease and with a single hand too. Regardless, the Rider seems hellbent (ba dum dsh!) on taking out Saulie and Paulie.

Miguel finds himself joining in the thwipping, entering the general melee while Gwen gets busy down below, unleashing the Kraken.

He draws a howl from one thug as he sinks his hooks into the guy's arm, making him drop his pistol as Recluse headbutts him in the face with a satisfying thunk. "I'm not sure what's going on down there in the ship, but it sounds really bad. On the other hand, there's a crazed demon biker down there whipping things stupid, so, y'know, rock, hard place, let's just see what comes up and hope it doesn't kill us, huh?" he says to Spider-Man as he decks another dude.

"Hey, flamehead! Wait until the jury to decide on who's guilty! Though, the edgy look isn't you, Johnny.. wait, you're not a member of the Fantastic Four, you're not even flying!" Spider-Man's webbing yank away a pair of mafia rifles and pistols. "Really, you must have been on the naughty list to get the bad Santa."

As he lurches into the air, he hears the squawk of metal on metal and glances up as White Widow is opening a container. "What.. the.." he doesn't have time to think on it as he hears Miguel call out to him. "Sure thing, Dark Spider." he offers, not sure what to call who at this point. So many damned spiders.

Somewhere Jameson is preparing to blame him for all of this.

"Alright, need a moment to think. White Widow can handle whatever's down there, I hope. Someone needs to calm down Arana. And.. you know. Keep flamehead from burning down the docks."

The metal of the door shears away, and the gates to the prison are thrown open. There stands Moon Shin-Hye, dressed in what could best be called typical of communist fashion- drab clothing that flattered nothing, a hat with a front-facing brim in a squarish cut. Her hands were held up in a protective stance- a sort of Martial Arts feel to how she stood with wild, golden-brown eyes flashing as the slip of a thing stood between Gwen and the other women in her container. The lower half of her face covered in a stark, red bandana of silk- hiding much of her features. She shouts in Korean, "Go away!" eyes locked on Gwen's- taking a heavy breath. A twitch of the nose.

Saulie and Paulie's box-truck is slashed again by Robbie's chains. Another large piece of it falling away as they attempt their escape- but terror takes over and one wrong turn on a patch of ice leads the boxtruck to turn on its side and slide into a warehouse- the two men thrown free of the open-to-the-air cab with a rather crushing force.

Shin-Hye looks back at the women cowering behind her, "Come! Come!" She shouts in Korean, then again in Chinese, "Come!" she waves, "Behind me. Keep low, use the confusion to escape!" Still, she stays between Gwen and her charges. Struggling with something.

White Widow raised her hands, backing up a step. She is really not up to picking a fight with a girl who bent a steel door like a beer can. She-
Off to the left. Roughly 30 feet away. Carrying another one of those rifles with the curved clips. What had its name been?
Without looking away from Cindy, she reaches towards him. The web pins him to the container behind him, the rifle webbed at a point halfway between his hand and the floor.
Geez, people are rude.
"I'm not going to hurt you," Widow said earnestly. "And if you want to send them anywhere, that hatch back there is clear." She point to the hatch near the rear of the cavernous compartment.

Ghost Rider decides that Saulie and Paulie can sit tight there for a second while the Rider goes to handle some other business. Namely, the freeing of the girls (that he doens't realize is already being done) and dealing with the stragglers. The mere sound of Ghost Rider approaching is enough to instill fear in the hearts of others or the weak-willed. With a glance to some of the men shooting at him, the Rider holds out his hands and torrents of flames come out of them, perhaps attempting to burn those crooks alive?! or worse, just give them a -really- narly burn. Afterwards, the Rider keeps walking towards the container with silk and the other ladies in them.

Either way, it -looks- like the Rider is here to help, even if he just looks like the literal devil, he may just be a saint with extremely questionable methods.

Miguel puts his hands on his hips as he and Spidey seem to have handled their particular cluster of criminality. "Dark Spider? Ehhhhhhhhhhhhh. I mean, points for…adjectives, but I just go by Recluse. Spider-Man seems to be taken," he says, gesturing in Peter's direction.

He kind of peers down into the ship at the interaction between Gwen and Cindy and the cargo people, "I"m not sure what's going on down there, but it sounds a little dicey. On the other hand, I have long since learned not to get between two women about to throw down unless I desperately wish to have my eyes gouged out," he says.

"Oh, and that guy's coming," he says, pointing at Ghost Rider. "Which seems a little bit on the negative flow, if you ask me, which you didn't, but I'm volunteering anyway."

"Then you are far wiser than I am, Recluse." comes the response from Spider-Man as he looks in on Cindy and Gwen. "The one in white's good. Little pushy sometimes." he shrugs his shoulders as he's casting out a webline to catch the two people thrown from the truck so they don't split their heads open on the concrete. He probably sounds so young compared to the others.

"I think we about have this wrapped up, from the looks of it." he offers as he glances up towards the flaming biker. "Yeaaaah. Negative flow." his eyes narrow slightly before he turns attention to the other container. "We need to make sure there's noone else in there."

Cindy watches as Gwen webs a guy to the wall- looking at her with knitted eyebrows before nodding, she seems to have understood. She speaks again in her native tongue, "That way! Come on!" she says, as she guides the others towards the hatch. Once at the hatch, Silk leaps with a certain impossible grace, hands attaching to the ceiling near the hatch as she curls up to double-kick the hatch open. In a smooth, single motion she continues up through the hatch to the deck of the ship. One of the thugs runs up to her with a pistol drawn, firing a few shots as he rushes at the escaping women. Cindy, again, moves like poetry- flipping in place between the bullets with preternatural grace as he's kicked then in the face. He goes flying as she lands. It looked like something out of a movie- not something that a woman of her size should be capable of.

Saved by a timely web-shot by Spider-Man Saulie manages to stand up, blood gushing from his forehead as he grabs Paulie. Webs are cut free with a knife. "Let's get out of here!" the two run off into the night, soon to disappear into the smoke rising from their burning vehicle.

The wind has shifted, though, and most of the remaining thugs are rushing for safer waters- it was time to try and escape.

Okayyyy…that girl's not normal. Curiosity may have killed the cat, but satisfaction brought her back.
She made her way twards the girl—not rushing her, but not moseying or dawdling. She craises a hand to wave to her. "Hey! Over here!"
Another woman with spidersilk? Coincidence isn't reigning, it's POURING. And she doesn't believe in coincidence. Not with her upbringing.
But…now what?

Ghost Rider seems to be ignoring the action around him as he presently possesses a one-track mind…in the most severe sense of the words. He looks to Cindy as she performs her wicked acrobatics that is too elegant and superior to be done by the average woman. Something to look into later no doubt. Regardless, The Ghost Rider starts ripping open containers…then moving on to the next, if any women are inside, they get a literal get out of human trafficking free card. Free to leave without any villainous acts from the Rider.

Huh…he might actually be a pretty good guy. Then he wraps his flaming chain around one of the men attempting to run and promptly throws him hard into the ground. Really hard. 'sickening thud' hard. Nevermind? The Rider just goes about his business then like it never happened.

Miguel nods, "Yup, that's me. Wisdom Spider was another name I considered, but it sounded a little like the name of a terrible garage band and oh my god you have no idea what that means," he says, letting his head droop.

"Okay. I'm going to go away now and find a lot of alcohol to drink and try to pretend that my life isn't a cavalcade of weird and depressing, interspersed with occasional flashes of, as you just say, horrific violence and human misery. But at least we had fun," he says.

He fires a webline of his own off, "I'm in the neighborhood now, so I"m sure we'll cross paths again. Let's be friendly. See ya," he says.

"Yeah.. okay sure. Wow, what a Recluse." Peter mutters, as he hears the action from the ship. "Hey! Enough of the chains!" he says as he thwips his way onto the deck, before firing down a pair of weblines for those that are trying to get out to climb up. "Mind giving me a hand, Widow. Or some webbing." Because he's getting low, and unlike the girls he can't pull it out of his.. spinerettes.

Shin-Hye helps to guide the women off the boat, and the other containers are easily opened. All in all about two dozen women across four containers- all of them from South-East Asia. "Come! Come!" Cindy calls out in English, "A wrench has been thrown into bucket! It is carrot at the end of the tunnel! We are in America!" she offers in her accented English, "Come!" she says again, as she waves the other women on. "America! Land of many Eagles and Freedom!" she enthuses as the woman hurry out of the hold and many stand on the deck now that the danger has passed. No one really knows where they're going or what they're going to do.

Seeing what Peter is doing with the weblines, Cindy nods, "Shin-Hye will help!" she says then as silk begins to spill from her fingertips, twisting and turning- weaving together into a rope ladder that is lowered down for the girls to get out from below deck.

Widow looks around at all the women, then reaches into the backpack and pulls out the module of the radio that once took up residence in her father's unmarked car.

"Active Patrol, calling in a 10-10. Possible smuggling operation. Dock 27. 10-4?"
A pause. "10-4 Active Patrol, this is Dispatch. Go ahead."
"We've got about 25-30 immigrants, seeking asylum. Victims of human trafficking. Contact HOU, possible 10-25."
"10-4, Active Patrol."
She paused. "Active Patrol, report 10-85, and need ambulances."
"10-4, Active Patrol."
Widow clicked off.

Ghost Rider seems to ultimately ignore Spiderman's words of ceasing his chain gang operation, but Ghost Rider does eventually turn towards spiderman. Approaching him, but even though he had no malice towards him….he's just so freaking devil-like. Regardless, it seems like Ghost Rider is reading Spiderman's soul as he approaches, it's eyes locked on Spiderman's eye pockets, before simply uttering the words. "Innocent…" and moving past him if Spidey let him.

Miguel swung off, like, earlier. He's recovered his hoodie, taken off his mask and is currently heading towards a dive bar.

"Chindy?" Spider-Man can't really hear all that well from up here, so he's making do. "How can you hel— oh." that's because she's making her own web lines that tangle with his to make a webline. Another one? So we have three spider-gals, a future spider.. and whatever the hell Anya was, because that was more like a tick. But as they're coming up, Ghost Rider comes striding up, and for a moment, Peter's spider-sense felt absolutely nuts.

"Okay - you give me the jimmies. I don't even need a sense for that." But he heard Widow's call for assistance. "And that's my cue to go. Widow.. uh. You got a place for Cindy?" Because that's totes her name now, and Peter can't really stash her in the dorm or in Mary Jane's room.

"Shin-dee?" Cindy wonders, eyebrows knitting together, "No.. Shin-Hye.." she tries to explain with a frown, shaking her head. "Whatever, is Can of Pie! Like this, with mask, is Silk!" she offers with a grin behind her mask as she puts hands on her hips and looks towards Gwen as she speaks into the radio. Blinking. Numbers. Eyebrows knitting together..

And then the sound of sirens. Her eyes open wide. "HAve to go!" she says suddenly. "Can't stay!"

Widow blinked, then looked to Cindy. There was something in those golden eyes. She looks adrift. Like she had been when she lost her father.
"I've…ahem…got a place you can stay." It's an attic. It's a CLEAN attic—she had put a lot of her father's stuff in storage last week, except for some stuff she didn't have the heart to lock away. She looked to Cindy, a disarming smile under her mask. "It's not a palace or anything, but you're welcome to stay as long as you need to. I have a tenant living there, but…" She smiles thoughtfully. "She won't be a problem. She's an immigrant seeking political asylum, herself."

From the kingdom on another planet. But hey, it still counts! "We can keep away from the police."

Ghost Rider approaches his motorcycle….now the Hellcycle, as it turns itself upright and drives itself over to the Ghost Rider, flame trail right behind it and still in it's demonic appearance. The Rider mounts his hellsteed, seeing as justice was done and vengeance was delivered in full…and with the ungodly howl of his engine, which perhaps screamed with the souls of the demonically inclined, and he drove away into the night..

And that was the end of the hunt for the Ghost Rider.

And down the street, Paulie and Saulie found a pay phone. Several blocks from danger they called. "Hey, Boss. We got a problem. Them gooks we was supposed to transport all got rescued by a bunch of tights. I think that Spider-Man was leadin' 'em or something. You think its like how the Bugle says, you know, bein' a crook? Maybe he's gettin' a gang together to muscle in on our turf….Yeah?" Paulie's on the phone now, nodding, "Okay, you got it boss. We'll put the word out."

Cindy nods over between the two spiders- "Okay." She says then softly, "Follow. We go now. No police. Police not safe."

White Widow nods. First, be like Jesus and get the righteous flock outta here. She can work things out with "Silk" when they got away from here. "Okay. Follow me." She fires her own webline, then sets off towards Queens and the Stacy homestead.
What an eclectic household THIS was going to be. She wondered how Starfire and Supergirl were going to react. Well…that was a problem for a later time.

With Cindy safe in Widow's hands, Peter considers for a moment as he perches on the side of the ship. "So.. productive night. Saved some people. Check. Met some new people. Check. New spiders. What the check. And hey, met Mr. Skully Flame Face and I am the Night Spider. Check check. And.. the police are here. Time to go!"

He fires off a webline - thwip-sputter - and that was the last of his webfluid.

"…and me without cabfare. Sigh."

It's going to be a long walk home.

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